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How do you travel?

I just got back from Greece. It was a press-related trip to interview the incredibly bubbly and adorable Michael Kors* and everything was amazing, from the hotel to the food to the attention to detail to…everything. Even the trips themselves, I mean literally going from one place to another, went super well.

I arrived at my hotel in a helicopter. Seriously.

With my hair blowing in the wind and a little handbag, like Jackie O.

And honestly, I love it. The whole jet set thing is a trip in itself. This wasn’t my first time, and even though this time was particular because I was invited, I do sometimes go off to fabulous places, just because I want to discover a hotel or an experience. Like that amazing hotel in the south of Morocco, remember? Or this one in Greece. Or that one in Bali! Gorgeous!

I really like having a luxury experience, especially when it’s not ostentatious or obsequious – but when things just operate like there’s some kind of magic going on – like there’s a soft veil over everything. An amazing hotel, a trip in first-class, a massage in a fabulous spa on the other side of the world, it’s like being in a sugar-coated dream all of a sudden.

People smile at you, your every wish is granted, the laundry you leave on the floor comes back clean and ironed, your bed is magically turned down when you come to bed, everything smells good, everything comes to you, everything is in its place, calm, and voluptuous.

You feel beautiful – royal almost, well-fed with balanced, healthy ingredients, toned from the fitness centers that actually make you want to exercise, and your features look relaxed from all the beauty treatments and the attention.

Like nothing could ever bother you again. It’s easy to forget the world around you.

You almost don’t want to leave your little paradise, actually. Want to go check out the area? Mmm, hang on, I think I have a massage scheduled…


That’s probably why my next vacation is going to be in a camper van. Chris and I are planning to take our dog Lulu camping in Big Sur, super down-to-earth style. Can’t wait!!!!

It’s basically the opposite of the fabulous hotel experience. Suddenly, everything is complicated. Finding a place to spend the night is complicated. Making coffee is complicated. Driving through unfamiliar places is complicated. You leave your t-shirt on the ground…and find it in the mud (if you’re lucky – otherwise a wild animal might take it and make you think your camp is being attacked by a ghost in the middle of the night).

Even going to the bathroom is complicated.

And if you feel beautiful, it’s only because the rear view mirror is the only place where you can look at yourself. Typically, even if you’re amazing at glamping (glamour + camping, a concept I really like, but have a hard time putting into practice), your hair will be so-so (on good days), you’ll forget to wear makeup because you’re communing with nature, and your clothes (just like in Costa Rica with its dusty roads) take on a Terracotta color that looks nothing like Guerlain.

As for eating healthy, haha! It can be done, but you have to get up early (which happens naturally, actually – it’s not like you have black-out curtains).

Even so, it’s got its own kind of magic, and to me, it’s just as amazing as a luxury vacation. Even more so, sometimes.

It’s the surprise of waking up early in the morning, just the two of you, in front of an unspoiled panorama. It’s the joy of grilling a fish you caught half an hour earlier with whatever you have on hand, it’s connecting with nature like we rarely do anymore. It’s also that kind of silly thing – feeling like you’re an adventurer.

I never thought I would have liked camping, because in my family, it’s really, really not part of our culture. It’s almost the opposite, like “Us, go camping? NEVER!” so I always thought it must be awful to go camping in the summer. Just the thought of it made my hair stand on end. I’d see tourists go by with their backpacks and I’d send them compassionate looks like “Oh, the poor things!”

Until the day I went backpacking in the Corsican mountains, discovered the most beautiful landscapes I’d ever seen, and loved the ambiance of the spots where all the hikers gather to share their stories and their food. Until the day I decided to hitchhike all throughout Europe with a big backpack and had incredible adventures. Until the day my boyfriend at the time who had great memories of camping with his family, convinced me to buy a tent and travel through Portugal, which even today is one of my most memorable trips.

