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Today, we’re telling the story of how Emily and I met, and how together we decided to create Atelier Doré. You’ll hear my side of the story and her side of the story. It’s been an incredible adventure for both of us!



As I was telling you last week, the day I met Emily, I found her big smile and enthusiasm so captivating, I hired her on the spot. It was one year after I’d arrived in New York, and I had no plans to expand. All I wanted was to find time to sleep again, because honestly I was spending my entire life working.

I had an assistant, Caley, and Emily was going to be my editorial assistant from then on.

Really, I didn’t know what that meant exactly. I just knew I had lots of ideas, lots of things I wanted to do, and no more time to make them happen.

So, Emily.

She was 22, adorable, petite, funny, determined, and most of all, she was able to take all of the random tasks I was throwing at her and handle them really well. Sometimes, I would tell her something, make a reference to something, and I’d see she didn’t completely understand. She wasn’t the type to ask me to explain, and I wasn’t the type to push her into a corner.

Especially because I quickly discovered that if she didn’t know something one day, the next day, she’d figured out a way to learn it.

I liked that about her right away. I’m the same way. I like to find my own way out of situations without panicking. And I had also jumped into worlds I didn’t totally understand, where I was forced to learn quickly on the job.

When I looked into Emily’s eyes, I always found what I was looking for. There was something very clear about her, honest, and most of all, quick and intelligent. In a few weeks, she understood me before I’d even finished my sentence. And in a few months, she’d made herself totally essential. She did everything, nothing scared her, nothing was above her or below her. That’s a quality I look for in others and I hope I have myself.

Little by little, our studio grew. I gave Emily more responsibilities. She had studied journalism, but soon she began to take an interest in business. Personally, I don’t really like business except for the ideas, creative problem solving, and the opportunities that come from working as a team.

I was very happy to have someone I could count on, and who knew how to read an Excel spreadsheet.

Like me, Emily is an open book. As soon as she found her confidence, she was very open about expressing her ambitions. I really liked that, because it helped me to understand how I could help her and how to stimulate her.

She also understood right away that I needed a lot of support, support I didn’t always ask for, and support that sometimes went beyond strictly professional boundaries.

My personal life and my work are super connected, as you can imagine!

It’s very difficult to get attached to people we work with, because you think one day they’ll probably leave. Or you’ll decide to part ways with them, whether it’s mutual or they decide to leave of their own accord, whether it lasts a year or ten years, one day they won’t be there anymore, and that can be very challenging.

I’m too emotional for that, I think. I had to learn to keep a certain distance with the people I work with, otherwise it was too hard. I love them way too much.

But with Emily, time got the best of me. Over the years, we formed a very close relationship. It was different and surprising. Between our professional lives growing together and our personal lives getting mixed in along the way, everything we knew about each other, the vulnerability of knowing we couldn’t really hide anything from one another, and most of all, the inescapable day-to-day of running a business together, the laughing, the mistakes, and lots of tears, something important was born.

And one day we were wondering what our next adventure would be. We had carried what had become “our” project, which I told you about last week, on our shoulders. We wanted to move forward, and we were feeling a new kind of pressure.

“Are you going to take an investment? Hire a CEO? What’s the next step?”

I didn’t really know what I wanted. Create a platform? Create products? Create content for other people? Lose ten pounds and become an it-girl who takes selfies in the front row?

Emily and I were both confused. I knew I wanted to keep writing, drawing, creating things. We both knew we had potential but we didn’t want to lose ourselves running after profit.

We started meeting people, potential CEOs, consultants, business men and women. It was strange, nothing really stuck, but we figured that was normal when a business was growing, and maybe we needed to overcome our fears, and put confidence in a stranger who would tell us what to do. We had heard some great success stories, so we thought maybe it would work…

lifestyle relaunch garance dore emily note atelier dore photo

In the meantime, Emily began to lose her beautiful confidence. Was I looking for someone to replace her? What would be her role in the future? What were we about to become?

