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When I do interviews on style, there’s one question people always ask me: Is there anything I’d never, ever, ever, EVER wear?

Most of the time, I have a somewhat intelligent answer and I say you should never say never, and that fashion means you should always question your own taste, blah blah blah, but sometimes if I’m pushed a little bit, I’ll say: “Ummm…Uggs?”

So, yeah, Uggs. I say I’d never EVER wear Uggs.

Those weird cartoon boots that make your feet look enormous and end up all deformed like some kind of helium inflated sock. Those hideous winter things that people wear in the summer. Those brownish, post-adolescent uglies that people wear to be like everyone else. Those…

I even waited in line to buy them.

It’s because of my sister, Laetitia.
She warned me. Don’t even try them on, you poor thing. Don’t try them. You’ll never recover.

I was at her house, one gray winter Saturday, and her Uggs were lying around on the ground like two little innocent animals cuddled up taking a nap together, and I just touched them to feel their softness, like you might pet a cat who crossed your path. Right then, a cold draft passed through the room (it must have been the evil spirit of fashion) and before I could even think about it, the Uggs were on my feet.

And then, oh no!
It was as if I had landed on a cloud.
I tried to take them off right away, but I couldn’t do it. Too comfortable.

During my stay at my sister’s, I tried (more or less) to hide my guilty pleasure.
When I was around my sister, I tried to wear them ironically, “hahaha they’re so ugly, it’s hilarious!”
Or I’d steal them when she wasn’t there, even going so far as to find them strangely stylish when I wore them with my gray sweat pants. It was so Californian. And where do I want to go right now? LA. Yeeeah. Oh yeah, definitely.

Then I went back to New York, and I forgot all about them.

Until the month of November, when walking around barefoot or in socks with the plummeting temperatures in the loft Chris and I just moved into just doesn’t work at all anymore. Suddenly, Uggs came rushing back to my imagination. In just one year’s time, they had made a permanent impression on my mind, and it was impossible to get rid of them.


So that’s how, one lovely day, when I was hanging out in SoHo with my surfer friend, Jen, who happens to be the owner of a cool attitude AND a pair of Uggs, I decided to take the leap. That’s all it took. She even warned me: “You’re going to tell everyone that your Hawaiian friend pushed you to buy Uggs! You’re going to make me your alibi, aren’t you? Admit it!”

Jen, it’s all your fault.

I even texted three friends. And Chris.
Chris: “Nooooooooo! Really? You?”
Jenna: “Noooooooooo! Okay, but strictly for home.”
Laura: “Noooooooooooo! Are you crazy???”

Obviously, it was strictly for home. NO ONE is going to convince me to go out in the street wearing Uggs in just one day. Are you crazy?

Anyway. I got a pair of sand colored Uggs because that’s the prettiest color, and because apparently after December, they all go out of stock (it’s crazy how fast they sell! Like hot cakes!). Jen and I actually both bought a pair, and we left the store just as thrilled as if we had found out Ryan Gosling was giving out free massages on the corner.

So obviously, the next day at breakfast, I was proudly displaying my best Californian look — messy hair, over sized sweatshirt, slightly too short shorts and Uggs.

That’s when I got Chris’ final verdict: “Hey, you know what? Uggs are actually…pretty sexy.”

So there you go, what girl wouldn’t want shoes so huge they make her legs look like two Q-tips? Hehehe.

…Followed by an even more surprising comment:
“How do you think they’d look on me?”

I don’t know about you, but I’m actually kind of okay with that thought. Yeah, I know, it’s weird. On that condition: “STRICTLY AT HOME, baby!”

So now, admit it: how many of you own a pair of Uggs?

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • Mademoiselle Vaness November, 24 2015, 9:23 / Reply

    No way! Mais j’avoue, là tout de suite, étant sur le point de perdre un orteil vu les températures, ces quelques lignes m’ont presque fait envie (et ok, l’histoire des coton-tiges surtout)

  • on peut avoir une photo;-) ?
    moi je ne porterai jamais de training !

  • I must say that my experience was very different 6-7 years back that was the beginning of must have UGGS and i bought 2 different pairs…they WERE comfortable and nice didn’t really flatter your legs unless you have long long ones…
    with the first rain i understood how bad they are !!! my legs were completely wet it took some days for the shoes to dry…..from that time one you could see more and more people wearing it fake /real….different color different length…so today i can’t even look at that anymore…it’s completely out of my wardrobe..

    Yael Guetta

  • Hahaha j’ai été tentée à plusieurs reprises, en me disant à chaque fois que c’est quand même assez moche et sans forme. Mais ça avait l’air tellement confortable. Et limite un peu cool. Mais que c’était moche.
    Strictly at home, for sure.

  • Haha! We’re so French to find Uggs well uggly! I bought Uggs like you after several years of resistance but I wear them outside. It’s so good to feel cozy and warm when i’s freezing outside. Maybe I became more American than you I even wear sweat pants outside ;-)

    Joyeux Thanksgiving!

  • asianfreak November, 24 2015, 9:41 / Reply

    C’est tellement réconfortant quand les températures baissent…
    Je suis une adepte du pied nu, mais quand l’hiver vient, mettre ses pieds nus dans ses ugg ou ses mou(, c’est prolonger l’été les pieds bien au chaud.

    Bon, quand on fait un 36 fillette, c’est plus facile, c’st pas si énooorme que ça.


  • je n’en ai pas encore, mais j’y pense de plus en plus. je les ai même caressées l’autre jour aux Galeries Lafayettes et… c’est dingue ce qu’elles sont douces. j’ai pas encore mis mes pieds dedans, mais je pense que d’ici la fin de l’hiver, je serai l’heureuse détentrice d’une paire de Uggs… un truc que je n’aurais jamais pensé à m’acheter il y a 6 mois encore.

  • Je trouve ca moche aussi et je me retiens de les essayer aussi hahahahaha !! Mais dis, est ce que ca pue des pieds dedans ? Ca me fait penser à des chaussons d’indiens que j’avais ado, fourrés moumoute, troooop confortables, et qui puuuuuent après les avoir mis un paquet de fois pieds nus.