All of these extremes taught me how to travel, and to not compare one experience to another, but to layer them. For example, I’ve planned road trips that included a two-day stop in an 18-star hotel – you arrive with your backpacks all discolored, and come out two hours later feeling fresh and ready to go have a glass of champagne by the pool. I’ve also done the opposite – like deciding to go spend the night on the beach in the middle of a stay in a palace.

Traveling is just like style – it’s not a matter of money, it’s a matter of curiosity, enthusiasm, desire, mixing it up, personal taste, and where you are in life (you’re more likely to backpack if you’re a student and you’re broke, that’s for sure). The only sad thing is when you put yourself in a category and never wander out of it. Or think of people who don’t travel like you do as “others” and not understand that you can want different things at different times and it doesn’t make you a less interesting traveler.

As with style, traveling shouldn’t mean putting a label on yourself, but seeing the beauty and luxury in every little thing, every detail, every moment.

Sometimes, quite simply, it might be collapsing on the beach for two weeks – another concept I used to get worked up about when I was young and adventurous, but understand now that I have a crazy, sleep deprived New York life.

It reminds me of something someone once told me when I was selling croissants** when I was a teenager in Corsica. From my tiny boat, I was selling croissants to people living in gorgeous, enormous, incredible yachts, with helicopters parked on their roofs and stunning, scantily clad women, with teams of people waiting on them…and also to people with tiny boats so banged up I thought they might sink before their vacation was over, but full of happy families ordering 10,000 croissants before calculating the cost, only to end up telling me no, it was too expensive, but I could come have a glass of wine with them on board, if I wanted…

I told myself that the feeling of happiness, summer, vacation, was the same for everybody. The sun, the sea (or even the park, if you have to stay in the city) – the summer spirit is there, within reach, for everyone. The sun is there for everyone, burning our skin and making us feel good — it’s for all of us, equally.

It made me really happy to reconcile the world like that.

So what about you? Where do you like to go on vacation?


* MK is the type of guy who dances on the table after dinner and imitates models walking down the catwalk, and…anyway, we already knew he had impeccable taste and was hilarious, but this time it was totally impossible not to fall under his charm. (No, but really, he is the nicest AND funniest! I can’t wait for you to hear his podcast!)

** My first job, in Corsica – selling croissants on the pier to people docking their boats in my village. I had a little boat, and my best friend Anne and I would go out taking orders in the evening and then we’d deliver the warm croissants and pains au chocolat the next morning. Corsican Seamless, basically!

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • Pas de grandes vacances pour moi puisque je rentre d’un voyage au Japon mais j’ai prévu plein de petits week-ends (dans le Sud, à Amsterdam, EVJF etc!)
    Hâte d’y être!!! Et hâte que le soleil nous revienne! Il fait trop mocheeeeee!
    Bises, bon après-midi,

    Julie, Petite and So What?

  • one week at the seaside and 2 weeks in tuscany at the end of august. i travel super light and i love it! :)

  • You see, I think camping is disrespectful to our ancestors who worked so hard to make houses and indoor pluming :) Also, I am not fond of bugbites or sweaty damp cheap mattresses and inferior showers. I feel beautiful when I look beautiful. I feel disgusting when I look it. The opposite of relaxing, to me.
    Also, luxury hotels sound nice, but I just returned from a trip where I had to stay in middle of America hotels and they are so lacking with their gross carpet, bedding, and bad lighting and air. I could not wait to get home.
    I’ll just be staying home- the home that I pay for and have just the way I like.

  • Dude! First laugh today!

