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The Foster sisters grew up in LA, in the impossibly glossy world of Malibu and show business (their father is a music producer and their family connections range from Brody and Brandon Jenner to Gigi and Bella Hadid) and they came out of it… totally hilarious, actually, with a rather snarky perspective on Hollywood glamour. They also have a show – Barely Famous, which they write and act in – fake reality TV that’s super funny. It reveals all about the often artificial world of LA, from fake paparazzi schemes planned by celebrities themselves to the collective hysteria surrounding the stars, along with half-hearted claims of wanting to “go out with someone who’s not famous, you know, something simple, you know?”

When I go to LA, I stay in Venice with the granolas and the techies, so I’m pretty far from all of that, which gave me even more reason to want to dive into this other world and ask them all the questions no one ever dares to ask — everything from plastic surgery to the desperation of being an actress…

So here you are! Like every week, you can download the Podcast on iTunes! Hugs!

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On how creativity and age go hand in hand
Erin: There is freedom on being in your 30’s because you just know who you are!
Sara: Be grateful for every fucking birthday! Be grateful because you are still here!
Garance: As an artist, all those changes that you go through are the most fascinating adventures in your life and end up being used as great creative material. Mostly, I love what it puts me through!

On setting yourself up for a successful “second chapter”
Sara: I think what we are doing as women, is we are setting ourselves up for our second chapter to be really shitty. Because if your first chapter is all about how you look, the second chapter is really going to suck. Because your second chapter, you are 50 and life is different at 50 and when you put so much importance on how you look in your 20’s and in your 30’s you have to redefine what you want and it’s not easy but I am catching it now instead of 45 and having a freakout.

On being single in LA
Erin: I like to say that I love being single and I hate dating. And they are different things, being single is having your alone time and watching The Bachelor by myself tonight and that to me is a dream, spending time with family, working hard and getting to know yourself.

On dating in LA
…And dating is so complicated because it just feels really fake.

On botox etiquette
Sara: If you want to keep your botox private, keep it private but don’t act like you don’t do it.

On sisters working together successfully
Erin: What’s important in any working relationship or working with someone in your family is you have to start with a clean slate…sometimes you have to sit down and sort shit out so you can be friends again. We had a five hour conversation where I was like, tell me everything you are mad about and I will tell you everything I am mad about and we let’s hash it out, point by point, so we can start Season 2 with a clean slate.

On embracing yoga pants in LA and Paris
Garance: I love LA’s style; I think there are very cool brands here and very stylish people that live here! But, it’s hard to see people dressed up. They usually go around in their workout clothes.
Sara: Oh you mean, they show up to interviews in adidas sweatpants? [laughs]
Garance: They do! I mean, I have been in my yoga pants a lot here!
Sara: Can I just say that I dress this way in Paris..
Erin: We are not fancy.
Sara: I don’t wear make up. I don’t even blow dry my hair. I look at these women who look impeccable, chic and put together and I am in awe of them but I am not one of them, I’m not trying to be them, I just don’t have it in me!

On obsession with working out
Erin: I found myself going three days and then four days and then five days a week. And I realized I am going too much, my workout should not be a big part of my conversation throughout the day. No one cares about your workout.

On the art of the instagram caption
Erin: The trick is self-deprecation but not just for the fun of it but saying what you want to say because you aren’t afraid of it

On defining roles in big families
Erin: I don’t even know who I am, all I know is that I am the sibling, daughter, sister, the friend of somebody and I need to know who I am outside of that. When you have a big family, certainly with strong personalities, you feel like you have to fall into a role and I didn’t want to be the little sister or the daughter because thats who you become as an adult.

On being private
Sara: The people I look at with in awe are people like Jennifer Lawrence because A she is talented as hell and B she is private.

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  • They seem refreshingly wholesome among a sea of too-perfect Barbies.

  • i read the french version to keep my french game up, but i so often enjoy the content! :)

  • Nice post ;)


  • I google “barely famous season 2” every single month for updates after binging the first season last year, I am so excited to listen to this at work today!!

  • J’aime bien !
    Elles ont vraiment l’air à la cool malgré leur connexion avec Hollywood !
    Ça fait du bien !

  • Anonymous March, 17 2016, 12:19 / Reply

    LA seems very soul crushing….OUCH. LA’s ‘self induced’ suffering….OUCH. LA equates to selling your soul….ripping your self apart. I honestly have no pity. Nope…not a drop. Great podcasts by the way!

  • therese March, 17 2016, 1:32 / Reply

    I love the interviews and podcast but please can we have podcast that aren’t the Hollywood set. It is such a different privileged world that these sisters come from. It is so far from the typical LA person. Most who earn their money off the industry are working long hours behind the scenes or are providing product for the productions. That is the real side of the industry,
    I guess there is freedom in your 30’s if you come from a world where you can take your time to do what you want. Many have to work really hard to get time to pursue what we want. Most of us don’t have that safety net.
    I really don’t want to be negative because I love Garance’s interviews but there used to be more of a variety of people. Thanks,

  • Lovely photos of beautiful women! And interesting interview!

  • Janette March, 17 2016, 3:13 / Reply

    This interview had me cracking up out loud. Thank you for being honest about the desperation in Hollywood. Also, Garance, that white dress looks amazing!

  • Caroline March, 17 2016, 5:50 / Reply

    Haven’t listened to this podcast yet but, 1/ I really enjoyed the first two podcasts and 2/thinking of it, this must have required so much work! So congratulations and thank you!

  • Hâte d’écouter le podcast, je les connais juste de nom, sachant que leur père est ou était marié à la mère de Bella et Gigi. Le tout rassemblé, effectivement, ça fait une grande famille.

