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Just because I don’t talk about being forty very often doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten—far from it. I don’t make a big deal of it, but it would be a shame not to share with you the secret all women end up discovering one day or another—a secret being forty has taught me: life is right now.

And beauty, since that’s what I want to talk to you about today, is also right now.

It’s surprising. I’ve never paid more attention to my beauty and health as I do today. It’s probably a combination of things—a desire to feel good, to make my guy happy, and the awareness that ultimately, whichever way you look at it, beauty counts. That the connection between what you are inside and outside counts. That when you feel comfortable in your own skin, as superficial as it might sound, you’re better. Happier. And the time spent taking care of yourself is never a waste. Well, unless you’re doing contouring. Ha! I’m kidding.

And as time goes on, the more I observe. Young people, less young people, gorgeous people and people who are less spoiled by nature. Perfectly manicured people and people who barely wear any makeup. People who move with ease and people whose every movement seems restricted, like they’re apologizing for existing.
And every time, what I remember isn’t the details. What I remember is their glow. You can have a glow at any age, at any weight or type of nose, but that glow is what changes the energy of a room as soon as you walk in. You can be glowing at sixty or your light can be out at twenty—and even though it’s true that youth has its own, special, beautiful thing, it’s time to stop glorifying it and freaking out about every birthday: unlike what people want us to believe, youth isn’t everything.

This year, I started taking better care of myself. I don’t know if you remember, but it all started with my trip to LA, which profoundly inspired me. I think subconsciously, I started cultivating my own glow there.

So there you go! Today I wanted to share what I learned with you, and the little things that make me feel (yes, already! And it’s only just the beginning!) much better and yes, sometimes even feel like I’m glowing.

  • I got into Pilates and I’ve stuck with it. I’m that annoying girl who’s super into it. I go two or three times per week and do videos at home, and after two months, I already see a huge difference. I’m much more toned, of course. But the thing I like the most is that my posture has completely changed and I’ve even gained a sort of self confidence I never knew I had. It’s like Pilates subtly changed my whole way of doing things—it’s actually what made me realize (more than yoga for some reason) how much what’s on the inside is deeply connected to what’s on the outside.
  • I’m learning to say no. Notice I didn’t say “I’ve learned” – I think it’s going to take some time for me to really learn how to protect myself from my desire to please everybody. But even just that – knowing how to say no, “I’d rather not”, saying when something doesn’t work for you, getting some distance from people who don’t feel right – it’s a micro-revolution. Because when you have the courage to say no, you realize that, rather than being put off, people actually soften around you. They don’t leave, they don’t get angry. They do things differently. They develop a more respectful relationship with you. Everyone comes out of it a better person.
  • I’m learning to listen to my body. It’s crazy. I never, never knew how to listen to my body. I’m a big girl, I’m solid, inside and out, or at least that’s what I thought. Until I let myself get eaten up by work. Until I hurt my back. It’s much better now, and I’m learning to listen to my emotions and sensations. Anything from scanning my body to see what physical reactions I have to certain foods (hello third coffee and heart beating 200 miles an hour!) to listening to my sadness, my anxiety, or my joy. Little by little, I’m realizing my body has its own, more intuitive intelligence, and it’s often superior to my intellect which is saturated with all kinds of preconceived ideas, analysis, and obligations.
  • I’m learning to sleep. I’ve always been a light sleeper: I fall asleep like a log, but I’ll wake up if there’s even the slightest light, or the tiniest little creak. And when I sleep badly, I’m the opposite of chill. First of all, you can see it in my skin, and also, I have zero patience, and I can’t concentrate as well…it makes me want to drink coffee & stuff myself with sugar to feel energized – it’s not great. So I’m trying to get organized. Amazing sheets, black-out curtains (heaven), earplugs…
    When I sleep well, I’m two thousand times more myself, two thousand times more present, two thousand times calmer, two thousand times happier.
  • I look at my skin. No, really. It’s another thing I hadn’t ever taken seriously. I used to think I had really sensitive skin. But actually, that’s not the case at all. It’s just sensitive to certain products, that’s all. Shirley, my dermatologist, noticed right away: “there are way too many active ingredients in the cream you’re using, your skin is tired!” and that’s especially true when you try out tons of different beauty products all year long. I still test different products, but I stop at the slightest sign of redness or discomfort. When that happens, I always come back to rose oil (Kypris – Beauty Elixir One) or Pomega capsules, which have only two or three ingredients and one simple mission: hydrating your skin. And now I can honestly say, my skin is less irritated, softer, and more luminous.
  • I’m learning how to do my makeup. It’s all thanks to Tatyana, my makeup artist (I don’t have someone do my makeup every day, okay, but when I have a photo shoot, she’s the first person I call), who’s been teaching me little by little. She is incredibly talented and every time she does my makeup, I feel like a top model and send everyone selfies, super annoying. In the series “I get yelled at by professionals” the first time she saw me, she said: “no, your makeup isn’t right at all – you’re hiding the texture of your skin, it’s weighing everything down! Let me show you.” Since then, I’ve changed the makeup I’m using and the way I do my makeup – everything. I wear makeup every day. And I’m super happy with it.
  • And one really, really silly thing that works every time: I try to stay on track with my mani-pedi-wax schedule. Yes, even in the dead of winter, feeling polished makes me feel good. Add to that a little teeth whitening once a year, and a skin treatment every now and then, and I feel strangely amazing.

