Aaaaaaand…I cut my hair again!

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Soooo…I cut my hair again.

Even though I’d been dreaming of long hair Gisele Bündchening down my back. I was almost there.

I really struggled to get to that point, too. Even though the growing out period doesn’t bother me that much, since I like random lengths. And even though no matter what I do, I still prefer how I look with my hair pulled back, I kept telling myself I just needed to get to that ideal length for it to really look good.

For one thing, let’s be honest in this wonderfully feminist time – I really grew my hair out just to please Chris. And guys – let’s not even try to figure out what cliche, Freudian reason, or Gisele Bündchen got into them, but a lot of the time, guys seem to prefer long hair.

I’d even go so far as to suggest a theory: they love short hair at first, because it makes us look free, different, and a little wild – but once we’re with them, I don’t know – long hair reassures them?

Anyway, I’m getting off the subject.

My hair was finally getting to the minimum length I was hoping for – to the top of my back, and it was long enough to do a very high bun (my favorite kind).

But then I started to try leaving it down, and that’s when the reason I cut it, what, 6 years ago? came flooding back to me.

Nothing had changed – not my facial structure (keeping my hair away from my face works better for me), not my hair (super dry ends with a tendency toward oily roots, super curly one day, super straight the next, and a completely different texture depending on the weather) (oh, and on top of it all, I have a little smattering of grays to drive me extra crazy now), not my laziness (I’m just never going to be the girl who spends a ton of time styling her hair).

As for dry shampoo, I don’t know how all my friends who love it do it, but when I use it, I feel like a bag of damp flour has been dumped on my head.


So I started thinking fondly of all my years with short hair, the years when I forgot what a bad hair day was, when I was getting compliments on my hair every day, and I didn’t need a hair stylist even when I was attending a gala. So I talked to Chris about all this and I think we’ve probably gotten to a point in our relationship where it’s fine, he’s reassured, (or he doesn’t care haha!) because he just said: “Whatever makes you happy.”

So I called Clyde, the one who came up with my short cut in the first place, to ask him if he knew someone good in LA, and he said “Me! I’m coming to LA next weekend, I’ll cut your hair for you.”

And he added: “It’s good to change things up, but I always thought short hair looked really good on you…”

Gah! So here we go again.

I wanted it short, but not quite as short as before. I’d kept a bunch of photos I loved of Laetitia Casta during her short hair period in my photo album.

So Clyde came, we cut it all off, and we even colored it, and…pheew, I didn’t regret it for a second. But the interesting thing is – listen carefully if you’re thinking of cutting your hair – it takes a few phases to find the exact cut.

For example, in the photo, that was the first phase of the cut. It’s not bad, but for me, it was too long in the back, and I didn’t feel like having the same long bangs I had before. I kept it that way for a while, about a month, but then when I went back to New York at the end of September, I reworked the idea a bit to give it a little more structure.

We also did a keratin treatment to make my curls more manageable, which made my hair a little too straight at first – but every day the texture gets a little closer to the way I like it.

So, in short – a nice haircut can honestly be life changing, but you shouldn’t hesitate to try out different things over a few months to figure out what the ideal length and color is for you.

So there you go! I’m really happy with it! What do you all think?


Translated by Andrea Perdue

Thank you to Clyde and Mirko from The Drawing Room!


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  • Nandreay October, 9 2018, 9:49 / Reply

    J’ADORE !

  • Yay – you cut it, I love it just so chic, and your face looks happier with short hair.

  • Moi j’adore!!!!! Enfin, pour être sincère, je vous ai toujours aimé avec les cheveux courts, mais je ne suis pas une grande adepte des cheveux courts, moi-même, un coup Jean SEABERG, un coup un peu Sharon STONE… Enfin, je garde le court avec des longueurs… suivant mes humeurs mes envies, sans compter la couleur, brune blonde rousse, je change. J’ai de la chance, mon homme m’a connu avec les cheveux longs (après une grosse déception amoureuse j’avais tout laissé pousser). Mais cette envie folle irrésistible de court m’a reprise, je lui ai montré des photos de moi avec les cheveux courts et là banco!!! Il aime et me préfère les cheveux courts. Enfin, tout ça pour dire. Vous êtes et serez magnifique tout le temps, car vous respirez cette joie, malgré les peines, les douleurs, les obstacles de la vie. Et pour finir, une coupe de cheveux, en tout cas chez moi, ça redonne du peps et de regain d’énergie. On change de tête, du coup on se sent belle, et du coup on marche la tête haute… Bravo, et surtout faite toujours ce que vous avez envie.

