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Ok, so the year is not over yet, but here are a few things I learned in 2014.

Sometimes our tastes change. Yesterday, I bought a pair of over the knee boots. I sent a photo to my sister, and she said “What’s happening to you?”.


Don’t get too attached to what you think you know about yourself.

You get ideas about yourself, and then you get attached to them, and you end up letting those ideas define you.

You can put yourself into a box.

This year I learned I didn’t know myself as well as I thought. Not easy, but good. (——> Hence the thigh high boots?)

To do at least once a year: vacation with friends. Greece with my friend Carole was pure joy, coolness, whatevering, and partying.

Perfection. I don’t even know what I was doing before.

Hats with short hair is weird. But beanies, on the other hand – are awesome.

The iPhone 6 is great, but hey let’s not go too crazy. Wow, relax. It’s just a phone.

(says the girl whose life is regimented by her phone)

The best investment of 2014.

Is not a bag. I decided to get myself a full body laser session, which is in progress (yes, it’s expensive)(but not that expensive when you think about the cost per “wear” ahah)

The softest legs in the world? They’re soon to be mine!

Do it as soon as you can, it’s really great.

The other best investment of 2014.

It’s not a pair of shoes. It’s my memory foam mattress that made all my back pain disappear like magic. #GrannySideNoteOfThisPost

Writing a book tears everything up along the way, and it never ends. It’s haaaaaaard!!!

Ok though let’s take in consideration that I’ve never been great with long formats. I dropped out of college because I couldn’t even startmy thesis.

For those of you who dream of writing a book, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

To be beautiful, you have to:

Sleep. The ideal is 7-8 hours per night. Otherwise my face looks like a Picasso. I rarely get that much sleep, but I’m seriously working on it.

• Have fun. Spending all night dancing from time to time also makes you beautiful. Fun = Glow.

• You just have to find the right balance. And wear total sunblock.

It’s not like you have to go to Art Basel Miami.

I had pretty much sworn off of going back last time (too many people, too much traffic, too many parties, too many Paris Hiltons) but I fell into the trap again this year.

Wow, Band Of Horses is really great!!! Says she, who discovered the band 10 years after everyone. 2015 will be the year where I discover Rihanna, possibly.

Always have music with you.

Playlists on your phone, headphones, and a little boombox for trips.

It changes your life — you sing, you dance without realizing it, it makes you want to go out for a walk, and you can have impromptu parties.

Speaking of parties… Learn how to make your favorite cocktail.

Mine is a margarita (I know — boring, but nothing is better than a good icy margarita) with salt on the glass, please. I’m currently perfecting the art of the margarita, and when we celebrate this blog’s 10 year anniversary (you’ll all be invited, obviously) yours truly will be your bartender.

The better things get, the more I love Christmas Spirit. What’s happening to me?

I am a couch potato.

Now that I have an office, something I hadn’t had for years, since I preferred to work wherever the wind took me, I’m finally sure of one thing: I can concentrate way better when I’m relaxed on a couch. So I’ve progressively abandoned my desk.

So as I’ve always done for 8 years, I’m writing to you from deep in my couch.

Now I have to figure out what to do with my desk. Maybe a margarita parlor?

It’s better to have a small home.

I rushed into moving into an apartment that I’d only seen on photos (cause I was partying in Greece), while waiting to find the apartment that I’d want to buy (let me know if you have any ideas). It’s not very big, but I’ve turned it into the coziest place on earth, and I’ve never felt so comfortable in an apartment in my life.

But having a big home isn’t too bad either

I have a feeling I’m going to stay too long in my super cozy apartment. You know, those temporary things that end up becoming totally permanent?

You can’t do it all.

This year was pretty intense (very intense)(extremely intense) in terms of work. We tried, at the general request of five people, to slip in a Pardon My French in between all our other activities, but the truth is that despite all our efforts, we just had too much to do: the video wasn’t as good as we would have liked.

So we decided not to post it.

You can’t have it all.

