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Brie Welch

Nothing better than finding that dress you can just throw on in the summer, the ease of putting on one item and you’re out the door. Ah, isn’t that the best?? For most women, we are more in need of day clothes than red-carpet looks, and aren’t interested in anything fussy either. Dresses can be romantic, without having ruffles and frills – but there is something in the length that makes for the ultimate day dress.

The coming together of two ideas, fluidity and longer lengths, seems to be the ideal formula to appear refined and stay cool in the heated days ahead…

summer dresses kayten schmidt garance dore photo

summer dresses kayten schmidt garance dore photo

The fine lines and conical silhouette of the white dress from Brock Collection is elegant while remaining practical, a simple belt tied at the waist is the strictest you will get in this dress.

White Dress, Brock Collection ; Pink Hat, Janessa Leone ; Sandals, Dear Frances

summer dresses kayten schmidt garance dore photo

summer dresses kayten schmidt garance dore photo

summer dresses kayten schmidt garance dore photo

A brilliant shade of coral red permits the wearer to embrace color, no need to pace yourself, really go for it – a diamante encrusted shoulder never hurt anyone!

Red Dress, No. 21 ; Sandals, Soludos

summer dresses drake burnette garance dore photo

summer dresses drake burnette garance dore photo

Blending in while standing out may be the perfect phrase for this floral colonial dress, with a hint of skin depending on how the wind blows.

Floral Dress, Warm; Blue Sandals, Mansur Gavriel ; Sunglasses, Dries Van Noten

summer dresses drake burnette kayten schmidt garance dore photo

Everything about tie-dye would normally scream summer camp DIY, but a subtle gradation in oceanic hues makes for a sophisticated look – even when paired with flats & a bag of chips.

On Kayten: Tie-Dye Wrap Dress, Lacausa; Shoes, Manolo Blahnik ; Bag, The Row ; Sunglasses, Gucci // On Drake : Tie-Dye Dress, Altuzarra ; Sandals, Dear Frances ; Earring, Maison Margiela

summer dresses drake burnette garance dore photo


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  • Haaa les robes longues !! Je rêve d’en porter mais malheureusement ma taille fait que ce n’est pas possible (trop petite)

    La rouge corail et la verte tie & dye sont magnifiques !!

    Amélie – Charles Ray and Coco

  • i love the white and the red dresses: they’re beautiful! :)

  • La robe fleurie est magnifique!!!! <3
    Ces robes sont toutes sublimes mais tout comme Amélie, je suis trop petite pour (1.52 m seulement!!!)
    Bises, belle journée

    Julie, Petite and So What?

  • I especially like the white and green ones.

  • Même si j’adore le look des premières robes, je sais aussi que sur moi ça donnera fille d’1m20 perdue dans une robe de féante !
    Par contre j’adore j’adore j’adore (ad vitam..) la robe noire et la robe tye dye !



  • I love long, breezy dresses. The problem is that I’m 155 cm tall and they are always too long for me. And yes, I can take them to a tailor, but normally they loose their proportions and simply don’t fit. #willowproblems

  • Linda Boardman Kerr May, 24 2016, 10:16 / Reply

    There is a saying in a 12 step program I attend that goes, “Wear the world like a loose garment.” These dresses speak to that! Please tell me the color of the lovely blue nail polish with the floral dress! I must have it!

  • Summer dress is a real statement not just another dress but something that tell a story and a different story whether you are on vacation or in the city …it just can’t be the same one…
    Every summer i buy many different dresses but i always found that there is only one perfect the one that i don’t need to think too much…i don’t need to stop breathing when i wear it or have only drinks and not food…:)
    Love the printed dress,the white is beautiful but it’s full of dangerous ..what happened have a drop of whine..or you sit on a chair that was not perfectly clean…the red makes you fat although you have been starving the all week..the 2 last one are beautiful too ….love the Altazura one and the simple black…summer time can’t wait..
    with love
    Yael Guetta

  • How elegant! Can’t wait for summer.

    Janine Claire

  • mosaic_world May, 24 2016, 12:51 / Reply

    the tie dyes are my favorites (along w/ the color palette of the first floral). something about the abstract pattern of the tie dye (kind of like how colors mix in liquid, like when the layers of your thai iced tea are starting to incorporate but not fully) is very dreamy.

  • M Ruth May, 24 2016, 9:56

    Yes the Altuzura was beautiful… I looked at the “Shop the Look” and it was some extreme amount of money, that’s okay it’s a fantasy world, but it was POLYESTER! For summer? For an extreme amount of money? C’mon. Fabric matters. A lot.

  • Mes preferees : la robe tie and dye (avec des toggle buttons !) et la noire. Faciles a porter en presque toutes occasions.
    Les photos sont empreintes de beaucoup de douceur et de feminite. Bravo Erik !