And I get that. At the time, I wasn’t clear. When I asked for advice, people would tell me: “You can’t let your assistant run your business! You need someone strong who knows what they’re doing!” She must have sensed that I was being pulled back and forth. Her work dipped a little bit, and our relationship also went downhill. But I also needed reassurance. Giving responsibility to someone you’ve watched grow also means expecting a lot from them…until the two of you are equals.

So one day, I decided to speak up, and I was very clear.

You have to know, I’m very soft, in general. I let people find themselves. I say things, but very rarely do I push people into a corner.

That day, we were in my kitchen, and Emily was in a bad mood, which never happens. I could see she wasn’t quite the same, and part of me wanted to give her a big hug, and the other part of me wanted to shake her. I was afraid that consoling her would put us into a bad cycle of victimization, so I decided to just go for it.

I asked her what was wrong, and we both started crying (we cry a lot together, whether it’s because we’re emotional, joyful, sad, laughing too hard…) and she told me about all her concerns. And I said to her:

“Emily, I can see that you want to be the person I’m looking for. I know that, but if you want this job, don’t sit around waiting, or start getting frustrated with me, expecting me to just give it to you. Take it, take the power and show me you can do it. Of course I have concerns, but I know you can do it. So, educate yourself, go for it, stop waiting for permission. If one day you want to run a business, you only need permission from yourself.”

That was a big moment for me. A moment of courage, putting someone I love and want to protect on the line, testing their courage and commitment.
Talking, pushing, and overcoming my fear of hurting her feelings.

And it was a big moment seeing Emily in the days that followed, leaving her doubts behind, changing her attitude, taking control and becoming who she is today.

A woman.

Strong, fragile, ambitious, a go-getter, ready to take her dreams and make them a reality. I knew that by putting that trust in her, I would have to make a few concessions. She still had a lot to learn, it would take some time, and there would probably be some mistakes.

But I also knew what I was gaining. An ally, a friend, a partner, a brilliant mind; someone I could trust 100%, someone who shared my dreams and fears, and knew how to push me when needed, but would also tell me to rely on her when I needed to.

We opened Atelier Doré together, it’s our baby, and we have millions of plans to share. We wanted to start by sharing our story because it says so much about who we are, our innocence, our passion, what motivates us and what makes us close. Her success is my success, and I hope she feels the same way, because there’s nothing like finding a true ally in life.

And on that fertile ground, we want to create a big family together, with our entire wonderful team at Atelier Doré (many of whom were recruited by Emily, by the way)(I’m starting to wonder if she didn’t recruit me too, actually)(hahaha) and with you, our dear readers.

P.S. – Thank you for all the résumés you sent us last week. We’re reading all of them and setting them aside for when we need them. Don’t get discouraged – passion, talent and humor always win in the end. The proof? I met Emily through Twitter, Vanessa at the organic grocery store in my neighborhood, Alison at a weird conference where I was wearing a weird outfit…and the rest is your CV, perseverance, and a little bit of luck, of course.



My story with Garance is long and sometimes complicated and, in my eyes, super beautiful. Today, we like to say we’re married. Let me explain.

The first time I met Garance did not go as planned.

Nearly 6 years ago, fresh out of college in Washington, DC, I moved to NYC for a glorified internship (aka I got paid, but not enough to cover a month’s rent) at Lucky Magazine. I was looking for a full time job and saw a tweet on my feed from @GaranceDore saying they were hiring an Editorial Assistant. Let me preface this by saying I started reading Garance’s blog when I studied abroad in Paris and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I lamely tried to replicate her illustrations more than once (hilarious if you know me and know I can barely draw a stick figure)…From there I started following her and reading the blog periodically.

I sent in my resume never expecting to hear back. A week later, I was shocked to get an email from Caley, Garance’s assistant at the time, asking me to come in for an interview. We ended up scheduling for the following day and I raced back to New York from Philadelphia where I was visiting my parents. I headed down to the village to meet Caley and when the elevator door opened I walked in to what looked very much like an apartment. I was a bit surprised, I realized I literally had no idea what I was walking into…and took a seat on the couch at Caley’s request. That’s when Garance came walking into the living room barefoot and fresh out of the shower! I never expected to meet her that day and the surprise and intimacy of the situation threw me into an anxiety tailspin. I don’t remember what we talked about but I remember feeling like it went terribly. I left thinking, “Well I’m definitely not getting that job! But at least I got to meet Garance Doré.”

