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In Partnership With Laura Mercier

2016 has been a fascinating, crazy, exhausting year full of surprises. But there’s one thing I’ll never forget: this is the year I became an ambassador for Laura Mercier.

Beauty is such fragile territory for women, don’t you think? One day we feel beautiful, the next day we hate ourselves – it’s both profound and superficial. So when, one day, a brand as incredible as Laura Mercier asks you to become their ambassador, it feels surreal.

Wow, me, seriously?

It’s a real childhood dream of mine that’s come true…

At the same time, it makes sense. My story with the brand started a long time ago – and that’s how this relationship came about. Because Laura Mercier talks about keeping it natural, having that glow, and honestly most of all, makes killer makeup that I recommend to my friends all the time. I’ve been using their foundations and powders forever. After that, I met Laura several times, and I loved how even though this woman is in charge of an empire, she’s so real, so cool.

We are also connected through our origins, by France. A more subtle, discreet approach to beauty. French women love makeup but they would never want anyone to be able to see it!

Today I’m delighted to show you this video, shot with real friends, real French women, where we try to answer the question: What is beauty, from a French perspective?

Click the image to play the video!

Laura Mercier

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  • Congratulations!! That is such an honor! I so enjoy your blog and podcast and am looking forward to what this new collaboration will bring!

  • Congratulations! I think the French appreciate a broader definition of beauty, which encompasses more variety and diversity, including vis-a-vis age. It isn’t only about external perfection.

  • Nice : ) Does anyone know by whom the jacket (suit?) is that Melissa is wearing?

  • I really have to re-try Laura Mercier… I may have tried it too young: I am always attracted to “light”, “natural”, “translucide” etc. foundation (you know those kind of product which shout: “I have no make up and this is really the way my skin perfectly glows”), but at the time I wore Laura Mercier it was really to light for my non-perfect skin… now that I went through laser and chemical peeling (and aging…), it may be better…?!

  • Give it a try! Love how they embrace the more natural side of makeup. Keep us updated! x Natalie

  • finally! french girls spilling their beauty secrets!

  • The best, right?? x Natalie

  • Jeanne Barral December, 15 2016, 4:28 / Reply

    You’re moving to LA Garance ?!!

  • Lola is the cutest !!!
    Baci, Ali

  • Please let us know what makeup Melissa and Lola are wearing on their eyes and the blushes too!

  • C’est surtout très subjectif, la beauté !

  • sarah kunst December, 16 2016, 6:54 / Reply

    The music???

  • Gorgeous women and gorgeous makeup! I love the honesty of the video: it’s hard to see women (French or not) admitting that they make an effort with makeup! I personally love it and the moments I spend in front of the mirror each morning doing my makeup (neutral and subtle, but still) are almost therapeutic! It’s me taking care of myself to feel good.

  • Linda Boardman Kerr December, 16 2016, 7:21 / Reply

    Another article explaining the difference between French beauty and American beauty. And so correct, in many regards. My pet peeve is seeing older women, especially blonde, pale women, painting black eyeliner all around their eyes, and ignoring their eyebrows. It makes their eyes look so tiny and squinty. Also, there is a tendency to wear heavy foundation, sometimes in the wrong color. Overdone, overdyed, overprocesed sprayed hair is also often seen.
    I wish more women would focus on skincare instead of makeup. Sunscreen, for example! If a tan is desired, Clarins makes some great self-tanners.

    Anyway, thank ou for the video. You are all beautiful.

  • ok I know this is a promo video but I sooooo love it… what is French style!!!! always find that topic to be such an inspiration to me. More more more! :D Also the makeup is lovely, I feel inspired to try a more natural, fresh look. <3

  • A lovely video! Thank you! Laura Mercier creates great products in beautiful, wearable colours.

  • All good advice. I’ve always appreciated that less-than-perfect approach. To me, all of that striving for perfection in appearance looks, at best, boring, at worst, fake.

  • Lu Ann Mischler December, 16 2016, 2:38 / Reply

    Lovely exchange among friends. Please tell me what eye shadow Melissa is wearing.
    Thank you!

  • Hi Lu Ann,

    It looks like it might be the Caviar Stick Eye Color (in Grey Pearl or Rose Gold perhaps!) x Natalie

  • LMercier c’est loin d’être Chanel

  • Had to post, I found Melissa to be so beautiful; I loved her skin color!

  • Vive les françaises! Melissa c’est vraiment le petit chat plusmignontumeurs ! ;)

  • Caroline Dé December, 17 2016, 4:23 / Reply

    J’adore le maquillage de Lola, tellement fraiche, je me suis empressee de faire un screenshot des produits qu’elle a utilise pour que je puisse reproduire la meme chose!

  • Lovechoclate December, 18 2016, 1:48 / Reply

    Just what I like on Sunday Morning.
    Keep Doing Girls !

  • I love, love Garance´s earrings… Please … Can anyone say the brand or the name of them? thanks a lot!!

  • Hi Madina,

    I love G’s earrings too! They’re from Double Disco / http://doubledisco.com. Enjoy! x Natalie

  • Pour moi Laura Mercier est bien mieux que Chanel. J’utilise cette marque depuis quelques mois et pour tout dire j’ai presque envie de balancer la plupart de mon stock constitué jusque là. Je ne veux que Laura Mercier.

    Surtout un vrai et sincère clin d’œil aux conseillères que j’ai rencontrées (BM): simples, agréables et très très pros.

  • Le Bazhaar December, 20 2016, 8:13 / Reply

    Est-ce que Laura Mercier propose des Produits pour les peaux noires, plus foncees que celle de Melissa?

  • Hi Le Bazhaar,

    Laura Mercier does offer a variety of shades, which you can find on their website! http://www.lauramercier.com. Hope this helps. x Natalie

  • I was is Paris, France for the summer and I love everything.

  • Wonderful Video— i hope you keep making more of these!
    Loved Lola’s White ruffle blouse, do you know who designed it?

  • You guys dont need make up at all, young and beautiful

  • Melissa’s nude lipstick? Which one is it? I am always in dire need of a good one…

  • Bonjour et tous, please, please can someone tell me the Laura Mercier lipstick Melissa Bon is applying in the video clip?!!! I have searched high and low but can find no mention of it. Thanks so much. Bisous

  • Caroline Dé January, 14 2017, 2:03 / Reply

    Hi team! Not sure if I missed something but I went to shop for Lola’s lipstick (beautiful!!) and the color you put in the credits doesn’t match with what’s in store? Help!

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