I feel like a woman! Like, a real woman who respects herself. Or something like that, it’s hard to put your finger on, but I recommend it highly. And honestly, all of this has just come from deciding to take my beauty and health seriously. Crazy. All of these things are really slowly changing me, and I think it’s giving me a lot more presence, and a lot more glow. It’s really easy to see in photos (with the work I do, I often have my picture taken, which is, eeeeeeeehhh not something I wanna complain about but) but it teaches you a lot of things about yourself. You can see it right away on the screen — the days when your face is closed off, and the days when you’re glowing.

I still have a lot of things to figure out, and the first one is how to eat better. It’s incredibly difficult to do, especially because I hate anything that seems extreme, and I hate diets. And I’m addicted to chocolate and peanut butter. And I eat when I’m stressed. I’ve already quit smoking, and I drink three times less, but with food, it’s not easy. Especially with a boyfriend who cooks like a God (couldn’t wait to slip that one in!)

Except when I’m partying, of course. Then, I don’t try to listen to myself too carefully – and that’s a good thing. I don’t want to become a monk, I just want to feel good and honor my temple (hahhaha just kidding. nah. I don’t actually talk like that. YET.)

So we’ll see about my eating habits. All things in good time, balance can’t be forced. And the important thing isn’t really the result. It’s what you do—the action you decide to take, right now in this moment.

Translated by Andrea Perdue

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  • Très beau bilan. Je vais avoir 40 ans d’ici quelques semaines et le sain graal pour cette nouvelle année c’est : ASSERTIVENESS. C’est bête mais je n’avais jamais tilter sur ce mot et malheureusement non plus sur le concept. C’est la psy de l’école de mon fils qui m’a sorti ça l’autre jour, en me disant que mon fils avait cette qualité : il expresse son opinion d’une manière respectueuse mais ferme. Intérieurement je me suis dit : “merde, c’est pas mon cas !” , je suis plutot dans le côté passif, de peur de blesser les sentiments de l’autre (choses totalement stupide je reconnais). Donc en plus de toutes les bonnes résolutions pour cette jolie étape des 40 ans je rajoute l’assertivité.

  • Ah je te comprends ! en général je suis nickelle aussi niveau mani-pedi (fax, pas la peine vu que j’ai fait le laser, enfin plutôt c’est toujours nickel). Mais là, j’ai pas remis de vernis sur mes pieds et c’est con, mais chez l’acuponcteur tout à l’heure, j’i bien senti que ça me filait un petit coup à l’estime. Je me dis que tout le monde s’en fout et que je suis surement pas la plus grade qu’il aura vu aujourd’hui, mais n’empêche, c’est pour ces moments là aussi que je prends soin de moi : pour que dans les moments vulnérables, j’ai l’impression de contrôler un peu ce qui se passe !

  • mademoiselle mauve March, 30 2016, 9:19 / Reply

    super article et ouiii il se voit cet éclat, ne serait-ce que rapport à tous les compliments de beauté que tu reçois lorsque tu postes des photos de toi <3
    (quant à l'alimentation, la nutrition, arf, que c'est difficile)
    bises from Paname !

  • It feels so good to read this little wisdom you share! Thank you. You look splendid. For me it’s related to The Power of Now. It’ so true, I breathe better, meditate, do yoga but I guess I’ll try pilates, say no more often and I am g toe with my skin , no harsh ingredients. I’m glad you quit smoking and wish my friends in France would do the same. By the way you whiten your teeth every year? You’re so American now :-D

    The secret in beauty may finally be, to love and be loved, to have loved at least once and received love…pretty simple. Have a day full of joy!

  • Which Pilates videos do you do at home?
    And I would like to hear more about the make up

  • Your skin is the reflection of your soul..so it’s not just about the cream you use… the food you eat…it’s the total of you..and tour skin reflect all this…when people are young it’s their genetics heritage that shows …as we get older the inner truth comes out…we can’t separate anymore our soul from our body…our mind take as where we want to go ..and our body is the car ..so we do need to take care of our body…but we need to nourish our soul too….
    with love
    Yael Guetta


  • healthy + happy = beautiful. or should i say eclatante? :)


  • Alala Garance, je suis exactement dans cette même phase depuis 1 an. Au fur et à mesure que les choses marchent, je rajoute de nouvelles choses sur mes routines. Ca prend son temps et il y aussi des rechutes mais c’est vrai je me sens mieux et ça se voit (que ce soit moi quand je me regarde ou quelqu’un que je rencontre.) Parfois il faut juste un déclic, un nouvel amoureux, une séparation mais qu’est ce que ça fait du bien de se sentir mieux, de se lancer aussi des challenges !
    En tout cas on a 15 ans de différence mais on vit des choses tellement similaires et au même moment et te lire ça me fait juste déculpabiliser d’être moi! Garance, Garance, j’espère un jour pouvoir te croiser pour te remercier de tout ce que tu m’as apporté!
    Merci pour ta sincérité et tes mots…

  • I’ve lived on both coasts and I see each as extremes. East? Almost body abuse… West? Almost brain abandonment in favor of body.

