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I finished my book. For everyone around me, that means absolutely nothing. I’ve been saying I was finishing my book for three months now. But this time it’s really true! I submitted all my texts, all my illustrations, all my photos. The layout is almost ready.
I feel like I’m going to explode with joy! And on top of it all, it’s springtime.

Ok, I promise. I won’t talk to you about the book any more until it comes out!
(We’re organizing a super cool book tour! Ok, I’ll shut up)

Yeah! 100% full time back on the blog!!!!

I’m on my way to Costa Rica. Hehe. Yes, yes, again. I knew I had to submit my book by March 20th, so my boyfriend and I (wooops, sort of discreet-ish official announcement!!!)(if you follow me on Instagram, you might have figured it out already)(some people in the comments played detective and got it months ago)(#InstagramVsRealLife) so him and I are in the plane on our way to Costa Rica right now.
This time, I brought my computer, and I plan to work from there, because I told myself that if I manage to get lots done while I’m there, I can let myself go there more often!

I’ve been taken over by an unprecedented shopping frenzy. I think spending all winter dressed like an extreme explorer (my Canada Goose coat is called “Expedition” and let me tell you, it’s a very appropriate name considering how this winter, even going out to get the newspaper felt like an expedition) really made me excited to live again. And to dress like a girl.

By the way, we were talking about that at a social gathering the other day (bahaha, “social gathering”) and we were wondering if going through a horrible winter makes you even happier in the spring? Like, are you so depressed that by the time spring arrives, it’s a double explosion of happiness?
I was actually one of the people who didn’t think so. If I have to spend another winter that bad, I’m moving back to Corsica.

The official reason for my trip to Costa Rica: to keep learning how to surf, because if I’m away from it for too long, I’ll never be able to keep it up.

The unofficial reason?
Well, to celebrate finishing my book!
And escape the unending New York winter.

And think about where I’m at in my life (I won’t even tell you how many books on the meaning of life recommended by Oprah I downloaded—I should be embarrassed, but Oprah says we should be who we are and not be ashamed, so I’m admitting it, there you go.)
And learn how to surf.

Ok, the other unofficial reason: I want to lose a few pounds. And get more toned.
Nothing makes you feel more like a whale than having a book to write (sitting on your couch), during a super violent winter (that makes you want to do nothing of your free time but sit on your couch watching shows and eating potatoes). So I decided to start doing Pilates and never snack again in my life.

Eating chips in the plane doesn’t count, right?

Plus, if you consider the time difference, it’s actually lunchtime in New York anyway.

Oh yeah, speaking of tv shows, who won the (unofficial) contest for watching all of House of Cards? Probably me. I watched the whole thing in three days. One weekend! After that, I felt like I’d accomplished some great feat—I was strangely proud of myself. You know, the kind of pride you can’t really tell anyone about?
(Because the truth is, it’s totally No Life to spend all weekend watching a tv show)
(The only thing that reassures me is that I know I’m not the only one)

So now I’ve started watching Bloodlines, obviously. And Bates Motel. And Game of Thrones is about to start up again!!!

Did you totally give up on Scandal too, since last season was so completely cheesy?

I really really want a dog right now, so here’s a mission for you, if you choose to accept it: Please talk me out of it.

Yeah, but just a little one that I can take on trips with me? No, not even a little one? are you sure?

What about one that doesn’t bark? That must exist, right?

Or one that goes out all by itself!? Are there any dogs like that? Or dogs that don’t smell like a dog?

Ok I think I actually just talked myself out of it.

So there you go, that’s all my news for now. Next time, I’ll tell you about my quest for the perfect jeans. And it will be full of secret clues, for all you budding detectives out there ;)

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • Mon chien ressemble presque à 100% à ta description :) à part qu’elle aboie un peu, mais c’est gérable si on arrive à faire preuve d’un peu de sévérité.
    Elle pèse 2,5kg, donc pas de souci pour voyager, sent très bon, mange peu, n’a pas besoin de plus de 10mn de promenade par jour (du moment qu’elle en a une un peu grosse dans la semaine). Il paraît qu’on peut leur apprendre à faire pipi sur une litière comme un chat, mais je n’ai pas essayé. Donc si tu veux tenter, je te recommande cette race: le Russky Toy à poils long. Plus mignon chien du monde ahah

  • This post will be oficially on the top three ever!!
    XOX, Gap.

  • Le chien presque parfait! Trop cute!

  • Ohh congrats for having finished writing your book and enjoy your vacation!!!!

    Le monde des petites

  • Ma Garance,i can’t tell you how curious i am to finally read your book,the great news are official…. love is in the air…wonderful!!! and spring is in NY finally …..with all this good news what a wonderful day to start the morning..
    all my love
    Yael Guetta

  • Glad to have you back :)
    Congrats on the book feat and enjoy your vacation!!

  • Tu n’as pas honte de nous envie avec ton voyage au Costa Rica alors que nous, on n’en peut plus non plus, de cet hiver interminable !
    Fais nous de jolies photos au moins et je veux te voir debout sur un surf !!!
    Allez, bonnes vacances quand même !

