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My dear readers, gaaah, it’s been a long time.

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down in front of my computer to write to you, and I’ve missed you! I think after all these years, I needed a real break. So, I decided to stop writing completely. I’ll explain why and how in another post later this week.

For now, I want to talk to you about Atelier Doré and our values. For me, writing to you here is one of the anchors in my life. It’s the place I come back to, always. It’s the sacred space where I don’t let anything influence me, where I feel completely free to share.

Over time, as my personal blog transformed into the online magazine you are reading today, one of the things that’s been the most important to me is our values.

At its core, Atelier Doré holds all of the values that are meaningful to me.

And the more the world changes, the more these values seem essential to me – like a lighthouse in the dark.

That’s why we wanted to make our values the theme for September.

And that’s why today, I want to talk to you on behalf of the entire Atelier team.

We don’t throw our values in your faces, and that’s a deliberate choice – in a world that’s constantly loud, we want to continue to be a space where you can breathe. But it’s also good sometimes to remind ourselves…

We are feminists by definition.

We started talking about women at work at a time when the press was all about it-girls and superstars. I was quite tired of reading interviews with actresses talking about their films (“never mention your private life!”) in magazines. I don’t make films, so I don’t care much about that – can we talk about other types of careers for one second?

But at the same time, I never wanted to glorify the “career woman” either. When the Girlboss moment came, it was like suddenly if you were a woman without a shiny career, you had failed. Such nonsense!!! And such a misplacement of values.

That’s why we’ve always wanted to also celebrate women with quieter lives, those who choose to take care of their children (yes, that can be a wonderful choice) or those who don’t have children and just decide to do whatever they like.

Stop letting people make us feel guilty. For me, that’s where our power lies.

We are naturally inclusive.

You’ll never see expressions like “plus size” on our site. We photograph all sorts of bodies, but we don’t make a big show of it. Never. To the point where people often tell me that on Atelier Doré, we only photograph “beautiful” people – and I totally agree, because to me, everyone is beautiful. Photographed well, with love, everyone is beautiful, and I hope we are subtly passing that message along to each one of you. We are all beautiful, absolutely.

Despite all of that, we are aware that some of us continue to be under-represented. Young, white, thin women are the most visible everywhere we look, so on that subject – we are enthusiastically making progress in that area, trying our best to include our sisters of all colors and ages without making them feel used or objectified.

We don’t forget what’s most important.

And that’s our impact on planet Earth. And here again, it’s a matter of balance.

Fashion, which we love so much, is one of the biggest polluters of our environment. Sunscreen, which we recommend all the time, is destroying coral reefs and putting our ecosystem out of balance. And that’s just one small part of the ecological disaster that’s taking place right now.

We’ve always celebrated clothing that you can keep for a lifetime and the idea of consuming less by choosing better. I’ve been wearing the same Rondini sandals for ten years! We’ve always celebrated brands that are dedicated to having a positive impact without sacrificing our love for beauty and aesthetics.

Here again, we want to be mindful about our approach without putting the blame on anyone. There’s nothing more depressing than a publication that tries to be something it’s not.

So, while we are dedicated to becoming women who are more educated and more aware each day, my best advice is to subscribe to National Geographic, watch the documentary “Tomorrow,” and find resources that will help you to educate yourself and educate others, as well.

We reclaim the right to be slow.

Just because everyone seems to be running after more time, more money and more followers, doesn’t mean we have to. While other online publications are talking about the Kardashians (for more clicks) we’d rather tell you about a beautiful “Unknown” person who inspires us. At a time when everyone seems to be posting fifty times a day (to get more ad revenue) we take a day off when it seems appropriate. At a time when we’re told we need to have an online presence on every possible platform (to seem modern) we choose to do a little less, in hopes of doing it a little better.

That way we can communicate what really matters to us. And know we have the right to breathe, to not do things, to not be things, to close the door, to soften and relax a little. We can do good work without getting caught up in the race.

For this, all you have to do is be clear and comfortable in your values.

And the right to make mistakes, and even have regrets.

Hey, now. Calm down. Nobody’s perfect :)

We like beauty, harmony, and love superficial things with all our hearts… And we’re proud of that.

My sisters, never let anyone tell you what’s important in life. Anything that makes you feel alive is important, whether it’s a pair of Balenciaga shoes, a trip to the other side of the world with us in Chile, or a book so good you finish it in one night…

Similarly, anything that hurts us is important too. Let’s never let the abuse of power go unchecked, whatever form it takes. Let’s listen to ourselves, listen to each other and support each other.
And again, not let people make us feel guilty about saying no – or wanting more.

We alone have the power to define what is important and what matters.

What’s really at the heart of Atelier Doré is humor.

