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Last time I Insta-updated you, it was just after Valentine’s Day, so in other words, a really long time ago. Since then, New York Fashion Week happened, then London, then Milan, then Paris, and here we are a month later, back where we started in New York. Let me update you on what happened with my hair since then.

Garance Dore pardon my french photo

In this picture, you’d almost think my hair was good, but never trust a picture (never!) As I was telling you on the blog, my hair is exploding in every direction right now. Anyway, I’m getting used to it, I’m not a haircut perfectionist. But right now, for example, I’ve got about 435,000 bobby pins in my hair in an attempt to keep it out of my face. It’s pretty from a distance, but if anyone tries to touch my hair, they risk losing a hand. And there’s no way I’d go through security at any airport.

So yeah, growing your hair out is kind of a pain.

garance dore studio photo

Oh, speaking of trusting pictures. This one is also a scam. The hand-in-hair super candid shot? Pffff, that day was a very, very bad hair day and I spent a good five minutes with Amanda trying to find a pose that would hide my hair explosion. Yeah. The story of my bangs was not a long one. Absolutely 100% of everyone I meet says they prefer me with my hair back. There goes my dream of having a hip haircut.

Yeah because the real question is: Is it better to look beautiful or cool? At 40, I say beautiful is better. Well, as beautiful as possible, anyway. Hehe.

Enough with the hair talk, let’s move on to ART with this deeply evocative photo I took at the sublime Armani Silos museum. Profoundly inspired by the image of this couple separated by a chain link fence, which is a symbol of…

armani silos photo

Okay, just kidding, let’s move on to shoes.
Right before your eyes, here you have the collection of shoes I brought with me to Paris.
Not bad, right?

garance dore shoes photo

Yep, and do you know how many pairs I actually wore? Four. Out of twelve. Totally worth it lugging two overflowing suitcases all over Europe! I totally screwed up with packing this time, just as I thought I had that thing down, I got over confident. I prepared my outfits last minute and stuffed in a bunch of “just in case” items (—-> things that serve no purpose at all). I even brought two pairs of running shoes. TWO! And I went running…once. I brought two camel coats. TWO!!! Plus a soft pink one that from the distance… Looks like a camel.

Well, at least all those pointless shoes make for a nice photo. And the photo is what really matters these days, right? Who cares if you actually wear the fashion?

Colorz Offices photo

Colorz, the magicians who have been taking care of my website since the beginning, have grown exponentially. They have new gorgeous studios in Paris now, and they really inspired me. We are also expanding right now and I’m not going to lie, it’s not always easy. Hiring, analyzing what works and what doesn’t anymore, deciding which new directions to pursue, which ones to leave behind – and all of that while continuing to grow every day.

It’s interesting becoming a business woman a bit in spite of yourself. The day comes when you have to own it. You can either take things seriously, or you slowly stop moving forward.

Colorz managed to take things seriously while also staying true to their playful soul. And I’m not just saying that because they have a foosball table in their office. But because they work from the heart. I’m telling you, they really inspired me. Big love, Colorz…

garance dore canal+ photo

I don’t speak enough of the crazy things that happen to me, things like the experience of live TV. It’s not the first time (I think it’s about my fourth time) and it’s crazy how I’m not feeling stressed anymore (the first time I went to the Grand Journal – one of France’s most famous TV shows, I didn’t sleep all night!). Now, I go, I’m cool, and I actually love it!
I love things that are live because whatever the state you’re in at that moment, suddenly everything goes. You’re totally focused on the present, which is, weirdly, a very zen experience. It’s probably the same thing as performing on stage and that’s probably one of the reasons why I love giving conferences and book signings.

At that moment the phone doesn’t ring anymore, our worries disappear, everything can wait, you give yourself completely. I understand how it can become addictive, but it’s the first time I can put my finger on that sensation.

garance dore aymeline valada photo

…But wipe away your tears, and let’s go back and do a quick visit through one of my hairstyle attempts, because it would be a shame not to share it with you. On the left, the sublime and always perfect Aymeline Valade, and on the right, a weird woman with curly bangs in mid-growing out stage. I know, I know, you’ve already seen this photo on the blog. But I forgot to comment on my uninhibited sheep look!
We couldn’t let that one slide without saying anything, right? Go on, laugh if you want to.
I actually kind of like it. It’s interesting, different.