  • Congratulations on finishing the book, I really look forward to flipping through it! And please Garance, make sure London is on your book tour list!

  • Katerina March, 24 2015, 9:31 / Reply

    Congratulations on the book (and boyfriend:)
    Will there be a European book tour? That would be great!
    as for the dog, well, instead of talking you out of it, how about adopting one in Costa Rica? we did the same and she was our family member for 15 years!

  • Victoria March, 24 2015, 9:35 / Reply

    Basenji is the perfect dog for you!! totally another dimension of fun, energy, respect, elegance and curiosity. AND they don’t bark ) the only breed of dogs that developed naturally in fact.

  • This one is so adorable too!!!

  • 1. génial génial génial !!! j’ai trop hâte de le voir !! Il sort quand ? Et pour

  • Many Congrats! And not just on finishing your book! And not just on going to CR with your petit ami. Are you sure you’re allowed to surf in your condition – ahh.. that’s only the official reason! Felicitations Garance!!

  • What! Seriously, I’ve missed everything :)))

  • Trop trop contente pour toi !
    Reviens de tes (je sais pas pourquoi je te tutoies on se connait pas, mais tant pis) vacances avec plein de photos !!
    Hate d’en savoir plus sur le livre !!
    PS: Ton amoureux est super beau la vache.

  • Congrats on finishing your book! I’ve been working on one for 10 years so it’s impressive to me! Surfing in Costa Rica sounds like a dream, not that I surf, but I would like to lie on a beach somewhere right about now. I couldn’t agree more re: Scandal (I’m only just finished with Season 3, is season 4 even worse?!), it has gone too far into conspiracy craziness overload for me. As for dogs, obviously do not get a dog unless you are completely committed. But I will say my Mom has a miniature poodle, they don’t shed or smell much at all (they do need regular trips to the groomer which helps this though), and are very smart and adorable.

  • 1. génial génial génial !!! j’ai trop hâte de le voir !! Il sort quand ? Et pourquoi tu veux plus en parler, je suis tellement curieuse de le voir !!
    4. oui oui instagram tue la privacy ! (je l’avais vu aussi)
    15. prends en un ! un chien c’est génial (j’en ai 2)
    16. oui ya les chiens à la mode pas plus gros que des chats mais c’est pas des vrais chiens quoi
    17. bien sur, tout dépend de la race et de l’éducation (donc ne prends pas un petit, ils ont tendance à crier pour compenser leur petite taille)
    18. les chiens ca ne pue pas ou alors ils ont un problème de santé, tout pareil que les humains

  • C’est toujours un plaisir de vous lire :) Vous avez une manière très fun de raconter les choses, Amusez vous bien au Costa Rica :)

  • Bouquin fini, tu dois être soulagée !! Bravo ;)

  • Can’t wait to read the book!!

  • Neringa March, 24 2015, 9:53 / Reply

    Concerning your 15-19 notes, it seems that you need a basenji. That is a breed that does not smell like a dog and does not bark :). However, it howls :)

  • Félicitations pour le livre!!!! S’il te plait dit nous dans quelle langue va sortir en premier, français ou anglais?
    Merci, et bonne vacance !!!! xxx

  • Norelis March, 24 2015, 9:55 / Reply

    Congratulations!!! on the book, the boyfriend, good for you!!! I normally don’t leave comments but I just returned myself from a week in Costa Rica, what a wonderful place!!! I had read your previous post on learning how to surf and how your body aches in places you didn’t even know exists. So I found myself in this exact same situation and I was like, OMG I’m going to die…but at the end it is all worth it, the first time you stand on that board and ride that wave to shore is total bliss so go girl! Post some pictures of you surfing ;-)

  • Bravo pour ton livre, et ton nouvel amoureux c’est mr jazz man?
    il est très beau, contente pour toi!!

  • Garance–everything is awesome. Regarding the dog–my mom gave me those parameters. She told me we could get a dog if it didn’t bark, shed, or smell. She thought that kind of dog didn’t exist, but I found a type that met those undoggily standards…the Basenji! An Africa hound dog that doesn’t bark, but yodel and our Mandy never smelled bad… in fact, she would always roll in the debris of my perfume! She would sunbath all day and during winter she sat in front of the register! My vote for you: a Basenji!

  • <ohlala j'apprends donc pour le chéri, je regarde sur IG et là je vois qu'il est canon et musicien ! Jealoussssss !

  • ohlala j’apprends donc pour le chéri, je regarde sur IG et là je vois qu’il est canon et musicien ! Jealoussssss !

  • I can’t wait for your book, i’m sure it will be great :) And great timing for surfing and going to a warmer place, i’m so jealous.

    I gave up Scandal and House of Cards also, because both of them have crappy seasons.

  • I never watched Scandal and I agree about House of Cards…that Kevin Spacey tho!