A few days later, I got an email to come back in. I went back to the apartment, much more prepared, and a few days later accepted an editorial assistant position. I had just turned 22.

It became clear very quickly that G and I worked well together, but my responsibilities were all over the place. Caley moved to Seattle and I became the only employee on the team, taking on the role of personal assistant, editorial assistant, producer, advertising operations and sales. I learned on the job. I could identify that I liked the organizational aspects of my job. I liked bringing in revenue. A few months later we hired Alex (who worked with me at Lucky) to help us with editorial and from there my role flourished. I felt invested and I got excited about the business and all the ways we could organize and grow. It’s no surprise to anyone that Garance is a creative in every sense of the word—she’s full of ideas, works very non-traditionally, is messy, and hates numbers. I never thought numbers were my thing either, but I took on the role of being the yin to her yang and I loved my job.

Not only that, but there was also a relationship flourishing between Garance and I. We trusted each other pretty early on—we’ve always both been incredibly honest with each other. Quickly we weren’t just boss and employee. What I love about us is that roles we play in each others lives (there are multiple!) shift so fluidly. Sometimes it’s like we’re sisters, sometimes like best friends. Sometimes she’s my boss, and sometimes my colleague. We had all of that, but we also developed boundaries so we weren’t overwhelming each other either. It made work fun, and easy.

I started to get busier, my responsibilities grew along with the business and we began to hire and haven’t stopped since. My confidence grew too. Yes I was young, but I was surprising everyone (and sometimes myself) with how much I could handle and accomplish. We were becoming “the Studio” and I was learning how to build a small company without even knowing it. By the time we launched Garance’s book in 2015, I was heading up business development and operations for the Studio and our lives were truly intertwined. G had the ideas and I could make them happen, we couldn’t work without each other.

After the book, Garance was hearing more and more that she should hire a consultant or a CEO, and I started to get really discouraged. It was clear to me that she wanted to take the business to the next level, but was having doubts that I could be the one to do it with her. I thought about leaving, and thought maybe that if this was what she wanted, it meant that it was just my time to move on. Things started to get tense and eventually came to a head. I was sitting in the stairwell of our office building, crying, and having one of the few (but not the first or last) really hard conversations with G. I wanted to grow into being her CEO, I wanted her to trust in me and to stop using the excuse that I was young (I am, I was). She told me to go after what I wanted and step it up. And I did. A year later, we became partners. It wasn’t an easy process, it was incredibly emotional and sometimes contentious. But what we did agree on, always, was the type of business we wanted to build.

lifestyle relaunch garance dore emily note atelier dore photo

Garance asked me a few years ago what I wanted for my career. I told her then that what I wanted was to work somewhere that I would have the flexibility to work in a way that made sense for me in terms of time. I want to be a career woman. But I also want to have a family, and I don’t want to be absent from my children’s lives. I want to be able to work remotely from Cape Cod in the summers, I want to be able to take my kids to school and pick them up when I want to. I want a business where I can be a woman, a real power player, AND a caretaker.

Our shared vision is to build a business that doesn’t just measure success based on profit and scale, but on the comfort and happiness of its employees. I want all of us to love our work, and have a life. And I don’t think that means that we can’t be successful financially. It only means that we can be authentic and show up as our best selves because we’re creating an environment that strives to provide balance. What we do focuses on bringing creativity and beauty into people’s lives. That’s probably why you’re reading the site right now, for inspiration or entertainment, or maybe just to dream. To me, the only way we can continue to do that authentically is if we have a business that allows us to continue to dream, try new things and experiment. Many large corporations don’t have the luxury of that because they are accountable to more than just their readers or consumers. They are accountable to stockholders and investors. Their success is measured solely by money. A mistake could mean budget cuts and layoffs.

We measure success based on a few other things. Our success is based on our pride in our work. It’s based on making our community happy, and getting to spend time engaging with them, whether that’s in person or through the comments on the site and social media. It’s based on our creative stimulation and our happiness. That’s what we’ve been striving for and what we hope to continue to instill in our employees and with our readers.

