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It’s funny to think about how much our personalities come through in modern communication.
Take texting, for example. After a few years of not really understanding why it seemed so confusing and why one person would answer my texts four days later, while another person’s answers were so prompt they almost seemed like they were preceding my questions, I finally realized there must be different texting personalities.  
Take me, for example — I’m your basic texting Labrador.
We’re loyal, sincere, cool, present, affectionate.
Which can easily raise the question: does that girl have no life?
There are a lot of us in my group. There’s my friend Marcela, Laura, Emily, Delphine, and lots of others. And I have to say, since we all have similar personalities, we get along super well.
We’re the type to check messages often and answer immediately, even putting our lives at risk (texting while walking can be very dangerous, but if someone texts me, I can’t keep from responding. It would be like if someone threw me a ball and I just let it float in the air. Can’t do it. It’s beyond my control. Would a Lab do it? No way. See?)
I’m the type to be like, if I can’t text, I’ll explicitly say: “I’m walking and texting it’s bad give me a second to make a stop.”
The only exception to that rule (and yes, Laura, I know I didn’t answer your last text and it hurts my little Labrador heart)(hey, actually, hang on a second, I’ll take a break from writing this post to respond)(ok, done!)(oh no, but if you answer me right away, I can’t do it right now)(oh no, we started having a whole conversation!!!) is when I check my texts and I really can’t answer right that second. And when that happens, it’s terrible – unless it’s super important (and sometimes even when it’s super important) I might forget about a text. Forever. Ugh.
Oh, and of course, I uninstalled the iMessage function on my computer and iPad. It was driving me completely insane I had so many balls floating in the air.
There are the perfect texters
Totally open to everything, super cool, nothing to hide, funny, they don’t take themselves too seriously, have nothing to prove — the most adorable texters of all.
My friend Sam falls into that category, and my friend Ali — my two favorite texters in the world because not only is an immediate response assured, they’ve also activated the “message read” function, which means, unlike me who occasionally doesn’t respond right away because I want people to think I have a life for at least 5 minutes (but no, the reality is that just like everyone else, I have no life: I’m stuck to my phone all day), they let us know they’ve read our messages.
The nice thing with them is that everything is super transparent. If they don’t answer, you know it’s because they’re busy, but they did receive the message.
Aaaaah, if only everyone could be like that!!!
There are the “I don’t get it at all” texters 
Like Chris’ friend Falk who has the “message read” function activated, but who then pretends he didn’t receive the messages. Ahahaahoooh, caught you! 
There are the 518,165 unread messages texters
That’s something I could never do. While I have 70,878,676 unread emails, I keep my unread texts at 0, otherwise I don’t feel like I’m in control of my life. 
When I see someone with 642,345 unread messages, I think I must not be a very important person who receives a lot of texts if I’m able to read them all.
My friend Lauren is one of those (but generally, she’s more in the Labrador category)(she’ll have to explain) and Chris, but Chris almost deserves his own category for how little he responds to texts. 
I don’t know why, it’s just the way it is. It’s like he doesn’t even see his texts. Or he’ll respond four hours later to a message like “want me to get you a coffee at Starbucks?” or he’ll send me a nice “So, how’s your day going?” and I’ll answer (immediately with emojis and photos and details) and then he’ll never answer back. Ne-ver. 
At first, obviously, it drove me crazy. I wanted to text all day long! But now, other than important messages, I only send things that don’t require a response (a heart, for example) that way I don’t spend all day waiting for my ballanswer like the good Labrador that I am.
Which makes me think of another category entirely:
Guys at the beginning of a relationship
Ooh boy, that’s just hell. After wooing us for weeks with tons of cool, sweet, funny, and romantic texts (without too many emojis, because the modern man knows the modern woman can only tolerate a certain level of masculine emoji use) you finally kiss them, and can’t wait for the next date, and right then, not only does the texting slow down, but it becomes totally enigmatic. Like: 
Girl: “Yesterday was great, thanks for the amazing night (insert funny and touching detail about said night)(which she spent four hours talking about in detail with 12 friends in a group message)”
Guy’s answer: (minimum four hours later, maximum 1 week) “Sweet!” (or some other mysterious response you could take in a positive, negative, encouraging, or depressing way that mostly leaves the girl in a state of deep disarray: HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO RESPOND TO THAT?)
And I’m telling you right now: it lasts for MONTHS. It’s as though the guy’s lost the use of his texting tongue. It’s terrible, it’s annoying, borderline humiliating, and most of all it leads to totally meaningless conversations. So here are the two lessons I learned from my own experience and the experiences of my friends (yeah, the ones in our group texts).
1/ Whatever is said in the text doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact he sent a text at all.
2/ Don’t try to be funny or clever. On the contrary – be super clear and direct, and don’t send any “funny just because” texts. At the beginning, you have to be clear and simple.
“Want to go to the Rihanna concert tonight?” That’s it.
There are also friends who love group texting
You’re at a meeting, trying to look serious and professional, and suddenly your phone moves across the table like its possessed by the devil.
It’s a group text. I’m calling out Sam, Natacha, Magali, Carine and Alison. I LOVE them and I love their super fun girl group spirit (and also the texts can get kind of raunchy and hilarious) but if I can’t participate in them for some reason or another, they explode my battery and make my phone flash like the disco ball at Happy Endings the other night.
However, when I can participate, I text back super enthusiastically, of course. My Labrador personality demands it. And everyone probably gets tired of me at that point.
Fortunately, Apple created the “Do Not Disturb” button just for crazy friend groups like us.
There are the “super busy” friends
They’ve got kids, or a job with crazy responsibilities, or they’re famous, or for whatever reason, their life doesn’t really belong to them anymore, they’ve got three phones (one of which is a Blackberry, you still don’t understand why, and they can’t explain either) they call from blocked numbers, they text weird things at weird times and respond in a totally unpredictable way, sometimes four weeks later (sorry, I was on set in Asia!) sometimes right away, and they start up long text conversations that get deep and psychological (they’re bored on set in Asia) and sometimes, if it’s an important text, you’re allowed to text them the same thing five times without them getting annoyed (no, seriously, I swear, you have to keep bugging me, sometimes I forget, especially when I’m on set, you understand, right?) which I’ve finally understood and accepted, no problem. My friend Jenna falls into that category.
I’ve finally understood that we all have different texting personalities.
I don’t get annoyed anymore, I just adapt.
Hey, by the way, I’m not even going to try to seem busy anymore.
I accept myself for who I am, as I am, the good texting Labrador who’s slightly too affectionate and can’t let her ball hanging in the air.
Just be careful if I ask you to exchange phone number, once you got me, you can’t get rid of me!!!!