Because humor can rescue us from anything. Because humor is what helped me through years of the front row wondering what I was doing there and laughing about it with you. Because, come visit the Atelier and I promise you’ll hear at least one explosion of laughter.

Because laughter is in the moment and the moment – that’s all that counts in life.

And because not taking ourselves too seriously is the greatest proof of intelligence.

Because humor is one of the secrets to grace.

Because knowing who you are, without making a big deal of it, is the way and the secret.

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • Welcome back Garance!!! we missed you so much!!

  • lisa brunacini September, 4 2018, 10:27 / Reply

    Brilliant! I wish I had the words to express the joy I had reading your article.

  • April Flora Stephenson September, 4 2018, 10:40 / Reply

    I’ve read you since maybe 2009(?) and watched things grow & progress. Your voice is the thing that has kept me here, and the values you lay out here are the ones, I think, that have carried you all this way. Thank you, Garance!

  • Enfin te revoilà !!!

  • Love this ! Wonderful read to begin September. Thank you Garance!

  • Beautiful. Shine on.

  • It has been so rewarding to watch your blog grow and evolve and deepen and become richer. Even as the world seems to be faster and shallower. Bravo!

  • En lisant “Alors, j’ai décidé d’arrêter d’écrire, complètement.” J’ai eu peur, mais me voilà rassurée !

  • Savine Leclercq September, 4 2018, 12:04 / Reply

    Tu m’avais manqué Garance! C’est bon de te lire, de retrouver ta “touche”, ton humour et ton attachement aux vraies valeurs!! Merci à toi; même si tu écris plus rarement, je préfère peu mais de qualité que la quantité!
    A très bientôt!

  • Open, honest and beautiful. Exactly why I love atelier dore. Xo

  • love it. we miss you Garance hope to see more stories but if not, we understand ;)

  • Thank you for this beautiful ,heartfelt piece. I share your thoughts and beliefs. We need love, acceptance and civility now more than ever! Thank you for making us all feel special ??

  • Tuto Newman September, 4 2018, 2:55 / Reply

    Love watching you grow always in your truth and integrity

  • I can’t wait for the new season’s posts, wishing all the team the best :))

  • I have read your blog since the start , and always adored the way you are and write. Unfortunately due to how blogging and IG has changed I don’t read blogs anymore but instantly when you said on IG that you were writing about dore values today I went back for the first time in a long while . And wow, it reminded me that I have missed your writing in my life! You are such an inspiration and that’s because of your honesty. You write from your heart. very few do and dare ??

  • Tina Wymer September, 4 2018, 6:17 / Reply

    thank you! this is why I have been a reader since the day you started your blog, Garance. Authenticity and intimacy.

  • Rachel joy September, 4 2018, 6:20 / Reply

    I missed you Garance but I hope you are well!! This post reminds me why I love your site and have done for sooooo long. What you put out there has helped me accept the woman that I am. I come back to your platform over and over, and have done over the past 9 years for inspiration. And I realise that the inspiration was always to be me, and do me! <3

  • so happy to see you writing again! and so refreshing to read of your values, which resonate so strongly with me. thank you.

  • “Knowing who you are, without making a big deal of it, is the way and the secret.” – such beautiful words full of love and light, this will be my September mantra! Thank you Garance, we love you and welcome back!

  • Diane Lockett September, 4 2018, 11:54 / Reply

    Congratulations, Garance!! you’ve done it again.Defined a time and space in our lives.

  • Beautifully written ! It was real pleasure to read ;) Bravo G. & atelier team ! Sending positive vibes from Poland :)

  • So much love for you ! <3

  • GO atelier Doré! The best!

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira September, 5 2018, 3:08 / Reply

    Benvinda(s) !!! I was already Atelier/ Garance withdrawing like…body shivering and stuff, you Know ?No seriously…Welcome back, Girl(s) !!! Looking forward to this rentrée!!!

  • Christine September, 5 2018, 5:05 / Reply

    Quality is more important than quantity, so humorous and thoughtful articles with depth are great. I am not so keen on ” shop the strory” you have at the end of many of your articles, but I suppose it’s my choice to look at or not and you ladies need to make money and the blog is free to read!

  • Thank you for returning, Garance! I know – you never really left but it’s wonderful each time you come closer to the fire and share your lovely voice.

    I was walking about the city of Toronto where I live and it has changed a lot over the years (and perhaps not for the better in areas). I walked everywhere and asked myself what makes a city and a society great. It is empty and soul-less if it’s all about consumerism. It is rich when inclusive and the individual can look beyond the self to appreciate the beauty and cultures that provide so much wisdom and creativity. I identify very much with what you have touched on. Designers like Vivienne Westwood also share the same sentiment: “Buy less, choose well, make it last.”