It hasn’t always been easy, especially with things that have happened in our personal lives but we’ve always been there for each other. I’ll never forget going to see her the day that her and Scott decided to split up and I hugged her while she cried. Then when Josh and I broke up two years ago, I slept on her couch for 3 days before going home to see my family. We’ve leaned on each other through meltdowns and hard situations in a way you can’t just lean on a regular colleague. But there have been times of great happiness too! G was the first person I spoke to when Josh and I got engaged (Ok I did call my parents first, but it was so early they didn’t answer, but G did!). I helped Chris coordinate her engagement ring, while we were on the book tour together so extra tricky! We may be 15 years apart, but our lives have run this parallel that’s been beautiful. She’s taught me so much, and maybe in some ways I’ve taught her a few things too.

And just like that, I’m 27 and the Atelier is born. As it turns out, walking into that apartment that day was one of the most pivotal moments in my young life and career. From there, I started learning from her, becoming who I had the potential to be. It was the starting point of my not-so-traditional success and an invaluable friendship. Garance can now live a beautiful life in LA and continue to create and dream in a way that will drive our business. And I can be in New York with our team and my fiancé, to start the next phase of our company and my life.


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    It’s definitely a challenge, but one we’re so dedicated to. Thank you so much for your kind note, and for being such a long time reader. We always love to get your comments! x

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    Dear Garance,

    Thank you! I have followed you for years and it is wonderful to see you and your online presence evolve. I have never commented before, but I am dying to know who makes your white shirt in these photos? I am on the hunt for the “perfect” white shirt. If you wouldn’t mind, please share the designer and style/make. Thank you and I am already enjoying your rebrand…inspiring my own personal rebrand.

  • Hi Katiti,
    Garance’s shirt is from Equipment! x

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    Win Win !!

  • Lisa,
    Thank you for sharing our story! And the best of luck to your daughter!! I really believe if she’s excited about what she’s doing and open to new experiences she will find so much happiness and fulfillment in her work! x

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    There is such love and mutual respect overflowing from each of your stories for one another, that I have ended up teary reading today’s post. It is profoundly beautiful and deeply moving to me, to read of each of your words on the interaction of two brightly shining hearts, minds and souls, as you traced your ways on the complicated – and ultimately enriching – journey of growth and life itself.

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  • Girls, you are both such an inspiration! On both individual and team levels! It’s also an interesting glimpse into the atelier’s dynamics, cause you know – from the reader’s perspective it’s always all shiny and glitter and fashionable.

    And I think you girls created one of the best places in the web, full of great content and inspiration… and also a great community around it (I’m not sure if you simply throw away the hateful comments so quickly, or it’s just a hate-free spot in the web (sounds impossible) (but really, it’s the nicest and kindest place, so respectful towards each other, even if we don’t all agree on the skirt lengths or politics)!

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  • Emily, I really respect the steps you took to differentiate the atelier from a typical business–it’s warm, professional, and respectful to your readers!

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  • Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have followed Garance from the early stages of her blog and always loved the openness she shared. I read something the other day that said how important mentors are to our personal growth. You seem to have been mentors for each other whilst being mentors for your readers. So excited to see your next chapter ladies x

  • Caroline April, 11 2017, 11:59 / Reply

    Thank you for your honesty

  • Thanks for sharing your stories. Love the honesty + inspiration! I must say I used to read the site a long long time ago – but even though I like fashion, it got a bit too much fashion focus for me, and I stopped. Now I have been listening to the podcast, and back visiting the site, and I LOVE it. It’s so true, so authentic, still a very healthy dose of fashion, but so much more encompassing, but still the same wonderful voice. I love the branding of the Atelier, it’s so cool. Thank you for creating something beautiful and true.


  • I appreciate this story in so many ways–your honesty, your partnership, the balance you are seeking to achieve in your lives, your clarity of purpose and ambition, your friendship. Crying in the hallway is not a story a lot of men would talk about (perhaps not a lot of women, either) but that feeling of being passed over, not seen as strong enough, smart enough, part of “the future” of something, especially something you helped create–is painful and something I think many people have felt, Emily. That you could see it, Garance, that you could speak to it, Emily, that you trusted each other to step up and into this partnership—it’s all a powerful testament to a respectful collaboration, way of working and living.