But getting back to what we were talking about earlier. Not necessarily beautiful. Haha.

garance dore the corner berlin photo

One day, I’ll have a perfect apartment, long, shiny hair, and I’ll laugh (with humility and a touch of shyness), curled on my white sofa.
In the meantime, I’ll show off on other people’s sofas. This one belongs to Emmanuel, who owns the boutique The Corner in Berlin, where I spent a day during fashion week to sign books. I met some great people, and spent an evening drinking white wine and fashion gossiping. There’s nothing more delicious than that, and we know it.

OH YES, there IS something more delicious!

25 hours hotel bikini berlin photo

Getting up super early to have a long, leisurely breakfast all by yourself, no one else, reflecting on Life, that’s totally my thing. Do you ever do that? There’s nothing I love more than taking my time in the morning, reading the news, writing in my journal, texting my sister if she’s up, and daydreaming.

So there you go, a few hours before going back to Paris, that’s what I did that morning in Berlin.


I’ll tell you more about this later because I fell completely in love with all of the gorgeousness and hospitality here, but until then, this is the apartment of Marie Sixtine, where I got to stay during fashion week. I’m becoming a bit of an interior design crazy lady, just sayin’.

bad girls go everywhere photo

Isn’t my pillow great? I love it, but the term “bad girl” annoys me a little. It seems a bit fake-rebel-off-duty-model with a tongue tattoo. But this actually comes from the expression “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere”, a quote from Helen Gurley Brown – former editor-in-chief of the very sexually liberated magazine, Cosmopolitan.

garance dore photo

Before I let you go, here’s a photo to show you what I meant earlier, when I said I had 435,000 barrettes hidden in my hair. Yes, I know, this Insta-update surreptitiously turned into a hair update. But what can you do…

Good hair goes everywhere, and I’ve still got a ways to go.

Big kisses!

Translated by Andrea Perdue

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  • May I protest about the tiny pictures ?

    Those shoes !

    And your hair looks amazing even when you complain. Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Claire Underwood when you have your hair tamed ?

  • i would like bigger pictures too! :)

  • Love your posts so much! You have got such poise when writing!


  • C’est bon de te lire ! Ça faisait longtemps !

  • Garance your natural elegant goes with you everywhere..long hair short…it’s not about that’s general… it’s the total look..
    and yes the smile …for me the most important element in a face…
    with love
    Yael Guetta

  • Great post :)


  • Chère Garance, please, where did you have your long, early breakfast in Berlin? The place looks SO great.. want to have my breakfast there, either! But even if I’m a Berliner – never seen that space…? Thank you!!!

  • Uli, the place is (I think) the restaurant Neni, which is on top of the shopping center Bikini Berlin at Zoologischer Garten. The view on the Zoo is amazing. There is also the Monkey Bar at the same floor wich is as impressive and stylish !

  • What a pain growing out your hair must be, but I bet it doesn’t even look that bad, we are always too strict with ourselves :)
    Best thing to do is getting up early and taking time to eat breakfast, read and just reflect! Love everything that you write

  • Now I don’t feel so bad for sharing that I prefer your hair back knowing that a lot of other people also feel the same! But do what you must with your hair, Garance :)

  • I still think that your hair is beautiful! I do, honestly.

    And in today’s world it must mean something that at least it looks great in the photos.
    I just adore this photo of you on the sofa. So cool and chill and relaxed. :)

    Most people (women) are never happy with their hair… :) I am not happy with mine but I do like it.

  • all those shoes, Aymeline, Paris.. a dream!


  • Rooh! J’adore tes updates instagram! J’ai l’impression la Garance des débuts, celle qui me parle directement, qui est aussi terriblement autenthique!
    Et pour la repousse, je trouve que tu t’en tires pas si mal ! C’est un peu le truc qui me retient de me couper les cheveux court court!

  • la coupe de cheveux que je préfère? celle sur le sofa blanc!

  • fabienne March, 16 2016, 10:56 / Reply

    Bonjour Garance,

    Bon courage pour vos “soucis capillaires” (je vis la meme chose en ce moment) mais c’est au sujet de vos excedents bagages et vos vetements que ce blog m’interpelle : que sont devenus vos resolutions de voyager tres tres leger (en hiver cela devrait etre beaucoup plus simple qu’en ete non ? (moins de tee shirts, de sandales, de maillots de bains, de robes,etc…) achetez-vous moins de vetements ? editez-vous plus souvent votre garde-robe ? ou est-ce vraiment piegeux que de travailler dans la mode ? Bonne journee a vous Garance

  • I also like your hair off your forehead. Wait until you get wrinkles to wear bangs. Until then, il faut profiter! ;)
    You look great, you have a great life (le Grand Journal!!!!!!!!!), you bring smiles and satisfaction to many people through your blog. Who doesn’t pack too much? Who doesn’t want to be that perfect woman, so thin and well-groomed and well-dressed, relaxing on a perfect sofa in a perfectly minimal home in the Roche Bobois ad? I dream of it and yet I wouldn’t want it even if it were handed to me on a plate, because real life is messy and if everything were perfect I’d know something was wrong!

