Pardon My French/Costanza on Beauty

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This morning, Costanza tells us about fashion and beauty, and her point of view is so refreshing that I can’t wait for you to discover it!!!

Oooooh, annnnd… About me, well, I have the same outfit that in many other videos we shot. Well, that’s just cause I follow my own advice !!! I always dress the same.
No, just joking. It’s just that we shot all those videos the same day in Paris. Aaaaaargh. One day I’ll be such a pro that I’ll have a stylist and a change of outfits between each interview !!!

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  • Je suis impressionné par la perfection de sa coiffure. Belle vidéo !

  • I loved it!

  • Costanza est très sympa :)
    Garance, don’t worryon’t worry about your outfits, we love you as you are <3
    fashion – beauty – DIYs

  • This interview is so delightful! I love that she talks about the hard work of becoming your true self and how that evolves as one ages. G your laugh is the best, thank you for your continued exploration of true beauty.

  • Bérénice October, 24 2012, 9:22 / Reply

    she is fantastic , I want to be the same at 73 years old!!!!so stylish love her valentino shoes..You can see she is happy with herself and her style and her look…she is just AMAZING! a great lesson to all womens! Great interview…

  • wow… shes 73. apart from the botox, which might make her look younger, what attitude! wonderful… so few women accept their age with honesty. personally I always feel women age so beautifully and they get that elegant and wise look on their face as time passes by. they should enjoy it! I am originally from India and there, the average woman accepts her age and enjoys everything that comes with it!
    waiting for the next part!

  • Sylie : she says actually she stopped using botox at 50 cause she was losing her expressions :)

  • Lorsqu’elle parle de sa séparation avec son mari, se quitter avant de se fâcher dit-elle… je trouve cela touchant. En même temps elle parle de souffrance (en a t elle encore aujourd’hui, on le devine presque), c’est beau, quel geste d’amour…..
    Accepter ce que l’on est, si ce n’est pas un objectif dans la vie, c’est une belle idée. Et l’atteindre avant son âge, c’est sans doute mieux.
    Merci de ce joli témoignage, à suivre donc

  • So chic! You both!

  • Ce petit bout de femme détient la vérité!

    J’ai adoré! C’est de loin mon interview préféré de tes séries!

  • She is stunning, such a perfect lady!

    Fashion Agony blog

  • Wow she’s a remarkable woman! Well, before I get into that let me say that yes, it would be nice to change for every interview, but the outfit you’re wearing is SO great (it’s so structured, but feminine) that I personally don’t mind! I must admit that even though I won’t even be in my 20s until January I’ve already adopted Constanza’s point of view. Granted my skin is young so Botox and the like isn’t even in the question, but sometimes you just want to be seen for who you are inside (as cliche as that is) and you just want to present yourself in such a way that people understand you prize beauty and fashion, but that you’re not unhealthily or obsessively preoccupied with it. But Even though you wan’t to look effortless sometimes it’s not. I think women are very hard on themselves, harsher to themselves than men and what’s a little less makeup or a little shorter heel today–does it make you less valuable, less accepted? Don’t get me wrong dressing up is fabulous, but dressing down (and not in the sweatpants sense, Garance ;) is a relief; it’s a spiritual, emotional and mental release from this increasing fixation society has on women’s physical appearance. Last note, what she said about women having to be young to be attractive because of the mating system–I learned about that this week at University. Basically, it’s evolutionarily adaptive for females to mate when they’re younger because that’s when they’re in their peak reproductive years whereas if men mate when they are young or old it is of no cost to them in the evolutionary sense because they can for our purposes reproduce at any time. With age the likelihood of women miscarrying or bearing children with chromosomal abnormalities increases which nature, naturally, doesn’t select for or promote. Anyway, great work as always, Garance!

  • You’re extremely fortunate to be so evolved at such a young age. However, men and women differ and have equally different things to contribute to the world. Recent studies have shown that men who postpone producing children until their later years have a higher chance of having children with autism. So there is equal evolutionary cost to men as women when childbearing is done after peak performance years.

    I caution you to please cultivate a little healthy skeptism when accepting the limitations of women when we live in a patriarchal society.