  • Je peux avouer un truc? Ca me manquait ce genre de post ! Ca se sent quand même quand tu es “moins présente” ici !
    J’ai hâte de voir ton livre, je suis sure que ce sera super chouette.

    Rien à voir avec ça, mais de mon côté j’écris “mon livre”. En fait je me suis dit que vu que j’ai 30 ans, j’aimerais bien consigner les “petites leçons de vie” que j’ai glané, les voyages que j’ai fait etc… Bref des mini mémoires de ma première tranche de vie. Pas pour le publier, mais pour l’ouvrir à 70 ans, en me rappelant le bon, le moins bon, ce que ça m’a appris. Narcissique? Peut être! Mais si j’ai Alzheimer ça me paraîtra tout neuf !! Bon je n’ai pas ton talent ou une quelconque notion de photoshop donc ce sera surement un livre photo “amélioré” (mais bon je suis sure qu’il doit y avoir un tuto youtube ecrire son livre… cela dit si j’arrive pas à imiter les youtubeuses qui font un trait de liner je suis mal barrée).

    Bref, je pense qu’on devrait tous avoir un petit bout de nous sur papier, dans un coin, parce que même si on ne fait rien d’exceptionnel, on participe tous un peu (cf Cloud Atlas pour les cinéphiles). Et qui sait, peut être qu’un jour une petite fille ouvrira ce livre, et se dira “elle est complètement jetée” ou “tiens c’est marrant” ou que sais je (même si les livres sont censés disparaître, je pense que le côté charnel du papier et le côté déco (faut l’avouer) empêchera de tous les mettre à la benne!

  • I can’t talk you out of a dog, adopting my dachshund 9 years ago was the best decision I have ever made. He fits in a carry-on under the seat in front of me and has moved with me from the US to Africa and now the Caribbean. It’s so nice to come home at the end of the day to some unconditional love. I stopped making terrible decisions about men around the same time I got my dog. Maybe the dog love filled a void, maybe it was just because I couldn’t impulsively spend the night with someone because I had to go home and let the dog out. Either way, I think there is a correlation.

  • Que de bonne nouvelles ! Un livre qui sort bientot, un nouvel amoureux, du surf au Costa Rica, un enthousiasme et une joie de vivre qui jaillissent de ce post ! Congrats and good luck pour tout, chere Garance.

  • Un bébé chien ? Fais un bébé humain, c’est mieux. ;-)

  • Fabienne March, 24 2015, 11:39

    C’est peut-être cela la quête du jean parfait ! Un spécial édito apparemment pleins de sous-entendus !
    Bonnes vacances au Costa Rica.

  • Can you make sure Cape Town is on your book tour?

    (I know its a bit out of the way, but you can continue your surf lessons here!)

  • Uhhhh… this is a very happy Garance! I’m glad that you’ve finished your book because I’m soooooooo looking forward to it. And have a great time in Costa Rica! I’m sure you’ll come back a bronzed surf Godess with lots of work done. In the meantime I’ll nest my Spring is here depression (yes, I’ll fast forward to Summer if I could but this Middle Earth… I hate it) with a little bit of chocolate with a side of ice cream. I’ve decided that if I don’t upload any pictures on social media looking fat it means that I’m not fat.
    A dog is ALWAYS a good idea. Think dachshund. :)

  • Garance, you have a new boyfriend and now you want a dog?? Hahahahahahahahahaha ;)

  • I have a normally well behaved dog that I love dearly who peed all over my white couch last week and ruined it. Along with the pillows and the blanket that were on it. So….

  • Jane with the noisy terrier March, 24 2015, 10:48 / Reply

    So many things about this post made me very happy. Can’t wait for your book. Your boyfriend looks like a movie star and is super creative and talented — a perfect match! Looking outside my window here on Hilton Head Island, I can see my neighbors azaleas in almost full bloom, mine (named Azalea Banks) should be out in their fuchsia glory in about a week or so. Yes, even though I missed the awful NYC winter, we’ve had a pretty wet one down here so I too am doing a happy dance as I pack up winter sweaters and shake the wrinkles out of linen shirts. You’re passionate about learning to surf, I’m obsessed with my twice weekly pottery class. Something so therapeutic about throwing clay pots. You have to learn something new every year, it’s the secret to staying young! And finally. Get a dog. I met you, thanks to my noisy and nosy terrier! Petey’s big for the breed (Cairn terrier), but most are 13-14 lbs, they don’t shed, not hyper-active but super smart. Petey’s been traveling since he was 4 months old, it’s easy. I’ve never regretted getting a dog for a minute and with your work situation, you could bring him to the Studio. Take the plunge!

  • MissPimpin March, 24 2015, 10:48 / Reply

    la vache, jamais vu quelqu’un se remettre sur pieds aussi vite, avec de nouvelles aventures si vite! moi je dis WAOUH !!!
    ET je suis d’accord avec Val de Bruxelles, tant que t’en es à plein de nouveaux projets, le bébé c’est mieux que le chien :-)

  • Garance, it’s wonderful :) my day is so full of great news from everyone!

    aaand of course I want a dog so much I want to cry. But I also travel. And work a lot. So no dog for me :(

  • asianfreak March, 24 2015, 10:53 / Reply

    Trouver le jean parfait en étant enceinte, c’est un challenge!!!!
    mais c’est carrément possible, en e choisissant bien taille basse.