    Look for something in the middle…diet that is as natural as breathing and exercise that is integrated into your day.


  • Great post, and I think you already have food figured out. You know how you talked about learning to listen to your body (in the third point above)? That goes for food, too. When you tune out the external voices (new diets, friends’ advice, what such-and-such model eats), and focus on internal, food becomes less of a puzzle, and more an intuitive process.

    This means if you ask yourself “Am I hungry? What do I want to eat right now?” and the answer is cake, you have some cake. And you enjoy every bite of it. Your body is smart, though, so a lot of the time it will tell you, “I want some vegetables! Give me some protein!” We fear that without rules we’ll eat everything, but it’s the rules that makes us nuts because we’re ignoring our own instincts.

    One caveat: Because of our culture’s obsession with health and finding the perfect diet, I keep having to remind myself to trust my intuition. Not always easy, especially when you read that things like sugar/wheat/dairy are destroying your skin/body/life. : Also, I spent the past few years working in one of the best nutrition departments in the country, so I’ve read just about everything under the sun. My conclusion: Nutrition science is incredibly important, but I don’t consider it the ultimate authority on how to eat.

    Thanks as always for sharing your insights!

  • I think you’re talking about sprezzatura. That bien-dans-ses-baskets attitude that gives a person charisma beyond obvious physical perfection. At a piazza in Rome one day a friend and I picked out our favorites in the crowd passing by, then tried to decipher what made each person so attractive. Often, we realized, they had big bellies, or crooked teeth or funny noses or bad hair. So it wasn’t that they were perfect. Instead, they had good posture, they smiled, they wore their clothes rather than the other way around…..
    I also prefer Pilates to yoga. I did yoga with a dear teacher for about 8 years, and when she moved, I tried other gym classes (including Ecole du Dos, which was wonderful but not convenient) and about 2 years ago tried Pilates. I am hooked, but only go twice a week. I totally believe you are toned if you are doing it daily!!!!! Good for you.
    My Ecole du Dos teacher said they ought to teach posture in school. It would pay off with fewer injuries and medical bills later. I totally agree.

  • Haha tu es restée trop longtemps aux États-Unis !! :)

  • Hé hé dans Point de vue cette semaine, il y a un très bel article sur toi, mais il est écrit 33 ans. C’est ridicule de ne pas mentionner ton vrai âgé alors que tu le portes si bien.

  • Well said! I have not been able to put into words what I’ve noticed over the years. I’ve seen a handful of women and girls over the years who stood out to me because of their complete acceptance of themselves and contentment wherever they are. In a crowded airport terminal, there will be hundreds of people, but I’ll see one woman absorbed in her book, at home in her seat, oblivious to everything around her. She has that glow you mentioned. Others seem to be looking around anxiously, almost apologizing for being there. And it’s all ages and sizes – you’re right. I know a 12 year old who already knows her own style and doesn’t let others dictate what she wears. She wears cute, layered outfits, and while a group of us were at a coffee shop, I noticed her simple elegance in even the way she held her mug of tea. She had the glow. I admired it and told her that she’s one of very few people I’ve seen in my lifetime who have that sense of contentment. She understood and thanked me.

    I’m 48 and just learning all that you mentioned. Sleep is so important. And saying no. I believe you teach others how to treat you. When asked to fill a volunteer slot or do something for someone that doesn’t really fit my schedule, I can say no, because I know that I am not the only person in this entire world who can do what I’m being asked to do. If I say no, chances are they will say “okay” and continue on down the list of people they’re calling. And I do say no. If I am exhausted from the week and don’t want to go out, I tell people I have plans – even if my plans consist of a quiet dinner in and catching up on Netflix. Who is going to check up on my words? Others are not going to care for me completely. I have to do what I need to do for me to be nourished and taken care of: mind, body, and soul. What a great post. I’m going to re-read it often as a reminder to get and keep that glow!

  • Linda Spencer March, 30 2016, 11:26

    I’m 48 too and I loved the article. I sleep badly, have put on weight and feel stressed. I have 3 children under the age of 12 who are a delight but also very hard work. The article is an inspiration to make me take some action that I feel has been long coming.