  • Merci pour cette interview Garance. Et encore une fois, il en ressort qu’il faut apprendre à s’accepter et à s’assumer pour avoir totale confiance en soi. Comme Costanza le dit si bien “its difficult, I dont know why”. Alors plus tôt on commence, plus tôt on y arrive je suppose.
    And we don’t mind you dressing the same video after video, you look pretty :)

  • Super chouette cette vidéo. Merci!

  • She is absolutely an inspiration. Thank you for filming this!

  • Thanks Garance, for sharing! She’s such an inspiration!

  • Marielena au Liban October, 24 2012, 9:35 / Reply

    Merci Garance !, je suis très contente de voir que tu nous montre différentes opinions!! Cette femme est …vraiment sage, dans tout le sens du mot…elle a vécu, comment on le fait, chacune, et elle montre le courage de démasquer ces peurs!! Bravo, surtout parce qu’elle est en paix avec elle même!! est-ce que tu essai de nous indiquer un petite peut de ton parcours intérieure???

  • Nancy Huston tiens le même discours sur les femmes après 60 ans.

  • Le lien de l’émission ou elle évoque le sujet, elle y parle de son dernier essai “Reflets dans un oeil d’homme”. dès la min. 11:03

  • Monsieur J, merci pour le lien, je vais aller l’écouter (quelle belle femme aussi Nancy Huston !)

  • She is really fantastic! We love the video!

  • Yes, Pilates for one hour every morning is the key! I am doing half an hour… Merde merde merde!

    Honestly Garance, I understand why you would look up at somebody like her. She is magnificent and timeless. There is something that stroke me when watching it. You are very similar in the way that you know who you are and (even if you like to complain about it) you are in peace with you body. When you accept who you are, if makes dressing up such a great game ;)

    Ps. Can we call this outfit your interview uniform now?!

    Bisous de Londres


  • Great Interview!
    Definitely looking forwards for more. It´s so good to see and listen to somebody who DID botox but not anymore, and who speaks frankly on how hard it is for women after certain age, but still manages to be super chic and a role model.
    Kudos! and please mooooore!

  • I simply love that. She takes care of herself but we are reminded that she is not a fembot…she is human.

  • This really was a great interview! I can’t wait to see the continued part. And she is so right about how for some reason women have difficulties accepting themselves. I definitely had image problems when I was in high school and middle school. Being Cuban, I found my body wasn’t like my friends’ and it was really difficult not to compare myself to them. But with time we learn to accept the ways our bodies move, and how everything comes together. It’s a constant work I think. Especially for women. It’s hard not to get caught up in what people think we should look like.

    And I am going to start doing Pilates! I too get caught up in school and I forget to take care of my health. I love these videos, super inspirational.

  • Sylvia S October, 24 2012, 3:39


    Cubans have such a sense of music and rythm. That is amazing!!!!

    So dont worry about your body. You guys know how to move it. That is more important.

    Sylvia S

  • I could listen to her wisdom for hours…
    What a treat.

  • Sébastien October, 24 2012, 10:03 / Reply

    Elle est parfaite, elle est en Paix. Son visage est magnifique et intouché.
    On réalisera un jour à quel point la chirurgie esthétique de masse des années 2000 a été une erreur colossale pour tous…
    Et pour toi Garance, aucune importance ce que tu portes car ta vraie signature c’est ta coiffure. On te reconnaît à des kilomètres : c’est le chignon “Garance”. Ta signature. D’ailleurs depuis quelques temps on voit partout des filles qui portent ce chignon et qui copient ta coiffure. Si ça n’est pas la preuve du succès !:-)

  • Thank you for the great video)))

    Hugs from Ukraine

  • Ah, my favorite of the series! What an inspiration.

  • Wonderful interview, Garance. I look forward to the next segment! Women should listen well to Ms. Pascolato. As she says… it is hard to be a woman and not feel the need to compete and do crazy things to try to stay young. Be yourself and find what is good and beautiful about yourself and believe in it. And, take care of yourself. We hear these messages but somehow they resonate more here – perhaps because she is living proof.
    Also, thank you for being a gracious interviewer (asking questions and letting her take it from there) – she has much wisdom to share!