  • mir fil June, 28 2016, 9:56 / Reply

    Hello Garance, je commence à lire ton post et me dis “Oh la la Garance, je ne te suis pas, … ” et puis comme d’habitude avec toi: l’effet de surprise, la complicité par l’écriture, l’intelligence des comparaisons et ça se lit tout seul avec même quelques frissons à la clef. Bravo pour ton style … encore une fois :)

  • It’s not how we travel if it’s a luxury /simple that will make it real vacation …we don’t need to go far to travel …it’s more a state of mind and an open mind…if you are jet set with helicopter and luxury you will see only what your mind will let you see ..and even with a camping car you will see only what you choose to see…the real travel is a travel to the inner part of you..and you are the only one who can lock it!!
    Yael Guetta

  • Love this post!
    Contrasts make life exciting and fun!
    Summer has a wonderful free feeling and spirit that makes me want to wander around taking my time and enjoying simple things.
    This vacation I’m doing a yoga retreat in Tuscany then spending time in Florence to visit museums, enjoy great food and shop!
    Sometimes we forget to take advantage of all there is to offer near home, so the past few years I make a list of places to visit in NYC- so many fun things to do and the vacation continues !!!

  • Terri Smith June, 28 2016, 10:27 / Reply

    Great post — Camp in Yosemite, though, and stay in a hotel in Big Sur. There’s only a few places to stay and very few of them luxurious. But camping in Big Sur is cold, wet and uncomfortable. — a native Californian ;-)

  • christina June, 28 2016, 11:03 / Reply

    Chère Garance, je te lis souvent (dès qu’un sujet m’intéresse en fait) et je voulais juste te dire que j’aime beaucoup ton style. Simple mais incisif juste ce qu’il faut : drôle, léger mais profond aussi, et surtout très touchant. Tes posts sont toujours super bien rédigés et toujours de bon goût (le mien sans doute !). Moi aussi j’aime le luxe quand il opère comme de la magie (j’aime beaucoup cette phrase) et qu’il est rare, mais aussi et surtout … j’aime la Corse par dessus tout et c’est là que je vais me ressourcer.
    Bises du sud de la France

  • We drove cross country in our van with our dog two summers ago. It was amazing. I think camping meals are the best. Grilled fish and veges, and don’t forget the s’mores for dessert! Make sure you have Lulu’s vaccination records with you — just a good thing to have in general. Also, be sure she has all the vaccines she needs — we don’t usually get the kennel cough vaccine for our Karina, but we did for our trip just in case we had to leave her somewhere. Also, when hiking, we realized that a harness and leash was better than a collar and leash for the dog — just safer should she fall down a steep slope. Less chance of choking!!

    Sorry if that’s too much information, but safety first! You will have a great time and make lots of good memories, whether you choose to record them or not.

    Bon voyage,


  • This may be my favorite post of yours of all-time – so beautifully articulated. You helped me understand my own feelings about travel so much better… I will reread this many times – thank you!

  • Alors moi je viens d’Ibiza et j’habite à Paris et cette phrase m’a frappée:
    “l’esprit de l’été sont là, à portée de main, pour tout le monde. Le soleil est là pour tout le monde, brûle nos peaux et nous fait du bien, à tous, pareil.”
    J’ai pas du tout ce sentiment à Paris, ça fait deux mois qu’on a une météo d’automne. Actuellement sous de gros nuages gris, pas du tout une ambiance d’été à Paris. C’est pas facile!

    Il y a deux ans j’ai fait un road trip sur la côte Ouest des Etats Unis et j’ai adoré faire un mix entre camping (dans les parcs nationaux), hotels de luxe (Las Vegas) et Airbnbs (Los Angeles, Palm Springs…). Big Sur et tout la Hwy 1 est magnifique! J’adore le camping et le fait d’être dans ma no-comfort zone, utiliser le rétroviseur comme miroir, m’habiller dans la voiture, dormir sur le sable… le plus wild que j’ai fait c’est un voyage en Islande à dormir 10 jours dans un 4×4 et il faisait très froid! On sait qu’au retour on sera dans notre lit douillet, autant profiter de ces moments d’aventure!