  • Aaaaah! Alors c’est de cela qu’il s’agirait dans l’énigmatique phrase de fin…. ;-)

  • Checked out your Instagram…ooh la la!

  • Lisa Walker March, 24 2015, 11:04 / Reply

    Lots of clapping emojis right now!

  • MerCarrie March, 24 2015, 11:05 / Reply

    So happy you are back! Missed your texts so much – the break was like forever, i’m glad the book is finished though! Have fun at Costa Rica – hope you’ll reset there.
    And the dog thing…seriously??? Think about last/present winter and imagine you have (i mean like really HAVE) to walk a dog…you can have a dog on your iPhone wallpaper or on computer – and hey-it won’t bark at all – how genius Is that! Bisous!

  • Alors comme ça on sort un livre?? on a un amoureux ??(je te suis sur IG et je n’ai rien capté…) On s’envole pour le Costa Rica?? (une collègue en revient et a adoré, elle nous a tous convaincu d’y aller). Ça fait beaucoup de (bonnes) nouvelles tous ça !!
    J’adore ton article ! Il donne envie d’accomplir aussi de bonnes choses. Il donne tellement la pèche ! Bravo pour ton livre que j’achèterai parce que j’adore ta façon d’écrire et puis…parce que je te kiffe !

  • J’adore ce genre de posts :) en tout cas toutes mes félicitations pour le livre, c’est absolument génial !! Et profite bien du Costa Rica, à te lire on se rend compte comme l’hiver a dû être horrible à NY !

  • congrats on your book! I can’t wait until it’s out. And new boyfriend — so happy for you.

    have fun in Costa Rica!

  • vanessa la belge March, 24 2015, 11:23 / Reply

    Waooouuuuuuw !!!! Ca en fait des supers nouvelles ça !
    (il est CANON ! )

  • GRATULATIONS!! Et bonnes vacances! Et écris-nous plus sur ton livre.. xxSol

  • Lisa Walker March, 24 2015, 11:28 / Reply

    OMG just stalked your lovelife and girl did you find your match! Woot! (sorry, feel like I know you!).

  • I’m glad to read this beautiful news! I red now what you wrote about the dream to make a book. It looks like a signal, in this same time, I’m thinking with all my self that’s is the moment to write a book too. So: congratulations! :)

  • Ah ah je viens de découvrir le nouvel amoureux ! Un musicien, c’est bon ça ! :-) Bravo pour le livre, bonnes vacances et pour le chien avec ton métier ça va être compliqué (sauf si tu as une nounou ). Pour les kilos faut choisir…être amoureuse ou mince (tu nous avais parlé de ça une fois) et puis ça s’appelle être épanouie ! (de toute façon lorsqu’on bosse dans la mode avec toutes ces filles taille -0, on a vite l’air obèse).

  • Je pense avoir compris en regardant votre compte IG des 22 et 23 novembre 2014…
    Et donc mon commentaire du compte IG du 8 février 2015 de cet homme sublime n’est sans doute pas une vue de l’esprit …
    Je suis heureuse pour vous que je ne connais pas …
    Pura vida !

  • Ghislaine March, 24 2015, 12:13 / Reply

    Aaah chère Garance, tes articles “perso” me manquaient …J’aime les posts de ces dernières semaines, mais c’est vraiment pas pareil sans tes écrits, tes posts sont l’essence du blog :D
    Ravie de te retrouver, Bon séjour au Costa Rica!

    Des bises Garance xxx

  • Best City Dog: Boston Terrier. They are not chatty and are very smart and stylish — always wearing a tux ; )

  • congrats on the book! so happy for you :)

  • Trop hâte de lire ton livre! J’espère que tu vas passer à Montréal dans ta tournée…
    Attends encore quelques semaines par contre, car ici, on a encore droit à des -20 C!!! Ce qui annonce effectivement un printemps festif… Après un hiver pareil, les gens seront fous de joie dès la première belle journée, et c’est le moment de l’année que je préfère!
    Profites bien du Costa Rica et de ton amoureux! xx

  • Jennifer March, 24 2015, 12:53 / Reply

    Congratulations! Book finished, back to surfing and boyfriend Bravo!
    Don’t get a dog. They are wonderful but lots of work.
    As for jeans, I’m hunting too I love JBrand. And I am loving the flares.
    Congrats again! Cheers!

  • I’ve been in anticipation for this book since you first mentioned it. So I have to say that am really really excited about it. Hopefully the publishing of it will coincide with me moving to a new city as am already thinking of how I want to decorate my new house and your book is definitely a part of it!!
    Sooooo exciting that you finally broke the silent about your boyfriend! I am very happy for you, he looks very handsome.