Sometimes you just have to let go of making everyone happy. It’s very tough. But it’s probably the most valuable lesson I’ve learned all year.

A big kiss!!!

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • Mais tu as toujours un regard décalé et drôle, et ça fait toujours autant de bien!

  • hey garance, friends and family will always keep you in check! :)

  • Ton billet m’a beaucoup fait rire!
    Ben oui, comme tu le dis, il faut être réaliste, on ne peut pas tout avoir! Mais c’est bien de rêver un peu!

    le monde des petites

  • Je suis désolée, rien à voir avec le fond de l’article mais la mise en page est affreuse avec ces phrases en rouge… Mais c’est peut-être mon navigateur (Firefox) :-)

  • C’est réglé ! Merci

  • Yes to all! Can you recommend somewhere for that laser session? Thank you.

  • beautiful! this has inspired me to make a “things i learned” list for myself.

  • Ton bilan est vraiment complet et très introspectif, j’ai adoré … mais dans tout ça, as-tu été heureuse en 2014 ? Malgré les hauts et les bas, c’est quand même le plus important

  • C’est sur qu’on ne peut pas dire que vous ayez chômé au studio cette année ! Le restyling du site a été pour moi la cherry on the cake que j’ai le plus apprécié ! Baci a tutti !


  • Speaking of being years behind, 2014 is the year I discovered Garance, and what a delight! Thank you for all that you bring to us every day. May 2015 be joyous and amazing for you!

  • Très très bien Garance!!! Je suis surexcité pour toi!

  • Je vote pour la transformation du bureau en comptoir à margaritas!

  • So here’s the thing — my 28-year-old son reminded me of this — and I know it’s a cliche, but life is a journey, not a destination, it truly is. As someone who will turn 60 in 2015, I can attest to the wisdom of these words. We think we know ourselves, but learning new things about ourselves and the world and remaining open to those things are what make life interesting and worth living. It is what keeps us young at heart.

  • janouschka December, 17 2014, 5:04

    Absolutely yes!!! I will turn 40 next year and I agree so much with you. I wished I had understood that earlier. Cool son you have, I hope mine turns out like that ;-)

  • Great post as always Garance..very insightful. Please tell us about your vacation in Costa Rica and your new ‘simplicity’ wardrobe.

  • lancée dans un bouquin aussi et autres, donc je comprends et je partage!! :-)

  • J’adore te lire, ton regard sur l’année passée est parfait, très positif, inspirant…

  • Bravo Garance pour ton année 2014, riches en émotions, on l’a vécue avec toi et pfiou, on te comprend.
    Courage pour 2015, qu’elle t’apporte tout plein de bonnes choses, mais surtout une en particulier : du bonheur à n’en plus finir!!


  • I really missed Pardon my French, but i understand that you have chosen not to post it, although now that i know it exists it’s making me anxious to see it :) and a book is coming OMG :))))))))
    you’r the best Garance

  • J’ai adoré lire ce post ! Ta façon d’écrire, tes résolutions, tes leçons de vie, j’adore !

    Quant aux cuissardes, moi je suis fan !!

  • Thanks for sharing, I love thinking about the past year and be ready to renew myself!

    I think the most important lesson is your last one: impossible to do everything (on ne peut pas plaire à tout le monde ;)

    1. I’ll try vacation with a friend!

    2. As a loyal fan I also did laser on my legs and I agree it’s the coolest thing to do and then it’s done and smooth.

    3. My cocktail recipe includes St Germain, Mango Vodka and cilantro (coriandre).

    4. Thanks for the mattress idea I also recommend a book Healing Back Pan, I just avoided surgery again by reading it.

    I look forward to reading your book one day. Take your time (let me proofread it in English and French please!).

  • Great resolutions! Down-to-earth and with a nice portion of your sweet humour)

    BarbarianMe Blog

  • Ahahah, you are hilarious! The fact that you dropped out of college bc you couldn’t start a thesis cracked me up. Beginnings are always the hardest. Can’t wait for the book!

