rose smith sophie haig beauty looks makeup garance dore photos

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All of us have that one makeup look that we turn to in times of need, or every day; a signature of sorts that really pulls us together. Garance gravitates towards a smoky eye, Elle has her lipstick game perfected, and I love a really fresh natural face — with a strong eyeliner when Saturday night the occasion calls!

We thought it was about time that we explored these four signature makeup looks, and how to achieve them with minimal products in a way that is as close to effortless as can be — simple enough to pull off at a moment’s notice. So we called on our friend and makeup artist Sophie (remember her from Women At Work?) for the challenge: to show us how to create each look with ease and precision… which we will no doubt need when it comes to that super mod, sleek cat eye!

BYO steady hand.

rose smith sophie haig beauty looks makeup garance dore photos

Start with a natural, fresh face

The base is Estée Lauder double wear makeup to go foundation, which can be applied by brush (or, if you cheat like me, lightly with fingertips!). Then Soph (yep, we’re on nickname basis now…) used Estée Lauder perfectionist concealer and she said that it’s the bees knees. Major tip here was using Chanel’s cream blush stick for both blush and lip (subtle and nice, no?). Chanel mascara was lightly coated, finishing with RMS Living Luminizer as a highlighter (and totally worth the extra step).

So that’s the base. Soph then just added from there for the other three looks, and so this is the perfect start if you’re looking to go from day to night; use this as the canvas to start with, no matter what look…

rose smith sophie haig beauty looks makeup garance dore photos

Cat Eye

Only one extra step here! And that’s some of Chanel’s Le Crayon Kohl, which Soph used in a more Autumnal shade of 17 (a little like a dark plum). Such a cool nod to mod times! Even when going for a more classic outfit… Or if you have plans to dress up as Edie Sedgwick this Halloween…

The Great Lip

Ok, if you’re not an eye girl (or if you feel like trying something new!), a lip is a good way to go. Always chic, and with a little bit of a Sharon Stone vibe here on Rose, Soph used Rouge Allure no. 109 and then topped with a coat of Estée Lauder’s true liar and quiet riot gloss. A little extra definition on the cheek with Chanel cream blush stick! Ok, so we’re all in love with this lip at the studio…

Smoky Eye

What makeup tool kit would be complete without this classic but still dramatic and, moreover, seductive take on the eye? This one is a little extra jazzy for the holidays, if you’re so inclined… Soph went for a Chanel shadow (signe particular 9002), then a khol pencil from Estée Lauder in burgundy, an extra flick of mascara and then (the piece de resistance, and only if you’re in the mood…) a tiny touch of Chanel illusion de ombre in rouge noir, which is basically the most beautiful eye glitter out there.


What’s your signature makeup look?

rose smith sophie haig beauty looks makeup garance dore photos

rose smith sophie haig beauty looks makeup garance dore photos

rose smith sophie haig beauty looks makeup garance dore photos

Rose wears: grey coat, Elizabeth & James; white shirt, Phillip Lim; earrings, Leah Alexandra; black dress, Elizabeth & James; multicolor jacket, Rachel Comey.

Words & hair: Neada Jane | Photos: Erik Melvin | Makeup: Sophie Haig | Styling: Brie Welch | Model: Rose Smith


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  • Gorgeous! All three looks and very well presented, bravo.
    I like to sometimes switch the classic red lip for plum, just to change it up.

  • Love that, too, Colleen. Red is always a classic, but plum can be great if you’re wearing a more neutral palette for your outfit… And fall is such a great time for that color! x

  • Fabienne October, 28 2015, 9:47 / Reply

    Magnifique ! Interessant sujet. Tout est beau…mais de qui sont ces boucles d’oreille si raffinees?

  • Les B.O. sont Leah Alexandra!

  • Et voila maintenant j’ai envie de foncer chez Sephora acheter tous les produits cités pour reproduire ces make-up !
    Blague à part quand je ne sais pas quoi mettre ou que j’ai un peu le moral dans les chaussettes je mets du rouge à lèvre. Ça illumine le visage, donne confiance et apporte une touche de couleur !


  • Love these looks!

    I lean towards a red lip but do love a smokey eye from time to time.

  • Sorry if this is like Makeup 101, but where exactly do you put the highlighter?

  • Hi Kat! Not at all, and thank you for asking! So definitely start by highlighting the upper side of the cheekbone. Also just under your brow towards the outer edges creates a really great, luminous effect. Some people like to dab a little on their chin too! It’s something you can test and explore, but the cheek bone is a must!! Hope that helps. x

  • Just this week I have been playing with a red lip… Much more red than I normally do, & I am getting used to it around the apartment first before taking it out into the world. Am excited to try this as I am a cheek girl with a neutral lip, or eye girl. Haven’t worked the lip look in years. Great piece!

  • Superbes !
    Mais je sais pas faire !