    Here’s to many more years! xo

  • Hi Emily,
    I wanted to ask please, when you say “…Elle m’a dit de me battre pour ce que je voulais, de me donner les moyens. Ce que j’ai fait. Un an plus tard, on était associées….” when Garance told you to fight for what you wanted, to look for it (which you did) and a year later… how exactly you did it? it was just to sit down, think for a while, get your ideas straight and go for it? or you had to study something? to specialise on a particular subject? what exactly meant to you “se donner les moyens?” (sorry, I cannot think of a good way to translate it in english)
    I’m going through a phase right now where I want to move forward, I have a lot of experience but I do not feel rightful (legitime) to move onto a new stage where I feel that I know it, intuitively, but I do not have the training or the “formal” means to do it…
    thank you very much for your story
    Kind regards,

  • Hi Vicky,
    For me, it was a certain change in confidence and attitude. I became much more assertive in my work and especially in my decision making. My fiancé said to me once, “it’s better to build on the foundation of your mistakes than to not begin building at all.” So I think the most important thing has been to become more assertive with the decisions we take. I also dove into educating myself on the things that I didn’t know. For example, this summer I took an on-line finance class through NYU that helped me understand finance and accounting more, so I could have more constructive conversations with our accountants and financial advisor–and so I could have enough knowledge to hire the right people!
    This was also something that our intern MJ really inspired me with–she continued to educate herself when she needed to instead of feeling helpless or giving up on something, and I really believe in that.
    Happy to talk anytime if you need! And I wish you all the best as you enter this new stage–it’s exciting! Just learn to trust your intuition and you’ll figure it out!
    x Emily

  • Garance a des relations qui semblent quand même bien difficiles et compliquées, que ce soit dans sa vie pro ou perso !

  • Parce que, chez Garance, ces 2 types de relations te semblent distinctes ? Toutes ces relations lui sont utilitaires…. Et oui, avec elle, c’est toujours compliqué et intéressé. Hélas.

  • Travailler avec des gens qu’on aime et qu’on considère comme des amis, cela vous semble compliqué ? Au contraire, je trouve que ça simplifie vraiment la vie et on devrait tous s’en inspirer.

  • Bravo les filles!
    Merci pour ses 2 témoignages croisés..
    je vous souhaite beaucoup de réussite..

  • roelien April, 12 2017, 5:15 / Reply

    Well, Doré doesn’t mean golden for nothing. Congratulations on finding and holding on to each other, and on developing the blog into Atelier Doré while keeping up the values you share. Onwards and upwards!

  • This is just so inspiring and beautiful. I just turned 23 and have been reading the blog since I was practically a kid. There are so many blogs out there but only one that has managed to keep me loyal – engaging me, inspiring me and making me dream throughout all these years. As time has gone by, this is the one site that has become a part of my daily routine and rituals, being one of the first things I have been reading in the mornings (before going to school, then university, then work), and I feel a special attachment to it. It has made me learn, laugh, think, relax and disconnect. It is like sitting down for a coffee and a nice chat with a friend (a very inspiring one!). I think if I met Garance or, now, anyone from the team (which would be amazing) it would just feel like I’m just catching up with good friends. I am sure that’s the case for most readers and I truly admire how you have managed to build that in a talented and honest way through a combination of both hard work and an effortless attitude.

    I am very happy to have seen the blog’s evolution, and how it has grown into something bigger while retaining its unique personality, vision and essence.

    Good luck for the future. You are a great team (I am even kind of jealous!) and I hope you will continue to create and innovate.

    Garance Doré, Atelier Doré… no matter the name – I will always be your loyal reader.

    Thank you,

  • I’ve read this during my lunch break and my roasted veggies became extra salty, because I cried all over them. Such a moving story, thank you for being so open and honest – the world needs more of that.