    Laure (France, Lyon)

  • Leila Calmard October, 9 2018, 9:57 / Reply

    Superbe !

  • Short hair, very much care. So much more stylish!!

  • Love your short hair! I’m the same way, I like knowing that my hair will look nice without spending much time on it. This summer was so hot that I wore it up everyday and needed it off my face. I’d thought of going shorter and am so glad my hairdresser gave me a little push to go for it.

  • I love it, you look great Garance!

    But more details please! What products do you use? What’s your hair routine? How do you style it? Xo

  • It looks great. It frames your face more gently than with your hair up. You looked good with your hair up but even better with it short.
    It would be very helpful to hear from you and Clyde about the different stages of finding the right cut. It also would be helpful to see the neckline in the back–that is the part that I think many women (or their hairstylists) get wrong–too bristly, too masculine. Is there a term for the technique to make the neckline not look like a Marine drill sergeant’s? Having the right words to use with a stylist can be a big help.

  • J’aime beaucoup ce nouveau look qui met votre visage en valeur. Le front degage vous va tres bien et contrairement au chignon (pratique mais severe), cette coupe est tres feminine. On aimerait plus de photos !

  • You look so good with short hair! You always did. It makes you look younger and fresher!
    I like it!!

  • Gabriela Y Gonzalez October, 9 2018, 10:34 / Reply

    SUPER. I feel like this is how you look in my mind, always. :) It’s your signature.

  • LOVE – You look beautiful darling!

  • Such a beautiful photo! Love the shorter hair, too. Q: Where is that gorgeous white shirt/tunic from?

  • Oh la la ça te va TELLEMENT bien !!! ça me donne vraiment envie de couper mes cheveux, je les ai bouclés aussi, mais vraiment je n’ose pas du tout… en tout cas Bravo ! Bises

  • I love! So beutifull!

  • you look great!!! beautiful and chic!

  • Je vous trouve tellement plus naturelle et vivante (heu, mais oui en fait) avec les cheveux courts. Vous avez bien fait de faire ce vous vouliez.

  • You look absolutely amazing with short hair. I love short hair and you are the one I always talk about with people who are in doubt but want to cut their hair. When you started growing your hair, every picture you posted on the site had you with your hair up. Almost every single one that I didn’t see a point of long hair. Why not just cut it since you like it up? And you look so chic and fresh and lovely with your hair short. Good decision.

  • You inspired me to go short – and I’m loving it! Thank you!

  • DaveysHouse October, 9 2018, 12:29 / Reply

    Dear Garance,

    No matter what you do, you look like yourself, and you look wonderful, and whatever makes you happy ;-). It’s your courage and your honesty that I love.


  • Yay! Short hair has always been my favorite look on you. It frames your face so beautifully and looks sexy, carefree, and polished, all at the same time.

  • J’aime mais j’ai toujours eu un faible pour tes cheveux longs et bouclés. Les miens le sont aussi et le plopping a changé ma vie ! De l’épaisseur, des boucles dessinés et du gris : j’assume !

  • Dear Garance, this style fits you the most. Definitely. It`s interested how hair is tied with feelings. So for example I feel free, different and a lot of wild in exactly opposite – in long long long hair ;-)

  • louise darbonne October, 9 2018, 1:43 / Reply

    you look GREAT!

  • Kelsey O'Donnell October, 9 2018, 2:22 / Reply

    I love it! I have always loved your short hair, perfection.

  • I think it is important to feel like we are the best version of ourselves no matter what others think so short hair or long hair have the hair that makes you feel the most like you. I had a million variations of short hair from 17-40 and then tried to grow it ‘for a change’ I struggled for 18 months through all the stages and then when it was long I too never wore it out because my hair texture had changed dramatically with age and length. When I cut it off again at the start of this year I immediately felt like me again. G I hope you feel like the best version of you again!