  • mademoiselle mauve March, 24 2015, 1:10 / Reply

    un post comme on les aime ! merci Garance !
    quant aux bouquins dont tu parles arf moi aussi suis en plein dedans… j’aimerai avoir une vie aussi passionnante que la tienne ! :D
    bises from Paris !

  • Yeahhh Garance! Félicitation pour avoir fini ton livre!! Si tu viens pas à Londres pour ta tournée, je vais pleurer, j’ai vraiment envie d’essayer de te rencontrer. *-* Et chanceuse d’être au Costa Rica!! Merci pour toutes ces news, ça fait plaisir de savoir un peu où tu en es. J’avais aussi capté pour ton nouvel amoureux vu que je suis ton instagram, ça fait plaisir de te voir heureuse de nouveau. L’envie d’être féminine je l’ai aussi car c’est le printemps et puis peut-être comme toi car j’ai quelqu’un pour qui l’être. ;) Je suis belle et bien prise de fureur shopping, je veux des talons, des haut sympas et un nouveau rouge à lèvre! Sinon pour le chien, je rêve d’en avoir un depuis petite, mais ma mère est allergique et c’est vrai que l’odeur de chien (mouillé surtout) c’est horrible… Tu veux pas un poisson rouge genre Némo? (je plaisante ^^). Ton post a illuminé ma journée franchement, j’ai tellement de boulot en ce moment que je stress tout le temps, je vais m’évader au Costa Rica dans mes pensées. ^^
    Bon surf Garance et profites bien de ton escapade.

  • Un chien petit, qui n’aboie pas, qui ne sent pas le chien et qui sort tout seul, ça s’appelle un chat :)

  • bavarian_blue March, 24 2015, 1:34 / Reply

    Enjoy the bright side of life in XXL !!

  • Bonnes vacances et félicitations pour ton livre, inch’Allah tu passeras faire un tour à Marseille pour en faire la promo :) ah et le plus important vive l’amour dans tout l’univers (lis l’Alchimiste de Paolo Coelho c’est trop de la bombe) ok j’arrête avec ma joie mais ton article m’a rendu euphorique merci <3

  • Congrats on finishing the book and the new fella! :) I can’t wait to read your book and to (hopefully) see you on your book tour. You never cease to be a source of inspiration. Have fun in Costa Rica!

  • What a nice post, my dear! And I will join all of your readers in a big Congratulations on finishing THE BOOK!!
    I look forward to its publication, and a chance to meet you on the book tour, should you be coming to California. Your handsome and talented man is perfect for you, here’s wishing you a delightful vacation, great waves, and sunny days together.

  • karacocoa March, 24 2015, 2:12 / Reply

    I’m anxiously awaiting your book Garance.

  • Marianne March, 24 2015, 2:22 / Reply

    Trop top ! Ce post met de bonne humeur, tu envoies des bonnes énergies ! : )
    J’ai tellement hâte de voir et lire ton livre ! Profite bien de ton voyage au Costa Rica !
    Est ce qu’il y aura aussi un résultat du concours newsletter ?
    Et tellement hâte aussi de lire le post sur la quête du jean parfait ! : )
    Bonnes vacances !

  • nathalie March, 24 2015, 2:32 / Reply

    bon voyage quelle bonheur.
    Dans un mois je serai a NY pour 6 jours, j’en rêve, j’emmène enfin mon fils de 10 ans. Mais pas mon chien !!! 7 kg une petite boule de poil adoptée à la SPA en juillet dernier Elle ressemble à un renard je craque, je suis sous le charme bref gaga alors ne compte pas sur moi pour te dissuader !

  • La quête pour le jean parfait……. quand on est une future maman ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is the first time I’ve read one of your posts, what a giggle! I shall endeavour to read more of them in the future :-)) Hx

  • Vanessa March, 24 2015, 3:12 / Reply

    Wow, ton ami est …superbe (.Mes excuses pour le tutoiement.). Sa photo me laisse sans émane de lui une force tranquille.
    Je me dis juste qu’ a presque 35 piges …tout espoir n’est pas perdu. Mon prince charmant est aussi quelque part, il a juste perdu son GPS et ….il me faut aller à sa rencontre.

    Profites de ces moments precieux.
    Bonnes vacances.

  • Absolutely love this! And all the amazing news ;) I can already tell by the tone of voice in your writing that you are back to full time Garance blogging and I’m so excited for that! Bonnes vacances !

  • Cool de savoir que tu vas bien et que tu REVIENS sur le blog!!! Heureuse de lire que la vie est belle pour toi et que l’amour a pointé le bout de son nez (qu’il a joli ton nouvel amoureux!) et que tu continues à faire du surf! PROFITE BIEN et reviens nous bronzée, détendue et avec plein de choses à nous raconter/partager! HAVE FUN!
    PS: le chien… euh vraiment? VRAIMENT?!!!!!

  • Congrats for your book!
    The perfect dog is a Whippet ????, it doesn’t bark, it doesn’t smell, it is very sweet and it is so cool! The only thing it is it weighs more then 10 kg so you cannot bring it with you in plane’s cabina. I have a female.