What about you, what’s your texting personality?

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • So true! I must admit that I’m one of those people who receive a text and decide to reply per e-mail after finding out that what I want to say is too long for actual text messages. But this mostly happens with my best friends, so they are prepared. Otherwise, I’m pretty loyal, too, I guess.

  • tiens tu peux ajouter la mienne, faut juste lui trouver un nom :
    je suis super contente que quelqu’un m’envoie un texto (chien content ouiii on a pensé à moiii) mais je ne supporte pas la suite (ohh je DOIS répondre sinon c’est super pas poli mais je ne supporte pas qu’on m’oblige à faire quelque chose alors je n’ai pas envie de répondre et en plus si on me demande de prendre un engagement de venir à une soirée dans 2 semaines par exemple que j’ai super envie d’accepter maintenant car je suis un bon chien tout content et que ça me donne trop envie là maintenant mais que je n’aurai peut être pas envie de respecter dans 2 semaines parce que tu comprends je serai fatiguée/renfermée dans ma bulle/en WE de dernière minute ailleurs/que je ferai un truc tôt le lendemain matin etc) et du coup j’ai du mal à répondre ou alors je réponds que je répondrai plus tard… Oui je sais c’est nase nul crétin. Et en plus ça met la pression de : je ne suis pas cool avec les textos, donc autoflagellation. Je veux être liiiibre alors j’ai peur des liens mais je ils me manquent bref, allo docteur ?