  • Garance-you should not apologize for wearing the same outfit, even if it WAS on the next day. I believe the wearing of an outfit a couple days in a row is quite European (well, maybe from about 40-50 years ago anyway). I do not admire the women in the fashion blogs who change 2,3,4 times/day just to get their photo taken. I think that is very self-centered,wasteful and pushes fashion into a “throwaway” pursuit. Just my opinion.

  • MAGNIFIQUE quelle personnage et quelle sagesse et quelle beauté !!!!! quelle chance tu as de pouvoir partagé ces moments de vie avec ce genre de personne …..Son discours es tellement vrai mais quel chemin….. pour arriver à ces conclusions ! bravo à toi Garance qui nous fait partager cela !

  • Delightful interview usual/ I love how she made the link between her personal life and personal growth and the evolution of her style. I think she really shows that Fashion is ultimately a reflection of how you see yourself and how you want to see yourself.

  • Garance I was compelled to write my own post based on this video today – – it really struck a chord with me. Thank you for sharing her with us all.

  • Costanza and Garance – we love you both
    Nós amamos vocês duas!

  • I hope I’ll learn one day.. and hope it will be before my 50 ..)
    That was a really interesting interview, watched twice catching every word, and very very awaiting for the next parts xxx

  • Belle interview qui a confirme ce que je pense, moi qui suis dans la soixantaine et n’ai jamais eu recours au botox et Cie. Je trouve qu’en vieillissant je ressemble de plus en plus a ma mere et cela me reconforte, c’est un peu comme si elle etait toujours la.
    Interview a suivre donc…….

  • I follow your blog every day, and I’m always enamoured by what you post, but this was really special – an instant favorite. I can’t wait for Part 2! x

  • Garance, I cannot imagine this site getting any better, but then you just do it! It is so much fun to come here everyday, read your texts, see your amazing photos and illustrations and watch your Pardon my French. What a great interview – Costanza is an amazing woman and such an inspiration for women of all ages! Thanks you for everything.

  • She is so wise.And she brings up great points about what it is like to be a woman. You know, it’s true, youth is preferred. In all fields of work, really. This negative attitude toward age needs to change. We need older fashion models, too. Back to Ms. Costanza, who could also be an excellent fashion model, her generation has consistently pressed for us to remember that what makes us unique is our own sense of self.

    But it is not only women who have difficulty with age. Men and women worry about getting older, but for men, I think, their worry has less to do with how they look than whether they are able to express sexual energy. How can everybody relax about this issue? What I like about this interview is that it suggests that by being present in the world, we might adopt a healthier outlook. Costanza represents this positive approach.

  • Haha, yes, I can see now, you are wearing the same in all those videos! But seriously, if you didn’t mention it I wouldn’t have noticed. It’s true :D
    Wonderful interview, so inspiring, great job and thanks to both of you!

  • I love her! She makes so many good points…very wise

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  • Elle donne presque hâte d’arriver à la soixantaine, quand on lâche prise (sans pour autant se négliger), quand on cesse de se comparer aux autres, pus jeunes et plus belles.
    Moi je suis dans la mauvaise période (45 ans), l’âge charnière où l’on n’est plus jeune, mais encore un peu quand même, et même s’il ne me viendrait pas à l’idée de recourir à la médecine ou à la chirurgie esthétique, c’est parfois difficile de constater que le maquillage est de plus en plus indispensable le matin !!!!
    En revanche quitter son mari avant les disputes, je n’y pense pas, j’ai toujours l’espoir que les disputes n’arrivent jamais !

  • What an absolute inspiration!
    What she said about youth and competition is so bang-on, and I really think that once a woman stops competing with others she becomes a lady. And look at her- she’s beautiful and sexy!

  • You know what Garance.. I like it that you wore the same outfit throughout different videos in Paris. Changing outfits for each interview and employing stylist to help you with it is unnecessary additional cost: money, time, and space (to carry all different outfits). You worked hard to make these videos, it’s the content and interviews that matter :) And you looked effortlessly stylish as the interviewer, not trying to hard. I hope you keep it that way even when you become a pro (aren’t you already?)

  • Wow. She’s amazing. Stunning. Regal. A true woman. You can really feel how she’s embraced herself.

  • Dear Garance,

    What an exceptional video. You should start your own ‘The conversation’ series!
    Could you please tell me the music that was used in this video? The jazz intro lifts my spirit!

