I’m looking for a summer scent.

When I was a teenager, I totally believed in all the stories told about the luxury brands perfumes. I remember like it’s yesterday the day the Obsession perfume campaign, the one with Kate Moss, was launched. It was talking about passion, it was her lover, Mario Sorrenti, who had taken her picture, it was innocent and daring at the same time…

All those stories made me dream so much! I would buy a perfume just for that, no matter the scent. I guess that’s the point of a perfume, more than to smell good, is to make us dream!

So, I wore CK One because it made me feel like I had a personality (just like every single one of my friends at school) and l’Eau D’Issey because I’m a girl as pure as water (seriously wtf) and Happy from Clinique cause I am a happy girl (that one was easy).

And then one day I realized all those perfumes smelled a little bit the same the same. That somewhat synthetic bottom note started to get to me

So I moved on to trying on vintage perfumes like Guerlain’s l’Heure Bleue (I’m a sophisticated and mysterious woman.), N°5 (I’m the quintessential woman) or Opium (I smell so good I’m addictive) but what I realized is that I’m super sensitive to scents and all the “vintage” perfumes made me feel drunk because they smelled so strong.

So then I became a snob, I started wearing perfumes from Santa Maria Novella (my favorites) and the sublime collections from Dior or scents you wouldn’t find everywhere like those from L’Artisan Parfumeur.

[Quick side Mûre & Musc (the perfume in the picture) note : for all you non-Parisians out there: Mûre and Musc is THE perfume of the young parisienne. We all wear it. It’s delicious, SO delicious, but original… Not really][But seriously, it’s delicious][And if you’re not in Paris, then you can totally wear it !]

And then, for about a year, nothing. It had something to do with lots of incessant traveling and more than a few little broken bottles in my suitcases, for sure.

But also because I’m looking for a fresh perfume, one that smells like summer, one that when I put it on in the morning, it puts me in a good mood, that doesn’t smell synthetic and that not everyone else in the world is wearing.

What are you wearing this summer ?

Translation: Tim Sullivan