  • Définitivement comme toi SEV !!
    Je suis tjs super contente de recevoir un sms inattendu, du genre mon meilleur ami qui me texte il y a 2 jours et à qui je n’ai tjs pas répondu, même si j’en avais le sourire aux lèvres… et pourtant, j’ai beau jurer, rejurer, et re-rejurer que ok, la prochaine fois je répondrai tt de suite, je n’y arrive pas!!! Je remets à tantôt, à ce soir, à demain, au surlendemain, puis j’oublie… et après je n’ose plus répondre car je me sens mal vis-à-vis de la personne à qui j’avais déjà juré, rejuré et re-rejuré que je répondrais dorénavant TOUT DE SUITE (OK: dans la journée) à ses sms …..
    :-) désespérante…

  • Je suis presque pareil! Les textos – c’est cool j’y réponds mais ça me fatigue vite et parfois je ne réponds pas – ni au téléphone, ni à whatsapp, ni à messenger ni à Viber , ni à hangout – parce que c’est juste TROP . Et que j’ai envie de silence ou simplement parce que je n’ai pas envie de “discuter” ..mais ce qui me fatigue encore plus que tout c’est messenger! Et les appels de la famille pour ne rien dire, ne rien se raconter!

  • Salut garance,
    Moi, Labrador … qui se prend le poteau en marchant ou l’auto du voisin en conduisant arghhhh
    Et qui s’énerve quand elle tombe sur un texteur trop busy pour répondre
    = choisir ses bonnes copines ahahaha

  • Labrador…

  • Hahah Merci Garance j’ai beaucoup ri en te lisant!! Je suis plutôt du genre de Chris. À lancer un message du style: “hey comment se passe ta journée ?” et à ne plus jamais répondre à la réponse… aie aie aie pas bien! En revanche ça ne m’empêche pas d’être très sincère dans la démarche et de lire avec plaisir la réponse… :-)

  • I try to reply right away. sometimes that doesn’t happen. I am amazed by how so many people don’t reply at all, or for days. Yes people are so so busy but its still amazing, no reply ever. I do have one friend who thinks she replies but actually does not so her texts are always funny when she realizes she never replied to you three weeks ago.

  • comme j’aime post, il est si vrai et si hilarant ! j’y adhère complètement et m’incorpore sans hésitation à ta catégorie Garance ;)))

  • also a labrador! unless i’m traveling internationally. and boys. boys are the worst. most times when i get a text from a boy i hide my phone from myself and revel in the excitement of it before finally, coolly answering the text numerous hours later.

  • très juste et trop marrante/reconnaissable la partie ‘début de relation’

    bon, je crée une nouvelle catégorie ‘le chat’
    le chat est un peu imprévisible, il répond parfois tout de suite, parfois des heures plus tard, parfois des jours plus tard (et parfois pas du tout, mais ça c’est quand-même plutôt rare dans mon cas).. non pas parce qu’il ne sait pas quoi répondre ou a une vie trépidante tout le temps mais parce qu’il se sent de libre de faire quand il veut comme il veut, no pressure. En général les autres supportent cela assez bien car le chat n’est pas méchant, et revient finalement toujours là ou il se sent bien.

  • I text…my husband, who is retired. We text while I am at work so he doesn’t call me every time he has a question about dinner plans, etc.. I text my son and DIL – they are busy with jobs and kids and school, so a text is often easier than a phone call. I text my other son, since he responds to texts sooner than a call. I also text my friend occasionally – it’s easier for her to text from work than to actually make a call.

    My stepchildren, who are 27 and 31, text CONSTANTLY. I don’t understand why it is necessary to be in touch with everyone at all times. I don’t want to know what everyone is doing and thinking and where they are…and I certainly don’t want them to know that about me!

  • Yes!! This is so true! I have a constant group text happening in iMessage that has to be on Do Not Disturb. And is usually not safe for work. I never understood the attraction of texting and was an extremely aloof texter until I got a smart phone with a qwerty keyboard. Now you can’t stop me!
    Also, texting was how I knew Mr CC was ‘the one’ when we met. He always responded. Always. I was the aloof texter and he was sending me ‘just because’ messages. It was strange. But it was a revelation. And it was love. Texting love! xx

  • Jane with the noisy terrier October, 29 2015, 10:29 / Reply

    I’m –naturally–a terrier. Quick to respond but also a bit independent. I’m not going to always check my phone, looking for texts and I refuse to text unless it’s an emergency situation in a restaurant. People who are with me in real life take priority over anyone trying to reach me by digital means. I was out with two friends (in their ’30’s, maybe it’s an age thing?) who kept texting during the meal. And these were two friends who hadn’t seen each other in 6 years! Finally I had to request that phones go back into handbags for the duration of the meal. And to the man at the Angelica last month, if I ever catch you texting during a movie? Expect a bucket of popcorn dumped on your head.