    Thank you again for your beautiful work.

    Love from Berlin,

  • Bonjour all, what I heard over and over from her (maybe it’s just me) was about hard work. I like that message from a doyenne like her: beauty and style and peace and soigné even are hard-won. The way she laughs at her former self, but in an indulgent, understanding way, I heard her acknowledging that some of the most difficult battles were with herself, but she still admires her opponent.
    Thank you for sharing the love.

  • What amazing advice to navigate through life gracefully. Even as a 24 year old with no worries of wrinkles or weight I felt touched by watching that, she’s so honest and wise and composed.

  • Raquel Pizarro October, 24 2012, 11:35 / Reply

    Please continue! We need more wisdom from this woman, she really got it! She is amazing, I want to be like her, have her cool, her beauty, her chic… Please have a series of conversations with her about aging gracefully. It will have an impact and help so many of us. Time will pass no matter what, and her attitude is honest, intelligent and sexy, she doesn’t try, but she is still sexy. WOw.

  • I love all of your videos, but I have to say this one touched me the most.

  • Sagesse …

  • I love her !!!!!

  • I totally agree wiht Constaza. In my 50’s I really share a huge part of her point of view. Waiting for the 2nd part Garance….

  • Wonderful!

  • Love the contrast of this video with Costanza against the post 9-5 yesterday with ‘Rihanna’…

    There’s a time in our lives and careers to play the game – and then as we grow and mature (intellectually as well as biologically) there comes a time when we stop playing the game – or rather, we choose more carefully which games to play…instead of just being a participant, we take control.

    It’s a great message to keep with us as we’re trying to find our way. Thanks for sharing this with us – look forward to the next segment

  • Garance,

    I could listen to this women forever – THIS is probably your most refreshing interview of all for me. We can all learn from Costanza. She’s so open and honest and I laughed my head off too. We need more women like THAT!


  • Great. And .. Age is really only number..

  • CAROLINA LANGE October, 24 2012, 12:03 / Reply

    How amazing! I am such a huge fan of Costanza! Love the interview! More, please!

  • One of the best episodes of Pardon My French! Can’t wait to see the conclusion! She sets an example of courage for other women as we grow better with age while acknowledging that it is not easy. Her ideas and mindset are refreshingly honest and proud! I wanted to say too – the diversity of what you’re producing is great… You’re doing a terrific job and it is inspiring seeing you grow creatively as you explore new avenues! Braaaavo!

  • What a lesson!!!

  • Garance, I LOVED this interview! Her wisdom and her beauty is very inspiring… as a 46 yr. old woman, I struggle as well to come to terms with my age and how it affects my self esteem. I am also a mother to a beautiful 16 year old daughter and I want very much for her to know that beauty comes from the inside… Costanza is a wonderful example of how feeling comfortable with who you are radiates from within. I am looking forward to the continuation!

  • from what she says it occurs to be such a wise woman!

  • What a refreshing and awe-inspiring point of view! Thank you Garance for bringing it to a wider audience.

  • J’ai à peine 20ans et l’espace de quelques minutes, l’envie d’en avoir 73.
    Cette femme dégage tant de choses et elle m’ôte tous mes doutes sur le désir de grandir, d’évoluer un peu plus chaque jour.

    Merci Garance, merci Constanza !

  • Laia Massiell October, 24 2012, 12:29 / Reply

    I love her – she’s an inspiration! I admire her strength to end her relationship with her ex husband before they started fighting. Isn’t that the ideal, to keep the best times and memories!

  • One of the best conclussions I can make from this video is that no matter HOW you are dressed, you have to feel good in your birthday suit, aka SKIN. The clothes are going to TRANSLATE HOW GOOD YOU FEEL IN YOUR SKIN.

  • Constanza Pascolato is one of the most inspiring people in Fashion industry I had ever met. When I was covering the Morumbi Fashion Week back in the 90’s she was the editor I always looked to interview because all she was teaching me about the regard on clothes, style, seasons. But what I appreciated the most about her was that she always took the time to chat with me for long hours even though I was dressed more as a student than as a Fashion person. She was the first person I saw sitting in the front row always wearing an statement piece of the designer last collection, when there where not blogs or street photographers. I remember her wearing Renato Laurenço, Gloria Coelho, Alexander Herchovitch, who were at that moment “Les enfants Terribles” of Brazilian Fashion. She was always like in your interview, so poised, so elegant, so soft spoken, so irresistible. I really appreciate you are showing her to the world.