  • Félicitations pour la fin de ton livre!! Je comprends comment tu te sens, comme lorsque j’ai terminé ma thèse de maitrise en décembre. Profites en bien!

  • Lara Berdine March, 24 2015, 3:44 / Reply

    Superbe! I was told when I bought my french bulldog Fredo he was a “silent Breed”. Which turned out to not be true AT ALL. But he fits in a travel sherpa for the plane. Pack that Canada Goose AWAY!

  • the perfect jeans??? secret clues??? OMG OMG OMG =D

  • J’espère que tu ne prendras pas mal ma remarque MAIS ton nouvel amoureux est trop canon !!!!!!!!! :D (Allez avoue, ça fait toujours plaisir ;))
    Hâte de lire ton livre !

  • Je veux pas faire mon renard détective mais ça sent le jean kangourou (des marsupiaux en prévision?)

  • Céline March, 24 2015, 4:04 / Reply

    Super pour ton livre :)
    Et profite bien du Costa-Rica, j’adorerais apprendre le surf! Pour ma part, je crois que j’ai deviné l’identité du mystérieux amoureux grâce à Instagram!
    Recommence Scandal : cette dernière saison redevient meilleure avec de bons épisodes dignes des premiers!
    Et pour le chien : oh si si prends-en un! Un Cavalier King Charles! Ce sont les petits chiens (mais pas trop petits non plus) qui restent mignons même quand ils grandissent, ils n’aboient jamais mais vraiment jamais, ils sont gentils, câlins et toujours joyeux, bref un bonheur à retrouver quand on rentre chez soi (du coup c’est trèèèèès dur de les quitter) et ils donnent tellement d’amour!
    Enjoy the sun and the waves!

  • Ah Garance! So happy to hear about your new romance, enjoy your vacation!! Can not wait to read your book, really looking forward to it<3

  • Christine March, 24 2015, 4:13 / Reply

    Dear Garance,
    So much to celebrate! It’s so lovely to see you so happy. Congrats on the book, I look forward to it with great curiosity.
    I think we create our own meaning in life by the choices we make. Meaning is not something to
    look for but rather something to make; It’s in fact, our life’s work.

  • bon les jean h&m “femme enceinte” sont très bien ;)
    happy holidays!

  • Marishka March, 24 2015, 4:41 / Reply

    Yeeah keep up the surfing! The more you do it the more you improve and the more you improve the more you wanna do it ;) Also, come to Cape Town!

  • bravo pour ta nouvelle vie !!!
    je suis pour le chien (ami fidèle, toujours joyeux qqsoit le temps…et surtout il t’aimera toute la vie) et un futur bébé !!!!

  • Salutsimone March, 24 2015, 4:49 / Reply

    a little note on the dog: one that doesn’t bark, goes out on its own And doesn’t smell – that would be actually a cat!
    Best simone

  • Jessica March, 24 2015, 4:53 / Reply

    Ha! I am going to turn 40 this year and also just took up Pilates again. Not that I ever could fit into your jeans, but still, is it in the air?

    On your harsh winter/happy people theory: In rainy Portland people usually go *nuts* when the first sunny days arrive and the flowers bloom. Everyone just takes off – to hike, to bike, to picnic and their faces are just covered with giddy joy. But this winter just wasn’t winter – it was warm, it was sunny (!), it was dry. All of the good weather lost its luster. Now everyone is happy to have the rain and cold back – just so we can enjoy the sun more!

  • Ca fait plaisir de retrouver tes posts! Bravo pour le livre! Hâte de le découvrir! Un nouvel amoureux? Mais je savais pas. Trop contente pour toi! Bonnes vacances.

  • bon ben : pregnant ! la recherche du jean parfait avec des sous-entendus, I know this !!!!

  • félicitations !! bisous, profites bien :) !!

  • Your boyfriend is adorable! So happy for you! Come to Hawaii, the surfing is great here!

  • Garance you are too cute! Have fun at Costa Rica

  • Fabienne March, 24 2015, 6:04 / Reply

    Un petit lapin au lieu d’un chien ! Ca ne fait pas de bruit, cela mange des légumes, du foin, donc pas d’odeur comme pour les carnivores..puis Ca ne prend pas de place, ne demande pas de sorties … c’est une “peluche” vivante pour les “enfants”. Cela fait 30 ans que mon mari et moi avons pour animal domestique le lapin nain ! Cute cute cutty ! Bravo pour le livre et profitez de vos vacances . Bisous

  • I had not realised! I am so happy for you Garance! x

  • Tres bon Garance! An ‘unofficial’ spill of the bf! Couldn’t be more happy for you! Happy trails in Costa Rica and beautiful sunsets and fresh fuit cocktails! xo

  • 15/. The hair. So, you dog needs to be bark-less AND promise not to shed on your sofa.

  • Le chien est super. Mais si tu as tant de questions…. un chat n’en a pas. C’est super aussi.