  • Merci beaucoup Sevan! :)

  • I agree, I have grown to love dresses for summer. I used to wear jeans and tops all the time…
    Nothing says summer more than a great dress!

  • Loving all of these big flowy dresses!


  • The pictures are stunning x

  • Thank you so much Jessica! :)

  • Amazing photos!


  • Thank you! :)

  • Sure. I will just pop out and buy a cotton dress that costs nearly $2000! But I need more than one, so I will have to spend $4000. Maybe G. will get one for free just for running the ad.

  • Hey M! We try to present a variety of price ranges with every editorial, from vintage to designer, we do our best! This story is no different, with dresses from under $200 to upwards of $2000…

  • Enfin le soleil pointe son nez! On peut enfin s’habiller léger. Je vais pouvoir sortir mes robes fleuries dont je raffole. Moi aussi j’aime les robes longues fluides comme celles sur les photos

  • Elles sont toutes magnifiques et donnent très envie de pouvoir en enfiler une.
    Malheureusement chez nous (France/Isère) le soleil reste très discret. Cette semaine pluie et 11°C !!! Pfff !!! Mais nous allons dans le bon sens … vers l’été.
    Merci à Brie pour ce beau reportage :)

  • Marianne May, 25 2016, 3:56 / Reply

    La robe rouge est magnifique ! J’aimerais bien l’essayer pour savoir si une telle ampleur est portable, en tous cas la couleur est parfaite !
    Et la “pose”, la lumière, le mouvement dans la robe sur la deuxième photo, tout est parfait, j’adore !
    Beaux choix pour cet édito robe et très belles photos !

  • Perso, ma préférée c’est la rouge , mon chois est surement du à la photo que je préfère. Très belles photos .

  • Only in the warm days of summer can a woman combine absolute femininity with absolute comfort. Pretty florals, lightweight fabrics, flattering, not-too-tight silhouettes, and flat sandals. Edge it up with a pair of sunglasses. What could be easier?

    Thank you for the inspiration, Brie!

  • Moi j’adore la blanche ! Elle te va super bien. Vraiment sympa ! :-)

  • J´aime bien l´article “petites robes sympas à porter cet été” super ! Mais le prix ne correspond plus au sujet ! Il faut redescendre, qui met 2000€ dans une robe en coton pour l´été ????
    Il faudrait peut etre essayer de proposer des choses abordables sur ce blog…. avec le temps, les prix s´enflamment et ne correspondent plus au lectorat normal que nous sommes toutes !

  • Hi Kris! We try to show a range of dresses / prices. The options in this story go from $200-1500 with even more choices in the shoppable widget. Hope that helps!

  • Beautiful story of dresses here :) lovely…

  • Pretty florals, lightweight fabrics, flattering, not-too-tight silhouettes, and flat sandals.

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  • Nice information great post i like you better link awesome beautiful girl dress fantastic thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing this with so much of detailed information, its much more to learn from your article. Keep sharing such good stuff.

  • Oh great. It is the perfect combination of material, ideas and the comfort of nature. This costume will make the wearer confident when wearing it.

  • I have had a lot of harvest after watching this article from you! I feel it interesting, your post gave me a new perspective! I have read many other articles about the same topic, but your article convinced me!

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  • Nothing higher than locating that get dressed you can simply throw on inside the summer season the ease of placing on one item and also you’re out the door isn’t that the high-quality for most women we are greater in want of day garments than pink-carpet seems and aren’t interested in something fussy either. Dresses may be romantic without having ruffles and frills – but there’s something within the duration that makes for the remaining day get dressed.

  • In case you are most effective sporting one layer, make it as thrilling as possible. Regularly pick out tops which have an exciting design detail. Take for example a purple silk top. It’s very airy and really exciting on the back. All you need is a good simple bottom like some exceptional white trousers or skirt and you’ll look, modern-day, polished yet stay cool.

  • Thanks

  • the perfect combination of things background, dress color combination, your dress, your looks everything is just perfect keep sharing!

  • nice keep sharing! your outfit is really cool thanks for sharing with us!

  • Great piece of information!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Summer dress is a genuine proclamation another dress as well as something that recount to a story and an alternate story whether you are on furlough or in the city … it can’t be a similar one…

    Each mid year I purchase various dresses however I constantly discovered that there is just a single flawless the one that I don’t have to think excessively… I don’t have to quit breathing when I wear it or have just beverages and not sustenance… :)

    Love the printed dress,the white is wonderful yet it’s brimming with unsafe ..what happened have a drop of whine..or you sit on a seat that was not superbly spotless… the red makes you fat in spite of the fact that you have been starving the all week..the 2 last one are excellent too … .love the Altazura one and the straightforward dark… mid year can hardly wait

  • Hmm. That is an interesting way to go about things and I can see how it makes sense.

  • Great collection,

    Loving it :)

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