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So…where was I? Oh yeah, in my last Insta Update, I left you all waiting in breathless anticipation right when Chris had sent me a photo of himself naked behind the Christmas Tree. 
And then, well, vacation started and I didn’t give you any more updates. 

To make up for the typical lack of discipline of yours truly, here’s a summary of my Instagram activity the past three weeks (wow, time flies!) The end is graphic, so sensitive souls proceed with caution. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 


It’s the end of my tour, I’m exhausted and I have to leave again for London right away, so I decide it’s time for Chris and me to get the massage of the century, since we can’t take it anymore. So we make an appointment at the Peninsula, one of my favorite spas in New York.

Have you ever had a couples massage?

IT’S SO WEIRD. It’s good, but it’s weird. It’s almost pointless, actually. You’re in the same room, but it’s not like you’re going to hold hands during the massage, or kiss, or talk, or whatever. So the only time together is the kind of strange moment when you take off your clothes before lying down on the table, and the time after the massage when you look like you went though a sleep storm and still naked. Even so, it’s still nice. But I’ll never understand the concept.

It really is the massage of the century, in a room with a panoramic view of New York, a rooftop pool with a panoramic view of New York, a magnificent sauna, everything. I’m a big fan of spas, so I think it’s probably my duty to do a guide for you of my favorite spas all over the world…


… And now it’s time to get back on the road to go to London for the last date of my tour. 


… I’m in a bonkers hotel, the London Edition — it’s super designed, and I do my interviews in this gorgeous room that makes it seem like life is simple, beautiful, organized and luxurious, and that I’m a simple, beautiful, organized, luxurious star. 


…Ok, but at the same time, I’d like your opinion on the idea that we need 200 pillows to be happy in life. What’s with all these beds completely covered in pillows? Where did that come from? Why? I don’t get it. Ok I enhanced the effect on that photo by piling the pillows of two beds on one, but you get the idea.


Ok, back to New York after a memorable book signing in London, and back to reality which is not simple, beautiful, organized or luxurious because our apartment is far from finished, given how huge it is in comparison to my tiny “transition apartment” that only took me  three weeks to decorate. Now it’s a continuous work in progress. I promise, one day when I’m no longer ashamed of the work zone I’ll show you around!


This is my view from our room in Chris’s parents’ house. ISN’T IT NUTS? So beautiful, right? Every morning, I wake up to duck sounds. Time passes by twice as slowly in South Carolina, and that’s exactly what I need. I do nothing, except eat, of course. 

Chris and I pretend we go running, but it’s not going to be enough to offset the number of calories I’m eating by the minute.
And let me remind you that our trip to Mexico is dangerously close.


Unfortunately, I’ve got quite a taste for Southern Food and I don’t want to miss a crumb. I pretend to watch what I’m eating and I give my utmost attention to the book on nutrition a well-meaning friend got for me, but the truth is, I’m spending all day snacking with a big sloppy smile on my face. I’m happy, okay?

It’s very humid in South Carolina, so I tell myself the extra padding I feel when I literally can’t close my jeans is due to humidity. At one point, I even hear myself ask Doug, Chris’s father, “Does humidity make you retain water? Because this morning I couldn’t button my jeans.” Chris died laughing at my super serious face and chubby cheeks and Doug tried to answer yes, maybe, it’s possible, I mean, on another planet, maybe… 

We come back to New York, I weigh myself, and…it’s le désastre. I gained five pounds, on top of the other pounds from before, and the other pounds from before before before that, by the square root of 12, which means I no longer fit in any of my jeans, not even my baggy ones. I’M NOT KIDDING. 
And I’m leaving for Mexico…



Bah, who cares if your bathing suit is bursting at the seams when the sunset is so beautiful. 


Besides, we’re going to start surfing again and everything will fall back into place, we’re going to go back to being hot! 