  • Romain Gary December, 16 2014, 11:28 / Reply

    “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
    And when I am for myself, what am I’?
    And if not now, when?”
    Hillel the Elder

  • Cette année 2014 semble avoir été particulièrement intense et enrichissante pour toi.
    Je t’approuve, on peut changer de goût, il faut l’admettre et oser beaucoup plus souvent.
    D’ailleurs, je crois que je tiens ma résolution pour 2015: OSER!

  • Billet parfait!

  • Mais quand même… te suivant depuis plusieurs années, je ne peux pas croire que la chose la plus importante de l’année soit une épilation…
    On ne peut pas faire plaisir à tout le monde… ok, la refonte du site, très beau, mais ultra commercial… mais assurant sans doute ton avenir, ce qui n’est pas négligeable et tes fans te soutiendront, même si parfois… c’est un peu irritant…
    Mais il y a des choses tellement belles… Je garde le souvenir de ces fleurs Marni, un enchantement. Ces pages qui défilent en se superposant, c’est un tel plaisir que je supporte malgré la frustration l’absence de vidéo.
    Maintenant le livre… est-ce bien ta forme d’expression? Ton blog ne vaut-i pas plusieurs livres?

    Mais… je suis psychologue… et je te trouve un peu trop occupée à nous convaincre que ta vie est tellement mieux maintenant…. Désolée, c’est un peu sauvage, mais c’est avec toute la tendresse que j’ai pour toi, grâce au plaisir que tu me donnes.

  • PS: I’m a bed potato …. :(

  • the sleep one — so funny and so true

  • Can’t wait to see your new boots!

  • Un comptoir à Margaritas…Mais quelle bonne idée!!

  • Trop fort, j’adore lire des articles comme ça de toi, même si j’ai conscience qu’il ne peut pas en avoir tous les jours sur le blog sinon on ne se rendrait pas compte de la chance qu’on a qu’une fille comme toi tienne un blog. Bon courage pour ton livre, respire c’est une chance je trouve d’avoir l’opportunité de publier quelque chose (même si je suis très jeune j’ai un grand avis sur la question, je suis à la fac en Histoire et je trouve ça géniale qu’on puisse nous donner peut être un jour l’opportunité de laisser une trace de notre travail même si j’ai conscience que c’est un exercice ardu mais je pense que tout le long de la réflexion on apprend des choses sur soi, et je suis certaine que tu aura du plaisir ensuite à le parcourir pour voir tout le chemin que tu as fait depuis ton enfance corse).

    Passes de bonne fêtes Garance <3

  • Ah et trop bonne idée les cuissardes (ça te vas super bien par exemple dans la campagne Zara)


  • Thank you ma Garance..i feel you have said so many things that i believe’s like me talking to myself…i try to be positive and say to myself a day by day the solution will come…the light will be there when we need the most..lot’s of light and happiness to you …with love
    Yael Guetta

  • ” Il faut pas se mettre sois même dans une boite” ENORME VÉRITÉ!!!!

  • I love the idea of reflecting back on what you have learned during the last year. When we reflect back on what we have done, sometimes we start feeling critical of ourselves and feel we have fallen short. Then we jump right to all the new goals we want to have for the New Year. The process of stopping and reflecting in a nonjudgmental way but rather from the perspective of learning is a step that must always happen before setting new goals. You are always giving us things to aspire to but at the same time you are realistic and comfortable with who you are and always convey you are enjoying a process of becoming (including buying over the knee boots). You are always able to evaluate yourself without being judgmental. This is the best gift you give to women, your authenticity and acceptance of yourself. The way your blog evolves with your constant learning is so evident and that what keeps it fresh, different and in my opinion the best blog on the web.

    Accidental Icon

  • Peggy Chou December, 16 2014, 12:42 / Reply

    Très Joli bilan ! moi si j’ai appris une chose en 2014 c’est de lacher prise… tout simplement arreter d’etre dans le controle de tout et laisser ma part de folie s’exprimer !!!! Bon je file me commander l’iphone 6 lol !!!!!!!!!

