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I say “no” now. Sometimes I forget, though, and I have to go back and make up for it. And it took time for me to learn how to say it without suffocating and turning red (OK, that still happens sometimes, but I’m owning it), or turning my “no” into a little “yes” after one second.

In photo shoots, you have to say no a lot. No to the makeup artist who wants to give you a face you’re not happy with. No to the hair stylist, no to the stylist, no to the photographer even, sometimes.

dore co campaign images garance dore

Explaining: This type of thing doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried it a million times. This is my better angle, and the best makeup for my eyes, and this is what would make me feel beautiful, or interesting, or more myself.

We’re often told we have to learn how to say no, but for me, my path to saying no meant saying yes a million times first. And regretting it. And getting screwed all over again.

My “no” comes from experience. It took time, but it’s there now.

The funny thing is, when you start saying no, you soon find you don’t even need to say it anymore. Because from that “no” comes a confidence that puts people at ease and makes them want to follow your lead. Suddenly, everything flows.

dore co campaign images garance dore

With Stephanie and Justin from Co, and with Amanda Demme, the photographer and their team, the whole shoot was a “yes”. Easy, warm, minimal, confident. I felt celebrated and I celebrated too — the creativity and generosity of each person and the story we were creating together.

As a result, in the photos, it’s me. Poised, calm, confident.

I’m very proud of this campaign, which for me is a symbol of the new energy I want to breathe into my life — an energy of confidence, friendship and shared creativity.

Thank you Co, Amanda Demme, and the whole team!

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • As an average looking, 64-year-old woman, this piece speaks to something I have been grappling with recently. And that is, people who love to snap “candids” on their iPhones and then post them. The next thing I know, there is a publicly posted photo of someone who resembles me, from the side, looking down, with a grumpy expression, as her face and neck drip down into her chest. I end up crushed about this for days — I know it’s superficial and it’s my own vanity but WHY?

    Why would you snap that photo in the first place? Why would you then post it? It is not even that hard to get a decent picture of me, no matter how lousy a photographer you are. Just allow me the chance to look up and put a decent expression on my face. Young people: learn to edit, learn to ask, and learn to use the ‘delete’ button on your camera app.

    That is all. Thank you for allowing me to vent.

  • Therese July, 3 2019, 3:59

    ” Young people: learn to edit, learn to ask, and learn to use the ‘delete’ button on your camera app.”
    Judith I love this last line. I just came back from a group vacation and was the subject of many unsolicited photos. I just accepted it as the thing to do. Now I will speak up more often.

    Yay Garance for learning to say no. The photos and you are stunning. I love the new Garance.
    I thought I was getting better until I read Judith’s comment. No is a very empowering word.

  • ilona July, 3 2019, 4:28

    Totally understand that and can relate to that, because I feel the same. Why do not they ask first? I usually say “please don’t” to peaple taking my photo without asking me, but that usually leads to surprise and me being considered uncool. Why? :) I would so much appreciate if we respected each others sovereignty.

  • We both see and salute you Madame Dore!

  • You’re definitely on to something. I feel that as woman we say ‘yes’ more often than we should (it has even been proven that linguistically speaking a woman is more likely to say yes than a man), and learning how to say no can be so important!
    These minimalist white and black outfits fit you so well. I love this editorial, so natural!

  • Camille July, 3 2019, 3:33 / Reply

    Ca doit être un truc de Taureau, moi aussi j’ai du mal à dire non et je rougis et parfois je cède. Mais j’apprends à dire non, ça va venir.
    Je te trouve sereine et radieuse (et belle évidemment) sur ces photos.

  • “Because from that ‘no’ comes a confidence that puts people at ease and makes them want to follow your lead. Suddenly, everything flows.”

    This is so, so true.

    Instead of being disappointing or off-putting, a calm and confident “no” allows a refreshing clarity to arise.

  • Estelle July, 3 2019, 6:27 / Reply

    Garance, dans mes bras!
    Je viens juste de terminer une journée pourrie parce que je n’ai pas su dire non, votre article tombe à pic!

  • inès de peretti July, 4 2019, 3:30 / Reply

    Tellement corse! <3

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira July, 4 2019, 7:03 / Reply

    I think the trick to say «no» without saying it,in this kind of situations, is learning how to use your body language, you know what i mean?
    And people from CO ,readers from the Doré community, from 1 to 10, how Beautiful and Tasteful are the photos above ?
    For me? A Solid 10!!! Of course the Model is just Brilliant but…

    (PS: Love Sophisticated Minimal with a scandinavian feel!!! It’s totally You, G !!!)

  • Increasingly, the line between advertising and content on this site has become completely blurred and, as a long-time reader, I find it really disappointing.

  • Elisa A July, 6 2019, 3:09 / Reply

    Cette campagne est très réusssie et les boots que vous portez sur les photos (répérée également sur leur site) à tomber. Pouvez-vous préciser qui les vend?

  • amanda agostini July, 7 2019, 8:19 / Reply

    that made me remember of a brazilian song wich says: ‘dizer não é dizer sim, saber o que é bom pra mim’. someting like: ‘to say is not to say yes, to know what is good for me’. a must to when it comes to freedom and self-respect.
    it took years for me to learn and i’m still trying since i have demanding enchanting girls.

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