The truth is, I’m having a hard time getting past the beginner stage with surfing. I’m stuck, I’m scared. It’s the moment when I have to “grow up” and go out in the waves by myself and I’m terrorized by everything. I’m afraid the board will hit me in the face, or I’ll cut off another surfer, or wipe out, or drown in a huge wave…
I think this is the decisive moment everyone has to go through, when you decide to either say: “Meh, maybe surfing isn’t that great” or “Yes, I’m going to persevere because it’s really worth it”. I started leaning toward “Meh, maybe surfing isn’t that great” on this trip and I’m kind of mad at myself. It’s so easy to give up!!! Right?

the update 2 instagram garance dore christ norton photos

Apparently this kind of thing always happens when you least expect it, but one morning, Chris asked me to marry him
I’m saving the story for later this week, but let me tell you, it was a total shock for both of us (yes, even for him).
It was crazy and very sweet. 

And it didn’t happen at a time when my hair was gorgeous and my skin was radiant and I was wearing the perfect outfit, but rather at a time when I was bursting out of my jeans and my skin was also bursting (the sun does that to me ? It’s a new thing) (I was even in kind of a bad mood that morning). I don’t know if it’s a life lesson, but I think it’s worth pointing out.

After that, the week in Mexico went by like we were on a lovely little pink cloud. Chris and I were twirling around in the air, drinking cold strawberry margaritas while watching unforgettable sunsets, talking about love morning to night, fanning ourselves with palms, diving into a warm sea a packed with friendly dolphins, tasting delicious foods from countries where it doesn’t rain, etc.  


The week went really well, yes. And it’s strange and wonderful to say that the man you love is going to become your family, yes. We did drink margaritas at sunset, yes. But even so, and excuse the fact that I don’t have a photo for this, but at the end of our engagementneymoon, the worst happened, and it’s hilarious, but before it got funny, it got really painful.

We were both struck by an attack from the fire of the revenge of Montezuma. In other words, we got Tourista. Are you familiar with it? Have you had it before? No ? Come aaaaaaan. Say it. Okay. Remember when Charlotte goes to Mexico in Sex & The City? And where were we?


We ended the week writhing in pain, taking turns on the toilet, progressively losing the last few ounces of mystery left between us. We were half dying of laughter, half worried, and half “ok, I don’t care what he thinks, I absolutely have to sprint to the toilet now MAKE WAAAAAYYYY HEEEELLLLPPPP” and we took turns forcing each other to drink water. Buried under a blanket in our bed in the jungle in the middle of paradise on earth, watching cat videos on YouTube, the only thing we could access with our bad internet connection. CLASSY. CHIC. ROMANTIC.

Basically, the ultimate test for a couple, right then and there, just for us.

That’s what you’ll never see on Instagram.

And that’s why my Updates exist. Because real life, as cruel as it might be, is a lot funnier than the picture perfect version. We survived, we got over it, and honestly, it sounds silly, but I think it made us stronger. 

Oh yeah, and I lost those three pounds, by the way.

Don’t go looking for meaning in that, though. Haha.

Ok, I’m off! Kisses!!

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • Tu as raison la vie est bien plus drôle, amusante et merveilleuse que tous les instagram et autres…
    Merci pour ces tranches de vie toujours si bien écrites :)


  • exquis. excellent. savoureux.

  • Real life is the best – true!
    I would have been so mad for having to be sick on a great trip. You took it bravely! :)

  • Pour ma part c’est un conte de fée et pas une vraie vie! :)
    Bravo pour ce merveilleux parcorurs.

  • hihihi, j’ai ri … l’épisode de la tourista, c’est toujours drôle, car vécu (ou car caca ? j’veux dire, l’humour caca, ça reste super efficace :) )

    Pour le surf, égoïstement, tu me rassures ! En fait, j’en suis au même point que toi : j’ai peur d’aller dans la vague, alors je me cantonne aux mousses car je me dis que les mousses, c’est déjà amusant, et je suis plutôt pas nulle dans les mousses, j’ai l’impression d’être surfeuse dans les mousses ! Vive la mousse ! (Mais débuter à notre âge (jeune mais pas si jeune), avoir envie de passer la barre et se lancer dans la vague, c’est pas un peu trop ambitieux ?)