  • My favorite vacation is a river trip! There is nothing more magical than floating down stunning canyons in the sunshine and swimming off the boat. The best part about river trips is both the remote locations and the luxury. You can be miles from civilization and eat a gourmet meal sitting in chairs with freshly baked treats(or even ice cream) for dessert. It’s nothing like backpacking where you have to be ultralight, it’s ultra heavy on the comforts. And you feel the peace of the water and silence of the wilderness surrounding you. My dream is a 3 week dory trip down the Colorado river(Grand Canyon). I have been down a couple of times in a raft, but a dory has a different kind of grace.

    Come visit Hood River and I will take you on a river trip : )

  • Oh, this sounds like my kind of trip! Will definitely add it to my list. Thanks

  • I *love* this! So very much agree, on all of it. X

  • La classe c’est de savoir s’adapter où que l’on soit ! Il est top ce post. Et puis souvent les souvenirs de galères sont plus prégnants que ceux de voluptés qui peuvent vite tourner en ennuie en fait (je parle pour moi). Il n’y a que dans le partage de bons moments que je passe de vraies bonnes vacances :-). Et cette été, bah comme d’hab….Corsica :-)

  • You’re gonna love it, camping you really don’t need to bring very much at all, also being in the fresh air has to be good for the complexion. I use that as my excuse to get out in to the country as much as I can.

  • Pour moi les vacances cette année ça va commencer par le projet d’une amie, on part aider les réfugiés en Grèce (pour les détails c’est ici ensuite je vais vraiment avoir besoin de vacances et là on verra ou ma voiture me mènera, probablement la côte atlantique, ou alors je vais retrouver ma soeur en Corse ;)

  • En Hongrie et je vais me baigner dans leurs piscines d’eau naturellement chaude. J’adore l’europe de l’est !

  • Yay Big Sur! Have you been before? It’s enchanting. You have to go to Pfieffer Beach (great for a picnic, you could easily pass hours here) and Big Sur Bakery (just south of Pfieffer Beach). Can’t wait to see the photos!

  • Moi j’habite en grece et si mes vacances se passent ici,la ou j’aime la difference,c’est de pouvoir etre un jour dans un super beach bar avec toutes les nanas hyper appretees (d’ailleurs , quand ne le sont-elles pas? A ce propos…quelle folie avec les sacs MK!)et le lendemain,trimballer sacs,sachets plastiques,chaises,parasol(et raler parce que c’est lourd et …qu’est ce qu’on transpire) en appreciant aussi bien l’un que l’autre,avec une grande preference pour la seconde formule.
    Ydra est une ile magique .Savoir que vous y etes allee ….avez vous trouve le magasin de cette petite francaise avec des sacs en cuir ,typiques d’ici?
    Bonne vacances a vous…au camping.

  • I am not a Camping Paradis kind of person, but I can totally do the hike in the Atlas Mountains or the Serengeti and sleep in a tent. I’m not a Club Med or cruise person but I can get into a nice hotel. All the same, since I love learning about people even more than beautiful scenery or pretty architecture, I want to pretend to be a local. Staying with friends in another country. Renting an apartment. Even staying at a hotel, but a little one, where you’re treated like a friend. I want to try to live the life, to try it on for size.

  • oh garance – i’m so glad to hear you and chris are going camping – and big sur…oh my god – love big sur!
    go to the henry miller library in big sur – it’s awesome in a completely charming, funky way.
    my boyfriend and i just went camping along the american river – it was heaven. no makeup – (!) for days and watching the river, hearing the river and really relaxing – no wifi for days! imagine that. bring a good camp chair – you’ll want one to enjoy the campfire, read or just sit a while!

  • As always such an amazing post! You keep surprising me. No big vacation for me this year, but I’m moving house so that’s just as exciting as a road trip I suppose x

  • The following is the best bit from this post. SO TRUE:

    “Traveling is just like style – it’s not a matter of money, it’s a matter of curiosity, enthusiasm, desire, mixing it up, personal taste, and where you are in life (you’re more likely to backpack if you’re a student and you’re broke, that’s for sure). The only sad thing is when you put yourself in a category and never wander out of it. Or think of people who don’t travel like you do as “others” and not understand that you can want different things at different times and it doesn’t make you a less interesting traveler.