  • You can definitely do it :)

  • I love that these are all still pretty natural

  • That’s what we love too, and why we really wanted to work with Sophie – she keeps it really natural, makeup real women would wear…

  • The Natural face does not sound easy at all for me! I realized that I have no idea about the products used. My idea of a natural face is just a washed face with a moisturiser and nothing else. I have extremely sensitive skin which is also oily so am extremely limited on what I can put on my face. My to go to make up on the days that I way make up is eye liner and mascara. I try not to put a lot of products on my face. I wash it every morning & evening with neutrogena natural face wash, then neutrogena toner, at night I moisturise with vitamin e oil. In the morning I skip the toner and use tea tree oil and a vitamin e oil.

    Garance; I purchased the book on my kindle this morning, can’t wait to get home from work so I can cuddle with it since it’s been raining here in Nashville for the last 3 days. Any book tours in Nashville?

  • After many years of trial and error (and YouTube tutorials and cotton buds to fix mistakes!), I’ve finally perfected a sleek cat eye, but always with liquid liner. I’ve used the Kat von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper for years – can’t beat the calligraphy tip and dark black pigment that stays all day, but a great drugstore dupe is Jesse’s Girl Liquid Eyeliner for less than half the price of the Kat von D liner!

  • In love with the first make up!
    It is natural, nude, I love this style!!!
    As for me, I use the Face & Body foundation from MAC and really like the natural looking effect (very light covering capacity but enough to homogenize the complexion).

    Petite and So What

  • Ana @Champagegirlsabouttown October, 28 2015, 2:03 / Reply

    I’m in love with these photos! I’m a natural make up fan- usually using just brozer (Chanel Les Beiges is my favourite) and lipgloss (again, Chanel has supper flattering shades). If I’m doing smoky eyes it’s only using taupe eyeshadows (I have a great Inglot set) so it still looks very natural.

  • Love these simple how-to’s. I am personally more of an eye gal, but have been drawn to bold lips more and more. I definitely look too done-up with both, and appreciate the natural look they all still have in these photos. Beautiful!

  • Question about the softer rose tinted lip: Is that just from using the Chanel Blush stick? I’m looking at the photo of the smoky eye and soft lip shade. Gorgeous!

  • Yes, it is! I love the subtlety too!

  • magnifique !! cet article est très intéressant


  • Love these looks because they all still look natural – nothing is too overdone.
    Quick question: Were the brow defined in any of the looks? Because for me, even with the naturalist of natural faces, I still like to quickly and lightly ‘tidy’ my brows…

  • Hi Jane! Rose actually has very defined brows naturally, so this wasn’t part of the process for these looks – but of course you should include that step if that’s part of your signature. Brie pencils in her brows sometimes, and says it makes her feel more put together. I have very dark brows, but sometimes I use a bit of gel to keep them tidy too. x

  • Ok, I’m a little confused…sorry. For the smokey eye, is she wearing the Channel shadow in Mysterio 102? Also it says that the liner from Lauder is a burgundy kohl pencil, but when I click on the link, it says that the pencil is only available in Black or Cocoa. Can you help a girl out?

  • Difficile de rater un maquillage sur une si jolie fille au teint parfait. Reste a savoir si je peux obtenir un resultat plus qu’approximatif ! :-)))

  • My signature look is eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner! Let the eyes do the talking:) But on a daily basis a french “au naturel” is just perfect for around Paris. Love all the pictures but my favourite is definitely the bubble gum one. Well done!
    Abby |

  • Tu sais le Studio, j’ai vraiment vraiment du mal quand tu dis dans plein de tes articles “On a toutes”,” on aime tous” etc, à chaque fois ça me stupéfait (oui tu verrais ma tête j’ouvre des grands yeux ronds), comme s’il n’existait qu’un seul modèle d’être femme/ ou d’aimer la mode/ ou de suivre les événements culturels etc. Je trouve que ça simplifie bien trop les choses et que ça exclue la non majorité et surtout les ceux qui ne vivent pas dans le même univers. Ca donne toujours l’impression qu’on vit forcément tous à NY avec les règles sociales de NY, c’est une drôle de sensation d’être englobé de force dans cet univers qui semble être le seul à exister à travers la manière dont vous l’écrivez, alors qu’en réalité vous n’êtes pas tous américains ni tous urbains ?
    Par exemple là sur le coup je comprends pas pourquoi on se maquillerait forcément toutes ?

  • sinon je voulais dire que les photos d’Erik sont géniales, c’est vraiment la Garance Doré’s touch !! La lumière, la couleur, l’atmosphère…

  • Un super look! Très féminin et sexy j’adore!! Merci du partage.

    Bizous, Christelle

  • Love how these makeup looks enhance the wearers beauty!

  • These looks are so great! Each one is simple yet they are all very unique, and I think Rose could rock any make up look she wants! Gorgeous.

  • Love, love, love the looks! I am a complete lipstick girl! What colours are you using here?
    Will definitely follow you!
    Lots of love

    Rosa xx

  • Everything in the header picture is perfect! Spot on make up, hair styling and photography.

  • Thank you Sharareh!

  • That’s a great inspiration! Love

    Sunita |

  • Great post, as usual: thank you Nada…and Soph!
    A little mistake in the text about the red lipstick, it is said it is #109: I doubt that and, in fact, in the photos below it is tagged the #99: hope it can help ;-)! Kisses to all the studio, Ire

  • Cool makeup idea. Love the colors: simple and stylish at the same time.

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