  • Yes, I agree the Glow makes a huge difference with how you feel about yourself and how people feel around you. These are awesome tips that are actually doable over time. Eating habits is a toughy. In my experience, the choices I make are practically handcuffed to my mood, so it ends up being a never-ending battle. I think if you forgive yourself for the not-so-great-meal, and make a better choice for the next one, it can work itself out over time :)

  • Et bien en lisant ton article, je me dis que je devrais moi aussi me mettre à toutes ces résolutions. Quel que soit l’âge elles ne peuvent être que bénéfiques ! ^^

  • I’m currently approaching my 39th birthday…and I have to admit I loooove getting older! Never felt better about myself, the way I look and the way I feel. It’s very liberating to accept yourself and to stop try pleasing everyone. As others already said, nothing is more sexy and more attractive than a women who feels at home with herself.

  • Always love reading our posts, Garance. I also listen to my body more. I’m a little more into skin care and beauty products. I eat better. I used to drink a juice box everyday and ate frozen TV dinners. Horrible for you lmao. I also ate hot dogs everyday basically. Now I’ve cut juice and sugar outside of fruit. No more frozen TV dinners. No more hot dogs everyday (just once and a while ;)) And I’ve even switched to whole wheat or multi grain starches instead of white!


  • this is amazing. It’s so important to feel good and have self-respect. Learning to say no is very important, you have to set boundaries and respect yourself and not worry what it may do to other people. I’m pretty young, only 24, but I feel that I’m going through a similar change.


  • Thanks for this post! It’s so refreshing to read someone talk about the pleasures of getting older instead of the constant glorification of youth. At 36 I still feel like I’m still getting to know myself better but I’m certainly listening to my gut and my body a LOT more than I did even a few years ago. Learning my limits and when to say no or “this is not right for me and my life anymore” is a major work in progress but with each step I feel more and more confident which further makes me trust that I’m on the right path.

  • Alala génial ce post ! Depuis 1 an, 1 an et demi je fais beaucoup plus attention à toutes ces choses – j’ai déménagé à 9000 km de mon Paris natal d’amour, j’ai du me recréer des routines et de le faire from scratch m’a aidée à tout repenser ! Je m’offre des petits massages quand je sens que j’en ai besoin, j’ai enfin accepté l’idée que le sport puisse avoir une place conséquentes dans mon budget et donc je vais à des cours géniaux que j’aime, sans trop penser au prix parce que je sais que ca vaut mille fois le coup ! J’ai acheté de beaux draps, je me suis fait une chambre dans laquelle j’aime etre… Bilan ? Je dors mieux, j’ai une peau ok (Mexico City, niveau pollution, c’est pas l’allié du siècle pourtant…), je me suis mise au Bikram, je sais ce que je mange, et je me sens très en phase avec moi meme ! J’apprends à dire non, aux autres mais aussi à moi, je réfléchis beaucoup plus à l’impact de mes actions sur moi – intérieur ou extérieur. Et j’apprends à etre indulgente avec moi meme… Manger un mac do de temps en temps n’est pas la fin du monde, faire une grasse mat et rater son cours de yoga non plus, décliner un diner parce qu’on est trop fatiguée ne tuera a priori personne… J’apprends!
    Tes posts sont toujours aussi justes et rafraichissants Garance, je me connecte chaque matin avec l’espoir d’en lire un ! J’ai commencé à te lire avec ce post : http://www.garancedore.fr/2007/11/13/dreams-are-my-reality/
    C’est fou comme le temps passe vite ! J’ai donc vu le studio s’agrandir, j’ai eu peur de ce que ca allait devenir mais c’est devenu une petite famille avec des gens tellement complétementaires, c’est un plaisir de tous vous lire – j’adore les conseils lecture ! Mon unique bonne résolution pour 2016 est d’ailleurs de lire 50 livres cette année, car c’est une des activités que je délaisse le plus…
    Ce commentaire est bien trop long, je voulais simplenment te/vous dire merci pour ces bons moments matinaux que m’apportent ce blog – keep going!
    And please… Come to Mexico City dans ton book tour ! Et après, petite pause bien méritée à la plage – il faut que tu ailles à Mazunte je suis sure que tu adorerais !

  • Nice post ;)


  • Mariateresa March, 30 2016, 12:35 / Reply

    Mais à 59 ans et sens plus la maman (depuis le 7 fevrier) c’est tout bien plus triste! Surtout sens la maman!!!!

  • Yes, the secret of being happy and enjoying getting older is fully embracing the idea that, as you say, “life is right now.”

    I do have one thing to add to your list — and I’m surprised you forgot to mention it, Garance — it is spend a little more to get a great haircut. It makes a huge difference. And while it may cost a bit more, a good, flattering hair cut will last longer than a cheap drive-by. I’ve been using the same hairdresser for several years now and I almost always leave his chair with an extra spring in my step.

