Spring Sniffs

Clockwise from top right: Perfume, DedCool; Perfume, Roemy; Perfume, Non Gender Specific; Perfume, By Rosie Jane; Perfume, Heretic; Perfume, Henry Rose.

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Fall Fragrances

Clockwise from top right: Perfume, Byredo; Perfume, Heretic; Perfume, Aesop; Perfume, Frédéric...

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For the Love of Scents

For the Love of Scents

We are using our olfactory receptors today with LA-based artisanal perfumer Linda Sivrican of...

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Valentine’s Day Scents

Clockwise from top right: Perfume, Lazarus Douvos; Perfume, Birthstone Scents; Perfume, Heretic;...

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D.S Durga Atelier Dore

Studio Visit / D.S.&Durga

We all know smoking kills, but thank god we were all young, naive, and thought we were invincible so...

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Very Rare

Very Rare

My trip to Japan was a real dream come true…

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by rosie jane perfume fragrances garance dore photos

Small Packages

Good things do come in small packages. Like these fragrances, which all have beautiful scents...

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Original Oils!

I could seriously nerd out all day and night over natural remedies and organic beauty. Erik makes...

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Solid Ground

I’ve become the cheerleader for solid perfumes.* (Niche, I know, but someone has to do it.)...

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diptyque fragrance candles paris interiors beauty garance dore photos


In Paris, I’m always charmed by the history, which is just everywhere.  And you feel it even...

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Scent Times Two

Fragrance is very personal.  Scents have the ability to stir powerful memories (good and bad, ha)...

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Hermès, NY

The news of Hermès opening its first parfumerie here in NY has had us thinking… So, first,...

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garance dore illustration

Scent Zone

If you have a sensitive nose, you might relate.

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aerin lauder hamptons rose de grasse garance dore photos


Do you know about Aerin Lauder’s beauty line? We talk about it regularly on the blog, because...

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Now You Know It’s Mine

I’m in love with my new fragrance. I now live in perpetual fear that I’ll be that person...

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aveda chakra garance dore photos


Do you believe in chakras? It’s not for everyone, but it’s cool to think of these energy...

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Parfum Pour Cheveux

Long hair, don’t care. Ok, so that might be true for some things, but one thing that’s...

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