  • Beau travail d’introspection, j’attendais PMF mais c’est clair qu’on ne peut tout faire surtout quand on veut produire des articles de qualité. .. Et sur le “Toujours avoir de la musique avec soi” je suis tellement d’accord! Le quotidien semble plus léger, notre perception du monde différente, ça change tout! :)

  • You absolutely must have music with you everywhere you go!

  • I have been reading your blog for 7 years (!) and never commented until now, and though I’ve enjoyed your voice every step along the way, I think you have really come into yourself this year! Congratulations on ending 2014 with a high note! And cannot wait till the blog’s 10th anniversary!

  • You are just so real. Thank you for making such a beautiful, beloved site. It is never ending inspiration for me. Cheers to 2014 and here’s to the adventure of 2015! Enjoy your holidays!

  • Garance, I loooooove margaritas. About twice a year I host a margarita night, which are now legendary – somehow everyone’s loads of fun on margaritas and we have such a laugh. I tell people to bring tequila and I’ll do the rest. I’ve perfected my recipe: 3 parts tequila, 2 parts (fresh) lime juice, 2 parts triple sec or cointreau, and 1 part sugar syrup. You can make up a big jug at a time, just salt some rims and pour over ice. Voila!

  • Have a great year end!
    I had the most awful beginning of year, but the end seems very nice. Great even. I hope the next year will be all good!

    By the way – I’ve always loved over the knee boots. Never bought them… Yet. :)

    P.S. I also love my couch, but I just sit in one corner – alway the same side! :)

  • Bravo! Fantastic!
    We all need this as 2015 looms in the distance. Especially you can’t do it all. Thank you. I needed that today.

  • Well said Garance! I’ll be doing mine soon too. Particularly like the one on learning how to make your favourite cocktail…he** yeah. From your “Things I Learned in 2014” to my list of New Year’s resolution!
    Shop emerging fashions from around the world all in one place!

  • So true about accepting change, especially the change within us. Love these tips, Garance. You have a very realistic approach to life.

    :] // ? ?

  • Hello Garance !

    Ne pas faire plaisir à tout le monde… very hard to not fail…

    Please please, tell me where you do your laser In New York. With my mediterranean skin I am so afraid to be burned… So I am postponing since years my laserification…

  • Sounds good to me! I agree with your last point! This is sooo hard to realize (and to actually do).

    Priscilla Joy
    Dutch Caribbean

  • Moi cette année j’ai beaucoup aimé continuer à te voir évoluer sur ton blog que je regarde depuis plusieurs années.
    C’est vrai que parfois tu n’y étais pas suffisamment présente à mon goût, mais c’était pour la bonne cause.
    Alors j’ai hâte de découvrir en 2015 tout le travail littéraire et artistique que tu as fourni pour ton livre.
    Je me rappelle d’un post (il y a quelques années) où tu nous racontais que tu n’avais pas beaucoup dormi par rapport au flip que ça te donnait de faire un livre, car tu ne te sentais pas prête.
    En voilà une belle évolution en cette année 2014, surmonter les peurs et se faire confiance.
    Tu es trop forte Garance!


  • renata crespo December, 16 2014, 3:19 / Reply

    Youre amazing! And I believe you are becoming I bit more NYorker than ~french girl~ now…

  • Quelle riche idée de faire un bilan de l’année passée plutôt que de se fixer des objectifs impossibles à atteindre pour l’année d’après. C’est plus constructif ! J’adore, et me demande pourquoi je n’y ai pas pensé plus tôt ! cervelle de carpe blonde que je suis …. pffff …
    Bisous et merci pour ta clairvoyance ;)

  • Merci encore pour ton blog qui est une merveilleuse inspiration pour tout un tas de choses (la vie, la mode, la beauté… et plus encore… )
    En 2014, j’ai appris à exprimer un peu plus mes émotions et à dire merci.
    Alors merci :)

  • Anastasia December, 16 2014, 3:41 / Reply

    I was one of the 5 who wanted you to do another Pardon My French, and yet I am really pleased you didn’t put something out you didn’t feel proud off.