    As with style, traveling shouldn’t mean putting a label on yourself, but seeing the beauty and luxury in every little thing, every detail, every moment.”

    Continue writing, Garance. Your work moves me.

  • Moi je varie plutôt les expériences. Entre vacances en famille avec mes deux loulous et vacances en amoureux quelques jours ou vacances avec les copains entre grands pour glander sur la plage grecque et faire le tour des tavernes de la plage. Et un de mes grands kif c’est d’aller me faire masser. Je vais genre dans l’endroit le plus chic de la ville et ça me coûte un bras, Mais c’est tellement bien de se faire chouchouter et puis Il n’y a pas à dire, l’accueil dans les grands trucs c’est quelque chose. Mais celui des tavernes grecques aussi. Et celui de ma grand-mère aussi. Tout est une question d’équilibre !

  • Big Sur is the best place in the universe. I’m glad you’re going. Nepenthe restaurant is a family-owned establishment that you must check out in Big Sur. It’s an experience.

  • Violaine June, 28 2016, 5:46 / Reply

    Je pars en vacances à Belle Île tous les étés. Même si je n’y vais qu’un week-end j’ai besoin de m’y ressourcer et de retrouver des amis que je ne vois que là-bas entre juillet et août.
    Avec mon amoureux on s’organise des voyages en Asie : la Thaïlande, le Sri-Lanka, et comme il a de la famille en Polynésie ça nous fait un point de chute

    Bisous Garance, profites bien de tes vacances où qu’elles soient


  • Jennifer June, 28 2016, 6:04 / Reply

    I really enjoyed this read and agree with your take on travel. Variety IS the spice of life, after all! Big Sur is breathtakingly beautiful and a camper van is the way to do it! I second the suggestions for Napenthe, Julia Pfeiffer State Beach and the Henry Miller Library. Do watch out for Poison Oak (especially with the dog). It is similar to poison ivy but easier to spot. (It grows abundantly in the coastal chaparral in CA). But most of all, enjoy the views, they’re spectacular.

  • Jusqu’a ce que je rencontre mon futur mari (il y a 39 ans !), non seulement je n’avais jamais campe mais il en etait hors de question. Pour moi, c’etait hotel et rien d’autre en bonne parisienne !
    Puis je l’ai rencontre et ma vie a change du tout au tout. Tous les etes pendant 4 ans, j’allais en Amerique le retrouver a Denver puis on preparait sa VW coccinelle avec tout le paquetage du camping et en route ! Nous avons traverse les U.S. coast to coast, aventures memorables, paysages eblouissants de beaute, j’etais etonnee de m’acclimater si facilement a cette vie de boheme, j’ai adore les feux de bois, manger des grillades, me laver dans les rivieres ou les lacs, cheveux et visage au naturel. Apres notre mariage et mon installation en Amerique, nous avons fait des voyages similaires en Israel et au Mexique, j’en ai garde des souvenirs indelebiles.

  • My favourite place to go is home – Jamaica!! Can’t wait to go to Greece though!

  • Garance,
    I love this post – thank you for sharing. Can you follow up now with a story on where to buy cute backpacks? I’m going away soon myself and Patagonia just isn’t cutting it, style-wise.

  • Miss Annie June, 29 2016, 12:29 / Reply

    How on earth will you shave your legs in a campervan Garance????

  • Miss Annie June, 29 2016, 12:35 / Reply

    I take mini breaks at Fairhaven beach (Victoria, Australia, near the famous Torquay beach surfing beach), longer breaks at Great Barrier Island, New Zealand (really roughing it – off-grid) or Genazzano (just outside of Rome). It’s good to have options!

