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Here’s a special Brooklyn city guide by Pamela Love. I just love her so much and I’m going to follow each and every one of these little tidbits.

How would you describe Brooklyn to someone who has never been?

More laid back than Manhattan. It has great energy.

What do you love about living in Brooklyn?

I love riding my bike and going to flea markets, I love how close I live to all my friends, I love how everyone in Brooklyn seems to be working on a million cool creative projects, I love the music scene, and I love how much more space you get than living in Manhattan. For me, that is very important.

Tell us about your neighborhood…

I live in Greenpoint, which is a very old traditionally Polish neighborhood in Brooklyn. I’ve lived here for about 8 years now and never want to move, unless it’s to New Mexico. I live by a park so I get to see nature, and am close enough to Williamsburg so I have access to great stores and restaurants. It really has the feeling of a small town inside of a big city. Everyone knows each other. I think it’s really beautiful.

What is the best way to get around Brooklyn? The G Train… Bike…Walk??

A Bike! I usually take the L train if I’m going to Manhattan.

New Yorkers love their weekend brunch, where are your favorite spots?

I love Enid’s, their Bloody Mary’s are delicious.

You had an awesome tattoo parlor pop-up during fashion week, where do you go to get ink?

Saved Tattoo in Williamsburg, or East Side Ink in Manhattan.

Where do you get your nails done?

Eve Salon.

And your hair?

Ian Scott Dorey at Ouidad salon. It’s a salon specializing in curly hair.

Where do you go to pamper yourself? Do you have a favorite spa?

I love treatments from Joanna Vargas salon and Reiki from my friend Negin Niknejad of JustBe.

How do you stay fit? Yoga…spin class… the gym??

I actually have been going to a new gym in Williamsburg that has a rope-climbing machine. I can see a difference in my arms already! When I have time I take yoga classes and when it’s not cold out, I ride my bike a lot.

What is your favorite place for…

A date night: Nitehawk Cinema–it’s a great tiny movie theatre that is also a restaurant. You can watch a film and order dinner all at once.
A dinner with friends: Dokebi Restaurant.
Working: I have a lot of meetings in the lobby at the Ace Hotel.
People watching: McCarren Park in Williamsburg.

Your coffee shop:

Variety Coffee in Greenpoint.

Your tailor:

A pair of scissors? I really don’t go to a tailor much.

Your local bar:


Your park:

McGolrick Park in Greenpoint.

Describe your perfect Brooklyn weekend…

Sleeping in, going to get a coffee before heading to the Brooklyn Flea market for food and shopping, taking a nap in the park, and going to see a band play.

Brooklyn is full of great vintage spots, where are the best finds?

I love Brooklyn Flea market never leave empty handed, quite the opposite actually. Narnia Vintage is my favorite vintage clothing store by far. They just opened a second location in Brooklyn and it is amazing. Beautiful Dreamers is a great store for both new and beautiful rare vintage. Fox and Fawn is an awesome place to sell in your old vintage clothes if you are looking to get rid of some things and find some new pieces at the same time.

Where do you go to find inspiration for your jewelry?

Museums– The Met, MoMA, the Natural History Museum, and the New York Public Library.

We love that you make all of your jewelry in New York. Where can we go to buy it here?

In Brooklyn you can go to Bird, Beautiful Dreamers and Barney’s.
In Manhattan there are a lot of great places including Opening Ceremony, Barney’s, Jeffrey’s, Henri Bendel’s and some other great boutiques.

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