    Vous êtes beaux tous les deux, ça fait plaisir à voir. :)

  • La réalité dépasse toujours la fiction! et dans ce cas, ça nous a bien fait rigoler (surtout que c’est du vécu personnel également).
    Merci pour cette franchise et cet humour!

  • Chère Garance,

    Indeed, il semblerait que votre couple ait passé le test suprême ! Vous allez nous faire une tripotée de Corso-Charlestoniens et vous finirez comblés de bonheur dans une ferme upstate à faire des tartes aux pommes. Entre deux allers-retours à NY…
    Bon, comme je suis deuz dans les commentaires, je me dis que tu auras peut-être une chance de me lire. Tu dois déjà être abreuvée de propositions et de recommandations en vue de ton mariage, mais… as-tu pensé à quelque chose d’autre que “la” robe ? Un jean bleu, un t-shirt blanc, un voile brodé, une mise en beauté rock, pieds nus (dans le sable ?)… Moi j’avais des talons ce jour-là et je n’ai jamais regretté ce choix. Je me suis sentie beaucoup plus moi que le jour de la grande fête, où nous étions plus nombreux, et où je portais une robe que j’adorais mais qui faisait de moi une mariée tellement attendue…

    Je te lis depuis très très longtemps, depuis tes mésaventures d’illustratrice dans tes pénates parisiens. Ton parcours est une vraie success story, d’autant plus inspirant que tu as su rester simple et proche de tes lecteurs. Tu n’as pas oublié d’où tu venais et c’est rare. Merci de rester aussi accessible et vraie !

  • C’est pas glamour..Mais c’est aussi ça l’amour..

  • See, I’m so naive, I thought I could go to Mexico and I wouldn’t get sick because Garance didn’t! Don’t trust Instagram! ;-)
    Great story!

  • Une update haute en rebondissements et toujours cet humour que j’aime tant !
    Félicitations Garance et Bonne annéeeee !!! (oui, oui, c’est toujours le moment de le dire ahah)
    Vivement la suite !
    Des bisous.

  • Haha so I read this as you got diarrhea in the end. Hope your bums are okay!

  • Charikleia January, 12 2016, 10:15 / Reply

    Great post Garance! Super funny and true! I had a similar situation where -alas!- the sufferer was only me.. I was miserable, scared and ashamed and kept shouting KEEP OFF! to my bf who was outside the toilet door trying to console and help me. The night ended with me on the couch drinking watered coke and looking pale, holding his hand. It was weirdly romantic!

  • Ah, yes. To all of this. I love that you relaxed, ate, rested, had fun with his family, saw such beauty and had time with Chris alone. And, then, the sickness. I got exactly that in Mexico. Returned to Christmas vacation in New York and spent most of it in bed or running from my bed. It was a painful misery. And, you do wonder….am I okay? When does this end? What does normal feel like? At one point I was on my floor putting new furniture together thinking I was all better. But, I wasn’t.
    I had major surgery lsat year and my boyfriend took care of me. You really sort of lose everything that you had control over and entrusting another person with yourself in that way is pretty great. Is it glamorous? No, not at all. But it’s life.

    Happy new year, Garance and the studio team! xo

  • This is hilarious AND beautiful at the same time, and such a refreshing change to read something as honest as this.

  • Bonjour Garance.
    Si vous avez de probleme avec les kilos…vous pouvez lire
    Ahora en español: enhorabuena por tu proxima boda!!!

  • Love this update! Life is imperfect and unexpected. Keeping a sense of humor during the painful, not so pretty times really helps one get through them. And taking care of one another , allowing someone to see us at our worst takes a lot of trust and comfort. The part about your tight jeans made me laugh- I’m feeling the same way and got a bit annoyed with myself. But C’est la vie- the number on the scale is going to change again and again and it’s ok, it will go down!
    Enjoying food is one of the best pleasures in life!