  • Ahaha j’adore!!
    Les vrais hommes n’ont pas peur des femmes à cheveux courts ;-)))
    C’est mon amoureux qui me les coupe depuis 35 ans, et les rares fois où je vais chez le coiffeur, c’est souvent raté.
    La féminité ne se résume pas à une longueur de cheveux, ni à une taille de boobs, Dieu merci.

  • Ann Meads October, 9 2018, 2:53 / Reply

    It looks wonderful

  • Could not believe when you grew out your short hair! There was just no question you look way more like yourself with it short. Stylish and beautiful. Thats the Garance we know and love.

  • It’s totes amaze! really suits you short and off your lovely face….. I share your pain of longing for long luscious rapunzel hair…. and never getting there…. and my natural hair is afro! Chris will get over it, stay short you look ab fab! :)

  • I love your short hair . I remember working as a receptionist in a hair shop many years ago . It was during this time that I became so aware of the desire of men to have their female partners have long hair . I thought a lot about this but always landed on, that classic beauty says women have long hair . Untrue , but all tied up in masculine insecurities. Women love Audrey Hepburn , straight men love Bridgette Bardot. Cut your hair for your self if you’re happy you’re sexy and the rest is history !
    Dress The Part

  • Garance you are glowing, I am happy for you!

    I did the same, last week, after months of deliberating. And it was a weight off my shoulders – literally.

    It is funny how much pressure we women put on ourselves when it comes to cosmetic decisions and the views of our significant others. It is natural to want your partner to find you attractive and to try to compromise sometimes – and, other times, it is good to do what feels right for you! I don’t think less of my boyfriend for asking me about his haircut (or for not listening to my views on said haircut!), but I do worry about how un-feminist it is to worry about whether he will find me attractive with short hair whilst feeling uncomfortable asking him what he thinks because I don’t need permission to cut my hair (it is my hair damn it and he can just get over it – grr). Meanwhile he is reading his book about detectives or dragons (or whatever boys read on their Kindle), completely oblivious to the soap opera playing in my head.

    I hope Chris likes your new hair and, more importantly, I hope he loves you for you (the whole of you, not just your hair). Kisses from London

  • J’adore!

  • On en a lu – sur les cheveux de Garance en 12 ans de blogue, je vous le dit:) Mais on ne s’ennuie pas. Oui ça te va bien mieux les cheveux court. Un jour un coiffeur m’a dit : “les cheveux long -c’est triste!”. ça sonne bizarre, et pourtant c’est vrai.
    Gros bisous))

  • It took much longer than I thought it would.
    You look great, stylish, sporty and youthful with short hair. Embrace it

    I’m bias cause I love short hair …


  • Emily Scott Banks October, 9 2018, 7:12 / Reply

    YES!!!! I sooooo adored your short hair. For me, it’s the quintessential example of when women look more amazing with short, super-cool, super-stylish hair. The fact that it also suits your lifestyle and is less of a struggle? Um, YES, again. ::cues applause for the cut:: (and the bravery to do it)

  • Garance,
    You lookin’ so damn good!

  • Dear Garance, I love this hair cut. I am glad you got it :)

  • love it! remember its just fun :)

  • looooove it.
    Always did :)
    Was very quiet when you cut it because you mentioned you were copping a lot of criticism.
    Those beautiful facial bones of yours need showing off!

  • So great to see your face, you are glowing and look fabulous. I would love to know what makeup you are using.

  • I’m so glad you cut your hair again. Short is the way you look the best!

  • Love it! Really gracious on you. Q: I feel like short hair looks better on me as well but, for some weird reason, they need more styling/care to look nice and I haven’t found the perfect care routine for short hair. When you are having a bad hair day with long hair you just tie them in a bun and you are ready to go! Whereas when short hair looks bad they is no way out!
    What do you do with it and it looks so damn good? Make a post on your hair routine!

  • jamais compris pourquoi tu laissais repousser: le court (très court ou moins) c’est ce qui te va le mieux. Plus moderne, plus dynamique, donne meilleure mine… Bref, WELL DONE!

  • ah oui, et puis: je ne comprends pas pourquoi les femmes font des trucs “pour faire plaisir” à un mec. On s’en fout, de ça… Faut faire les choses “de soi” par rapport à soi, pas par rapport aux mecs ni pour faire plaisir à maman, papa et que sais je encore… Ce “pour faire plaisir” à qqu’un, c’est d’une culture féminine ancestrale, faut arrêter. Quel homme sacrifie qqchose de lui-même “pour faire plaisir”? aucun.
    Bref, considérations sociio-philosophico-anthropologico mises à part, tu es mieux cheveux courts!