  • therealblonde November, 24 2015, 9:45 / Reply

    I’m on my fifth (sixth?) pair – (I was an early adopter). And when people go UGGGHH I’ll say: have you ever put your feet inside of them? Welcome to the club! It’s like walking on pillows.

  • Nope :)

  • Okay, no on Uggs boots (it’s bad enough I clop around in Dansko clogs like a draft horse). But I bought Uggs earmuffs!!! No more hat head.

  • I prefer MOU, the skimo sneaker version

  • You got me with this one, LOL!I bet Kate Middleton went through the same process before she finally gave in to the Uggs trend. Who would have figured? Apparently, and that’s a survey based fact, 26% women own a pair of the most “hideous” boots on the planet, versus the 5% of Louboutins owners. If that’s not a proof of their sexiness than I don’t know what it is.
    BTW, I own a pair too:)

  • When I was pregnant last winter and had elephant ankles a knock off pair of dark blue Ugg style boots were all I wore (they did pretty well through sloppy slush if I kept up with the treatment spray, andthey fit, one handed tug to get them on and no hands removal) until I deflated in January. Ugly but slightly better than insulated rubber boots which was the other option…

  • Only EVER at home! I grew up in Australia in the 70’s when Uggs were slippers and NEVER worn out of the home.
    One must have standards!

  • 3 pair. But then, I live in California (and near UGGS corporate headquarters)! Usually, I wear them at home only. But, sometimes…
    You should try UGGS’ delicious loungewear. Heavenly.

  • I don’t own any pair of Uggs, but that’s only because I own far more embarrasing shoes. No, I won’t tell which shoes are those. But one thing I’m proud of: I don’t own any pair of Crocs. That’s as embarrasing as it gets, no? (Please don’t say that Crocs are fine because then I will want them because I have zero personality and I will feel miserable)
    By the way, cool look to stay at home! I normally wear a random sweatshirt that I got on a promotion at a supermarket, oversize pijama pants (meaning too big, not cool oversize) and my hair all crazy as if someone would had hit me with a pan in the back of my head. But at least I’m not wearing Crocs! (Victory emoji here!)

  • I have one pair of UGG boots in a lovely wine/deep pink colour that are strictly for occasional home use. I sometimes offer them as slippers to friends who visit because the floors in my place are coooolllllld! I also have a pair of UGG slippers. They are the best slippers bar none. Even my neighbour’s kitten agrees — she loves to curl up in them and play with them.

    I lived in London UK at the height of the UGG craze about 8 years ago and couldn’t deal with the over-the-top silliness of seeing scads of fashion victims gadding about wearing UGGs with every conceivable outfit. Among other things, most of them have absolutely no arch support. But as homewear and slippers – absolutely! They are the best!

  • C’est drôle car je viens justement de croiser une fille avec des Uggs dans la rue (parce que même sur la cote espagnole, les températures ont chuté…) et j’ai pensé…Ergh, no style!
    Je suis loin de changer d’avis…

  • Moi ! mais JUSTE pour l’avion et les longs courriers ! le froid, les jambes qui gonflent, alors welcome Uggs..en noir..arrivee a l’aeroport, direction les toilettes et retour a des chaussures plus presentables et elegantes.

  • Bérénice November, 24 2015, 10:09 / Reply

    ahh Garance ..but only for home. I always said never a pair of Birkenstock and I bought last year a winter version as slippers and this summer I bought another pair but just for home.. Never say never.. but Huggs never for me! just for my daughter of 5 years old.. I always said could not marry an english guy and I did it!!!!!! never thought about a one who use to leave in France and like the French culture so much he became almost French..

  • MOIII :)
    je possède 4 paires de uggs et je les adore :))

  • Je trouve les uggs hideuses mais surement tres confortables et chaudes.
    Alors que la temperature commence a chuter, ce post me donne envie d’aller les essayer. A ne porter qu’a l’interieur, of course !

  • C’est chaud, c’est confortable, ça s’enfile vite fait pour aller acheter le pain, donc j’ai acheté des Uggs il y a de cela 2-3 ans, et j’ai envie d’une autre paire maintenant! Je ne trouve même plus ça moche maintenant

  • we’ve all been there with uggs! I want some for home too but watch pretty soon everyone will be wearing uggs in the street — they’re gonna make a comeback! Hopefully not with denim mini shorts again like back in ’03

  • I’ve changed my mind about a lot of fashion that I once said I wouldn’t wear, but Uggs have consistently been a no-go for me. That being said, I’d consider wearing them inside, if I could re-frame them mentally as slippers.

    I’m also sure they’ll have their turn with the fashion crowd once some designer elevates them on the runway like the Birkenstock. I almost bought into that too, but then I caught my head!

  • Lisa Walker November, 24 2015, 10:35 / Reply

    Hahaha I loved this! I’m a California girl who can live anywhere, I’ve always said, and think Middle America’s obsession with UGGS is similar to the obsession with sweat pants and track suits as clothing– AKA Fat Pants. But growing up in Northern California not far from Santa Cruz, UGGS were strictly for surfers. If you weren’t a surfer you did not wear them. They were not made for the snow, as any Aussie will tell you…. So when I saw a ‘for real’ surfer girl and her ‘for real’ surfer guy wearing beige UGGS like some sort of hot-hippie I envied them, because I was not a badass surfer girl. In fact, you would never see a lazy body in a pair of UGGS in 1987…. And yes. I do own a beige pair, and like you, I only wearing them at home or in the snow. High-five.

  • Tout pareil !! Dans le refus, les moqueries, et finalement ce glissement qui fait que… Bon je ne les ai pas encore aux pieds, mais je suis totalement de l’avis de ta sœur : il ne faut pas les essayer sinon tu es perdue. Par contre l’IMPERATIF impératif (oui oui ça se dit) c’est acheter des vraies ! Les copies sont abominables, ça fait des pieds de Casimir.
    Et puis avec mon 36 fillette, hein… ça devrait aller.

  • des bottes fourrées pour l’intérieur et des talons pied nus pour aller dehors…

  • stephanie November, 25 2015, 5:00

    Oui ! Trop fort hein !? Quel intérêt d’avoir des Huggs pour l’INTERIEUR uniquement quand les températures baissent DEHORS ? Pas logique…Mais je comprends le raisonnement !