  • J’entre dans ma 30ème année et je suis dans le même état d’esprit. Je pars du principe que ce n’est pas quand mon corps en aura sacrément prit un coup qu’il faudra que je m’occupe de lui. Donc j’en prend soin car cette carapace c’est celle que tout le monde voit en premier, et se sentir belle, c’est ce qui nous met en confiance. A vrai dire, là, je serais plus dans ma période de remise en question capillaire, avec des envies de revenir au court qui se font de plus en plus présentes. ;) Alors je laisse durer le plaisir jusqu’à n’en plus pouvoir. Peut-être aussi que c’est parce que je n’ai pas trouvé le coiffeur idéal. pfff…

  • Natalie March, 30 2016, 1:09 / Reply

    I’ve recently started doing Pilates too, thanks to an amazing instructor I found here in Vancouver! She’s so inspiring and has the perfect balance of focusing on technique and not making it all too serious. I’ve never been a huge exerciser, but something about the challenge AND serenity of Pilates keeps making me come back.

  • Jessica Paugh March, 30 2016, 1:18 / Reply

    This is great! Would love to hear more insight on your make-up routine as well.

  • Manuella March, 30 2016, 1:20 / Reply

    Je n’arrive pas à avoir la vf malgré de multiples essais :-). Merci!

  • Manuella March, 30 2016, 2:00

    Ça remarche, youpi!
    Je me retrouve dans ces lignes. 42 ans et un long passé de laisser aller +2 enfants la facture commence à être lourde. Mais je me suis remise à courir à limiter les écarts gourmands et déjà je sens la différence. Et puis je vais me réinscrire au pilotes et essayer de m’y tenir. Quant à la peau du visage, je ne mets que rarement de la Creme j’évite l’eau, le soleil et ma peau me dit merci! Bises from Paris:-)

  • Ca fait du bien de lire qu’on va probablement arriver à un équilibre une fois, peu importe notre routine beauté actuelle (ou l’inexistance d’une routine beauté, justement). Perso, je suis dans la vingtaine, et à part pour les fringues et le maquillage, les 3/4 du temps je ne fais pas du tout attention à toutes les choses que tu viens d’énumérer. Mais bon, je me dis qu’il y a un temps pour tout. Et si on écoute son corps, j’espère que celui-ci tirera la sonnette d’alarme le jour où, vraiment, il y aura trop de laisser-aller.
    Alors vive la quarantaine ! Et la vingtaine. Et toutes les autres décennies !

  • Jessica March, 30 2016, 1:31 / Reply

    I think it all comes down to honoring ourselves, and finding a way to coexist with the outside while being true to who we truly are (not who we think we should be or are expected to be). The journey of getting to know ourselves takes you on some rocky roads, but it’s so worth it. We need to make it a priority, and it can start right from wherever we might be in that moment, we just have to be open to take that inner journey.

  • J’ai l’impression que ça a l’air d’être bien d’avoir 40 ans! Tu as l’air de te connaître tellement bien, de t’aimer et de te comprendre et d’avoir une certaine sagesse. Plutôt que d’en avoir peur, tu me donnes envie de les avoir les 40 ans (j’en suis loin encore)..



  • Yep, I think that the figuring out life and yourself never ends, actually… :)


  • Lovely insight – thank you!

  • Ok so, what foundation your artist recommend for photos? Desperate to know!

  • Caroline Dé March, 30 2016, 2:58 / Reply

    J’aime beaucoup ce genre de bilan et de voir comment l’estime de soi, la prise de conscience, le changement et l’amélioration sont des choses qui se construisent petit à petit….
    Ca me donne envie de prendre plus soin de moi, car après tout tu as raison, quand on est satisfaite de son image extérieure, on est plus sûre de soi. Je pense faire partie de ces jeunes de la vingtaine qui sont ternes et j’ai bien l’intention de changer ça!

    Merci pour ton article encore une fois ;)

  • The point is, when you’re getting older you start to take care. Take care of yourself. You start to have some limitations – new, weird, unknown things. In my twenties I could’ve: drink a lot, sleep or not, party like there is no tomorrow. Now with my #33: I HAVE to sleep at least 7 hours, I can’t drink more than two Long Islands (it’s still a nice score though) and I prefer go to a nice resto than to a club (old boring lady).
    But also when you’re getting older you learn how to love and accept yourself. I’m much more confident than I was 10 years ago (despite I had better body that time). I like my flaws – they’re making me unique – it took a long time to understand it ;)
    And this is what makes me glow – being happy with myself (but of course a couple of nice compliments helps!).

    Bisous :*

  • Gennesis Pineda Cortez March, 30 2016, 3:38 / Reply

    Je n’ai que 25 ans et toutes ses questions me trotent aussi dans la tête… comme quoi il n’y a pas d’âge. Merci pour ton article super inspirant

  • Quelle est celle qui ne se retrouve pas dans cet article ? J’ai beaucoup aime le paragraphe “j’apprends a dire non” : Respect de soi et par consequent des autres.
    Merci pour ce blog rafraichissant, enthousiaste, sympa que je consulte tous les matins (et quelquefois le soir, des fois que j’aurais rate quelque chose……) :-)))

  • I love this! I love all of it!
    I am with you sister, and oddly enough, visiting LA really does it for me too.
    Part of the LA effect for me is in the land of undone perfection I feel this sense of self-acceptance enhanced beyond what I experience in my day-to-day life. My gray hairs coming and my unbrushed hair, my healthy (while exercised) big butt, my ratty old converse that I refuse to get rid of and wear with pride, all of the things that make me ME I feel extra grateful for in that geography. It’s bizarre! It’s wonderful!