  • Congratulations and best wishes to you both! As excited as I am to see Atelier Dore grow, I’m just as inspired by the strong female relationship between the two of you. As women, we can shy away from confrontation and conflict to our detriment. That you both chose to be direct and honest with one another – and your readers – is a story that bears repeating. I feel that’s a big reason why I, like so many other readers, keep coming back for more. Cheers, ladies!

  • This is so inspiring and a great reminder that we need to follow our instincts and be conscious/ intentional about the life and career we want to create. Thank you for sharing this story!

  • My first time commenting on Atelier Doré !
    This kind of posts is the only reason why I will always come back to check out what you guys are up to, from time to time.
    To be honest, I have stopped caring about the fashion-related articles because I feel like what has been told on a previous post here : too much perfection, too much curation, not enough diversity.
    However, I must say that when you guys create such content, there’s a rawness, a kindness and sincerity rarely seen on the blogosphere. It’s incredibly refreshing and heartwarming. As readers, we feel close to you all. These posts make me realize that behind the facade, we’re all human, we all have flaws, we struggle, we fail but we learn, we thrive, we survive, we grow and get stronger.
    What I want to say is, to my very own personal opinion, the more you guys distance yourselves from fashion, the better we are.
    I sincerely wish Atelier Doré’s team all the best for the upcoming years and counting !

  • Djeneba Sako April, 12 2017, 3:23 / Reply

    I love your stories!! I think I have been reading the blog for more than 4 years now and this might be the first time I am commenting. I just made me feel weirdly proud and emotional. Your growth and success as ambitious women is super inspiring!

    Bisous! xxx

  • Que ces mots donnent des ailes… Merci… To be continued !

  • Mariateresa April, 13 2017, 12:28 / Reply

    It’s your history the marvellous history of a woman trust and partnership and I want to job also for you from Bari, Italy, over the Adriatic sea!!! It’s possible? Iadmire you so mich, Garance and the Studio are a mythic goal for me!!! Very very congratulations! Where the resume?! Bye Bye

  • This is such a wonderful story to read about and has really helped me connect with the Atelier. For awhile I was only connecting with Garance and only wanting to read her posts because it was her voice that I read for years and I loved how she crafts a story. But this, there was something so open and honest with this post that it made a shift in my mind and I’m more excited than ever to read from all the people that make up Atelier Dore. Congratulations and can’t wait to see more.

  • Hey Garance! Hi Emily.

    This is beautiful. I love this story and it is personal and wonderful of you to share. You each displayed courage putting yourselves out there in new ways… and it paid off… a professional match made in heaven! I’m so genuinely excited for you. Congratulations, women. Your future is B-R-I-G-H-T!

    I owe you an email, G. When we magically met in NYC at The Soho Grand Hotel, you asked me to email you, and I haven’t yet. The reason is because you are literally my only Shero when it comes to authentic business and I’m a perfectionist which results in me procrastinating sometimes. I’ve met a bunch of celebrities over the years and never been nervous, but you are different. So here I go…

    As I mentioned when we talked, a very fun and stylish “almost-all” expenses paid trip to Portland Oregon awaits you. All you have to do is cover airfare. I’ll hook you up with all the rest!

    I would love to show you two around here for a day or two. We’d have a blast and Portland is cool, I promise! Please come. I’ll email you with details.


  • Coralie April, 13 2017, 5:44 / Reply

    Ahah…se donner la permission, tout est dit…mais pas si facile à appliquer!
    Marrant je suis actuellement dans une situation où on me fait miroiter un poste tout en étant tour à tour secrétaire, adjointe, assistante, souffre douleur ;)…sauf que tout dépend d’un homme peu jeune et très paternaliste… sigh, c’est parfois quelque peu décourageant et dur de “faire ses preuves” quand on l’impression qu’on ne ressemblera jamais au profil type du directeur… C’est pourquoi cet état d’esprit fait rêver que tu as Garance!

  • It really is a beautiful story, very genuine and pure. It really shows on your work. You inspire your readers because you’re inspired yourselves. So happy for the both on you, you truly are fortunate to have found a perfect work/life chemistry and balance.
    Thank you for sharing always!