  • Oui, uniquement pour trainer à la maison l’hiver!! Et encore, je les enlève avant que mon copain ne rentre :D! Mais sortir avec des Uggs, aller au travail, no way!!!

  • J’ai acheté des sortes de bottines en laine dans le Nord de l’Argentine, ça fait “ethnique chic”… tu parles, on dirait des chaussons, mais j’adore faire des courses en bas de chez moi avec…

  • Haha ! Habitant à Montréal où il neige à n’en plus finir aujourd’hui (et tout l’hiver), les UGG ont beau être hyper confortables, la seule idée d’avoir les pieds trempés à cause de la slush me crispe.
    Pour ce qui est de les porter à l’intérieur, je comprends parfaitement vu le confort qu’elles apportent. Pour ma part, mon appart est bien chauffé et surtout j’adore marcher pieds nus (et ça stimule la créativité, il paraît…).
    Courage, l’hiver est “definitely” à nos pieds !

  • I’ll never wear crocks – ever !

  • Je veux bien à condition de ressembler à ton dessin … ;)
    J’évite les joggings PARTOUT et ne porte des baskets qu’à la salle de sport … eh oui …

  • Des Ugg informes, jamais. J’ai préféré Bally avec des couleurs sympa. Ça tient chaud et c’est joli. Ces bottes sont strictement utilitaires et un rêve quand on les as au pieds. Confort , style, bien-être.

  • i do not own a pair of uggs, and i’m shocked that you have taken to them garance! godspeed. i’m sure your feet will be warmer than mine this winter…

  • Why wouldn’t you just wear warm slippers in your home? I have shearling LLBeans that are fantastic. Uggs are fine… a form of birth control.

  • The boyfriends validation aside, if you love them, wear them. You are one person whos style doesnt fall into any ‘bucket’. Very unique. I assume you got here by making your own choices.

  • Géraldine November, 24 2015, 11:36 / Reply

    et bien moi j’en ai 2 paires. une pour l’exterieur et une pour l’interieur

    j’ai une paire d emini bottes classiques noires, et une paire de type mocassin pour la maison. je n’ai jamais su si elles étaient faites pour rester à la maison ou si je pouvais les mettre dehors mais je m’en fiche au fnal ce sont mes pantoufles l’hiver. et je BENIS ma belle soeur qui me les a offerts.

    j’ai eu le malheur d’en offrir à mon ex qq semaines avant notre séparation… si j’avais su je ne lui aurais jamais fait ce plaisir!!!! mais donc oui, les UGG pour homme c’est possible!!


  • well….living in a 200 year old house in the countryside, heating is so so. Nothing is better than your uggs bedside in the morning…before the fire warms up the kitchen and the dogs have had their run outside. Cashmere and ugg go well together …in the countryside ;)

  • eastvillagesiren November, 24 2015, 11:56 / Reply

    My husband and his male friends were talking several years ago, and they all agreed that their biggest turnoff was Uggs. The guys liked the look, but they all mentioned that at the end of the day, when a a woman’s feet had been “marinating” in them all day, it was not very sexy ; ( and that wet soggy Uggs were also pretty awful.

    So I’ve never gone there because I already have sweaty feet, and I don’t need to make it any worse ; )

  • Pareil! …bon, presque…pas les moyens d’acheter de “vraies” UGG, donc je le dis sans honte, j’ai acheté les “cousines” couleur caramel chez ANDRÉ, tout aussi chaudes et confortables que les “vraies” et de très bonne qua?ité :p

    Gigi xx

  • Je te rassure Garance: J’en ai bien entendu une paire que j’emporte chaque année aux sports d’hiver et m’en sers comme chausson au chalet!!!

  • Haha tres marrant ton post! Je trouve ça super confortable et douillet, un vrai bonheur pour les pieds! J’avais acheté une imitation pour voir comment je me sentais avant d’acheter les vraies. Je les mettait a la maison seulement au début mais ça m’est arrive de faire une course rapide avec. Si j’habite de nouveau dans un pays froid, j’hésiterai pas une seconde!

  • I own three pairs, but I live in California, and we call them “sand boots.” Love them and dont care. Anyway, I have tiny feet and they dont look bad, even if I did care.

  • Mouaaaaa! J’ai craqué l’hiver dernier et comme toi je trouvais ça moche! Mais tellement confortables ces bottes!!!! J’adore mes bottes/pantoufles!!!

  • Héhéhé … J’étais pareille jusqu’à cet étrange jour où j’ai osé passer le pas de cette fameuse boutique de Soho il y a 4 ans, je les ai choisie couleur golden retriever on the outside et fourrée mouton dedans. Strickly for home since, un vrai bonheur. Elles réchauffent tout : les pieds, le coeur, l’appart. Inusables (si stricly for home) un de mes meilleurs achats since. Je trouve cependant totalement indécent de les porter dans la rue, trop britney spears (et pas celle de Toxic !)
    merci pour ton blog Garance, merci pour ta plume et ton humour, j’aime toujours autant te lire et ce bien avant d’avoir acheté cette paire de UGG doudou qui me tient chaud l’hiver… ton blog c’est toute l’année !!! (ouais ça fait peut être un peu too much comme ça mais c’est vrai !!! …. comme les UGG …. CQFD)

  • I wonder which style you bought, the original or the new version they have this year?
    I’m in the never worn an Ugg group, as I also have found them super ugly, even though my friends with great style all like them. But this season I have actually been tempted. A month back for the first time I stopped by the window at an Ugg store to take a look at them, which shock me to think that I was actually starting to like them after all this time. But then I realized why I suddenly found them cute, the model they had on the window was different than the usual, it’s slimmer and longer so you feet don’t look as clunky as with the original style. I’ve been thinking about them since… It seems the Ugg company is finally cracky the code to overcome my aversion.

  • GUILTY – for some time! I’m originally from Montana and they are the BEST to put on after skiing while hanging the lodge (which I love to do, maybe even more than skiing). What was once a home thing, turned into a skiing thing, and then a flight thing (international flights are stupid cold). I stop there.