  • It’s stories like this that make me love you! My husband spent our honeymoon very sick and vertical. While he slept, I wandered around, ate, and read Batman comics. But it was still strangely a great honeymoon. That’s life and it’s not perfect, it’s what you make of it. And I love that you said, “it’s strange and wonderful to say that the man you love is going to become your family.” That’s what I feel is lacking from talking about getting married. You’re not just marrying someone sexy, you’re knitting your life together with another person.
    Best Wishes!

  • La tourista mexicaine est la pire, redoubtable, le truc indomptable!

    Je vous souhaite une belle et longue route à deux!

  • After this, you will live happily ever after!

  • Ahahahahahahah ahahahahahah j’avais juste envie d’écrire pour dire à quel point j’ai ri. Merci pour ta sincérité, c’est salvateur.

  • pareil pour moi !

    “Et voilà pourquoi mes Updates existent. Parce que la vraie vie, aussi cruelle soit-elle, est vachement plus drôle que sa version perfection photo.”

    je crois que j’aime encore mieux les Updates aux Instagram. Merci Garance :)

  • Jane with the noisy terrier January, 12 2016, 11:06 / Reply

    So I’m scanning your “shop the story” for a bottle of Imodium. That’s real-life romance!

  • Ah ah ah :)
    J’ai vécu ce genre de mésaventure avec mon mec en Sicile, lors de vacances assez paradisiaques !
    Étonnamment, j’en garde un super souvenir puisque ça a donné lieu à des anecdotes très drôles.

    Je suis contente pour tes fiançailles Garance ! Et pour tes 3kg perdus aussi ;)


  • Annaliese January, 12 2016, 11:16 / Reply

    Thanks for the Love-venture G, made my morning ;)
    I love to think about making him my family and all of the goofy and profound moments that are what make a relationship!


    <3 Annaliese

  • A suivre avec impatience ! Le texte est plein d’humour et de realite et c’est pourquoi j’aime ce blog.
    J’ai eu les memes problemes en rentrant d’un voyage au Mexique, au moins j’ai pu profiter de mon sejour mais je l’ai paye tres cher ensuite.

  • Rassure toi Garance: j’ai eu la tourista pendant ma lune de miel à devoir envoyer mon mari à la réception de l’hôtel à 3h00 du matin pour un ravitaillement en papier toilette et à passer les 4 jours suivants à boire du coca et de l’eau!! souvenir mémorable!!!

  • Merci pour mon fou-rire de la journée hahaahhahahahahahahhahaha

  • Je comprends!!

    My husband is French,and we spent two years traveling back and forth from the US to France before we were able to settle into life here in the States. We had this awesome rock and roll wedding day in NYC, flew to France the next day for celebrating with family, and then set off on our honeymoon through the Alps. Having been long distance and never lived together, there was definitely a good amount of that romantic mystery there… until I ate something horrible in Italy… I spent close to 24 hours huddled in our B&B bathroom, vacillating between chills and being burning up, turning on the AC, bundling up, sleeping on the cold tile floor, not knowing which part of me needed the toilet first… it was HORRIBLE and so unromantic, and I was sick as a dog from Italy all the way back to France… but you know what, my new husband was THE best. He trekked to the pharmacy without knowing a lick of Italian, wasn’t embarrassed one little bit, tried to help me make the best of the rest of our trip, and nursed me right back to health. Despite the fact that the end of our honeymoon was far from sexy, it just confirmed that he was the man I wanted to be with, you know? Kindness and compassion are so important… and it’s good to be able to laugh about it together.

    So bravo to you and Chris for surviving this little episode – you’ll be that much closer and stronger for it :) And we’re certainly glad you’re feeling better!

  • I’m cracking up right now! So sorry you guys got so sick, but it does make for a hilarious story!