  • I believe that we are all the same ..having our phone in the hand 24/24..and i mean it seriously ..just look at the people around you in the restaurant walking in the street…we all here this bling when a new text enter and we choose to answear
    immediately…. yes or no …just say something…i feel that the way you want to be treated is the way to treat others….
    Yael Guetta

  • Jane B. Root November, 1 2015, 4:03

    Non, on n’est pas tous les SAME ! Moi mon phone me sert à deux choses seulement : appeler le SAMU quand un de mes élèves a mordu la poussière et appeler Mademoiselle Benjamine 15 ans pour meugler “T’es où ? On avait dit 20 h à la maison” ! À part ça, JE VIS .

  • There are a couple of other groups, I’ve noticed. Rude texters who do things like text at social dinner occasions etc. Extra demerit points for texting among people at the function about others also present. It’s verrrry bad karma to text in front of people, behind their back!

    Then there are the texting minimalists. There are some people who only text in true emergencies or when pre-arranged for purely functional purposes (e.g., during grocery shopping and want to check acceptability of a substituted grocery item) — these are the minimalists. Practical and boring to a “T”.

  • Moi? bonnard, ça me va bien ;-)

  • Funny, insightful post!
    I guess I’m in the xxxxx unread text with a touch of unpredictability, from time to time I shock ppl by my responsiveness, keep them guessing I suppose. It’s not that I’m a “busy” person, it’s that my two main modes are “lost in my head thinking”, or I’m giving my attention to the moment and the ppl physically there. therefore, replying to texts, etc get relegated to later. Also, I like processing my response (there’s the first impulse response, but there might be something better that comes along with some time for marination, so my reply would be a mixture of the two, but I guess that’s more for emails). It would be interesting to see if there’s a correlation between your categories of textonalities and whether the personal is an introvert or an extrovert. Btw- I went to a talk and the speaker said that texting, etc actually reward our brains/promote the release of dopamine, which is why it is so addicting for some people. Every time you are looking at the phone you are basically looking for that kick.
    I like what you said about just accepting and adapting. I’m thinking for example to reframe how I see my interaction with someone who is constantly on the phone. In the past, I would actually take it personally as if it was a sign that the person didn’t want to be there, but with this perspective it’s easier to take that kind of behavior, it’s not a disregard for you but just the type of take it as in this is the type of person I’m dealing with, I’m with a juggler, someone that likes to have lots of balls in the air at one time. Same as they have to deal with the fact that I leave them hanging for a while to get my response.
    And you were bang on on the dating tip!:)

  • ah ah ah tes textes sont toujours très drôles! j ‘adore le coup du telephone qui avance tout seul sur la table!

  • Généralement je réponds assez rapidement (en fait ça dépend des gens.) Souvent je lis immédiatement le message pour juger si une réponse immédiate est pertinente (même en marchant, j’aime le danger).
    Ma plus grosse particularité est vraiment que je met un “xd” à la fin de chaque phrase. Sinon, ça fait trop sérieux. Xd

  • Is it just me or Group texting spelled the wrong way sounds so wrong? :))
    For sure I had a laugh at this one, Garance.
    Plus it’s good to find somebody having more unread emails than me. 40k looks like a small number in comparison.
    Abby |

  • Ah c’est trop drôle, je venais d’arriver à la conclusion que mes copines n’ont pas toutes le même comportement vis-à-vis du texto.
    Moi je suis entièrement comme toi : si je vois le message j’y réponds. Même si c’est juste pour dire “bien reçu”.
    Mais je trouve que tu n’insiste pas assez sur la catégorie de la nana qui fait genre elle est trop occupée et qui te répond mille ans plus tard pour un truc tout simple et en s’excusant à profusion alors qu’en fait c’est inutile.
    Avant ça m’énervait, mais maintenant j’essaie d’en rire parce que je trouve ça vraiment trop drôle ! Et puis moi je me sentais vraiment des fois nulle de répondre direct. Genre je me forçais à ne pas répondre. Et puis j’ai décidé de m’assumer en tant que téléphone addicte. Mais savoir que je ne suis pas seule est vraiment réconfortant. Merci G.