  • Love it, love it, love iiiit!
    Love herrr!
    & Love youuuuu Garance!

  • Now that’s one woman who has got it RIGHT and who is living for herself. She’s so graceful and gorgeous, but most of all, centered!

  • Wouah! c’est incroyable… tu te rends compte de ta chance au moins?! haha je plaisante, vous etes si belle toutes les deux… elle est vraiment sublime, d’une intelligence et d’une élégance saisissante! parfaite. elle m’a donné envie de vieillir! Si lucide philosophe et psychologue, et si belle! j’adore

  • She is so beautiful. I hope I can grow old like her. To be so elegant, smart, witty and beautiful when I am in my 70’s.

  • J’aime beaucoup le blog Adanced Style et bien sûr Costanza m’y fait penser.
    Je la trouve à la fois super super chic et colorée, et à la fois old school par sa coiffure (comme ma chic arrière-grand-mère) ou ses idées sur la beauté (quitter son mari pour vieillir, peut être au fond que c’était pour se sentir libre d'”évoluer”…? Je trouve toujours les ruptures difficiles).

    Ce que je retiens surtout et avant tout, et que j’ai entendu aussi chez Avanced Style, c’est de garder toujours et toujours une activité physique, rester souple et droite, bouger et s’occuper de soi avec du recul (sans égo, mais pour se faire du bien), et puis faire, créer, projeter, construire etc etc. J’aime ces “vieux” modèles, j’aime qu’on se tourne enfin vers ceux qui ont de l’âge, pour voir vers où on va, comment on y va, que c’est bien aussi, quels sont les best tips etc etc. (je pense particulièrement à Ilona qui fait du cabaret en levant haut les jambes à + de 90 ans !

    Je voulais dire pour toi : j’addddoooooore la manière, le mot que tu utilises : comment “évoluer” comme vous, et non vieillir ou… Je sais pas si c’est communément utilisé aux Etats-Unis, mais en français ça fait très poétique pour détourner le regard du vilain mot vieillesse !
    Et aussi : j’adore ces motifs de Pilotto, alors OUI TU ES TOUJOURS HABILLEE PAREIL A PARIS hahahahaha !! Mais c’est beau alors on a rien à dire, à part que c’est ta signature !! ;))))

  • Before readig the post, I thought, “Work it, Garance! All those interviews in one day!” It shows your dedication to PMF, and your blog, and I love you for it. I also adore that outfit. Every piece.

  • Je viens de terminer l’article beauté dans Vogue ( très drôle) et cette video illustre tellement bien cette chronique, cette femme est impressionnante! Merci Garance

  • Elle est pour moi l’incarnation de l’elegance ! Son look est parfait de la tete aux pieds, et cette coiffure !!!! Pour moi la sagesse ultime est d’etre en” phase ” avec son age…moi par exemple, j’ai 37 ans mais dans ma tete…j’en ai 25 !!!Quand on est jeune, on veut toujours viellir, etre grande…et quand on vieillit…tout d’un coup on voudrait rajeunir ou du moins arreter un peu le temps.
    Peut-etre qu’en adoptant un style “timeless” cela peut aider !

  • She is so elegant and smart! And I love your outfit! Xo

  • I can watch this woman all day. Looking forward to the next installment!

  • princessglee October, 24 2012, 1:34 / Reply

    Thank you for sharing the interview with us. It is beyond inspirational. I don’t have the words yet to express what it is I appreciate so much about it. For now I’ll just let it be.

  • I cant get my eyes off.
    she’s so cool and classy, can’t wait to see the next video!

  • Salut Garance!
    Je pense que tu es déjà au courant mais Marie a écrit un chouette article sur toi:

    Va voir!
    (premier commentaire ^^)

  • Joanna Roman October, 24 2012, 2:16 / Reply

    Thank You Garance! thank You very much for this particular video!!! Your interview with Ms. Constanza Pascolati is a REAL, WONDERFUL, AMAZING INSPIRATION and soooo VERY SMART!