  • Yeah, I’ve given up Scandal last year the same way I gave up on Revenge a year earlier…but can’t wait till the comeback of Homeland.

  • Consider adding Seattle on that book tour? xx

  • Heather March, 25 2015, 1:24 / Reply

    Have an amazing trip! Please come to Toronto, Canada on your book tour :)

  • Katerina March, 25 2015, 3:39 / Reply

    Omg, Garance, your new boyfriend looks divine…Anyway, I’m hooked on youtube clips of How to get away with murder. What an actor is this Jack Falahee:)! Thank you for the fresh post!

  • Congratulations! Absolutely get a dog – a Pug in fact!!

  • Congrats, c´est sure interesant!!


    Mónica Sors



  • I want to read that book now :0) Happy holiday!

  • Ai-Ch'ng March, 25 2015, 4:46 / Reply

    Huuuuuuuge congratulations, Garance! Your post is brimming with such joy, can’t help but smile broadly for you. Well done on all counts! And, your team has done an wonderful job holding the massive fort of your website for you.

    As for the dog, I’ve been where you now are (I yearned for a dog of my own for fifteen years, and finally stayed with my brother’s two dogs for three months) my advice is this: “if you’re ready for a child, get a dog”. A dog requires as much adoration and unconditional love as a child does. Only – unlike children – a dog never ever grows up. They are forever dependent on you for so much – and you need to be there one hundred per cent of the time for them. That’s not saying that dogs are hard work – just as kids are not hard work: both simply involve a whole lot of commitment and your undivided attention: what you give is what you get, right? So, give your all to your dog, and receive his or her incredible all in return. My girlfriend had five beautiful dogs, to whom she and her partner were completely devoted. One after the other, due to old age or accidents, they passed away after protracted illnesses – and my girlfriend and her now husband nursed those adorable animals night and day, whilst working full time (they brought the dogs with them to their own workplace to care for during the day).

    Two dogs are now left, and one has had a severe stroke just four weeks ago – three weeks before my girlfriend and her fiancé tied the knot last Saturday. Watching the new couple lovingly nurse their ailing dog is simply incredible – the love and stamina they have to feed him, bathe him, talk to him, hold him, reassure him at his time of need.

    Animals – dogs in particular – are babies, children and very old people all rolled into one phenomenal bundle. If you have the courage to let a dog choose you as his or her owner (you need courage when you visit the animal pounds or dog breeders, because it is nearly impossible to walk away from a dog once he or she has set his heart – and eyes upon you!) and the commitment to care for them as you would your own child, then — any dog, from Dachshund to Basenji – is yours for the picking!

  • Je rejoins ce que plusieurs ont dit plus haut: j’adore ce genre d’article !! Très bonnes vacances à toi Garance… (Dis depuis Paris où l’automne est de retour… )

  • So happy to hear about your book and changes in your life :) And sooooo happy to read something loaded with optimism and joie de vivre, i.e. your post! Please, don’t get a dog in the city – the poor thing will be miserable and somehow I don’t see you as the next Paris H. with a little toy-dog peeping out of your Hermes bag :) Surfing, pilates – great! As a fitness addict (converted after 30th birthday, i.e. loooong loooong time ago), I may share a little secret with you – once you start moving, snacking is perfectly ok and even recommended. Not so sure about snacking on the chips, but if you’re already airborne, you weigh nothing (you’re airborne, right?), so the calories don’t count, because there is no weigh, no BMI, no other boring bastards. Have a beer or a gin and tonic to accompany the chips, and have a blast in Costa Rica!

  • Mariateresa March, 25 2015, 6:19 / Reply

    Complimenti Garance! Viendras tu a Bari (Italy) por le live? J’espere de oui! Bisou
    Mariateresa Ici Bari

  • J’adore ta façon d’écrire; moi aussi le froid me donne envie de manger de tout et n’importe quoi :) j’ai un chien et je peux te dire que c’est une super idée d’en adopter un (moi je l’ai trouvé sur la route cf Kerouac iiii :) et tu devrais en avoir un, il te donnera plein d’amour: so cool :) heureuse aussi que tu aies un nouvel amoureux :)

  • Bravo…Success fou

  • CONGRATS ON YOUR BOOK!! I will have mine as soon as it comes out!! Can’t wait!! You deserve all this good things because you are a hard-working woman! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GARANCE!!!

    NEW BLOG POST!! Today we talk about “3 EASTER HOLIDAYS DESTINATIONS AROUND SPAIN” Don’t miss the hidden treasures of Spain! Perfect for the Easter break, places, activities and food recommendations!!

  • Ben tu as eu raison de commencer par la quête de l’amoureux plutôt que par celle du jean ! Sinon, un chien petit modèle, qui n’aboie pas, qui ne sent pas le chien, qui se nettoie tout seul, qu’on ne doit pas sortir 3 fois par jour….j’en ai un, il s’appelle Eliott, et c’est un chat ;-)
    Bonnes vacances Garance

  • Kattravis March, 25 2015, 9:03 / Reply

    Great post Garance. It was nice hearing from you once again and congrats on book and new handsome boyfriend. About the dog…having a dog is the best (I have been separated from mine for three months for work reasons and it so horrible not having a dog) so is difficult for me to talk someone out about it, but if you think that even in those cold new york winters you would be willing to take him out for his/her walks wearing your “expedition” jacket…then get a dog!