  • Garance for President! While reading this I thought: ‘Oh yeah…that is what she does and how I feel about Atelier Doré!’ I knew it, and it’s why I like it. But it’s good to read why I like it. Keep going! Artist @fabiduister and happy 57!

  • Dear Garance and team, thank you so much for all your work. I have been reading your texts for almost ten years and can’t stop. My only hope is that for my two daughters one day there will also be such an inspirational woman their own age they can follow on Instagram to make up for all the disgraceful and tasteless content they seem to be digging right now. Always waiting for your texts . And I think it is important in our times to use the voice we have to speak up against hate and discrimination.

  • Thank you Garance, I read your blog/magazine for 10 years now, you’re the best!

  • Ça fait du bien, Garance. Depuis que le blog est devenu l’atelier, et sans doute même un peu avant, j’ai l’impression de ne plus comprendre ce qui se passe ici. Qui fait quoi, comment, pourquoi …
    J’ai l’impression que toi t’as envie de grand air, mais que tu peux pas lâcher ce site et que donc tu continues d’y écrire, parfois, sans plus savoir par quoi commencer (qu’est ce qui est vraiment important quand on laisse tout ce temps filer ?) ou sans plus savoir si c’est ta place, ou la notre. J’ai l’impression que ton ombre plane au dessus de tous les autres articles : seront ils aussi frais, simples, riches, aimés que les tiens?

    Ce sont mes impressions, évidemment.Mais ajouter ce malaise à celui de pas savoir dans quelle direction vous allez et l’esprit qui vous anime, ça a complètement rompu le lien pour moi.
    Je dis pas que tout se refait comme par magique avec cette publication mais j’apprécie de voir que finalement, encore et toujours, tu suis un chemin un peu parallèle au mien, tu me précèdes un peu et tu as toujours un petite lumière à m’apporter.
    Si on peut parler rôle des femmes, de toutes les femmes, épanouissement, développement … alors OUI !

  • I agree. I’m a long time reader of the blog and am confused where Atelier Doré is going. I feel like Garance has become an ‘editor at large,’ so to speak, and no longer a team leader.

    Anyway I think this piece is great and I’m happy to read it.

  • Léonore Furrer September, 6 2018, 6:05

    Tout à fait d’accord :)

  • je te suis depuis 2009 (!) mais je dois avouer que ces derniers temps, le site me donner l’impression d’être comme un catalogue de luxe. Les personnes et les modes de vie présentés ne me parlent plus. Je suis plus intéressée par ton évolution personnelle qui semble avoir bien changé de direction depuis ton installation à LA, mais tu en parles moins ces derniers temps…. Dommage!

  • Rachel Joy September, 8 2018, 4:33

    I have now read Garance’s latest post “Zero” and it now makes sense to me, her absence this summer etc. I hope so much that she is happy within.

    However that aside, I have to agree about the “broken link”! Since the studio expanded, having been a reader for years and years, I truly can resonate with this. I come back to the site here and there but it’s not the same. And perhaps this direction is exactly where Garance wants it to be and that’s fine.

    I’m so glad to have read this comment and Helena’s reply because I wanted to voice this for so long just didn’t know how to put it into words and I didn’t want to sound rude! Even though it’s not the same site for me as it was before I don’t doubt it’s that site for hundreds and hundreds of other people.

  • ?????????
    Bises de Marseille. Continuons toutes à nous chercher et peut-être à nous trouver un jour pour nous chercher an nouveau le lendemain. C’est la vie !

  • Ben detto! That’s the Italian for well said! Bravo Garance!

  • Ce blog a ete pendant de nombreuses annees, mon petit coin de France, j’avais toujours hate de lire les aventures de Garance qui me faisaient rire aux larmes ou bien me touchaient particulierement.
    Sans cette voix, le blog n’est plus tout a fait le meme et c’est avec un grand plaisir que j’ai decouvert cet article de Garance !
    J’espere que l’on ne va pas attendre trop longtemps avant de lire un autre post tout aussi captivant avec des photos, des illustrations, etc….(Ben oui, on a ete gates alors on en redemande !) :-)))

  • Toujours un plaisir de te lire Garance. J’aime ce blog et vos valeurs!

  • Hi, Garance!
    I’ve started reading you very long ago and now I can read you in French too :) thank you very much for your ability to be so opened and free. It’s very inspiring!

  • How about wage issues? Where do you stand on these, given the bad fame of the entire industry? (See e.g. the fascinating/horrifying recent article in The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/sep/02/academic-exposing-ugly-reality-high-fashion-giulia-mensitieri) I hope people working at/for Atelier Dore get compensated well for their tremendous effort.