  • J’ai adoré, c’est bien d’oser. Voilà la vraie vie : se taper une tourista dans un endroit sublime. Et le souvenir qui restera, ce sera pas le merveilleux coucher de soleil mais la merveilleuse crise de fou rire

  • Parfaitement drôle et vivant ! Merci.

  • ahhhh. you are not a couple for life until you have patiently (or not so patiently!) nursed each other back to health—and lost 3 pounds together! Thanks for sharing!

  • THIS is why we love you.. just when you and the blog seem too perfect for comfort – you are brutally honest and human and funny.. oh and congratulations how wonderful despite !

  • …so what you’re saying is I need to get food poisoning to loose my holiday weight gain… Hahaha!! Jk
    Great story cannot wait to here the end ????

  • Love your blog, loved your book,
    Love that you are so honest funny & real
    Would love to know if you got engaged the French way sans ring or like a New Yorker?


  • I love real life!!! And I love your funny stories!

  • Congratulations Garance!!! I love your pictures it most certainly started out as the perfect vacation. I LOVE that your fiancee is from NC! I’ve been living here for the past 12 years and I would NEVER leave, its perfect. So after reading that tidbit I know he’s not only super handsome but a really cool guy with manners too.AND a trumpet player? only the best type of jazz musician. YAY YAY and YAY!!
    Love your new life with Chris it gets better and better and better when you are married. I highly recommend it!

  • “Tourista” does bring couples closer, I think! I went on a trip with my boyfriend and I got a terrible case of tourista. I spent the night on the floor next to the bathroom so 1) I would be close to the toilet and 2) I couldn’t make it much further anyway. My boyfriend was so caring and helpful, making me drink fluids and eventually trying to get me to eat. I saw a new side of him and I really appreciated how much he cared about me. I think I’ve never loved him more!

  • Bonjour Garance, j’aime ENORMEMENT votre Blog que je trouve très inspirant et positif !!!
    Pour le prochain article sur les SPA du Monde ;), je viens de tester celui de l’Hôtel SACACOMIE au Québec, à l’extérieur par -20° avec vue sur le Lac du même nom……un endroit Exceptionnel, paradisiaque avec leurs massages en Duo Magiques ! Merci pour vos partages….Je m’apprête à acheter votre livre j’ai hâte de le lire ! Continuez comme ça !

  • Charlotte January, 12 2016, 2:21 / Reply

    Loving each other through tourista is love!

  • Love Love Love…..
    all we need is love…
    Yael Guetta

  • Catherine January, 12 2016, 2:28 / Reply

    Superbe ! Tu me fait toujours sourire. J’adore que tu parle directe de la vie – ça me remonte le morale comme la sœur que je n’ai jamais eu. Bises xxxx

  • Haha, en effet, une bonne tourista (ou la fameuse gastro de Noël/jour de l’an sous nos latitudes moins exotiques) a un double avantage :
    – faire perdre ces trois putain de kilos superflus
    – faire tomber les dernières barrières dans le couple (faut arrêter le délire du mystère, si on est appelés à passer une vie ensemble, il va bien falloir parler de caca à un moment – lisez Belle du Seigneur, tout y est).
    J’ai fait le coup à un mec au bout de 15 jours de relation, avec hospitalisation à la clé, c’était très convivial, je vous le recommande. Il a été parfait. On a fini par faire un enfant. Le test ultime, donc.

  • La tourista en couple, c’est l’épreuve tu feu… Si ça passe, ça veut vraiment dire que c’est pour la vie ;-) Sinon je vais souvent au Spa Castle Premier sur 57th street et Lex. Un havre de paix high-tech, plein de saunas différents, une piscine et un rooftop de folie, des massages au top. Et on peut y passer toute la journée, pour se détendre c’est le rêve absolu. J’avais même fait un post dessus tellement j’adore :-)

  • Ah j’ai adoré lire les aventures mexicaines quel fou rire la course aux toilettes ! N’empêche, c’est pas drôle quand ça t’arrive…
    Félicitations, et vive les margaritas !