  • mademoiselle mauve June, 29 2016, 2:08 / Reply

    mais oui l’idéal de vie c’est de pouvoir faire comme toi, alterner séjours de luxe “chers” et “pas chers”. I wish (car pour l’heure pas les moyens du “luxe cher” ;))

  • catalina June, 29 2016, 3:21 / Reply

    Une semaine en Bretagne, à Pont-Aven, dans une adorable maison louée via Air Bnb, et puis, travaux dans la maison…! Moi aussi j’aime alterner les styles de vacances, mais le luxe n’est pas encore à ma portée mais le père de ma meilleure amie a un apart sur la 5ème avenue à NYC, juste en face du Met, donc quand je vais là-bas, je suis dans un autre monde!!
    sinon, vendre des croissants et pains au chocolat en bateau, Garance, could you be any more French???!!! what a great first job!!!

  • Je voyage comme je suis ! Sans luxe, mais avec un peu de confort, la nature omniprésente, …. tantôt dans la foule, tantôt isolée, entourée de ceux que j’aime… et mon luxe à moi c’est quand je peux totalement déconnecter !!!

  • Great post as usual, although I would argue that traveling is ( partially) a matter of money, or at least, having (some) means definitely helps. About Michael Kors, as lovely and bubbly he is as a person, his backing up of cruelty such as skinning animals alive for their fur, largely downplays his charms and undeniable business agility to me.

  • J’aime bien ce post, oui, il y a tellement de manières de voyager. Ce que j’aime en voyage, où que je sois, c’est arpenter la ville, avec un appareil photo. C’est vraiment en marchant, le nez en l’air, qu’on découvre un tas de choses, qu’on tombe sur des lieux qui n’apparaissent pas dans les guides, qu’on voit la ville vivre, bouger, qu’on découvre les gens, les habitudes,… J’aime bien m’imprégner.
    Et mixer les styles, par exemple, balade très simple en ville et visite de lieux touristiques, puis un verre dans un endroit branché, profiter de ce que l’endroit a à offrir en fait.
    J’aime bien cette comparaison dans ce billet sur le style et le voyage, ça dépend en effet d’où on en est dans la vie. Il y a longtemps, je suis allée en Australie, je ne faisais pas de photos à cette époque, j’osais moins m’aventurer dans la ville toute seule, du coup, c’est sûr que j’ai l’impression d’avoir loupé des trucs… D’un autre côté, c’était un très beau voyage et je l’ai vécu avec ce que j’étais à ce moment-là.

  • I saw all yours (and not only yours) instagram pictures of the event in Greece and I was really able to feel the faboulous atmosphere over there!!! what an amazing event!! MK for ever ;)

  • Cet été on est invité par notre ami Corse dans sa maison de famille à Corte.On pars avec les enfants pour passer des moments en famille et se ressourcer.
    J’adore ton post ;) Bises

  • Quel post rafraichissant, merci Garance de me faire rever de vacances!! Et l’illustration est canon! Elle ressemble a Natalie Portman je trouve..

  • C’est ça les vacances Garance ! Goûter à tout, profiter des prestations d’hôtels tops et apprécier les choses simples…
    Pour ma part je voyage 5 à 6 fois dans l’année pour le boulot, surtout en Asie, je suis toujours logée dans les meilleurs hôtels, et je me fait après (si je le peux) 2-3 jours en immersion pour m’imprégner autrement de la ville.
    Je viens de rentrer de Corse (w/ mon amoureux), splendide : Le Cap Corse, Ceruti, Belgodère, Piana, (ton village Girolata ;p ) on a navigué entre chambres d’hôtes de charmes et les meilleurs hôtels de la région.
    Et l’été, comme toujours, plusieurs petits séjours pour un retour aux sources en Bretagne, à Sainte Marine : famille, mer, forêt, la nature et les miens quoi ^^

  • I love this illustration! The girl looks so free and relax. Beautiful.

  • Elaine June, 30 2016, 5:56 / Reply

    I am going to Greece in a month! I am not visiting Michael Kors and will be somewhere between glamping and luxury. The main thing is, I am going home.