    I feel the same way about Barre3 as you do about Pilates, and I would encourage anyone who reads this to try it out. I know there are studios in NYC. It’s the best ever and I adore it. Ballet barre mixed with yoga and pilates. I practice it here in Denver where I live. Trust me on this.

    As for food, I am a 14 year vegan, not annoying I promise, and aside from that diet and eating mostly gluten free at home, I eat whatever I want and very rich, lovely, healthy, delicious food pretty much most of the time. Vegan tricks, as I call them, like soaking cashews to blend into cheesy sauces or soups, or always having nuts and seeds around to add to salads or mixed in with tagines, or on top of rice… I think what can make vegans good, healthy cooks is the resourcefulness that it inspires. Thinking outside the box about how to stay healthy and get what we need. I am 100% in support of every individual making a choice for what works for them, but a vegan APPROACH to cooking-woven into other eating habits could prove an inspired way to get what you want and need with ZERO feelings of giving something up. Just a thought :)

    I love this post. I love the idea of a glow as an “ultimate” sign of beauty, and I relate to it all the way. Because I think what you are saying is that no matter how we look, how we are born into this world, a glow is something all of us can cultivate and work toward. A glow is what is unforgettable about a person beyond appearance. It’s not just a passing aesthetic moment of awe, a glow is thought provoking. It’s outside and inside.

    I’m out the door to get a pedicure and hit a barre3 class now… working on my glow!

  • Adiosalabascula March, 30 2016, 5:04 / Reply

    Hola Garance
    Te voy a dar una direccion que te puede venir muy bien para que tu alimentación mejore. Tienes sugerencias de nutricion, recetas…todo basado en una dieta mediterranea y saludable.

  • Haha I was waiting for the other shoe to drop with a “I’m glowing because I’m pregnant” bullet at the end.

  • On point – my skin has been most adept at informing me when it’s not happy, and I’ve just recently started to listen to its pleas! To great effect, too.

  • It’s funny but everyone says sleep is so important at this age but for so many women it is a luxury–not because of busy lives but because of hormones. For me sleep and hormones have always been a problem, since my teens — runs in my family. So if sleep comes easy to you take advantage of it.

    Allie of

  • I also would like to know which Pilates DVD you use. The one pictured? Also, the Kypris rose oil you list has 18 ingredients, ironically enough.

  • Ai-Ch'ng March, 31 2016, 12:51 / Reply

    I cannot say how much I loved hearing you in this article! Self-acceptance, balanced with awareness and motivation to improve what can and needs to be improved for the sake of your health: now, that’s beautiful!

    I turned forty-seven on 1st January this year. To date, it’s the best New Year I’ve ever had, because my brain is finally aligning with my heart, I hear my body much more than I used to, and it’s clearer now what I say “Yes” and ‘No” to, in order for me to feel- and be – at my “two thousand times” best.

    Wishing you continued two-thousand-times happiness, radiance and wisdom on your journey ahead, Garance <3 <3 <3

  • Hey Garance!

    Je suis toujours bluffée par ta propension à te mettre à nu pour nous tes lectrices! Tu parles en apparence si facilement de ton toi interne-intime c’est WAHOO!
    Je ressens les même choses que toi ça doit être une question d’age Doc? Nous allons vers l’apaisement et l’acceptation de soi…. Le seul petit truc qui me chagrine c’est ce temps qui file a une allure vertigineuse…. C’est pas possible ça et on n’y peut rien!! Alors continuons à prendre soin de soi corps et âme.
    Merci Garance, tu m’étonnes que les gens te disent bonjour dans la rue et pense te connaitre…
    Je t’embrasse G

  • Pour le sommeil je te rejins complètement. Je tombe le soir mais après le matin je ne cesse de me réveiller. Je vais me renseigner pour des masques pas trop intrusives. Après pour ce qui est des ongles, de l’e’pilation… sorry but no. Pour moi, il s’agit plus d’une contrainte masculine et de la société que quelque chose que nous en tant que femme nous avons envie de faire. Je dis pas que je le fais jamais mais je le fais quand j’ai envie pas quand je devrais

  • Excellent!!!! Je comprends tout à fait ce dont tu parles, ya pas à dire tu trouves toujours les mots!! Me concernant j’approche la trentaine et je me suis surprise moi-même à ajouter des rituels de ce genre à mes journées et à m’y tenir dans une certaine mesure : genre je mets un lait hydratant le matin et une crème plus nourrissante le soir sur mon corps, le truc que je n’ai jamais réussi à tenir avant, eh bien maintenant je ne peux plus m’en passer et adieu peau de crocodile!! J’ai encore des progrès à faire sur d’autres points mais je vais m’inspirer de ton article pour continuer à travailler mon “éclat” :) bisous

  • avec l’âge, c’est vrai qu’on fait davantage gaffe aux détails (accessoires, maquillage, soin de soi) et bien moins aux fringues et à leur quantité

  • Kate A. March, 31 2016, 8:58 / Reply

    I loved this post Garance! Everyone has different definitions of health and beauty, and I appreciated that you shared yours without shaming others definitions as so many others do. I also agree about getting older, I am 27 but I look forward to all of my birthdays because I look forward to gaining more wisdom, confidence and self love as I get older.