  • mademoiselle mauve January, 12 2016, 3:02 / Reply

    vous êtes faits l’un pour l’auuuuuuuuutre :D

  • Merci Garance, encore une fois tu me fais sourire jusqu’à montrer mes dents, je dois avoir l’air niaise sur mon portable. Tu es géniale! Jamais j’aurais osé raconter un épisode dans le même genre qui m’est arrivé pendant notre lune de miel, parce que je n’ai pas ce talent qui fait que tu rendes tout jubilatoire!!! Merci

  • Ahaha Garance tout d’abord félicitations pour vos fiancailles (j’attends la part 2 avec impatience!) et tu viens de me faire exploser de rire, j’habite au Mexique depuis un peu plus d’un an maintenant, et des vengeances de Moctezuma j’en ai vu quelques unes passer, ce n’est jamais tres glorieux…
    Par ailleurs cette idée d’un guide des spas dans le monde est une excellente idée, je pense que tu devrais en effet te dévouer pour nous!
    (J’ai le numéro de la meilleure masseuse du monde qui masse sur la plage a Puerto Vallarta, si un jour tu retournes dans le coin!)

  • HaHa trop drôle..j attends la suite..

  • Nice. I’m smiling the whole while reading this.

  • yessss ! your article got me so excited and happy ! thanks for the good vibes and the fun !

  • Denise rodriguez January, 12 2016, 4:19 / Reply

    Haha!! My husband and I spent our 3rd anniversary in the same manner in Punta Cana. Beautiful view, warm waters, white sand and lots of bathroom time! Congratulations on your engagement. Remember the wedding is about you and him not anyone else. Good luck with the wedding planning. ????????????

  • Veronica January, 12 2016, 4:20 / Reply

    It is the water. You have to brush your teeth with bottled water. Not even a drop or well you know…….

  • Garance, c’est quasiment un bon présage la tourista pendant un voyage en couple… mon mari était si malade pendant notre lune de miel qu’à un moment donné il n’est même pas arrivé jusqu’aux toilettes, et -attention, c’est gore- il a explosé de tous les cotés en plein milieu de notre luxueuse suite au bord de la mer Rouge… mais on en rigole encore, 13 ans après!!!
    Soyez heureux, les amoureux :-)

  • Listen up everyone… ALWAYS travel with activated charcoal capsules. You can get them at some drugstores or health food stores or on the web. At the FIRST sign of nausea or tourista (caused by bacteria. Doesn’t work for viruses) , open 2 capsules add the black powder to a glass of clean water and drink. It looks weird but tastes kind of neutral/sweetish. Not bad at all. Keep doing every hour until over. It grabs onto the bad bugs and takes them away. It works fast. Truly, I learned it from the yacht people in Mexico and always have it in my purse. It can save your vacation, your business trip, your family trip or your days at home. However, that was a sweet story, Garance.

  • hahaha that’s funny.( actually it is not funny.sorry!!!) but i and my fiancé got food poisoning from the crep last week when my parents came to france for traveling(its first time) and it was just the day before going to fly beautiful venice. we couldn’t take a plane and all the night felt bad:( it was horrible… now….. its become funny story. :)
    I read your article about Engagement when i was in venice( after we got better ,we went :)) its makes me feel very very happy ??
    ?Bonne engagement!!

    bisou bisou.

  • Tourista, ce ciment du couple ;)
    Heureuse de te voir heureuse, je vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde

  • Tient moi aussi je vais faire un Update… ;D
    Point un: je sais pas si je l’ai déjà dis, félicitation pour ces fiançailles!!! Et aussi je le dis tout de suite comme ça c’est fait, oui le costume blanc pour te marier c’est une option… (je fais mon styliste hahaha!)
    Autre nouveauté de mon côté niveau job, je fais de moins en moins de design industriel et de plus en plus d’aménagement… et si je le dis ici c’est parce que là je fini un SPA :)) et après je m’attaque à un hôtel, la vie est folle.