  • Ahaha j’adore cet article !
    Encore une autre catégorie : la textoteuse insupportable ! J’adore qu’on m’écrive, je déteste répondre. Je répond toujours dix plombes plus tard, quand je n’oublie pas, ou quand c’est vraiment important … et pourtant je suis toujours accrochée à mon téléphone…Et quand j’envoie un message, je déteste qu’on me réponde pas dans la foulée … :-x
    J’ai une tonne de conversation de groupe sur whatsapp que je lis attentivement, mais je ne prend que rarement part à la conversation … Je suis partagée en aimer ou détester tous ces petits messages, mais une chose est sûre, je préfère téléphoner ou skype !

  • This is very accurate (and hilarious)!! I think I would fall under a category of trying to be perfect texter, but too impatient so all my texts are “corrected” by autocorrect to say something completely wrong (but sometimes funny). Can’t stand group texting though. I can learn to love the others even if they annoy me, but can’t do group texts that last more than three texts. Take me off!!!

  • Love this article! You really hit the nail on the head and I am sure everyone can relate to what you wrote. Oh and I am just like you a labrador. xx

  • My time is my own. Emailing and tweeting are my social media tools of choice. Texting is too disturbing. Focus, focus.. Happy Halloween Garance….


  • this is so funny and so true! it’s crazy how now textonalities is a thing

  • hahahah! I’m a Labrador too – how can you not reply instantly to a message?! it drives me nuts!

  • Marianne October, 29 2015, 1:39 / Reply

    Tellement bien ce post, je me suis carrément retrouvée dans la partie “mecs en début de relation”
    J’écris un texto cool le lendemain de soirée, écris avec les copines bien sur et après soit pas de réponse soit une réponse qui n’amène pas à répondre, la conversation se termine et je trouve ça nul ! du coup je suis tentée d’écrire un texto “juste histoire de” mais heureusement mes copines me le déconseillent. Dans le cas ou je n’ai pas de réponse, j’ai été tentée d’écrire un texto à réponse multiple type qcm, mais bon j’ai jamais mis en pratique…
    En tous cas je me suis bien marrée en te lisant !

  • What about ‘just lazy’ texters? I’m just lazy. I really don’t like to answer right away unless there’s an event to coordinate or people to meet, but I admit it and I absolutely do not feel guilty about it. I’d rather meet in person than text, but I do choose to text rather than calling. Ah, the perks of tech life haha!

  • DOMINIQUE October, 29 2015, 2:16 / Reply

    Heureuse de ne pas avoir de téléphone, par choix. La lecture de cet article me conforte dans cette option. Autre chose à faire.

  • Ana @Champagnegirlsabouttown October, 29 2015, 2:27 / Reply

    Hello from a fellow Labrador :) Unfortunately that means even when clients text me in the evening I still replay- it only results in them thinking it’s OK to text me on Friday evening when I’m out having a dinner. My favourite is my dad who will respond with messages like i.e “information received”.

  • I have to agree with you – I’m indeed a Labrador! I have to add that you can also tell a textonality by the emoji! I will never use the one that blows a kiss! For some weird reason I think it’s so corny – I always use the hearts! In green & purple & navy blue! I tend to gravitate towards my fellow heart emoji textonoligists! And tend to think the ones that blow kisses are so last century haha! xx

  • Love this!! I’m def a Labrador.

  • One of my favorite posts so far! laughed like crazy because I totally have people in every textonality… I’m kind of a labrador in terms of not leaving people with the annoying ‘read’ thingy but I hate having to stick to my phone for a whole hour just answering one person’s texts. There should be a ‘hater texter ( that would be me) personality’ which are the ones who text because we understand is how people communicate now but absolutely hate it haha

  • Alexandra October, 29 2015, 3:22 / Reply

    But you forgot another category! Jekyll and Hyde Texters — the people whose text personalities don’t align with their real personalities. I know a few people who are warm and sweet in real life but come across so bitchy in texts! I’ll send them a “Hey! Can’t wait to see you for dinner later!! Woohoo!” and get back “Yep, see you later” … ummm OKAAAAAAY. I’ve learned to accept it at this point but in the beginning I would suddenly go crazy thinking that they were mad at me over something.