  • Ce côté coiffé décoiffé, j’adore ! Un peu flou, un peu garçonne mais ultra féminin, génial. Quant au petit-déjeuner, c’est le moment que je préfère dans la journée, et surtout que personne ne me parle autrement qu’en douceur avant que j’ai bu mon café !

  • J’aime ta simplicité, ton naturel et ton honnêteté que l’on retrouve dans tous tes articles !!!
    J’ai reçu très récemment ton livre, j’ai hâte de le commencer.
    A te lire ;)

  • I can relate so much to your experience with packing. I think I pack smarter than a few years back, but there are always things I never use.

    Growing your hair can be a pain, but you manage to look really good, no matter how many bobby pins this involves :)

  • I love you and your hair , let grow and let it be … Simple !

  • Garance, à Marseille on n’a pas dit “j’ai pris la confiance” depuis 1992…. :p Il faut vite que tu viennes faire un petit tour ici, crois moi la ville a bien changé !
    Et rien de mieux que les 138 barrettes pour dompter les cheveux bouclés !

  • So nice this post!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • I am really missing your Instagram updates!

  • Bah moi j’aime bien la semi-frange sur toi, c’est mutin ! Sinon faudrait penser à passer par là plus souvent ! ahah je suis vache.

  • C’était pas Mae West qui avait dit la célèbre phrase?

    Sinon, l’autre jour je regardais des photos de toi avec les cheveux longs (ou chignon) et vraiment le changement est allucinant, tellement mieux maintenant!

  • mosaic_world March, 16 2016, 1:54 / Reply

    very funny post. I laughed about the shoes. on my last trip, I really stressed out about which shoes to bring (it was a long debate). I decided to only bring one pair. but on the next trip I will take one pair of running shoes and one pair of semi-cool shoes (which are also walkable).

    love the white sofa and also the shot in the Berlin restaurant (nice mood with the natural colors).

  • The fact that you wore 4 out of 12 pairs of shoes is hilarious!! I’m glad you had a good time!


  • salut garance,

    l’article est génial, je suis une lectrice de Marseille, j’étais venue à la signature au bon marché (je sais je suis une lèche botte mais franchement j’avais trop kiffé de rencontrer). t’as grave raison de prendre la confiance :)

    gros bisous de Marseille ou je t’aime toujours aussi fort <3

  • Rooo, mais Garance, tes cheveux sont supers ! Je te préfère d’ailleurs avec les cheveux courts et dans tous les sens, genre Claude Dorsel ou Harry Potter, que longs, lisses et plaqués (ce qui te donne à mon avis un air trop sévère…)
    Grosses bises !
    S | French Girl In DC

  • I’m glad you tried the bangs. Your curly bang discussion encouraged me to do curly bangs for the first time and I’m totally loving them!

  • Big up, je sais ce que c’est quand rien ne va au niveau capillaire!
    De mon côté j’ai pris un très très bon départ en donnant pratiquement carte blanche à une coiffeuse chinoise dans un petit salon de coiffure à Singapour (par carte blanche, comprendre “elle ne parlait pas bien anglais, je ne parlais pas chinois = ok ma grande, montre ce que tu as dans le ventre”).
    Mes cheveux ont quand même repoussé (ça fait 2 mois) mais le résultat n’est toujours pas oufissime.
    Et au passage, je trouve quand même que tu t’en sors bien! c’est mimi ce petit côté moutonneux!


  • Chère Garance,
    La pose sur le sofa est extra ! So natural :)
    Bonne soirée,

  • Jessica March, 16 2016, 5:35 / Reply

    Okay but…what positions are you hiring?

  • Hello Garance, very nice to read you! You are the sunshine and the soul of this blog, always remember that!
    You look happy and so is your hair. It´s just taking some vacations, simply relaxing and growing up!

    PS. the small photos are beautiful but still too small !

  • Nuria Moreiras March, 16 2016, 6:49 / Reply

    The quote Bad girls… is from Mae West

  • Guylaine Tremblay March, 16 2016, 7:07 / Reply

    Tu te tracasses pour rien Garance, toutes les coupes de cheveux te vont bien. Certaines plus que d’autres, mais sans plus. Tu as tellement un beau visage, pas de problème.