  • Julia E July, 1 2016, 9:51 / Reply

    Camping is not for me. I tried. But – I got to experience glamping last year – and let me tell you – it’s the best!!
    We stayed here – – and loved the luxury tents on a pristine beach… seeing stars in the sky and feeling the ocean breeze in our tent while we snuggled under our down blankets at night… Highly recommend!

  • Audrey July, 3 2016, 3:20 / Reply

    J’ai ADORE ce post sur les vacances Garance!!!! Merci!!! J’ai vraiment hâte de partir maintenant!!! Où? je ne sais pas encore, mais j’ai envie d’en profiter au maximum!!! Et ce post m’a donné envie d’une deuxième chose : de musique!!! Je suis hyper curieuse de savoir ce que vous écoutez en ce moment, quels sont les morceaux qui vous font voyager, vous accompagnent en voyage, vous donnent envie de vacances, tu voudrais bien nous préparer une petite playlist maison de vacances???
    Love love love!!!

  • I coulldn’t agree more with the idea of freely going from one category of travel to another. Lately I’ve been more and more drawn to renting our own place though, it’s that airbnb effect…!
    This summer we’re going to France, for the first time in years, and we’ll be going off the grid in a small wooden house in the middle of Auvergne’s volcanoes…



  • Elitsa Videnova July, 6 2016, 4:07 / Reply

    I think the only key to travelling light is that people who do it are comfortable enough with money to stay at good hotels where they have great laundry service. So they just get their clothes cleaned every day. I did it once on a trip to Vienna, and was thrilled. Then I thought I could pull it off anywhere and went one a 3-day spa vacation with just two dresses, a pair of shorts, a little T-shirt and two bathing suits, only to find out I’ve forgotten to take any underwear (!) and the spa did not actually offer any laundry service, so I had to wash both of my maxi dresses by hand myself and wait for them to dry in the bathroom :) I was hence in a bathing robe 90% of the time :)

  • I think with time I am learning how to travel light, or at least lighter then before. Its because every time when you take a lot of stuff with you, you end up using only one third of it. (I am sure, many people are like me:). And you regret bringing that much. And you swear next time you will bring less. But you don’t. It happened so many times. But I think I finally mastered it, and the past few vacations i have been using a much smaller suitcase-it definitely makes the trip much more enjoyable!

  • Boo Ballard July, 8 2016, 9:20 / Reply

    Such a nice piece!!–as an American tourist, I loved travelling to Greece so much when I was young that I moved here to Santorini 17 yrs ago!?? Travelling for me is always a very special luxury, whether booking an Airbnb or 5* hotel, it’s ALL fabulous!! Not a day goes by I don’t have at least 3 trips in the works, I literally live to travel, not much else really matters… My #1 travel tip: whether I’m travelling for 3 days or 3 months, I always do a small carry-on only! It’s such a bummer being bogged down with tons of totally unnecessary belongings–after all, travel is about FREEDOM!!!????

  • I live and worked in Bali for the past 2 years. Since you have been here, you must have known how sunny is it here and we got that all year long! It’s always summer here..
    The only vacation I am waiting for is just to be able to camp in somewhere with picturesque views right after i open my tent whom I shared with my colleague/sister/bestfriend (yeah I am lucky to have a colleague who’s also I consider as a sister!) or bf (when I have one). Or staying in a really nice villa and enjoying life in Bali.
    Don’t wanna go anywhere else, unless Italy. I would relocate if someone offer me a job in Italy! =D
    Warm greetings from Bali, G!

  • Absolutely beautiful post! So true, there are many ways to experience the world and who says you have to commit yourself to just one? And I just can’t believe that was your first job — selling croissants on boats in Corsica! Why is France so MAGICAL?!

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This or That / Blush vs. Bronzer

This or That / Blush vs. Bronzer

This or That: The Beanie

This or That: The Beanie

This or That: Nails

This or That: Nails

This or That

This or That

This Or That

This Or That

Silja Danielsen Photo

This Or That: Low Knot or Top Knot