  • I will never wear Crocks but Uggs unfortunately is the only thing that keeps my feet warm when it is freezing in London, but never wear them in the rain xxx

  • Bah moi ! :-))) Je les ai depuis 20 ans !! Je les porte at home lorsqu’il fait vraiment froid et pour descendre le chien ou faire les courses dans mon quartier (bon en même temps à Paris, c’est assez rare que les températures descendent en dessous de 0). Ma fille me les a souvent piquées lorsqu’elle part sur la route pour ses concerts. Ça permet d’être pieds nus dedans et de ne pas avoir la trace des chaussettes lorsque tu dois monter sur scène ! :-) C’est d’ailleurs pour cette raison que les actrices portent ça sur les tournages. Donc je pense que Chris devrait s’y mettre ! ah ah

  • Non pas de Uggs!! Je trouve ça laid! Et j’ai d’autres moyen de me tenir chaud aux pieds. ;)

  • Never. No. Nah. Nope. Don’t make me. You can’t make me. Not even you Garance.

  • Yep. Can’t stop won’t stop. I’m Canadian so it’s basically we can’t survive winter without them.

  • Moi! J’en ai 2 paires… Une pour l’intérieur, et l’autre pour survivre aux hivers québécois à -30 Celsius… C’est la gamme spécialisée de bottes de UGG et vraiment, c’est mon meilleur achat de bottes d’hiver à vie!!!

  • ” on était ravies comme si on venait de nous apprendre que Ryan Gosling donnait des massages gratuits au coin de la rue.”
    C’est le genre de comparaison qui me donne terriblement envie d’acheter une paire de Uggs :)

  • Mariateresa November, 24 2015, 1:31 / Reply

    Mais, chère très chère Garance, j’adore
    les Ugg, ils sont chauds, très chauds, avec la pluie les pieds sont bien réparés, mais c’est vrai, toutes le fois que je l’ai portès on m’a pris par une clochard, mais aussi car je l’ai portès jusqu’a limite…ahahah! Je l’ai eu noir, roses (bijoux!) et beiges. E je veux encore mes adorèes Ugg!!!!!!

  • I’m sure they do look sexy on you. On me, not so much. After spending three weeks in Australia, where they were being sold to tourists and where, I’ve been told, they are just a joke, I do wonder: What does Neada say about them?

  • Hi Judith! Your travels looked amazing, hope you had a wonderful – and memorable – time in Australia! The emu situation looked a little crazy, but I’m sure it was hilarious in hindsight…

    Like almost all Australians, I have always owned a pair of Ugg boots. I have a pair at home that I’ve had for about eight years now. But there are certain rules: only ever wear them at (your own) home, always wear them with socks… It might be tempting at times to waver slightly on the rules (maybe walking your dog around the block, or collect the mail) but I draw the line. Basically, they should be viewed as bedroom slippers – the warmest, most comfortable variation out there – but nothing more. Ever.

  • Noooooooooooon!!! Moi qui attendais un post sur les chaussures d’hiver chaudes ET avec un minimum de style… ;-)))

  • I’m dying …I said I’d never wear them…neveerrrr. but I got a pair last winter. Happens to the best of us.

  • Once you have had shearling lined boots . . . Although I have found after too many wears they get a little cold on my feet, odd, but true for me. What I love more are a pair of shearling lined loafers, and no surprise, Isabel marant makes the best I’ve tried. The shearling is from Spain and it is softer, warmer and while not so fluffy, magical for chilly toes. They is no hidden wedge, very simple but very perfect.

  • Of course I do! I’m Australian after all and we have all been wearing them since we could walk. However, never ever outside the house. Ugg boot is short for “ugly boot” after all…

  • Stephanie November, 24 2015, 2:09 / Reply

    Jusqu à présent, pour lire un livre à la maison, promener mon chien dans le quartier, au chalet l hiver, bref dans les moments cosy… Et puis à la fin de l automne, j’ai craqué pour 2 paires de la nouvelle collection, beaucoup plus fins, avec une fermeture éclair, et avec un leggings en cuir, j’adore, même pour aller au travail!

  • Benedicte November, 24 2015, 2:23 / Reply

    Moi, je les mets à la maison (et 1 ou 2 fois en ville (au boulot même) quand il fait trèèèèès froid) et mon mec trouve ça sexy) ! Et même moi, je trouve çà sexy d’être pieds nus dans mes Ugg, d’être bien, quand il fait moins 10 et que mes collègues ont froid…

  • As an Australian, I must comment that Ugg boots are specifically for inside use only people! They are like slippers and meant to last for a long time. I got my first pair of Ugg boots at the age of 15 and have only just replaced with a new pair at 30 years old.

  • Yes, exactly! Only ever to be worn inside, as slippers, with socks. I praise my younger self for never caving into the mini skirt with Ugg boot trend…

  • I love this post, it had me cracking up because it is so true! I have actually had the same pair of Uggs in chestnut since I was a senior in high school, I am now 28 years old! So yes I was definitely a victim of 2005-2005 wearing uggs with leggings and a jean skirt (covering my eyes just thinking about it) and during my early college years would wear them to parties b/c they were still technically in fashion and then somewhere around 2008 to 2009 they became BASIC and forbidden to wear anywhere other than the sewing lab/apt, so they were strictly banished to just that up until last year or so and now I am proud to wear them, they still look great, keep me warm and look kind cool when worn the right way (surfer vibe)…so they’re basically vintage, right?? HAHA. I bought them when they were SUPER popular and am proud to say they’ve kind of stayed with me as a souvenir of my youth. Obviously, I would never wear them out to dinner, work or anything like that, but I guess I am just a little less ashamed to be out grabbing bagels in them ;)

  • Ana @champagnegirlsabouttown November, 24 2015, 2:43 / Reply

    None! Having said that when lived in a drafty Victorian house as opposed to my toasty apartment, I did own a pair of fur slippers. Ok they were no Uggs but the idea was there. They were great. I was single then :)

  • I swore I’d never wear Uggs outside of home or the dog park. But one winter a few years ago in New York I was so cold that I wore them everywhere — to the theater, out to dinner, shopping . . . . My feet were SO toasty and happy.

  • I just can’t… well mostly because I live in Miami and the first time I saw someone wearing her Uggs with a bikini..well just no!!! I think they must be super comfy though, and they do look really cute on kids…

    Hilarious post!