  • Jandrew youre a darling. I wish you were my friend.

  • I don’t know what you looked like with long hair, but I love this hairstyle on you now. I have also tried different lengths over the years, but I always feel best when my hair is short and stylish. So I definitely feel you ;)

  • Don’t sorry- actually i think this hairstyle works best on you. So chic and totally looks good!!

  • Dear Garance,

    I love your short hair. You look beautiful and even happier. It is just more you!

    I hug you!

  • Caroline October, 10 2018, 5:41 / Reply

    It looks great!
    I also have a boyfriend who prefers long hair when I prefer mine short… Struggling with letting it grow right now, but I’m pretty sure I’ll cut it some time soon…

  • Hello Garance,

    j’avais un peu quitté ton blog ces derniers temps parce que je n’en comprenais pas la tournure. Puis là, je réalise mon premier stage dans la presse féminine et enfin je comprend ton chemin intérieur, tes prises de têtes, l’importance de dire certaines vérités que personne ne veut assumer, de s’éloigner de personnes, événements qui font du mal, où le glamour des photos cachent le cloque et le manque d’élégance de ce monde qui est sensé l’incarner, la difficulté de faire entendre sa voie ou juste la difficulté de sortir de sa zone de sécurité pour dire ce qu’on pense et dénoncer ce qui ne va pas. Je souhaite te féliciter pour le business que tu as monté et les choix que tu as pris qui sont sincèrement pour moi les bons car avec du recul tu en as fait qu’à ta tête et tu as écouté ton coeur plutôt que de rester en sécurité.

  • shopgirl October, 10 2018, 6:44 / Reply

    But! But! But, we did not see you even once!!! with longer hair…always pulled back in the bun. How can we tell! :-((

  • Love your short hair Garance…. SOOOOOO suits you!

  • Nan mais c’est Canon, C’est Frais !! Moi j’adore !

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira October, 10 2018, 9:07 / Reply

    You with long hair would resemble more like… Isabelle Adjani, Girl !!!
    Either way , you look P-E-R-F-E-C-T, huum , Chris ?

  • Garance,
    You look stunning here! The look, the hair, your eyes! And your MAKE-UP! I’d love to know the products and shades on your lipstick, blush and everything else! I love the subtleness of it but still it’s confidently present. Please, have a post (or comment!) about what you’re using here! Lots of love xx

  • Chère Garance,
    J’adore tes cheveux courts, c’est vraiment la coupe qui te va le mieux sans hésiter!
    Effectivement, les hommes préfèrent les femmes aux cheveux longs. La faute aux héroïnes de Disney certainement ;)… Mais ce qu’ils aiment par dessus tout c’est qu’on soit bien dans nos baskets.
    Encore superbe!

  • SunnySide October, 10 2018, 10:54 / Reply

    Ah ah ah tu coupes tes cheveux et soudain bing bang boum 60 commentaires !!!
    Trop bien hein ! Espiègle le regard …

  • Lisa Walker October, 10 2018, 11:17 / Reply


  • Melanie H Steinemann October, 10 2018, 12:57 / Reply

    Garance…you are that 2% that looks terrific with short hair!!! Don’t think about it for another minute…it’s perfect!!

  • Yes, this is it! You look feminine and elegant, yet liberated.

  • Alex de Berlin October, 11 2018, 3:54 / Reply

    Trop chouette de te revoir avec les cheveux courts! Bravo. Bonne décision!

  • I have had long hair since I was little, and decided to chop it all off 5 years ago – and I never looked back! A pixie for the first 3, and now a blunt bob for 2. Even if I do envy my friends who work long hair like it’s their business, the freedom I get (not to mention I feel taller) with my current length has been worth it. It’s made me more memorable to people as well :D

    My hair dresser told me that there’s a small population of ladies who can pull off short hair, and you’re one of them. Trust us, you look absolutely lovely :)

  • It’s so beautiful short Garance!

  • LOVE!!!!!

  • Absolutely stunning! You look beautiful with short hair, and I love how free it makes you feel!