  • Justine April, 13 2017, 9:21 / Reply

    It’s been a long time since I last posted a comment. Not that I did not like the new direction the blog was taking but it felt less relatable for me on a personal level. This post is all that I love about Garance’s way of sharing her life since the beggining: open, fearless, feminine, unapologetic. So many thanks for that! Most of all, Emily’s story is amazing; reading it gave me hope and energy to work and not be afraid to simply speak up. I am 24, I have tried to find a job in France, now doing an internship in Washington D.C and Emily’s career is a model to look up to for me.
    You two are a great duo, keep doing what you are doing, please.


  • Such a beautiful story of a great partner- friendship! The hardworking women getting together for something so beautiful is the most inspiring thing in world!

  • Quelle belle histoire, you guys inspire me so much! :-)

  • I’ve read this blog since Garance was still living in Paris as I loved her illustrations (I still do) and I continue to love it as it grows to become the studio and now Atelier Dore so I must say I had a lot of fun to read this story from you both. This actually reminds me of the love issue of Out magazine where a couple would share their side of the love story they had. And perhaps/actually this is..a love story too. Thanks for sharing :)

  • I’ve followed/enjoyed your blog/story for some time now and miss the carefree signature quality with the new, minimalist logo/rebrand. The logo style is a stark departure does not speak to your uniquely authoritative prose

  • Bravo à toutes les 2 ! Que l’histoire continue !!! L’union fait la force !

  • Maartje April, 16 2017, 5:22 / Reply

    Thanks for the honesty and the inspiration, you two.

  • This is so inspiring – what a journey! Well done, Emily, it seems that Garance made the right choice. Looking forward to seeing what’s next in store for the Atelier :-)

    Hi from Scandinavia!

  • Sabrina Delafield April, 17 2017, 5:17 / Reply

    Thank you both for shinning a light on your relationship and development together. I am so grateful to hear your stories of growth and change and the value you place on a broad holistic vision of success. Merci!!!

  • This is just so sweet and why I’ve been following along for nearly 10 years. Met you both on the book tour and you are both inspiring, delightful and honest. What a great post!

  • Bravo à toutes les deux ! Une belle histoire de femmes, d’amitiés et de respect mutuel. Très inspirant pour la génération future. Merci.

  • C’est beau tout cela, ça me donne un grand coup de boost!
    Merci d’être dans ma vie depuis si longtemps <3

  • Anna Ortmark April, 18 2017, 4:08 / Reply

    I’ve been following Garance for many many years:) Love the story and the whole team at Atelier
    All the best Anna

  • Karen Shalett April, 19 2017, 10:38 / Reply

    So so happy to see all of your success Emily. While I didn’t get to work with you for as long your creativity, spirit, work ethic and unending resourcefulness made me adore you as much as it sounds like Garance does. Happy business and wedding planning as well. Mazel Tov!

  • Tammy M. Nicastro April, 26 2017, 4:32 / Reply

    Such a great partnership! Your content has really enhanced my life. I use it as a tool. How can a random reader best support your work? Is it simply by purchasing products from the stories? Is there another way that I’m missing? I derive so much value from what I read on your site that I want to make sure I am helping your business grow.

  • J’adore ce post, j’adore votre vision de l’équilibre de vie boulot/perso et votre relation au travail ! Oui, c’est tellement malheureux que les grosses boites ne puissent pas se permettent ce genre de souplesse à cause de leurs actionnaires… Mais je sais que l’avenir réserve le meilleur aux boites comme la vôtre, car vous avez expérimenté comme moi que ce précieux équilibre est garant de notre créativité et de notre capacité à tout donner pour réussir ! Merci de m’inspirer tous les jours dans ma vie pro et perso <3

  • <3

  • I’m very proud and happy to read this story. You guys are the dream team.

    Maybe one day, I will have the chance to have an interview with you guys for my blog!

    Keep being the dream team girls ?

  • Mattea May, 30 2017, 11:25 / Reply

    I cried a few times reading this! Met both of you in 2015 during the book tour, and the love and kinship you two have and share in your work is seamlessly apparent. Not all experience this type of kinship, job or otherwise, and I hope to grow with fellow co-working friends at the level of success that you both have achieved. Congratulations on Atelier Doré.

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