  • No way !!!!!! Ca fait des années que je résiste. C’est pas possible du tout ! Un jour où l’autre elles sortiront du Loft pour aller chercher le pain, puis pour faire un tour… Et tu porteras des Uggs comme tous ces gens qui portent des Uggs et qui auraient dû dure NON ! :-)

  • moi aussi!!!! c’était un NEVER EVER….Et voilà qu’en octobre, j’étais en Normandie, il faisait froid…je tombe sur des chaussons boots que ma mère avait laissé, des huggs Monoprix en fait, ok, c’est pas vraiment des huggs, mais il y a vraiment la même idée, le même réconfort…J’essaie, je succombe…De retour à Paris, j’ai mes huggs “monoprix” et voilà maintenant j’attends encore encore un peu pour m’acheter les huggs, les VRAIES…mais je le sais au fond de moi…c’est fini, cette absolue certitude n’est plus…et je n’en reviens pas…Je souris en me disant que pour l’instant j’ai des huggs de “pauvre”, ce qui n’est pas tout à fait vrai…car justement ces huggs chaussons ne peuvent se porter qu’à la maison…Et en fait, si je continue l’introspection, je crains de SORTIR avec mes huggs si j’en achète de vraies ! Et alors là…..non, là, c’est vraiment les fondations de mon style qui s’écroulent !

  • I admit, I have two pairs… But I am planning to finally get rid of them. I have a challenge for you! Can you make a post about winter shoes that are warm and chic? I do wear Uggs as they are really warm and where I live ( Basel, Switzerland) the winters are pretty cold. I will be more than geateful if You, dear Garance, and your team will prepare some 2015 round up of winter shoes which will not make me look like a hobbit but will be chic, warm and appropriate for a real lady! Love you lots, Veronika xx

  • Ha this California girl doesn’t own a pair and never has. I wore a uniform to school and that was the last time I ever want to be like everyone else. Yes it seems that this is the only boot owned out here. I am barefoot at home for as long as the temperatures allow then give me some warm socks and I am good to go. Enjoy them Garance at least it is cold in NY.

  • I love Uggs. So warm and comfy. I don’t really ever wear them out. But I wear them to walk my dogs when it’s freezing cold, or keep in them in my car after a night out so I can toss off my stilettos and put on those cushion dreams for the drive home. They’re also perfect to take up to a cottage or chalet during the winter!

  • Petit à petit… et c’est l’engrenage. Si je tente les UGGS NON JAMAIS à la maison, dans deux mois à peine, je serais tentée de les porter pour les petites courses à côté ensuite pour les grandes courses plus loin puis le café avec les copines genre “c’est juste un café avec les copines” etc… je suis capable de cumuler avec d’autres trucs informes. Un acte de rébellion (isolé hein sinon ca ne veut plus rien dire).

    Je reste donc sur les UGGS NON JAMAIS même si en matière de mode blah blah blah puisque j’ai un pyjama chic d’extérieur (que j’ai porté)… tout ca avait commencé il y a quelques années avec les bottes d’été!!

  • Ha! I just pulled my UGGS out of hiding today. I got them pretty much exactly one year ago and only wear them in the house during the winter. I think of them as slippers. OK, there was that one time I wore them to take my dog out in the morning, but I hardly left the yard and nobody saw me, so it doesn’t count. Oddly enough, my boyfriend finds them sexy too. I guess uncomfortable lingerie is even more unnecessary than we already thought – just wear UGGs!

  • F*ck yeah I own uggs! Why did I wait so long? I was a fool. I didn’t understand. I turned my nose up at them for years and then same thing, …. oh…just buying the house slippers, not to worry. Then, the Bailey boot, because the house slippers don’t cover your ankles! And now I have a regular pair of leather ankle boots by UGG and, dear Lord, they’re heavenly. I cannot, will not, be stopped.

    It all started with realizing I needed a quickie shoe. A ‘dropping my daughter off at school really quickly, brr it’s cold’ shoe and I’m forever ruined.

  • Seriously ? Prochain craquage : des crocks vert pomme ?

  • Oh! I am hiding mine from myself. It’s a slippery slope, starting at home only then a quick trip to Starbucks then Whole Foods then Movies then … yikes … signature street style … noooooooo!!!! They are way too comfy.

  • Seriously ? Next step : crocks ? Prochain craquage : des crocks vert pomme ?

  • Alexandra November, 24 2015, 4:26 / Reply

    I couldn’t survive without my Uggs (I’ve had the same pair for like 10 years) in the winter in Hawaii. My apartment is basically open to the outside so it can get into the low 60s at night and my joints start to hurt if they’re cold! But yes, I only wear them at home.

  • Antoinette November, 24 2015, 4:36 / Reply

    I would like to back up all the fellow Australians. Never were them outside the house. They are so warm and comfortable I may have worn them up the street to buy the paper in the middle of winter….

  • Being an LA native I can tell you that they are for sure a So Cal thing. However, I find that the only places I can bring myself to wear them outside of the house is at the little league field when it’s freezing (not often) and the morning school run (they never make it to the afternoon school run – I’m dressed by then…). Love them or hate them, they are the coziest!

  • Pas d’UGGs mais cette année j’ai craqué pour les Birkenstocks avec l’interieur en peau de mouton.

  • Alejandra Rosillo November, 24 2015, 5:31 / Reply

    Garance, I cannot believe it! If you have already changed your mind and got ones… Ayyyy im shocked!!! Is there a picture of you with Uggs in The World ?? Share it… Maybe The thoughest ones Like me can change our minds…

  • Chaque année j’hésite à m’en acheter ????

  • I could never, ever bring myself to buy Ugg boots–I’m from upstate New York and they’re so ubiquitous here that if you threw a rock, there’s a 95% chance the girl it hit would be wearing them. It’s a whole “look” (God, it hurts to say that)–the Uggs, jeans, a North Face fleece (over a Victoria’s Secret Pink hoodie, of course), a brown-logo-covered Coach purse, and a huge messy bun to top it all off. No shade to girls who love that ensemble, because you should wear what makes you happy, but Uggs are just not for me.