    Would you please consider doing an updated skincare regimen post? I have tried the billion-step skincare routines that have recently become popular, and my skin was not. happy. I then switched over to a skincare routine similar to the one in your post about Skin a few years ago. That worked much better for me, so I am curious as to what steps and products you are using now.

    Thank you!

  • This is so true Garance: There are way too many ingrédients in the beauty products we can buy nowadays. I ended up finding a great brand of natural products which only uses usefull active ingrédients. I have amazing results and wouldn’t bother buying expensive creams anymore. It is a small company and they only sell online: nebocosmetics.com

  • Exactement ! On oublie trop que ce qu’on qualifie de “superficiel” est aussi important que le reste et que la beauté c’est avant tout cet éclat (donc la santé, mentale et physique, se sentir bien quoi).

    J’écrivais il y a peu à ce sujet sur le fait que finalement, ce qu’on considère comme des critères de beauté sont souvent des critères de santé, tout simplement et que donc, il n’y aucun complexes à avoir de chercher à être belle ^^ -cf. http://www.ca-se-saurait.fr/2015/07/14/ce-qui-est-beau-cest-ce-qui-est-en-bonne-sante/)

  • caroline March, 31 2016, 9:18 / Reply

    je vais fêter mes 35 ans dans quelques mois et depuis quelques temps, je suis plus attentive à moi, à mes habitudes, à mon ressenti et à mes envies. je me sens devenir plus “femme”, plus affirmée, plus sûre de moi aussi. c’est certainement du à l’expérience de vie qu’on commence à avoir à cet âge. et c’est cette expérience justement que je trouve intéressante. petit à petit, on sait mieux ce que l’on veut et surtout on a moins peur de s’affirmer. d’une certaine manière, on assume qui on est. je trouve ce processus très agréable et j’essaie de profiter de cette belle période qui s’ouvre à moi. je souhaite à toutes les femmes de passer par cela.

  • Elizabeth March, 31 2016, 9:22 / Reply

    One of the Olsen sisters said in an interview that the best advice she had received was “no is a whole sentence”. I think we often find it hard to say no & make a lot of qualifying comments or excuses; we are adults and should be able to say no and mean it, without feeling judged. I am much better at doing this now & it really helps people respect that you can’t be manipulated into doing things.

  • Des années que je te lis, 1er commentaire :-) Beau Post comme je le les aimes, longs et authentiques. merci

  • Il est très chouette ton article, merci infiniment Garance. Alors moi, c’est la psychanalyse qui m’a “ouverte”, bizarrement, et donné une clarté que je n’avais pas trop avant, surtout sur le visage. J’aimerais bien que tu approfondisses ta façon de te maquiller, ça m’intéresse beaucoup. Merci !

  • Rebecca Sum March, 31 2016, 2:30 / Reply

    I came across this really good quote which I thought goes along really well with your post:

    “I think there is a certain age, for women, when you become fearless. It may be a different age for every woman, I don’t know. It’s not that you stop fearing things: I’m still afraid of heights, for example. Or rather, of falling — heights aren’t the problem. But you stop fearing life itself. It’s when you become fearless in that way that you decide to live. Perhaps it’s when you come to the realization that the point of life isn’t to be rich, or secure, or even to be loved — to be any of the things that people usually think is the point. The point of life is to live as deeply as possible, to experience fully. And that can be done in so many ways.”
    – Theodora Goss

  • Oh Rebecca, thank you for this..I am turning 31 next Monday, which – when I see it written as a figure- is really strange to me cause I do not feel as an adult and not at all fearlesss. Nevertheless, I will try all my best to keep up with this wisdom.

  • Garance! Please give us more information about the makeup you actually use and the Pilates tapes you like to do at home. Thank you! Loved your post!

  • I think one of the main reasons for some of the changes you have made is Chris being in your life now. When there is a man around every day you have to do some of the ‘woman’ things more often (sometimes daily instead of weekly!) than you did when you were alone more. Also, something you will learn is that 40 isn’t very old in the scheme of things, wait until you are 50 and 60 and looking back, that’s when you will realize this. Another thing that will change soon is ‘the change’, perimenopause can start in the early 40s, definitely by mid-40s, and then you are in for some BIG CHANGES, both mentally and physical and it is something you cannot prepare for. So enjoy your present age, it’s a perfect time to be a woman.

