My Studio in Los Angeles

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In Partnership with West Elm

My house is a work in progress.

Nothing is finished. It’s been more than a year and we’re still working on about EVERYTHING. Everything, but my studio. My studio is where I am writing you from right now, and it’s finished. It is my favorite place in the whole house, that place where I can close the door and just be me.

Making this room a happy one was easy. I knew what I wanted (isn’t the secret of everything “I Knew What I Wanted”?) I wanted a place where I could work, dream, have tea with friends, meditate, take photos. A place that wouldn’t look or feel like an office, but that would still be functional.

West Elm Atelier Dore

West Elm Atelier Dore

West Elm Atelier Dore

I started by importing my favorite table from New York. If you’ve followed me for a little while, you’ve seen it in many photos, and I might have had sex on it once or twice (I mostly work on it though). It’s a white, wood table from West Elm that feels warm and sensual (I have a hard time working on glass tables) but also light in shape and bright in color.

The rest was opened to my imagination. It felt so natural to collaborate with West Elm on that room. I already own so many things from the brand. I also love their collaborations (the Eric Trine outside furniture is going to be a collector. I am sure of that!) and their collections are to die for.

I immediately fell for the Boomerang Sofa and decided it would be the main accent of the room. From there, figuring out how to work around it was easy. Bring some life with a giant plant, add something fuzzy for comfort. And the idea of the rug came from Jon Wheat, who worked with me on decorating and is part of the (free!) West Elm Design Crew from the West Elm Los Angeles store.

I had chosen something more modern to start with, but he was right. You can’t have everything be new and sleek, or else you look like a Starbucks Reserve. It’s important to break it up. So, we brought in a handwoven traditional Moroccan rug.

West Elm Atelier Dore

West Elm Atelier Dore

West Elm Atelier Dore
My Studio in Los Angeles

West Elm Atelier Dore

West Elm Atelier Dore

For functionality, we picked two of the same media consoles, which are discreet and light but where I can hide all my mess inside – and show all the pretty stuff outside.

I’ve never liked a desk that’s directed at the wall, I love looking out the window, or being able to have a conversation with whoever has decided to come work on my sofa.

Oh, oh, oh, I was about to forget. DON’T JUDGE. I had never thought I would put MY art against the wall. But then Erin, who has the coolest job of “making stuff” for the West Elm store (she can make absolutely anything) decided to take some of my drawings and transform them into wall art.

I decided I couldn’t refuse.

Her and Jon where like wait it’s your STUDIO, of course you need to put up your work. I thought about it for a second, then I agreed and the three of us we left, holding hands, in the sunset.

Now, the rest of my house is still a MESS, but don’t I look like an achieved and proud woman in these photos? I cant wait to tell you more about the renovation of the whole house, cause yeah, I did buy a new house, but I want to change everything in it, because unlike every other facet of my life, I Know What I Want.

Alright, come visit soon!

West Elm Atelier Dore

West Elm Atelier Dore

West Elm Atelier Dore


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  • Love your studio! It looks totally functional yet warm and inviting without an office vibe. As a New Yorker I’m super envious of the access to the outdoors right off you studio. Good luck with the rest of your home, I’m sure it will be fabulous!

  • Hi Garance! I love your space! Sounds like my situation since I have spent the last 8 months renovating the studio / workshop / office / showroom and our own house has been neglected! But we are FINALLY DONE and our new studio is ready for the big unveiling! We are having a big press day on June 12 and the grand opening to the public on June 16. Will keep you posted on the photos! Can’t wait to show you!!! Hope to see you soon in San Francisco! Big hugs!!!!!

  • Cynthia May, 31 2018, 11:57 / Reply

    Hi Garance! Your space looks amazing. Where did you find the gold hand sculpture? Thanks!

  • GARANCE J’AVAIS TELLEMENT HÂTE QUE TU FASSES CE POST!!! J’adore regarder chez les gens et voir comment leur intérieur leur ressemble, merci de nous offrir ce glimpse!
    En attendant un retour à LA pour supplier pour une invitation ;-)

  • francesca rose May, 31 2018, 3:29 / Reply

    luv this loft!