    I’m mostly a Lab/Perfect Texter, but sometimes I opt out of answering big group texts if I have missed too much and it’s too difficult to catch up. But over the years I’ve realized that if I don’t answer immediately, I’ll forget about the email/text and/or never make time for it again, so now I text back right away!

  • Oh Garance, you are the best. I’m laughing out loud reading this, thinking of how accurate these descriptions are for me and most of my friends. Thank you for being yourself and so observant and honest about life!

  • Très bien vu ce post! Ça me fait penser à une copine qui n’oublie jamais un anniversaire ou envoie des textos pour la fête des mères, le premier jour du printemps, Noël , etc. C’est super gentil mais j’oublie régulièrement de répondre. C’est la même qui répond des trucs super intimes à un banal texto : ” alors ces vacances ? ” alors qu’on a pas du tout ce degré d’intimité dans les confidences dans la vie.

  • Très drôle ce post et tellement vrai !
    Moi aussi je suis du genre labrador mais avec quelques absences quand même (dans le style j’aime bien jouer avec d’autres baballes moins virtuelles ) !


  • Oh lalalala j’adore ce post ! Tellement vrai ! Merci ! tu me rends “proud to be a labrador” j’aurais jamais cru ! Et que dire de la relation de couple textuelle ? Le truc qui passe de “tu veux aller à un concert avec moi” ou “c’était mortel hier soir” à “t’as mis le carnet de correspondance de mai-lan dans son sac ?” – “ah non merde” – “ok tant pis” ?

  • CLEMENCE October, 29 2015, 6:26 / Reply

    Je suis un petit labrador comme toi… J’admire toujours ton travail, toujours un régal de lire tes articles.
    Bisous, de Clem

  • I had so much fun reading this. I love the term “texting Labrador” and my ultimate goal is to become one. Is that possible?

    I must admit I fall into the same category as your boyfriend. I hardly ever respond immediately and I’ll tell you why. I usually get texts when I’m out and about – running errands, at classes and so on. I usually take a quick look at the text to judge how important the message is. If it’s not absolutely urgent (and I always expect that in such case someone would call… I do that) I tell myself I’ll respond later. But then I often simply forget and only remember when someone else sends me a text and I see all the messages again.

    What’s more, I’ve never treated texting as something significant and for a long time didn’t expect that other people might. I’m never offended if someone doesn’t respond quickly (or at all) because I assume that my text got lost among other texts. But one day I found out too that texting personalities exist and it changed my perception forever. It was last summer, when I went for a holiday with my best friend (the perfect texter). One day she started texting with another friend and to my surprise, she checked her phone every couple of minutes to see if she got a response. She even got nervous at some point. This way I found out that there are people who actually wait for texts and that I must really get on their nerves!

    But despite my will to change, I couldn’t stop myself from googling how to disable this “message read” function on my iPhone.

    Have a great weekend!

  • HAHA! Je suis exactement comme toi! Et à part ça, les gens qui ne répondent pas. C’est pareil que les personnes qui marchent lentement devant toi (en tous cas pour moi.). J’AI ENVIE DE LE METTRE UN COUP DE PIED AUX FESSES. Sérieux quoi. roh.
    J’aime vraiment ce post, tellement cool et vrai!

  • Mari Nuzum October, 29 2015, 8:09 / Reply

    So true! I’m a labrador too:) You say it like it is!

  • This is one of the best blog posts yet. BTW, can’t wait to read the book!

  • J’ai trop adoré cet article! Moi je suis plutôt labrador, comme toi. J’aime bien aussi les groupe de filles c’est trop marrant !
    Merci pour cet article qui a égaillé ma journée ????

    Bizous, Christelle

  • My texting personality is that I won’t. I just WON’T. I want to be present in the world. If someone needs me badly, they can call me on the phone, ancient-style.

  • C’est très mignon !
    Moi, j’appelle dès que je vois que la réponse va faire plus de 3 lignes.
    Les gens font des textos pour demander des réponses compliqués, logistiques, avec plein de si… Alors j’appelle, mais j’ai peur d’être impolie. Ca se fait d’appeler quelqu’un qui vous textote ?