  • Oh oui je te comprends bien ….
    Et cette année , c est 50 ans …. Déjà …. incroyable de voir le temps filer de plus en plus vite !
    J ai la chance d avoir une image qui ne reflète pas mon âge …on me donne facilement 10 à 15 ans de moins … mais je les ai . Je sais que je me suis recentrée beaucoup plus sur mes priorités que sont le dessin et me perfectionner en peinture .
    Le seul hic reste le temps …. travail au bureau et freelance me laisse peu de temps pour mes loisirs. Mais je dis non maintenant aux amis lorsque je veux aussi prendre du temps pour moi .Et ils comprennent . Pour l alimentation il a un peu de lâché prise ainsi que pour le running mais j espère bien recadrer les choses ce printemps .
    J aime ma vie . Ce qui serait formidable , ce serait de voyager sans contrainte , et si je pouvais être … complètement en freelance . Peut être la prochaine étape ..

  • ‘Balance can’t be forced’ – that’s an eye opener, thanks!

  • Virginia April, 1 2016, 10:09 / Reply

    I too am learning… Very beautiful. Thank you. x

  • Chrystel April, 2 2016, 2:35 / Reply

    Bonjour Garance!

    Je me retrouve dans tout ça aussi. Pour l’alimentation et arrêter de manger parce que tu es stressée ou autre, travaille ta gestion des émotions. Si tu as besoin d’aide pour ça, contacte-moi!

    Merci à toi et à ton équipe pour le blog! Vous faites un grand travail!

  • Camille April, 2 2016, 7:38 / Reply

    A quand un post maquillage??? :D

  • Phillipa April, 2 2016, 2:31 / Reply

    Merci! J’ai 36 ans donc tu m’inspires tellement (grr typing in French on uk iPad is nightmare so will switch to English), especially as I think you look more beautiful now than 5 years ago. Yes I agree you start to care for yourself more around 40. You are ageing and you can see it, equally wanting to stay alive/healthy for longer, esp if have kids. It’s like the female midlife crisis but with expensive creams and routines rather than flash car or bizarre hobby.

  • Bénédicte April, 3 2016, 2:56 / Reply

    Great article. Really like it! Curious about Pilâtes vidéo and daily beauty routine. Could be inspiring for future articles?! Best regards from sad Brussels.

  • camille reddress April, 3 2016, 7:46 / Reply

    this is beautiful and almost exactly where i am . care for yourself , you’re not an ‘achieving machine’ xxx

  • Suzanne April, 4 2016, 5:15 / Reply

    Bonjour Garance,

    Je lis les articles de ton blog depuis le début de l’année : belle découverte, j’aime beaucoup ! Le ton, les photos, la lumière: c’est toujours un joli rendez-vous dans ma semaine. J’ai donc acheté ton livre qui m’a beaucoup plu: bravo !

    Bonne journée,

  • Brittany April, 4 2016, 5:13 / Reply

    Ciao! Thank you for sharing.

    May I ask for Tatyana’s email/website/contact info? I live in the city and have been looking for someone before events/to give me a lesson for quite some time. I’m terrible at doing make-up, and usually end up looking like a Raccoon, so I am grateful for the recommendation :)

    Thanks x Brittany

  • vanessa la belge April, 6 2016, 8:12 / Reply

    Et bien même à bientôt 30ans (qques mois, ca aussi c’est un sacré cap), ton bilan fait envie ! Etre plus soi, s’écouter et surtose respecter, c’est un peu comme la beauté, ca n’a pas d’âge.

    Tes posts me manquent mais, même si j’ai l’impression qu’ils se font un peu plus rares, je prends toujours autant de plaisir à les lire.

    Merci, Garance.


  • Bonnie April, 8 2016, 9:26 / Reply

    It’s great that you’re getting into Pilates! I am also getting into the exercise thing, and at first it was hard to motivate myself. But I keep telling myself that I need a healthy routine in my 20’s that can take me through the rest of my, hopefully long, life. So I go running 5 days a week for 1-2 miles, I do yoga once a week, and I try to get out to a dance class or two (zumba or swing dancing).

    It’s nice to hear about your personal experiences- we all relate in some way or another, and it’s good to hear that other people are going through similar things!

  • Garance! c’est tellement vrai ! Love your post ! Courage pour l’alimentation ! un petit truc qui peut t’aider : un jour une amie m’a dit ” mon corps n’est pas une poubelle ” . Penses-y c’est radical ! xx

  • Hello Garance,

    I am 56 years now and i feel fantastic!
    I am happy with myself, my life, my love, my world.
    Can it be you’ re a High Sensitive Person? I think so because of your sleeping attitude and your former problems to be assertive ….
    ( and thats a very different thing than being egoistic)!

  • Il va falloir que j’applique quelques uns de tes conseils car même si j’essaie de faire attention à moi, il y a encore du boulot et à 46 ans une mauvaise hygiène de vie ça ne pardonne pas !


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