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Erik Melvin

Personal upkeep is no joke. I’ve been at the studio for just about two months, and already we’ve tackled hand care, body exfoliation, summer makeup, and just last week Garance talked about the things we all think about when we’re locked in a (small) bathroom alone… Today, we’re talking HAIR. Not the hair on your legs, or around your bikini line. Not even the hair on your arms, or under them, but the hair on your head. Arguably the most important kind of hair, but that’s up for interpretation.

Regardless of what type of climate you live in, there are seasonal changes that your hair regime requires. I’ve enlisted our friends at The Drawing Room to help by giving me the lowdown on summer hair care for all types.

Because we already have summer bodies, summer skin, and summer activities to worry about, we may as well have good hair too.


When you think about haircare, you realize that it needs the same tender loving care as your skin. One of the most important aspects of maintaining healthy hair during the summer is to do exactly that – maintain it. This means regular trips to the salon (or your friend’s house) for a trim, ideally every 6-8 weeks. After that, consistent moisturizing will help keep your hair healthy – switch out the Nivea for a deep conditioner for this part…

For Short Hair: If you ask G, she might say bobby pins are the most important tool! But truly (in addition to clips and pins), the best tip for well-kept short hair in the hot and humid summer months is a good styling cream that will add weight and keep your short hair intact.

ryan penske garance dore photo

For Straight Hair: To achieve #volumegoals, towel dry your hair and then tap into the magic of a sea salt spray. Use your fingers to scrunch your hair and then let it air dry. If you’re in a bit of a time crunch, you can add a root-lifting spray before blow drying. On top of keeping your hair healthy, taking advantage of summer elements like salt water allows you to seasonally switch up your texture.

kelly jacobik garance dore photo

For Curly Hair: While brushing out your curls may not be the first thing that comes to mind, doing so (even just at night!) helps detangle, keeping it healthy and strong. Once the knots are gone, use a frizz control treatment to help tackle humidity. Use as much moisture and as little heat as possible for happy strands.


Regardless of your type of hair, there are things we all should be doing (as well as things we should be avoiding at all costs) to keep our hair in the best shape:

If you’re going swimming: Apply a color protecting tonic before & wash and condition with moisturizing products after

If you’re getting home from the beach: Use a deep conditioning treatment while you bathe the sand out of all of your crevices (I know I’m not the only one). In fact, do a deep conditioning treatment biweekly, focusing on the ends.

If you’re thinking about an at home dye job: DON’T.

If you’re going to bed: Detangle your hair first to remove knots and prevent breakage, also skip the bun and sleep with your hair loose if possible.

Like the summer season, hair care should be fun, experimental, and low stress. Just don’t break any of these rules, and if you do, seek professional advice immediately ;)


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  • aw, this was written by someone who doesn’t have curly hair. Brush it? That’s hilarious. Rinse with cool water after shampoo/conditioning and use a wide tooth comb while wet in the shower. Don’t touch it until it is 95% dry.

  • Natalie June, 29 2016, 9:49

    Hi Tera,

    I actually do have curly hair! It’s always an experiment, isn’t it? This post was just general tips from our friends at The Drawing Room who stressed the importance of detangling curly hair by brushing it! Will definitely try out your method. Thanks for the feedback x Natalie

  • This is exactly how I do it, Tera!

    I have major curls. Wouldn’t dare brush it out on the daily. My hair would just become on big pouf!

    When I comb it out after conditioning, it stays good until the next time I wash it again.

  • eastvillagesiren June, 29 2016, 9:40 / Reply

    What about wavy hair? We don’t have the “heft” of curly hair, and need copious styling to achieve straight hair, which often doesn’t look natural. I’d love to learn some tips to control frizz while accentuating my natural wave.

  • Natalie June, 29 2016, 9:54

    Hi Eastvillagesiren,

    Thanks for your comment! Overall, we learned from our friends at The Drawing Room that moisture, maintenance, and finding a good styling cream / product that suits your hair type will help with the best results! Good luck! x Natalie

  • I have become a strict adherent to products. There’s just the one step cleansing cream (New wash) and then three products. I have curls that I brush before showering and then use aloe and Deshabille, and I have never had such consistent results that I love. This stuff is wonderful.

  • Ooof curly hair comes in so many textures that there could be a post just on how to handle every stop on the spectrum from gentle waves to kinky curls. Mine is right in the middle, very similar to the third image in the post, and the things that help my hair the most are using a detoxifying conditioner to “wash” my hair (I use Shea Moisture African Water Mint Ginger Detox Conditioner) so that I only need to shampoo once a week at most, and using a t-shirt to dry my hair instead of a towel. I use a wide tooth comb to brush my hair before getting in the shower, which is more difficult than doing it while it’s wet, but it seems to break less. The summer humidity makes my hair a bit crazier but I do love this time of year when more people allow their natural texture to come out. You’re beautiful ladies – let it show.

  • All the women in this post are gorgeous! Just saying! And thanks for all the tips!

  • Thank you for the tips! Will try using a seasalt spary for volume as you suggest!


  • One summer I thought that I just let my hair be natural and have a rest in summer.
    By the fall it was awful! I hoped I can cure it within a couple of days but no! It took me long timd to repair my hair,

    Now I try to treat my hair well in summer, too. Good conditioner plus a hat to protect from the sun.

    And I really have to try that salt spray!

  • therese June, 29 2016, 3:57 / Reply

    The funny thing about hair is it changes over the years.I didn’t realize this until it started to go gray. The gray has added texture and a slight wave. I now have volume. I have found the cleaner the product the easier it is to manage and healthier the hair.

    These are some really great ideas for taking care and trying not to dry it out. I always forget how damaging sun and sea can be to ones locks.

  • Great tips! I like sea salt spray but ones that contain a bit of oil otherwise I end up with really dry straw hair.
    And the sun really does fade hair color, what can we do?
    Stop by my blog if you want some summer makeup tips…

  • J’ai les cheveux très raides et j’appliquer depuis plusieurs mois un spray qui donne un effet décoiffé, ça leur donne beaucoup de volume !

  • Victoria Regia June, 30 2016, 4:00 / Reply

    I agree with Tera. I have curly hair and the only way I can comb it is with a wide-tooth comb while it’s still wet. Anything other than that is asking for trouble.

  • Jessica June, 30 2016, 4:52 / Reply

    As someone above suggested, the idea of doing a dedicated post for each hair style is great! For the curly-girls we could get tips and tricks for loose curls, tight curls, etc etc. I got excited when I saw that the main picture on the post was an African-American girl rockin’ her natural hair! I’ll admit I was a bit disheartened when I opened the article and found that it wasn’t tips and tricks for black girl natural hair, though I enjoyed the post all the same. :)))) And indeed, all three girls featured are gorgeous.

  • Caroline Dé June, 30 2016, 6:52 / Reply

    J’adore ces photos, les modèles sont magnifiques!

  • Detangling curly hair is very important, but only while wet. Do not touch once dry.
    Also, the lady on the top picture has lovely natural black hair (which is pretty different to white curly hair and which should most definitely never be brushed dry), but there are no tips for her hair?

  • Un blog très utile! Vraiment j’adore!! Merci pour cet article.

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  • Bonjour. Les cheveux sont chers en Europe. Je l’ai acheté et les prix pour la Turquie istanbul ‘J’ai trouvé eurozan Hair Transplant est ferme. La Turquie est la meilleure compagnie que j’ai apprise par expérience personnelle. Je recommanderais à tous.

  • Merci famille de greffe de cheveux eurozen

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