    That being said, I do have huge, fluffy, sheepskin-lined slippers for around the house, so I totally get the urge to give into the fluff. I just don’t see why people wear them outside the house, because there are lots of other comfy boots that aren’t hideous–Ugg even makes some pretty cute snow/walking boots that I’m sure are super-cozy (I own a pair of leather hightop sneakers from Ugg, and they’re lined and crazy comfortable without being can’t-leave-the-house-level embarrassing). But, I’m judging–I have left the house in sweatpants as recently as this weekend, so I don’t have a leg to stand on. (Are Americans just total slobs? All the blogs/comments I read from Europeans sound like they’re always decently pulled together, but the vast majority of people I know wear sweats/sneakers/hoodies on a daily basis. Trying to grow up and be more pulled together, but the culture here does not welcome dressiness!)

  • NO, I do not own a pair of UGGS, but I do own some Bear Paws. UGGS copy. They are so hot my feet sweat in them and here in CA I hardly ever wear them. I wish I could wear them more as they come in such pretty colors….pink and lavender…….

  • Guilty. Bought them as a gift, but then the cloud thing totally got me. Still have the same pair from 2005.

  • I remember the uggs craze and I did succumb to it. They were cute and comfy at the time I think we were all trying to copy Sienna Miller’s look. I don’t know why I’m 5’9 and she’s really short. I blame it on being in my twenties and still trying to figure out my style. Thank god I’m in my thirties and wiser and know what works and what doesn’t.

  • This post is hilarious! UGG truly makes some hideous shoes, but I actually don’t mind the traditional boot. Perhaps that’s just b/c I’ve seen them everywhere. And haters gonna hate, but you can’t deny the coziness and comfort! Interestingly, most people don’t know that the creator of UGG was a surfer who moved from Australia to California, and that the boots were originally intended as something to keep your feet warm on the beach post-surf.

  • Why?!?!? I’m Australian…we designed those ugly things and we don’t wear them!! I was recently in New York and I could not believe how many people wear them outside…I mean come on, they are slippers!!! If you saw an Aussie (the term used to describe an Australian) out with them, they would be shamed. They are inside shoes, they are not made to keep your feet from getting wet from the snow or rain, they are purely designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable when you are in your own home!

    Please do not wear them out!

  • Christina November, 24 2015, 8:40 / Reply

    I used to be one of those girls who couldn’t imagine wearing sloppy Uggs (I’m not a teenager!). The moment I caved in was a very cold December evening while visiting Chicago in 2009…. and then I finally understood what the big deal was! They are definitely super comfy, like wearing fluffy pillows – but I wear them only while walking the dog (at night…) and after skiing (as in slippers for wearing in the car when driving from the ski village).

  • HA! I swore I would never get Uggs… but then I caved this year and bought short grey ones with the button on the side. I just moved back to DC after 4 years of living abroad in Africa and the Caribbean and I cannot remember what I used to wear to keep my feet warm in the winter. I am hoping I have winter shoes in storage somewhere. I got them to wear at home… and maybe to throw on to walk the dogs… and maybe to run to the corner store…

    I just made another totally ridiculous winter footwear purchase– in my defense it was really cold out, I had a few cocktails and then walked past a shoe store having a sale– I bought fleece lined Birkenstock clogs. I probably won’t get laid until spring, but my feet have never been happier.

  • camille reddress November, 24 2015, 10:02 / Reply

    yes, me AND my husband have a pair … just for home! so wrong but so right

  • guilty as charged….black, the taller style

  • I’m Australian and said I’d never be caught dead in them, I blamed Pamela Anderson for their popularity. Ugg made a suede boot style, that I tried as slippers, but it doesn’t take long before u pop down the shop for supplies in them, hoping u don’t see anyone you know!!

  • Ita Darling November, 25 2015, 12:52 / Reply

    I have a very old pair of Uggs that I will still put on my footsies for a cold winter night. I used to wear mine outside, but I had to draw the line. I think I will upgrade to a new pair when winter comes again in the Southern Hemisphere.

    When I was living in Paris the past few years all I saw were teen and 20’s girls wearing Uggs in the winter- I was shocked that so many French fashionettes had embraced them.

    I actually moved my Uggs to Paris but never wore them there, my go-to for cozy slippers for my Paris Apartment are my (now sadly worn out) shearling lined Anniel booties. I picked them up during winter soldes at a neighborhood shoe store and I love them so much!

  • I have had a pair of Uggs for at least 20 years, and they are cozy and so comfortable when it is cold. However, don’t try to walk in snow, the flatness of the sole and the way the treads are on the bottom catch the snow and make you slip on your a$$. Fair warning!

  • I’m in California wearing my ugly ass Uggs while I’m reading this. They’re perfect, all warm and cozy. I never intended to own a pair (or two) and most certainly never intended to wear them outside but I have, many times. I feel guilty of being a shlumph while wearing the Uggs so I may have to upgrade to a sexy pair of the Stuart Weitzmans’

  • Une de mes meilleurs amies m’a obligée à acheter une paire de Uggs il y a 7 ans. J’ai des pieds de chameau avec, mais elles sont confortables et chaudes. Je les porte chaque hiver depuis ce jour fatidique. Donc, si vous êtes à Paris ou Montréal et vous avez vu un chameau passer….c’était moi !

  • Uggs are over.

    Over and so vastly overpriced that they should never be revived.

    Slippers are the thing! Mine are from Greece and feature a huge woolly pompon; I love them!

  • Je n’ai pas de UGG, mais des chaussons polonais qui sont dans le même style :
    Je les adore, ils sont chauds, douillets et méga confortables. Très kitch, ridicules et improbables mais pour rien au monde je les changerais pour des chaussons classes. J’en prends vraiment soin. Jamais je ne sors dans la cour avec de peur de réduire leur durée de vie.

  • I own 5 pairs of uggs: two of their ballet flats, one pair of a low duck boot style, and two pairs of boots with goring stretch sides. Neither of the boots are the normal ugg style and are great outdoor hiking boots Because they have good tread.

    People are always surprised that these shoes are uggs.

    They’re really good quality and with replaceable shearling insoles for those that have them, they can last a really long time.

  • J’adore ton article Garance !! on dirait moi !!