    “Sometimes you just have to let go of making everyone happy.” – Working on this one.

  • Thanks a lot for this inspiring and lovely write up! I especially loved the ‘You can’t do it all’ post. It is a reminder that you simply can’t do everything at once and that you have to make time to unwind for a little bit. Quite inspiring!
    xx Monika

  • I guess I crave security more than freedom. When I go to websites to buy clothes, there are such a myriad of styles it is simply overwhelming. Then I google women’s fashions of the 1810s, 1820s, 1830s, etc., and I see that the same basic dress shape and hairstyle tended to be in fashion for about 10 years. Granted the dresses could be done in all different patterns, colors, and fabrics, but the shapes remained the same. Gosh! How much easier life would have been!

    So, I guess this is my way of agreeing with your sister in a round about way. Dear Garance, if buying knee-high boots is “going out of the box”, perhaps boxes are there for a reason? :-) :-) xoxo

  • Garance, visiting your site is like a coffee break with a friend :) You are so warm and insightful :) Love this post and it resonates a lot with me. I used to define myself in certain terms but then I went out of my comfort zone and I found out I’m actually a person I always wanted to be ;)

  • Katherine December, 17 2014, 12:48


  • J’adoore!! Vraiment j’adore! :-) Surtout le truc des idées qu’on se fait sur soi et qu’on laisse nous définir…moi qui souhaite tellement me trouver dans une configuration où je me surprendrais moi même (en positif bien sûr ;-) ).
    Quant aux cuissardes, si j’en crois celles qui sont apparues un jour ds l’armoire de ma mère, c’est liée à une crise -quarantaine?-

  • Accepter de ne pas tout contrôler…se fixer des priorités…et lâcher prise sur le reste. Profiter de la vie en prenant conscience qu’elle est courte…que tout peut s’arrêter demain…profiter des gens qu’on aime…arrêter de se prendre la tête pour des conneries égocentriques et vaniteuses. Se dire qu’au final peu de choses ont d’importance…:-) Enjoy !

  • Love this post! Happy New Year and show us your boots!

  • Great Post! I like what you said about people not being able to do it all or about making everyone happy. It is so true, and I think most of us spend our life trying or struggling on the fact that we don’t succeed at this. We must accept that there are limitations to what we can do, which of course doesn’t mean giving up, but redefining success and being more true to ourselves.

    I love something Ping Fu (an entrepreneur) says, she says that life is a mountain range where the view changes as we go on it and reach different peaks and angles. and for us to enjoy these different views we must go up and down, otherwise what we see doesn’t change, it is always the same.

  • Love everything you have been doing this year – but just to add those 5 people’s encouragement, another Pardon My French is ALWAYS welcomed! Whenever you guys produce something you’re proud of, I’ll be excited to watch again.

  • Marjolaine December, 16 2014, 5:13 / Reply

    Triste d’apprendre qu’il n’y aura pas de Pardon My French cette année. Ah oui trop triste!
    Mais heureuse de suivre le blog et les aventures de toute l’équipe tous les jours!

  • Hey Garance, I’m reading this despite it being waaaay past my bedtime and I’m so glad I did… you’re awesome so stay on that couch and keep us all on tenterhooks as to what’s going to happen next year. Big hugs from a very blurry eyed mother of two under four XOX

  • Princessglee December, 16 2014, 6:22 / Reply

    Seems your life is progressing beautifully. Keep doing what you’re doing and be ready to accept all the magic that will come your way.

  • I love your view of life. You truly deserve every happiness, because you bring us all so much of it! Thank you for the smiles and laughs :D

  • I lasered my full legs, underarms and bikini line about 9 years ago. The best beauty investment and decision I EVER made. I have not thought of waxing or shaving in almost a decade. I don’t even know what it feels like to have hair on your legs and underarms anymore and the cost is beyond worth it. (it’s not even that expensive)

  • I follow your site regularly but have never been compelled to leave a comment. Thank you for this. Really. I have had a very difficult 2 years. VERY. And a lot of it was steeped in learning these lessons. Especially, “don’t get too attached yourself” (and the one about Basel!) I had the shock of my life in 2012 when I learned I was in no way, shape, or form the person that I thought I was, wanted to be or had planned for myself. It tore me apart that the beast I had been feeding was not staying. The perfect, idealistic box that I had created––and sold to everyone around me––had expired. It’s refreshing to see you put it as plainly as you did. For some reason, it makes it an easier pill to swallow now that I have a way to sum it all. Thank you for that.