  • Emilienne October, 11 2018, 1:41 / Reply

    Quel bonheur de vous revoir avec cette petite coupe fraîche et ultra féminine . Les cheveux courts mettent en valeur votre joli visage et vous donnent du caractère . Coup de jeune garanti ! Bravo ! Magnifique !

  • Bravo, Garance!

  • I completely relate to your hair experience. I’ve been going from bob to pixie for almost ten years, and as much as I want long hair, my hair texture and facial structure just won’t allow it (crazy waves and a small face). I think shorter looks fabulous on you!

  • Some women looks better with short hair, Audrey Tatou, Halle Bery and YOU!!!

  • You are the goddess of short hair! Trés beautiful!

  • Enfin !! Le retour au court qui te va si bien. Mon mari préfére les cheveux courts alors ta theorie ne fonctionne pas. ?

  • You look beautiful!

  • Carolina October, 11 2018, 9:29 / Reply

    Shorter hair on you looks AMAZING! Long hair makes you (please don’t get offended) ordinary. You cut your hair and instantly you look younger, sexier, smarter, funnier or in 2 words: the shit!!
    Five stars for your signature cut.
    Love it!!!

  • C’est le mot, pétillante!
    J’ai la sensation que les cheveux courts sont raccords avec ton caractère comme une couleur de cheveux peut l’être.
    Ça révèle quelque chose de toi :)

  • Te ves fantástica mi querida Garance. El cabello corto siempre es una gran apuesta para mujeres con mucha personalidad como tú. Llevar el cabello corto y ser tú misma, ése es el SECRETO. Besos.

  • Veronique October, 12 2018, 3:33 / Reply

    Love it short. It does suit you. Check out The Curly Girl method for how to manage your curly hair. You will never look back.

  • Garance, you look even more chic in your short hair.
    It is so liberating when your man gives you a green light. It is like you are free from the guilty feeling.
    I agree with Carolina who commented above. Long hair is just ordinary and short hair brings all the vibes. I have a pixie and play with the thought of growing it out but i am afraid to lose the style.

  • You wouldn‘t believe if I told you I cut my hair when I finished reading your book!
    I really liked your hairstyle because it always looked so fresh and in some way undone, but great! I always wore a bun and was so sick of it and my hair never really looked as gorgeous as Gisele in any way ….
    And I am SO happy with my shortcut that I totally understand your feelings :)
    keep going and thank you!

  • Hair length is overrated. Do whatever you like and don’t indulge passe opinions about the meaning of the length of your hair.

    Be free!!! We are beautiful with or without hair.

  • Beautiful?

  • Monsieur J October, 13 2018, 3:28 / Reply

    Je te préfère aussi avec les cheveux court ?

    Ici on a une nouvelle tendance que ce soit cheveux long ou court, on a arrêté les shampooing. On ne fais que les passer à l’eau et on est tous hyper content, moi j’ai retrouvé des cheveux plus gainé et brillant alors qu’avant il avait tendance à graisser dans la journée et à être tout plat. J’ai commencer début juillet et il faut quand même un bon mois pour voir l’effet

    Si tu essayes, un poste de plus sur les cheveux!!! ?

    La bise

  • Superb!! The volume, the expression, the color… great decision, Garance! You remind me of Juliette Binoche in her Lancôme days- another great beauty of our time. That Clyde has really got your number!!

  • Angella S October, 14 2018, 7:25 / Reply

    You look beautiful and content and confident. The great thing about it is now it’s easy to wear a long hair style wig and surprise Chris as a treat.
    I’ve always had shorter hair more because of hair texture but this summer due to a major move it grew out long up to my shoulder. It was always up as I like the hair off my face and neck especially in humid weather. So I had it cut also too, a bit shorter. I have same dilemma dating someone who likes long hair. Still haven’t heard the end of it. Haha.
    But I have a feeling I’ll never have the Giselle length ever. Just not me and short hair is just better with my face.
    Stay content and beautiful!

  • I just cut my hair yesterday! I had broken up with my long hair loving boyfriend a month ago and felt like breaking free! I think I’m still in the first phase, but I love it so far. Every woman I have seen has loved it. My ex-husband said, “I always preferred you with long hair”. Pffft. I have really been thinking the past couple of days how programmed I am to create my look for the man in my life and not for me. As if his opinion is more important. As if I don’t know enough to create my own best look. Your blog helps inspire me to this creative independence – and you look gorgeous with your new cut! Love to you!

