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The Martinez Hotel during the Cannes Film Festival is so crazy.

You’ll run into Bruce Willis (three body guards push right in front of you to get on the elevator and you don’t even flinch)(not even to be on the elevator with him?), and you’ll come across Bill Murray (with an entourage of about 10 people, stripped pants AND Madras jacket), and you’ll get your car confused with Lana Del Rey’s (sublime blue dress, stops for a meet-and-greet like the good ol’ days. I love people who seem to enjoy being famous) and Michel Hazanavicius will be right there in front of you when you order a glass of whiskey (just to add to the movie star scene,you don’t even finish it) with an irresistible young actor, Ezra Miller.

A wonderful young actor, right on the cusp of fame, the perfect time to get a photo. And so handsome, right?

Everything changes so quickly, you know? I wonder how it all happens. How does celebrity change you ? How do you end up needing protection? When do you start to love it and hate it at the same time?

Yesterday, at the opening ceremony of the 65 Cannes Festival, where I had the great pleasure of being invited by Chopard (I promise I’ll try to tell you how it feels to walk
on the red carpet!!!), a very well known actress who has been a little out of the lime light came into the theater. Just magnificent. A dress with a train, and the most sublime jewelry.

As soon as she found her seat, she realized her seat wasn’t in the best spot. She made a face and I saw her make her way out of the room. She waited for the lights to get dim to go in again.

That little gesture, it isn’t at all about snobbery.

It’s just how one manages celebrity. It’s a little like fashion week, actually.

It’s not that you’ll die if you’re not in the front row, it’s just that if you’re seen in the standing section, it’s just not the right image you want to put out for your career.

For an actress, to be seated in the back of the room at the Palais des Festivals, it just isn’t a sign of a very lively career.

In the movie world, not many people know me. Nobody cares where I sit and I can just lose myself in the moment. I get to be relaxed right smack dab in the middle of all my idols (Wes Anderson, Bill Murray, Nani Moretti, no seriously!!!) who dazzle me with their work as I keep my mouth shut.

And I find that the speech of the hostess of ceremony, Berenice Béjo, who talks about noise and silence, comes at such perfect timing…

[…] The beginning of the film, for those who see it, is just a giant void. It’s a certain silence. And then the noise makes its way in. The sound of laughter, the noise of the heart.

And the sound of Cannes! The sound of journalists crying out your name. The shouts of journalists crying out your name for you to move because you’re in their shot of Catherine Deneuve… And the sound of Ferraris rolling down the street at 5mph, stuck in the Croisette. The sound of helicopters landing on yachts and the sound of me saying “hey did you see that! It’s a helicopter landing on a yacht!”

And tonight, in front of you, I tell you this one thing.

Just be quiet. Be quiet with you telling a child not to dream, that this isn’t possible!

Be quiet. Be quiet you, looking for anything wrong, you who groan wanting a movie to be more this or more that… You who make fun of those watching a movie with the bright eyes of a child.

Be quiet. Men shouldn’t cry? Quiet, you.

Be quiet. The film was a big success,you knew it already? Be quiet.

Be quiet. The films that didn’t work at all, so predictable… Be quiet.

And more than anyone, you, who answers your phone in the middle of a movie… Be quiet.

And now, I’m going to follow my own advice and let cinema speak for himself, for he will always have the last word.

Okay, I almost managed to keep quiet. After about 340 tweets (okay, 5, but that’s like 340 for me, I am kind of tweet-shy)…

But as soon as the movie started, I turned my phone off. And I forgot myself completely. I forgot about the celebrities around me, I forgot where I was, and I let myself be taken into the universe of Moonrise Kingdom…


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