  • I was excited for a new Parden My French, but it means more to me that you didn’t post one when you knew it wasn’t ready. They are one of my favorite parts of this blog, and I appreciate that you guys hold them to a high standard. Here’s to the next one – when the timing is right. xo!

  • Très bel article !
    Afin de bien se connaître, il faut être attentive à soi même, être à son écoute mais cela n’est pas évident dans notre société. Nos rythmes de vie ne nous permettent pas toujours de se poser les bonnes questions. Ce qui fait que parfois, on se surprend soi même : par exemple, on achète des cuissardes ;-)
    Très belle journée Garance !

  • Pour l’épilation je n’ai pas vraiment d’idée mais pour le matelas à mémoire de forme je confirme c’est génial. J’en ai aussi acheté un cette année et ça a révolutionné mes nuits. C’est tellement agréable en plus, on se croirait à l’hôtel.

  • Everything that you wrote is so true!
    I have noticed that as we grow older (I am 37) it is really important to know ourselves and to do things so that we can evolve as personalities (for me psycoanalysis is essential), to appreciate simple things (like spending time with friends) and to make sure that we pamper ourselves from time to time.

  • Dear Garance, I loved your post ! As usual – I’m reading it on a train back from hot yoga class – decided to do 21 day challenge. .. crazy idea – I’m thinking now.. you always put a smile on my face ! Thank you for being you! I think you have a gift of making people smile, by saying things sometimes we don’t dare to! Have a wonderful Christmas ! Xxx

  • janouschka December, 17 2014, 3:48 / Reply

    best post in a long time! “la pas prise de têtitude”, héhé. love it?

  • Heureusement qu’on change d’avis, de goûts, d’envie sinon la vie serait triste et fade ! Vive la vie, vive le changement moi je dis ;-)

  • ZAZA POWER December, 17 2014, 4:40 / Reply

    ce qui me fait un peu flipper c’est que les 1ers posts sur l’épilation laser datent d’il y a 6 ans!!!
    => c’est pas sensé durer pour la vie? Genre tu l’as fait il y a 6 ans et basta?
    => pourquoi tu le refais en 2014? ça marche pas????

  • WOOWWWW j’adore ce post… Merci Garance, on ressent de ta sincérité en le lisant et comme dit plus haut, c’est comme prendre un café avec un ami, rafraîchissant et drôle !
    La meilleure résolution que j’avais prise en 2014, et la seule résolution à laquelle je me sois tenue (vs perdre 10 kilos, faire du sport 6 x /semaine ou manger 12 fruits et légumes/jour) était de ne plus me forcer à faire des choses dont je n’avais pas vraiment envie. Aller au pot de départ de qqu’un que je connais vaguement/ revoir une connaissance…Il m’arrive souvent de passer mon tour désormais et CA FAIT TELLEMENT DU BIEN de ne pas dire oui à tout !!

  • Merci Garance! Your attitude to life is very inspirational! Don’t get hung up on the ‘perfect’, have fun, live life, and take care of yourself. Words of wisdom for us all! Good luck with your book! Looking forward to buying and reading it!

  • Learning is such an essential part of our lives. I am sure you have had a wild ride this year Garance as you have only hinted at certain, more personal things, but I will say right now that you are a super woman and attract people with your warmth. Keep learning but never change!! James xx

  • Bernadette December, 17 2014, 6:18 / Reply

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  • Encore une fois, un article qui inspire et qui décomplexe ! :-)
    Le blog déjanté à boire au bureau

  • Dear, I’m rather like your sister;) And I must agree with sleeping habits, look a la Picasso is not that bad, I look like I woke up in a grave;)…All the best for upcoming new year, stay healthy and happy! That body treatment sounds interesting too.