  • Charlotte March, 25 2015, 10:10 / Reply

    Dear Garance! I adore my two dogs but they are TOO MUCH WORK! You can never just pick up and travel at a moment’s notice. You always have to make sure you find a dog sitter and that he or she is available when you need them. Plus, my little one, a Maltese, has literally cost me $25,000+++ in vet bills, MINIMUM, over his lifetime. That’s the cost of a good CAR. Or, like, 15 Balenciaga bags…or 20 pair of Manolos…or two great vacations to Europe…or…
    Yes, dogs give unconditional love like no person can, but I hope these few drawbacks set your thinking straight. And traveling with a dog? No fun in my opinion. I am always worried when I leave them alone in a strange hotel that they will pee on the floor or disturb the neighbors. ;) Sending love!

  • Delphine March, 25 2015, 11:34 / Reply

    Etre qui l’on est et ne pas avoir peur de la honte…ça, ça me parle…d’ailleurs en ce qui me concerne, ce n’est pas le surf mais la planche à voile…je me lance…Goooooo….on a qu’une vie après tout.

  • Garance, pourrais-tu rédiger un article indiquant les meilleurs trucs pour travailler de la maison? Merci :)

  • Rosalia March, 25 2015, 1:07 / Reply

    Ah Garance! You Rock!! And you Jazz!! :D

  • Nice that you are back. Like the chatter. Happy vacation in Costa Rica. Pilates, Yes!


  • Anonymous March, 25 2015, 1:23 / Reply

    Le Boyfriend!! Can’t wait to read your book <3

  • Pauline March, 25 2015, 2:08 / Reply

    Oh mon dieu , je suis super contente pour toi comme si tu étais une de mes amie ! C’est horrible ce sentiment et ça doit être super bizarre pour toi Garance , on a toute l’impression que tu es devenue notre amie à force de te lire . Et toi tu ne nous connais pas . Mon dieu j’ai l’impression d’être une psychopathe !!! Merci le 21e siècle , instagram , …

  • john przybytek March, 25 2015, 3:27 / Reply

    I’m looking forward to the release of your book. Well done!

  • 15/ Attention ! Envie de chien… = envie de bébé….

  • You just seem so happy in this post! I am so pleased for you Garance! Kiss!

  • CecileMaki March, 25 2015, 5:03 / Reply

    Bravo pour le livre, j’imagine le soulagement et la joie de finaliser un projet de ce type! Maintenant, j’attend sa sortie avec impatience :)
    Pour le chien, penses aux sorties obligatoires en hiver, avec la neige… Ça t’aide à te dissuader?? ;)
    Bon Costa Rica!!! Bises

  • Je suis THE detective, Spotted l’amoureux depuis des mois! Enjoy nosara, pura vida et harmony hotel pour moi. Essie Santa Teresa un jour, c’est ouf aussi. Welcome back on your blog

  • woah what !!

    Boyfriend ! Happy for you !

    And really? No to Scandal ? Have you watched the episode on the black dad protesting for his dead son ? It gave me goosebumps. They are slowly setting the pace for the next and final ( i hope ).

    And book deal ? wow ! i didnt know. I would love to meet you when you hit SFO. Please do come. Although i would want to buy a kindle version.


  • Garance, look into the barkless dog called a Basenji. They are also hypoallergenic and clean themselves like a cat!

  • It is always such a pleasure reading your posts. I love the way you write.. It is like listening to the stories of a good friend. I can’t wait to see your book. Hope Europe is in your list. Have a great – sunny time in Costa Rica.

  • mmm, j’ai été enceinte deux fois et je n’avais ni envie:
    1. de perdre du poids ou de me tonifier
    2. de surfer
    3. ou d’adopter un chien !
    la dernière phrase me ferait plutôt pencher pour un mariage en jean blanc. en même temps avec notre Garance nationale, tout est possible ;)
    bravo pour le livre (trop hâte) et tout ce bonheur en tout cas !!

  • So much life joy in this post! Yay!

  • a book? amazing!! I am curious about…and also I hope you will start giving workshops about blogging, not fashion, just blogging tips. one day may be…congrats…

  • J’ai vraiment hate que ton livre sorte!!!

  • Celine April, 9 2015, 1:47 / Reply

    Bonjour Garance, merci pour toutes ces nouvelles, tu nous a manqué! Pour le chien, un bichon havanais :-)

  • Can I simply say what a relief to search out somebody who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You positively know the best way to bring a difficulty to light and make it important. Extra people need to learn this and perceive this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more fashionable since you undoubtedly have the gift.

  • Ce bouquin aura été pour moi une révélation ! une bible de chevet, un grigri ..! je le conseil à toutes !

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