  • Yes Garance!! I LOVED your short hair then and now! Bravo!! xo Mari

  • Barbara Blake October, 14 2018, 1:46 / Reply


    Your hair looks fab. In my opinion it’s the right length in the back. Gives the illusion of volume without the actual problems of longhair. I’ll be watching. Thanks. BB

  • Enfin!

  • Ana Domenica Rodà October, 14 2018, 7:53 / Reply

    I’m not one to like short hair on a gal. There’s something about short hair that upsets me. What upsets me more though is that I don’t know why… This said, you look très jolie with your new ‘do. I’ve never seen you with longer hair so I can’t compare, but this cut is quite lovely on you. Wear it well and keep happy!

  • Ai-Ch’ng October, 15 2018, 12:34 / Reply

    You look so GOOD! To me, this second time around is even more beautiful than the first, because you look truly look like you’ve come into you own element in this cut. I love you in it.

    Your first foray in short-and-fresh inspired me to cut my own waist-length, dead-straight Asian hair myself one humid, summer’s night, into a just-below-jaw-length, layered bob. My husband and then thirtyeen-year-old son’s shock on waking to find me with short hair was pretty revealing to me on how men feel about long hair (feminine) over short (unfeminine).

    I then chopped it further into a tight, just-below-ear-lobe length, received so many compliments from both men and women who were strangers (it may be that whole cultural novelty of seeing an Asian woman who downst have long flowing locks and who instead almost fits the stereotype of the short Asian bob, and felt footloose and fancy-free (until the hairs at my nape started growing out unevenly). This year, it’s softened into a length that alternates in straight, uneven pieces around my head from just above – to just touching – my jawline (gave up trying to cut it super-Clara-Bow straight). A few grey strands are coming through, and a tiny little patch on the top of my head that I never realised was thinner than the rest when I kept typing my hair into a high top knot are discoveries I’ve made with short hair. But I really do love shorter hair on me – not least that the air-drying process before I sleep now only takes minutes, as opposed to hours; I only need a smudge of shampoo and no more conditioner; and most mornings, no combing. I think all that has influenced me to dress myself in a way that’s closest to who and what I feel I am becoming as I celebrate my last few weeks in my forties: with more – far more – spontaneity, less time, and a welcome ease in my own skin – no matter what I wear.

    The emotional relationship that we humans have with (ours and others’) long hair is an interesting one. I recently saw a documentary in Netflix (Chef’s Table) of Korean monk (she doesn’t call herself a nun), Jeong Kwan. If you have a chance, watch her – she’s bald (monk’s requirement), and her incandescence and beauty really shine through. It was at that moment when I realised how my own relationship with my long hair has also changed.

  • Mamavalveeta03 October, 15 2018, 1:32 / Reply

    Gotta say, I LOVE your hair short on you! It shows off your bone structure, your eyes, and even those lips. It’s just….RIGHT!

    And my husband is the same.damned.way. about his live affair with my long hair. But screw that! He doesn’t have to take care of it or style it everyday. So, now, I do exactly what I want. I’m happy. He’s happy. My hairstylist is happy.

  • ça te va très bien, muy guapa :))

  • Michelle drake October, 15 2018, 12:04 / Reply

    Garance I think you are one of those faces that just suits short hair,lovely!!

  • Hana LAKHDAR GHAZAL October, 17 2018, 2:12 / Reply

    J’adore, c’est vraiment ton style !!! Me too j’ai la pixie cut .. vive le short hair :D

  • Whatever makes you happy ;)

  • Nina delafontaine October, 19 2018, 4:51 / Reply

    Yessssssssss! Magnifique

  • You look beautiful!

  • Jackie Mancuso October, 21 2018, 9:25 / Reply

    For those who don’t live in nyc, who can we find like Clyde in L.A. ?

  • Hi Jackie! For 12 of the years that I lived in LA I was a disciple of Nikki from the Fig Salon! Can’t recommend her enough. xx

  • your hairdresser is correct. you looked great with short hair, you have the flair for it. and you can still look feminine. enjoy!

  • I love having short hair, it’s so much easier to manage my hair. I currently like using Maple Holistics in my hair.

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