    Je n’ai pas de “vraies” Ugg (trop cher pour mon budget “trucs pour trainer et rester à la maison”), mais une piètre copie achetée genre 6€ dans un Auchan… pas glam du tout, mais bon ça me convient très bien pour aller dans mon jardin ou mettre la poubelle quand il fait bien froid dehors (vive la Lorraine!)

  • A paris je m’etais dit : jamais de la vie, c’est trop moche.
    Et puis j’ai demenage a Pekin et la, j’ai vu ce qu’etait le veritable froid. Impossible de me promener 10 minutes dans la rue sans avoir les orteils congeles. Et les miens deviennent tout blancs, le sang arête de circuler, c’est assez flippant.
    J’ai donc achete des (fausses) Uggs dans un marche et pour 10 euros, j’ai sauve mes pieds. Je changeais juste de chaussures au bureau (et encore, pas tous les jours vu que mes collegues chinoises en portaient toutes allegrement) (le debut de la fin du style)
    Maintenant je vis en Allemagne, il fait froid, et j’en ai rachete, toujours des fausses, mais j’aimerais bien savoir s’il y a une difference avec les vraies ? J’ai du mal a envisager de de depenser 200 euros pour des chaussures aussi moches ahah. Sachant que les miennes ne se sont jamais affaissees… En revanche elles ne sont pas waterproof.. est-ce que c’est ca la difference ? Enfin bref je suis une adepte, pour la chaleur on ne fait pas mieux. Mais j’avoue que je ne me promene pas longtemps avec, juste pour des courts trajets, mes courses, aller a la gym…

  • Another Kate November, 25 2015, 3:37 / Reply

    Thank goodness you have Neada to guide you on appropriate ugg usage. Only a true Australian knows.

  • une photo? ;-)

  • Ugh boots are from Australia. We would
    Never wear them out of the house!!!!! Ever!!!!!! I got my first pair as a baby and we wear them as slippers and on camps. For us they are just part of our culture and have been for many many years but not something we’d think of as being particularly attractive.

  • palomarosa November, 25 2015, 4:10 / Reply

    Entre les Birkestocks qui font des pieds de canar, les Uggs qui font des pieds d’éléphant, et cette espèces de babouches en cuir avec de la fourure dedans, mon coeur balance. Mais j’ai quand même (après beaucoup de résistance) acheté les Uggs parce que je vis dans un payes ou il fait très froid en hiver. Comme je me déplace souvent à vélo je les mets avec une doudoune (autre chose affreuse)….. mais nécessité fait loi. Il faut pas être toujours élégante et sexy. De tout façon pour moi le style c’est aussi savoir s’habiller en fonction de circonstances. Je me vois mal aller faire les courses au marché pieds nus dans des escarpins à haut talons par -10°C. Maintenant soyons honnêtes toutes ces choses à la mode comme les vêtements oversize si peut féminines, les jeans 3/4 évasé complètement ridicules, ou ces chaussures à plateforme si inconfortables et laides, on les porte sans se poser trop de questions parce que ce sont des “must-haves” et qu’ il faut absolument les avoir! Demain les Uggs vont peut être être aussi un “must-have” et plus perçons ne les trouvera si moches.
    Comme quoi le beau et le laid sont des notions relatives.

  • For me the best thing about Uggs is to wear them without socks also outdoors. It feels like wearing flipflops in winter!

  • Can’t live without mine.

  • J’avais dis que JAMAIS je ne suivrai tous les moutons parisiens en Stan Smith…. et hier, j’ai acheté…… une paire de Stan Smith (d’occasion, elles sont déjà usées à point, et moins neuves éclatantes pour rejoindre votre débat sur les sneakers ^^). Cet achat contradictoire, comme si suite aux événements, j’avais besoin de réagir avec cet élément de mode futile pour me sentir une vraie parisienne et déclarer à Paris que je l’aime !
    Excuse sans queue ni tête, mais qui fait de moi une énième parisienne avec des Stan Smith aux pieds !!

  • NO WAY. JAMAIS. En plus mon mari m’a prévenue: c’est motif de divorce. Par contre j’ai des mocassins fourrés Minnetonka. Ça fait “étudiant en philo à Harvard” comme dit mon mari, mais il est plus tolérant que sur le pied informe que fait la Ugg…

  • My sister in law gave me Uggs a few years ago for Christmas, and I am ashamed to love their comfort. That said, my pro tip: totally ruin the suede by *accidentally* wearing them in winter slush one day. Then they’ll be to gross looking to ever wear out of the house!

  • Well, I really dislike Uggs… But four years ago I bought a pair of Crocs, which I still find ugly, and have never been able to replace them for any cute, feminine slippers (I tried, but no). I only wear it at home and will never be on the street wearing it, but I perfectly understand the Ugg thing (when worn at home).

  • Evidemment, 2 paires, se sont mes meilleures amies !

  • Wearing a pair of black ones right this second, (ok, they’re actually Emus) but yes, ONLY AT HOME. They’re like perfect cozy warm slippers, but I can still go outside and get the mail and let the chickens out. Montana is cold, so I wear them every day! And I work from home, so they almost never leave my feet. Welcome to the club.

  • So funny. this post made me giggle a lot! Gemma xx

  • Pamela Anderson has a new line with boots similar to UGGS. They’re almost as ugly but without the animal exploitation and abuse.

  • IDK what’s wrong with me but I’ve always found them strangely….good-looking. I think it’s the size, cause they are practically the only shoes (I’m 5″) that make my legs look like stick-figures I’ve seen on models during my WHOLE LIFE. So I think it’s that. Plus, of course, the comfy thing, I’m from Finland and when the first minus degrees hit us I was like OK, bye other shoes, I’ll see you in April, I’m getting SO OLD that I refuse to let my feet freeze anymore !!!

    But HEY, girls who feel comfortable are always sexy right?? ;)

  • Ah, too funny! Love the behind the scenes look at your … brain? thoughts? I’ve always been anti-ugg, but I do understand the appeal! Check out my latest interview with ethical fashion site founder, Tavie Meier of MadeFAIR here:

  • Moi !
    Je porte des Uggs depuis longtemps, si longtemps que l’on me regardait de travers à Genève à l’époque. Je les achetais sur internet aux US car on ne les trouvait pas encore ici. Et j’avoue que je les aime pour les mêmes raisons que toi. J’ai de grandes jambes alors ça passe. J’ai vu le modèle slim, plus fin, qui me fait de l’oeil !!
    Des bisous ma belle Garance !

