Harley in Greece

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I swear, Harley flew to Greece with the tiniest bag I have ever seen. I saw her at the airport and I was like, “is that it?” – and yes, yes it was.

The occasion was a trip I took for a press event with Michael Kors that lasted about three days, with adventures during the day (well, swimming pool adventures at least) and fabulous yet laid back dinners at night. And on every occasion, she was perfectly dressed.

And now that I see the photos, I think I get her secret: dresses, dresses all the way! Use your swimsuit as a top! Play with your hair!!!

Harley viera newton greece garance dore photo


I definitely could learn a few lessons from her, I was thinking, as I was dragging my giant bag behind me…

PS: By the way, Harley just came up with a collection of dresses – I can’t wait to show them to you, but in the meantime, you can check them out here !!!


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  • On reparle de ces magnifiques piscines derrières Harley?! je suis en pâmoison

  • Super, ça sent les vacances !! Je me mets aux robes aussi, c’est tellement facile à porter et je me sens plus libre dedans, bizarre hein ? Merci pour les photos

  • When you are a model even a H&M dress looks fabulous on you …it just when a “normal” girl buy it it will look cheap and no interest…
    the art of styling is to be able to give a great style for people you see in the streets….
    From The World With Love
    Yael Guetta


  • Harley is very chic.
    Dresses are great in summer–as cool and comfortable as shorts but much more chic.
    I just picked up a pair of palazzo pants at the soldes at Mango. They are made of some kind of silky parachute-like fabric. Dressy, crinkly (so wrinkling isn’t a concern), very loose and comfy (and cool). I can tell they will be in my suitcase on many future trips.

  • I used to think that dresses are hard to wear. I don’t think that any more. A dress is a real charm! :)

    I always struggle between taking only essentials with me and wanting to have everything I might ever need when I go somewhere. You never know what will actually work as it depends on so many things!


  • Thats my way of traveling since a lot of years. I love it, not to think a lot about dressing, especially on vacacion.
    But also, if I am working, the easiest way is to grab a dress, put shoes on, grab the bag and GO!

    Because in Bolivia I never got the dresses I liked, I started to design them by myself. And we do have great tailors here.
    Now, I have a little brand which is working well. Mostly everything is dresses.

    And, by the way, my bag is litle, to and there is no ironing at all (on vacacion very important ????)

    Kisses from Bolivia, Patricia

  • Oh yes! I know that! And not only at vacacion, they are so practical. I love them also at work, because it’s the most easiest thing in the morning. Put the dress on, a pair of shoes, grab the bag and GO!

    I always loved dresses, and because they are nearly not available here in Bolivia, I started my own brand.
    The best way to know, if a dress workes, is to wear them by myself, right?

    And also my way of travelling is so much easier now….

    Kisses from Bolivia


  • Valentine July, 14 2016, 1:35 / Reply

    Tu n’aurais pas besoin d’une assistante Garance ? Parce que je saute sur le poste sans hésiter, même si c’est dans un an ou deux ^^

  • She makes it look so easy! I love her outfits x

    Jessica — WS Community

  • I feel that I don’t need much when I travel! and three days is a short time to carry weight with me, I just took a day off to a city that is 2 hours aways from my city and I only needed my camera, a fresh tee, and snacks, I wondered the city like a lost person and it was the best experience I’ve done in a while, here the insights http://www.fashionparadoxes.com/2016/07/12/what-to-do-when-youve-got-nothing-to-do-in-cairo/ A Michael Kors event is another thing still I feel like I’d travel very light, Right!?

  • May I ask – since I’ve been thinking about packing lighter – was it hand luggage? A small wheelie suitcase? Or a little holdall? Just trying to figure out the least possible amount of stuff (especially in a warm climate where clothes need to be changed a little more often…). Thanks!

  • I love her, so sexy and fashion

    Coco | http://www.missygowns.com/

  • Definitely a lesson to be learned… Harley looks chic and fabulous!

    Greetings from Italy

  • Ashley July, 15 2016, 3:05 / Reply

    What’s the beige scalloped dress she’s wearing??

  • J’aime bien voyager léger, avec juste l’essentiel, c’est agréable de se délester du superflu :)

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