  • What an inspiring space! I love that your art is on the wall. It really helps to infuse the room with your energy (which I think is important when you have a studio space).

    Also, I so appreciate how honest you are about your life. It’s reassuring to know that not everything is as Instagram-perfect as it so often appears online. I love your realness.

  • Sascha May, 31 2018, 5:29 / Reply

    Super, super cool room, I want everything in it but the most of all, Lulu and that vintage Kelly :)

  • So happy for you, Garance. You look truly happy and the last shot looks pure
    California. You are so kind and thoughtful. Been following you for many years.
    You deserve all the happiness.

  • Such a beautiful space! Looks like a dream! Great taste!

  • Melanie Steinemann June, 1 2018, 7:33 / Reply

    It’s looks fantastic! Always best to get one room competed, then it energizes you for the work ahead! Can you tell me about your wood and marble tables? They’re gorgeous.

  • Laure M June, 1 2018, 9:21 / Reply

    Ce que je préfère dans ton studio : le canapé, le tapis, la plante, les tables basses, les coussins, les cadres, ton bureau, les petits objets de déco (dont celui en malachite)… bref ! Ton studio est SUBLIME !

  • Marianne Blanchais June, 1 2018, 4:49 / Reply

    Très sympa cet espace, j’aimerai bien avoir un atelier comme celui ci !

    Au dessus du canapé, ce qu’il y a au dans les cadres sur la première photo et la dernière n’est pas pareil, tu as déjà enlevé tes illustrations ?

    Bonne soirée !

  • Cela fait des années que je te suis à travers ton blog et je trouve ton travail et ta déco juste magnifique. Tu es une belle personne et ça se voit dans tout ce que tu produit . Je suis ravie de te suivre et de découvrir toutes les belles choses que tu partages . Je t’en remercie.

  • je suis d’accord avec toi :)

  • Mamavalveeta03 June, 3 2018, 11:55 / Reply

    Sooo….the favorite table from New York…THAT’S how you ended up with back problems!!! ;-)

  • It looks fantastic!!! A perfect extension of yourself!!

  • Stephanie H June, 3 2018, 2:15 / Reply

    Dear Garance,
    It’s so pretty and ethereal. It looks like a place to dream big things or to be very quiet and peaceful. Isn’t it wonderful to know what you want?!

    Cheers, and with thanks!

  • Hello Garance, et MERCI pour ce post sur ton studio tellement beau !! ça donne vraiment envie de travailler, c’est un bel espace baigné de lumière, très zen, j’adore !
    Je me pose juste une question, pourquoi dans la dernière photo avec le canapé les cadres au mur ne comportent plus tes illustrations ?

    Bises, Lydie

  • Ainhoa June, 4 2018, 5:32 / Reply

    Joli tapis!.. bonne travail alors :)

  • Très belle réinterprétation du boudoir!

  • Quoi de plus inspirant qu’une table (ou un bureau, ou une chaise) sur laquelle on a fait l’amour? Je vous le demande ;-) !

  • Jasmine Harding June, 4 2018, 8:59 / Reply

    This is incredible, absolutely LOVE your space. The colours are amazing and it looks so inspiring!

    Jasmine x

  • So airy and light! Can you tell me where the chairs by the white desk, with the round base that sits on the floor, can you tell me where to get that chair? Thanks

  • Literally goals! Love the coziness and a big table + terrace. Btw, it looks like you have a flamingo in your bouquet of peonies! ? :)

  • C’est SU-BLIME !!! Très beau travail, c’est épuré mais pas trop, c’est vivant sans être le bordel, ça te ressemble beaucoup et c’est hyper lumineux et bien pensé.
    J’aimerais beaucoup avoir un studio comme ça pour mes photos aussi ! Là je te bricole des installations à la maison, c’est n’importe quoi ^^

    Belle journée,


  • A studio is such an inspiring place… it needs to be carefully decorated to let all your imagination free. A true happy place.
    If you ever want beautiful vintage objects and pieces of art, come have a look at Beau Studio (French vintage shop and virtual artist’s studio).


  • Love the room! I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the stay gold print you have..?

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