  • Wendy Wilson March, 16 2016, 8:00 / Reply

    I absolutely LOVE your hair short. You spent ages discussing whether to cut it all off and then you did and it looked amazing!! Nowadays lots of woman (myself included) have reached their forties and hold onto their long hair because it can look so youthful. I felt you had the courage of your convictions and it looked a hundred times better than your scrapped back bun ever did. I am kind of sad that you are now growing it out!

  • andrée March, 16 2016, 8:12 / Reply

    Pose sur le divan blanc,divine.

  • Garance, just keep telling yourself it’s only hair and then read the news.

  • Ok, but I really loved the “sheep” look now and the first time t saw it. I’m inspired.

  • Alexandra March, 16 2016, 11:57 / Reply

    Garance, I love you. Can I meet you? Can I be your intern this summer!? I’m a good writer and very organized and live in NYC! Please?! Ok, well until then, I’ll just keep reading your posts :)

  • christina March, 17 2016, 3:07 / Reply

    Very exciting to hear about your expansion. As a recruiter, I know how challenging it is finding the right people, building a team and maintaining a culture.
    Could I make a request…if you’re expanding the content of your blog? I love reading about fashion and I lament the loss of every day. Increasingly, your blog is the only fashion news/content I read. I miss that objective fashion reporting from that wasn’t just celebcelebcelebafterflashinthepanceleb (coughvogue.comcough). I would love to get more of the Garance Dore Studio POV into the artistic, creative and human side of the fashion world that goes way beyond and more in depth to this circus I love to watch. Because that is how I think of this site – artistic, creative, human…not to mention intelligent, witty, and honest. <3

  • En fait en 10 ans les choses ont beaucoup changer , c’est la télé qui passe sur Garance Dore et pas le contraire ??????

  • CecileMaki March, 17 2016, 5:05 / Reply

    C’est toujours un plaisir de te lire, et tes interrogations capillaires sont hilarantes!
    Ceci dit, je trouve que ta coupe que tu appelles “mouton” te va bien aussi, même si j’avoue avoir une préférence pour tes coupes plus courtes :)
    En tout cas, avec un sourire comme le tien, tout passe! :))

  • La pince, meilleure amie du naufragé capillaire… Quand je vivais encore chez ma mère, on se piquait tout le temps nos pinces , barrettes et élastiques entre soeurs. Que des filles, 10000 kilos de boucles et cheveux mousseux à contenir, on achetait les pinces au kilo ….
    Et quand on était en rade, c’étaient des combats féroces pour avoir le graal: deux pinces non distendues (quand elles s’écartent, c’est inutilisable) … On éliminait les plus jeunes, écolières et collégiennes à coup de “t’as certainement un copain, sinon t’en aurait rien à faire que je te pique ta pince “. Un “naaannn” et deux “houhou” , on avait nos pinces.
    On aurait pu perdre une dent dans ces batailles et basses manœuvres (remplacer les pinces en bon état par les nôtres abîmées vers 1 heure du mat et partir en vitesse au lycée le matin et éviter de croiser ladite soeur au lycée pour éviter le clash) .
    Sans cet objet , nous étions condamnées à voir inexorablement se former une sorte de vague mousseuse de part et d’autre de notre raie pourtant tartinée de gel (je parle de cheveux, le sexe a décidément out envahi, même la syntaxe, les coiffeurs ont un métier difficile…) qui révélait au grand jour notre plus grand secret “je fais des brushings” et ça , c’était “trop la honte”, et double peine, pour nous , les interdits de la frange par décret divin…
    “toi , ça te va bien les cheveux comme ça,tu ressemble à Elsa, toi tu es belle moi je suis MOCHE! bouhou…”, “si tu me prêtes pas ta pince, je sèche l’école, ça serai de ta faute si je me ferai écraser; “… On était pas à bout d’arguments et de menaces pour ne pas sortir de la maison en mode aléatoire ( tu sais pas quand ton brushing va te lâcher…) et ma mère nous mettait à la porte de force, plus sensible à l’obligation scolaire qu’ à notre détresse de la hype. On la “détestait” … jusqu’à ce qu’elle nous rachète des pinces . Kurt cobain, en réhabilitant le bonnet a amené la paix sociale chez nous..rien que pour ça , ma mère devrait se convertir au grunge.