  • J’adoooore ce post! J’aime tes billets Garance merci de prendre encore le temps d’écrire!
    Je suis un vrai labrador aussi, mais j’essaie de me soigner, je coupe mon 3G ou internet dès que je suis aux cours ou au restaurant avec mon amoureux et tous les soirs…je le rallume qu’en petit-déjeunant, c’est plus relax tout les whatsapp qui arrivent en un coup (tu connais cette quote? “je n’ai jamais été prise en otage, mais j’ai déjà été dans un groupe text whatsapp” ;-) ) quand je passe des heures à papoter avec mes amies par messages cela rend dingue mon entourage, parfois je vais me cacher dans la salle de bain pour avoir la paix – help me, je suis accro.

  • Aaaah le labrador, trop rigolo mais en même temps je comprends parfaitement :)))
    Moi ça dépend vraiment mais je suis plus du genre à répondre à tous mes textos de la journée le soir :/ (à part si c’est pour un verre improvisé, une urgence, ou une copine qui vit un mauvais moment). En revanche le group text, ça oui je suis au taquet (faut dire que j’ai des copines très drôles :)), du coup quand c’est group text, c’est que ça vaut le coup. Genre “il a répondu ‘je t’embrasse’ au lieu de ‘bisoooooos’, qu’est-ce qu’il essaie d’essayer de ne pas me dire?”… Oui pour ce genre de textos bien existentialistes, je réponds tout de suite! Mais à mon chéri qui me demande si je veux les frites au four de Picard ou celles à la friteuse, ça je résiste. Pas de réponse. Je me refuse à répondre à ces message très “vie installée” et à la place je répond des heures après, un truc très sexy lol.
    Donc ça dépend vraiment de l’autre en fait ma personnalité texto, je dirais entre le chat, le labrador ou alors le hamster (ça c’est quand je répond à la bourre pour un message qui valait vraiment le coup, #ventespresse, #entréespourunepremiere)

  • Merci beaucoup Garance pour ce post, une des thématiques les plus intéressantes et originales que tu as développées ces derniers temps ! C’est rassurant car tu démontres que la personnalité textuelle n’est pas du tout l’exact reflet de la personnalité de quelqu’un quand il est en face de toi, et que l’on doit juste faire avec les habitudes de portable de chacun…

  • all depends who’s sending the text …business in real time.. for me the only negative is sometimes i see a text and it changes my mood…When i am asked how’s your day going…that depends on my cell…LOL my niece answers in one short word…days later…. I have to check what i asked LOL

  • :))))… le visage de la fille du dessin m’est familier j’ai du la voir avant où ? je ne sais pas :)

  • Jane B. Root November, 1 2015, 3:53 / Reply

    C’est quoi un … texto ? Ah oui, le truc qui apparaît sur mon vieux Nokia, envoyé par ma fille, et qui dit : “je mange pas maison” alors que je viens de faire cuire TOUTES les pâtes, TOUS les haricots verts, et TOUTES les escalopes à la crème. C’est ça ?

  • Haha très vrai !! Je suis labrador moi aussi, avec option “message lu” activée, et mon nouveau mec doit m’envoyer… un texto par jour ! Et encore, si j’ai de la chance… Quelle frustration !
    Tu as oublié deux autres profils il me semble (auxquels je m’adapte aussi !) : ceux qui t’envoient un seul loooong texto hyper détaillé avec toute l’histoire, à faire défiler sur plusieurs écrans pour tout lire, et ceux qui envoient 40 textos pour raconter la même histoire : “Tu sais pas quoi ? / Attends tu vas pas le croire / J’étais en train de manger… etc., you get the idea :))
    Aah les nouvelles technologies…

  • I resent how I feel imposed upon by mobile phones/ texts. They are supposed to be a convenience, not make you feel 24/7 at the disposal of the world! Most of my friends now accept, if I don’t text back it’s bc I am busy with other things, and I’ll get to them when it is convenient. Your cell isn’t supposed to be a dog whistle!

  • Omg… I’m french and started to date a guy from US. I’m completely the labrador type! Nothing to hide but I couldn’t understand the behavior of the guy. It’s exactly how you described it. So pushy at the beginning and now so “cool”. I’m so not used to it!!! It’s so confusing! It’s just hell! Why do they do this???
    Anyway thanks for bringing some answers to my tons of questions. I wish someone could write a complete guide to help us to decode the US dating guys behavior. Seriously it would save a lot of non US women from trauma. ;)

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