  • Mary B Perez September, 5 2018, 2:10 / Reply

    Hello Garance, appreciate the heartfelt post. Have many beautiful clothes in my closet, but mostly wear sweats and very old cast offs from my sister, who has even more clothes than me. I’m at my happiest when I’m wearing those knit pull on pants and hand me down tops working in my garden. Can prance around with a Prada or Balenciaga bag, but my true joy is digging in the dirt, growing plants and food…connecting with nature and looking a complete mess.

  • Hi Garance!
    It is refreshing to read your writing again. Like many others I’ve missed your authentic voice! In addition to body and racial diversity, I was wondering if the studio would also consider featuring more lifestyle diversity. While many of the features are on beautiful mothers, women with different inspiring careers, and beautiful homes or designs, I have noticed a trend in those that are interviewed- often high income, privileged or monetarily influential – featured in a highly styled manner. While I love looking at perfect homes and ideal styling and jewelry, I can go to so many blogs and publications to see that (Goop, etc) – and I miss some of the authentic mix of high and low- perfect and imperfect, that used to shine more brightly on this blog. I don’t mean to put a damper on the great initiative/wishes of your post! Just wanted to share some earnest feedback as a long time reader. The site looks amazing and I can’t wait to read more!

  • Thank you for putting my thoughts into words.

  • C’est tellement juste ! Merci Garance. Bisous à toute la team !

  • This is everything that I’ve always understood to be the values of the Atelier and I am so glad to see them written out so beautifully. Thank you for so so so many years of incredible work from both Garance and the ever-evolving team. I’m here for the slow ride and will continue to do so. Has anyone ever described reading a blog as meditative? That’s how I feel when I read these pages. Thank you a million times over for all that you do and HAPPY AUTUMN!

  • Always was and always will be my favourite place for inspiring, smart and beautiful content! Thank you <3

  • Alex de Berlin September, 7 2018, 7:49 / Reply

    Ca fait tellement plaisir de te lire: ta sincértié, ton humour et ta bonne humeur que l’on ressent à travers tes mots et tout simplement ton amour de la vie et des gens ;-) Merci !

  • Beaucoup d’amour et de respect pour ton partage Garance . La lectrice qui lit ses lignes à beaucoup changer aussi , ma quête ça a toujours été une quête d’essentiel et de profondeur … pour cela la légèreté et la douceur sont des ingrédients essentiel , et un énorme déconditionnement …. c’est fou nos croyances …notre façon de pensée la vie est parfois erronée….plus que de goûter la fraîcheur de l’instant ( ou sa lourdeur ?), goûter / accepter ce qui se vit simplement sans rajout de mot par dessus, se ressentir??
    la de-pression / la de-prime des mots si simple pourtant , s’enlever la pression , arrêter de courir après les primes … alors qu’on est déjà plein …goûter à soi , à sa propre beauté , valeur, inconditionnellement… je pourrais t’écrire bcp sur cela … mais ça serait un peu long … à un moment donné la vie qui se vit en nous … se fait de plus en plus intense , aspirant les faux semblant … et laissant place à plus d’intégrité …alors oui il on jete beaucoup , on fait de l’espace en soi….on se redécouvre… Garance ton voyage , comme celui de nous tous est beau … rien n’est figé…et comme l’ours qui hiberne , la terre qui se renouvelle ( jacherre) pendant un an ou plus avant de recevoir de nouvelles graines … le repos est essentiel … la douceur … et s’aimer au delà de tout … sans spécifier , s’identifier à quoi que ce soit … notre identité , ou , oui même des projets auquel on tient … et que peut être si on apprends à lâcher … nous reviennent avec plus de justesse … Garance merci pour tes partages … mais plus que ça Merci pour ta relation avec toi même … notre relation avec nous mêmes , notre intériorité …. notre présence en soi …et ton intimité , comme notre intimité à tous est parfois comme une graine en terre qu’il faut prendre le temps de couver ….
    et puis nos projets ( même si les réseaux sociaux nous pousse à nous faire croire … ce ne sont pas des tamagotchi à nourrir ;) )…. donc oui tranquille, rien d’urgent , la vie est douce … et comme ça du bien de S’en foutre … oui de tout ! merci encore pour tout tes partages et plein d’amour à toi ?

  • Merci Garance, je te lis depuis 8 ou 9 ans et c’est toujours un vrai plaisir, une vraie bulle d’air, une inspiration.
    Merci pour tes prises de position, pour ton authenticité, merci de nous montrer ta vulnérabilité (je viens de lire ton article plus récent), merci d’aborder tous ces sujets avec simplicité et sans langue de bois.
    Du fond du coeur, merci!

  • maria aranda September, 9 2018, 11:49 / Reply

    Noblesse de cœur, de caractère et d’intelligence… Convaincant! Merci. Amitiés et vœux fervents.

  • Merci Garance! Je partage les mêmes valeurs.
    Léa du Canada xo

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