  • I remember when Uggs were really trendy when I was at high school. They were EVERYWHERE and this was one of the reasons I never wanted them. I also knew that with my very average height they simply wouldn’t flatter me.

    For me they were an opposite of chic and a symbol of following fashion mindlessly. I won’t say I’ve never followed trends (I happen to love some of them) but this was the one that I simply couldn’t understand. Despite of people’s claims how comfy those shoes were, for me they appeared so impractical. I just didn’t like the fact that they were all made of soft material, as this didn’t seem like a good idea for a rainy a/w weather.

    But one day I found out how right I was. I worked at an accessory store which also offered shoes. Once I had a girl client who wanted to try on a pair of our boots. She had Uggs on and when she took them off… well, they smelled so badly. It was like they absorbed all the sweat, and they were also super wet on the outside (it was somewhere around November). A musty smell was everywhere. Of course she may have had some sort of problem with excess sweating, but I don’t think it would be so noticeable in leather boots.

    But it’s not like I want to condemn your choice, Garance. I totally understand the problem of your cold feet and I also own a pair of slippers that resemble Uggs a bit. At home, comfort is everything. But I wouldn’t step outside in them!

  • with me it was just the same: “how ugh, i’ll never wear them”, blabla until my feet touched them. the softness, the warmth, the coziness. now i own two pairs and i do wear them outside because they are perfect for winter-walks through the forrest. and my man surprised me just as well when he said i’d look pretty sexy wearing them with a mini-skirt. ha!

  • Comment ça cracher sur des Uggs? Ca va pas la tête? Elles ne sont pas aussi moches que certaines le prétendent mais c’est vrai que leur usage est plus adapté à la maison que dehors car dans la neige, eh bien elles glissent. La semelle n’est pas faite pour.
    Je me souviens que la première fois où je les ai essayées c’était en solde dans un magasin chic. A côté de moi il y avait un type dont la femme essayait des bottes super ultra sexy et il m’a regardée avec le plus profond mépris, comme si j’étais une petite merde. Humiliée, j’ai regardé les Uggs: haha c’est marrant mais je ne les ai pas achetés.

    Comme je n’arrivais pas a trouver des bottines fourrées pour l’hiver j’ai fini par acheter des Uggs mais c’est vrai que c’est à la maison comme pantoufles d’hiver qu’elles font leur usage.

    A L.A toutes les filles en ont en hiver: micro short, hoodie et Uggs.

    Les Uggs c’est comme le manteau en vraie fourrure: seules celles qui n’en ont jamais porté quand il fait froid sont contre….

    Et PS: ce sont les contrefaçons qui se déforment, les miennes ont plusieurs années et elles n’ont pas bougé.

  • J’ai envie de te dire : augmente le chauffage !
    Ca sent le post sur les crocs au printemps prochain tout ça .. ( mais c’est super pratique, le pied respire, et d’un confort !)

  • Moi aussi, mais strictly for home bien sure!!

  • I do. I always have replace a new pair every 2 years. Its a prerequisite for winter. Only around my neighbourhood/home. And only in Australia. If I’m say, in NY/Paris or any other cool fashion capitals, then I’d say it is strictly for home.

  • jajaja, LOL !!! I don’t have a pair of UGGS, always thought they were not for me, but after reading this post, I want to try them for once and maybe will change my old opinion… why the most comfortable shoes are mostly ugly ??? we need shoe designers who can create shoes that are as comfortable as UGGS and somehow still look elegant !!! that would be a fashion dream come true !!!

  • J’ai préféré acheté une paire de sabots, semelle en bois, peau de vrai vache sur le dessus, c’est très chaud et il me semble que c’est beaucoup plus joli aux pieds. Il faut tout de même avoir une silhouette assez fine pour se permettre de porter des UGGS, enfin cela n’engage que moi !!!!

  • Depuis toujours!! Being Aussie I have grown up with uggs and have managed to convert my French husband who now lives in them at home and has even bought them as gifts for his family. Bring on the ugg!

  • I was a fan of Uggs when they were super popular in the 00’s mostly because we went on lots of road trips and they were so comfortable. I trashed 3 pairs that way. My last pair had a hole in the toe and I finally threw them away last year. I regretted it shortly after. Those were my comfort boots. I contemplated buying new ones but couldn’t bring myself to spend 200$ on house boots/ errand boots. A few month ago I walked into my favorite thrift shop and found a brand new pair, the really luxe ones with the side zip, high in black. I couldn’t believe it ! And 5$ !! I took it as a sign, my feet and these are meant to be. Now that it’s getting cold they are all I want to wear. I hate the cold ! I don’t care if they are ugly and I never dress to impress anyone but myself. I’m sold on them for life and when these wear out, I’ll buy some more

  • Hahaaaa les UGGS!! La dernière fois ma meilleure amie s’est ramenée au bar des Uggs au pieds et trop fière d’elle, j’ai failli m’étouffer. En vrai j’ai une paire de fausses Uggs achetées chez Cache-cache en 2003, quand j’avais 13 ans. Achetées en guise de chaussons car même à l’époque je ne pouvais me résigner à sortir comme ça de chez moi, et ben malgré leur qualité à 2 balles je les mets toujours tous les hivers! Vraiment top comme chausson, et les vraies doivent être encore plus confortables!

  • I never understood what problem exactly people have with uggs – to me, they are perfect casual wear for winter. And I live in Moscow, where winter takes serious 3-4 months and the temperature is -5 to -10, sometimes plunging below -20… Uggs are comfortable and keep my feet warm. And I actually think they look nice when paired with slim fit or straight jeans.

  • Hahaha, j’adore cet article t’es vraiment drole! J’ai pas de UGG mais j’ai des MOU (qui sont le meme concept mais avec un design un petit peu different). Et perso les MOU sont nikel, elles ajoutent un petit cote boho ethnique que j’aime beaucoup et se marrient tres bien avec jeans ou robes… Donc je les mets tous les jours, y compris a NY!

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