    Des bises et je me réjouis de la suite

  • Danielle January, 12 2016, 7:37 / Reply

    Garance, you get me every time! Your honesty, sense of humor, and just plain realness… I never write comments on blogs, but I just wanted to say, thank you for sharing your life in such a genuine and meaningful way. It’s so refreshing to see someone in fashion who doesn’t have to pretend to be perfect. Bravo and merci! And congratulations!

  • Oh Garance! You make me smile! (:

  • This is why I’m still reading your blog after all of these years. Beautiful. And REAL. This is what life is really like. Love it. You make a beautiful couple. Congrats!

  • On surfing… I’ve been surfing for three years, about once a month. Every single time I paddle out, I STILL get butterflies in my stomach, my hands shake, and I ask myself WHY I ever got into surfing. Every single time. And every single time, I make it past the impact zone, wipe out and score a few waves, and enjoy myself immensely. The beauty of surfing is that it makes you confront and conquer your fears with fun… every single time. From one surfer to another, hang in there ;-)

  • J’adore te lire .

  • :) wish you nothing but happiness…

  • J’adore ton compte Instagram et tes photos! Article super sympa, comme d’hab!

    Bizous, Christelle

  • I love these little snippets from your life Garance!

  • These shots are simply amazing! Loved the most the one with the lake view!

  • … Garance j’ai tellement rit..le mot c’est dévoué non?

  • Candice de rooij January, 13 2016, 7:48 / Reply

    So Nice that you are so candid and funny. Also love your book! Greetings from Rotterdam

  • Garance your post totally made my day!!!!!

  • Steph à Berlin / luxberliner January, 13 2016, 10:42 / Reply

    la vraie vie est parfois moins parfaite, mais elle est passionnante ! surtout la tienne hihi ! bises berlinoises

  • ahahaha merci Garance pour ce partage, tu m’a bien fait rigolé et ça fait un bien fou! j’adore tes updates!!!!! (et ton humour :-)))

  • Alexandra January, 13 2016, 12:55 / Reply

    I literally love you! Can I marry you, too?! hehe

  • C’est dans ces moments-là qu’on se sent vivant je trouve! Longue vie à votre amour!

    Sinon je voulais juste dire que j’aime particulièrement le passage “Et ce n’est pas arrivé au moment où mes cheveux étaient sublimes et ma peau radieuse et où je portais la tenue parfaite mais au moment où j’explosais mes jeans et j’avais le teint blafard (j’étais même un peu de mauvaise humeur, ce matin-là).”

  • Valentine January, 13 2016, 3:55 / Reply

    When I was single, I happened to find your site and instantly fell in love with your illustrations, photos, and blog posts… As I went through life: marriage, children, building a family, I stopped going onto your blog because I naturally became wrapped up in that. Now, I find myself on your blog once again, enjoying your blog post, photos, and absolutely thrilled to read that you are going to marry! It’s a bit ironic that it also coincides with the dissolution of my marriage (LOL). No, I don’t feel sadness. I feel acceptance in the matter. Your blog, once again in my life, gives me an odd sense of comfort amidst my chaos. xx

  • MDR! :)

  • great update & congratulations.

  • Mon Dieu c’est trop drôle! Magie – 8000 mais souvenirs pour sûr!

  • pardon… mais qu’est ce que j’ai ri sur le dernier couplet :)

  • wilkssan March, 27 2016, 11:56 / Reply

    Just read your news. Thanks for sharing.
    Very happy for you two.
    Communication is so very important in a relationship
    that will last happily.
    Happy moments forever.

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This or That / Sandal Edition

This or That: American or Française?

This or That: American or Française?

atelier dore this or that lingerie lace or cotton sex month

This or That / Lingerie Edition

This or That / Blush vs. Bronzer

This or That / Blush vs. Bronzer

This or That: The Beanie

This or That: The Beanie

This or That: Nails

This or That: Nails

This or That

This or That

This Or That

This Or That

Silja Danielsen Photo

This Or That: Low Knot or Top Knot