  • omg this is hilarious!

  • I always love reading all your interviews! So fun and easy to read.xx

  • Yes! i totally agree, you can’t just wake up and be a celebrity. You have to work for what you want. It’s also inspiring to young people to not be afraid of aging. Love love love.

  • Super podcast Garance !! Merci !

  • Evelyn H March, 18 2016, 12:19 / Reply

    Garance, I adore you and everything you do but I’m sorry to say that I found these girls a little annoying and with no knowledge about what’s happening in the “real world” it would be nice to listen to more interesting and “real” stories.
    But please, keep up the great work!

  • Mélissa March, 18 2016, 12:39 / Reply

    As an LA-native I couldn’t relate to any of this podcast. I loved listening to their perspective, but this is definitely not the LA that most people know.

  • This is my favorite podcast so far, such smart and insightful women! I especially valued the conversation about not “setting yourself up for a bad second chapter”

    Thank you!

  • QueenofStoneAge March, 19 2016, 3:24 / Reply

    The idea that physical beauty isn’t the entire point of life because youthful beauty fades and there you are, old one day, in need of a Plan B and maybe a Plan C in which physical beauty plays a subordinate role, applies to both men and women, is pretty obvious and is as old as time itself.

    Women in their 30s who talk about these matters as though they have some insight into what it is like on the other side and who believe that thinking about being 45 (which is not old) while in your 30s will innoculate one against the sucky reality of age simply reflect their (still) youthfulness. After people get over the invulnerability of youth, they then adopt the illusion that doing things when younger will make a significant difference when one gets “older”. That too is a function of relative youthfulness.

    What they don’t know and can’t understand yet is that your body will betray you cruelly every day in ways you can’t imagine when young and your mind might betray you (and you don’t know if it will or won’t until it happens) and when death is closer to the end, the idea and standards of beauty change at all differennt levels and across all different perspectives.

    Hearing women speak of things that they can’t know whereof they speak, when there are plenty of women out there who do, grates on this reader. We do not give up on the idea of beauty, though it changes. We are not dead yet. We still appreciate the occasional, if mistaken, catcall. We like to look in the mirror and not see half a dozen of our dead relatives staring back at us. We like to be beautiful–we like to think of ourselves as being as beautiful on the outside as we may be on the inside. And it pleases us as much as it used to do when others think we are beautiful, especially on days when our standard is not being scary looking to children.

    Hearing from women older than 45 who have been and continue to be on the battlefield, like Diane von Furstenberg, and who face this issue each day would be better than having to hear very young people project from their limited experience (by definition) about second chapters (there are more than two in most women’s lifetime) and how beauty doesn’t quite matter as much when one gets older.

    Just a thought.

  • C’est intéressant de lire dans les commentaires que certains natifs de LA ne se reconnaissent pas dans ce podcast. Je ne suis pas native de LA mais il me semble bien que ces deux sœurs ont dit dès le début qu’elles avaient conscience de vivre dans un monde particulier avec le père qu’elles ont. Je pense que l’idée de ce podcast c’était donner un aperçu de la vie de personnes issues du milieu dorée de Hollywood et observer leur parcours, sachant qu’à les entendre ces deux sœurs sortent du lot. Après je comprends tout à fait qu’on ait envie de s’identifier quand on parle de chez soi mais c’est aussi bien de voir les choses d’une autre perspective. La beauté d’une ville réside dans la diversité des milieux et gens qu’on peut y rencontrer, donc à quand une podcast sur des personnes de LA mais en dehors du milieu d’Hollywood pour montrer à tes lecteurs la diversité de cette ville ;) ?
    Dans tous les cas, j’ai beaucoup apprécié et attends avec impatience ton prochain podcast!


  • Caroline March, 21 2016, 5:17 / Reply

    J’ai écouté l’épisode que j’ai trouvé très bien… Je comprends les personnes qui disent que ce n’est pas LA, de la même manière que je réagis aux posts ici qui montrent un Paris enchanté, le Paris des grands bourgeois qui ne prennent jamais le métro… mais les soeurs Foster sont très claires à ce sujet et elles ont crée quelque chose (ce ne sont pas que des “filles de”). Bref, merci, j’aime beaucoup ce nouveau format.

  • I loved this interview. I will share it with every under-30 woman I know.

  • Caroline March, 21 2016, 4:51 / Reply

    I agree with other commenters who have lived in LA and couldn’t relate! While I appreciate some of their general insights, it’s very easy to live in LA and NOT be a part of the industry (though always aware it’s there). My LA was doctors, teachers, scientists, and non-profit workers. It is possible to self-select your community, as it is anywhere. I miss the creativity, beauty, food, and environment of LA tremendously, but the worlds of West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, etc. are as foreign to me as Antarctica.

  • I’m loving this new podcast series that you’re doing Garance, but the Foster sisters didn’t really interest me.

    They’re not really relatable- they come from a world of opportunity, they were born into their celebrity lifestyle. I have friends in LA who live a very different life, they’re very hardworking and see another side of the city.

    They didn’t have anything new or real to say to me- I could tell that they believed in themselves, but I like hearing the stories about the lifestyles of genuine people in fashion that you give us. Doll & Em were great, Zosia was cute and full of life. More like the earlier podcasts please, and keep up the great work!

  • Found this particular podcast very fun! Despite others’ comments that this was too “privileged” for them or worlds apart from the LA they know, I thought the opposite: that Erin & Sara Foster shared openly, authentically dissected nuances of the “rich and famous” lifestyle that they can’t stand, and offered listeners a slice of life view into the world they know. You can’t help where you are born into!

  • Melissa Lee February, 27 2020, 11:01 / Reply

    This link no longer seems to work. Would love to listen

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