  • Hi, Garance! I am totally in the same boat now with my hair! And it’s soo frustrating! All those bobby pins just drive me mad! + I pierced my ears on the 1 of March and helix piercing is so painfull and long healing.. so now every day I’m like nooo I want it to grow and next minute nooo I need to cut it all off! :)

  • (note avant de lire mon commentaire : je ne prétend surtout pas faire la morale :)

    Moi je pense qu’il faut pas trop se prendre le choux, ni pour les cheveux ni pour les grosses valises, ni pour rien en général. Les cheveux ça poussent, on les coupes, ou pas. Ce n’est qu’un cicle. Tu as la grande chance d’avoir trouvé ton coiffeur attitré, que demander de plus ? On donne bien souvent plus d’importance à des choses que les autres ne voient même pas. Opinion perso: j’adore ta nouvelle frange et tes boucles, ça te donne un air année 40. D’ailleur tu m’as toujours fait pensé à ces années 40/50, cheveux long ou court. Un peu le mood du baiser de Robert Doisnau.

    Un très cher ami aujourd’hui m’a dit: “un arbre qui tombe fait plus de bruit qu’une forêt qui pousse…”

  • :)))))))))))) great post!

  • why cant hair be beautiful and cool?

  • Héhé, post très drôle !
    Et je compatis à 100% à ton épreuve capilaire. J’ai mes magnifiques cheveux courts depuis 5 ans maintenant, c’est la deuxième fois que la crise “je veux la coiffure de Zoe Deschanel” passe par moi.
    La dernière fois, alors que j’avais passer 6 mois avec milles pinces dans les cheveux, une phase pince à fleur sur côté droit, une phase diadème et une phase mini queue de cheval + pinces partout où les cheveux sont trop courts pour la queue de cheval (c’est-à-dire les 95% de ma chevelure), j’ai craqué …

    Mais cette fois-ci, je tiendrai bon face aux nombreux “Ooh mais les cheveux courts, c’est tellement en adéquation avec ta personnalité” et passer des heures devant des tutos youtube de filles qui se font des tresses de dingue aura enfin du sens !

    Bizz et courage dans ton épreuve, tu n’es pas seule !

    Mai Ly

  • Quel que soit la phase de repousse, je te trouve toujours aussi jolie!

  • I love your bangs.

  • Lisa Walker March, 17 2016, 12:31 / Reply

    You’re the best.

  • This was one of those stories that get better with every second ..I enjoyed it so much. I love your sense of style and humour, and your haircut is not that bad after all! I actually love it, because it looks so natural and effortless. Great great post!

    AGNESE from

  • Hi Garance, it’s me from the Pyrénées!
    Be confident… You look great in your curly crazy bangs and hair!
    And what’s even more important: your hair reflects your actual soul/state of mind… Hapiness!
    You have Happy Hair: funny, relaxed, different, special. It matches your freckles and your actual style, uncomplicated, classy and bright.
    You’ll have time enough to look like a lady, now enjoy beeing a woman!
    You look great, your outside shows your inside!
    PD Your eyes have lost that certain shade of… sadness? Glad for you ;-)

  • jane with the noisy terrier March, 18 2016, 9:25 / Reply

    Can I just say that your hair at this length reminds me of the always flawless Ines de la Fressange? And does it get any better than being compared to Ines? Non.

  • I, too, am growing my hair out and it looks a bit like yours. I spend more time fussing in the mirror. With a good cut I never had to do this. I was pretty low maintenance which I prefer.

    My own hairdresser was unavailable so a new one I tried cut into the hair all the way down the shaft, a nightmare for curly hair. “A lazy habit” my once-more-available hairdresser said, after she examined it and trimmed it blunt a bit (what was left of it). So I am growing it out so that I can get a proper cut which will be much smoother. Yesterday ringlets were hanging over my forehead!

    All winter I had hats at least, but now it is getting too warm. I am considering a hairband just to keep it smooth along the top at least. I occasionally use hairspray, which I dislike, but it does glue it down a bit.

  • Your !!! Hair !! is !! Sublime !!!!

  • Anna-Déborah March, 26 2016, 10:19 / Reply

    C’est super agréable de vous lire; vous êtes heureuse à 40 ans, vous allez vous marier cette année je suis super heureuse pour vous. Vous me donnez beaucoup d’espoir aussi un grand merci pour tout ça. Love u <3

  • Garance,

    You’re lovely, and have a great sense of humour. But please, let’s take a break from the self-deprecation!
    We get it… You’re adorably flawed… But embrace and admit the fact your life actually IS fabulous, you actually DO have good hair, and that you should not be apologetic about it. No woman should.


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