  • we´d love to see a little of your cozy appartment!!!! :)

  • quel changement en 2014 !
    un déménagement , une nouvelle coupe de cheveux , une rupture , l’aménagement d’un nouveau studio , un blog réadapté ….. le blog est plus commercial mais j’aime beaucoup des illustrations . joyeux noel . bonnes fetes

  • Ai fait le chemin inverse : passé des années sur un livre, mais maintenant en plus d’un nouveau livre en cours, je tiens aussi un blog. J’aime cette variation dans le rythme d’écriture !

  • Merci Merci Merci Garance de rester telle que tu es…ton ton est là est c’est ce ton qui fait toute la différence ! :)

  • Garance tu es sur la bonne voie … il faut continuer et rester optimiste à fond !!!! Tu fais du bon travail, on se régale toujours en lisant ton blog.Tu changes et tes lectrices aussi, ainsi va la vie :) J’ai hate d’adorer ton livre … A bientot peut etre autour d’une bonne margarita !!! Il faut PROFITER ;)

  • vanessa la belge December, 17 2014, 9:20 / Reply

    Oh oui, un Pardon my french !!!!

  • #Lifephilosophy

    Petite erreur en ligne 3: *”CANT” et non pas “CAN”…ou alors j’ai vraiment rien appris de ce que Garance a appris en 2014! :)

    The real lessons in a woman’s life come after forty: its called SERENITY. Allez, plus qu’…(insert number) annee (s)!

    Voeux de bonheur pour 2015, et surtout de rester entourée par des personnes qui vous aiment.

  • As tu déjà essayé le Tommy’s margarita? C’est sucré avec du miel d’agave (je ne sais jamais s’il faut dire miel d’agave ou sirop d’agave, ou nectar d’agave? peu importe…) plutôt qu’avec du sucre normal et c’est définitivement le meilleur cocktail de l’univers! x

  • You should listen to Duquette Johnston. It’s like discovering something great and secret.

  • You’ve learnt some very useful lessons this year, thanks for sharing them, I’m definitely going to bear in mind that ‘you can’t do everything’! Have a good day :)
    Hannah x

  • Un joli bilan, plein de sagesse ! Je t’embrasse Garance, et tout le reste de l’équipe :)


  • Hope you accomplish everything on the list or at least have fugue along the way! Very inspiring post! I will definitely be making my own list of things I learned

  • I love you Garance!!! OMG You are so so so sweet :)
    I have been fallowing you for a long time. Just keep being yourself because you are just great!

    MUAH! Happy New Year ?

  • ok Garance, now that you’ve said it, you absolutely must throw an absolutely fabulously out of this world party for the 10th anniversary of your blog!!! (I mean, you don’t really have to be told to do something fabulous–just sayin’ for emphasis! The Event Of The Year you so deserve it! :)

  • We will come along with you for the ride Garance. Just keep us posted.

  • à écouter with margarita :)))

  • Coucou ! J’ai trouvé ton article très drôle, et très facile à lire ! Je l’ai tellement bien qu’il m’a inspiré pour mon nouvel article ! Bisous !

  • Garance la positive attitude et la joie de vivre dans ton present se ressentent tellement! ensuite toutes ces petites choses qui font un bonheur, et permettent d’avancer, avec humour, sans contrebalancer tes envies (le bureau, pas trop pour toi lol) et tout cela avec une apprehension sereine mais certaine de l’année qui s’offre a toi j’ai adoré! sans parler de la morale qui nous permettrai vraiment de changer nos vies: on ne peut pas tout avoir, parfois il faut lacher prise, et ensuite prendre le bonheur…

  • Oh my, I agree with you on everything! Btw, great investments! :)

  • Those are awesome things Garance!!!!!!!!I’m still trying to think of what I learned in 2014. I think to let go and let God. Most important lesson!

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