    I agree with every little word she said. I admire her distance towards herself, her honesty and “not striking the pose” a lot!!! The way she accept the so scary for every women (including my poor self ;)) and so obvious truth, that we all aged and all loose our “meaty, bloody, flashy” beauty of freshness is for me very soothing!!! I, as You – wish my self to become the woman she is!

  • NYSgonzalez October, 24 2012, 2:24 / Reply

    Thank you for introducing this wonderful woman to me (ok, to us!!). I was completed captured by her spirit since reading her “Essentials”. She’s a good thirty years my senior and yet I was put to shame by her daily pilates routine. But to listen to her talk was a gift. She speaks of discipline and cultivating her style with an objective eye. That will be me thirty years from today! you watch!

    Part II, please!

  • WOW! This is one inspiring woman. Very brave and modern. Amazing.
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    Twitter: @cristianpavezd

  • Ah! I love that woman!
    Gorgeous video!


  • Laetitia October, 24 2012, 2:29 / Reply

    Cette femme est tellement touchante, intéressante… On se délecte de chaque mot qu’elle prononce avec une telle clarté… On pourrait l’écouter nous parler des heures des femmes, de leur beauté, des hommes, de la vie, en somme. Elle est d’une sagesse inspirante qui impose le respect…
    Cela devait être un moment tellement intimidant mais passionnant que cet entretien avec elle !
    Merci de nous le faire partager !

  • Garance, what a lovely interview!!!

    She is a very beautiful person and I admire her honesty in all the answers.

    I’m looking forward for the continuation :)

    Thank you!

  • I think I’m in love with Costanza. Thank you so much for this video, Garance and the Team. =)

  • Costanza! She makes me want to grow up – now! (and I’m over thirty). Next to the definition of ‘woman’ should be a picture of Costanza.

  • She has amasing charisma. Thank you for the clip.

  • she is amazing!! I really like her style!!!

  • Tiens, c’est curieux, juste avant de voir cette superbe vidéo j’ai retenu une frase de Tom Stoppard écrite sur une ardoise dans un bar et qui me parait très vraie: “Age is a very high price to pay for maturity”.

    C’est vrai que pas tout le monde est si intelligent qu’elle pour arriver à vivre en paix et être ‘libre’ de cet esclavage que la société nous impose, mais c’est triste que beaucoup d’entre nous ne le réaliserons que trop tard.

    Mais, mieux vaut tard que jamais…

  • Merci Madame pour votre sincérité et votre générosité.

  • Oh, I love how she speaks english with that brasilian rithm and tone! I would love an Interview in portuguese! ;)

  • Sylvia S October, 24 2012, 3:51 / Reply

    Dear Garance,

    Thank you so much for this incredible interview. Constanza is such an interesting person down to earth so spiritual. I can´t wait for the 2nd part. Pls. post it soo!!!

    xxxx from Mexico
    Sylvia S

  • I love her! She reminds me of my Nana and all her inner wisdom and advice you just can’t get from younger generations. She looks so elegant in that red coat and those heels! Thank you for the inspiration, can’t wait for part two.

  • superbe tout simplement!

  • I so agree. The 50’s are the tough decade. So many changes, so many new directions. Her use of the concept of organization struck me. I’m 54 and I’m organizing like crazy. Live your most true life and the fashion evolves naturally.

  • What a beautiful conversation … such grace thank you.

  • J’ai adoré cet épisode. Le fait qu’il commence en noir et blanc et que soudainement on découvre le beau manteaux de Costanza…en rose bonbon! J’adore sa franchise, son style, le fait qu’elle assume son âge et qu’elle ne se cache pas derrière des couleurs sombres ou des vêtements inaperçus (comme beaucoup de femmes font dès un certain âge). Et puis elle porte du Isabel Marant avec une telle classe… Bellissima!

    Son discours me fait penser à celui de Diane Von Fustenberg pendant The Conversation (que j’ai découvert grâce à ton blog, mille fois merci!): La relation la plus importante dans la vie est celle avec soi-même. Je comprends la démarche (courageuse) de Costanza de quitter son mari.

    En ce qui en est de l’importance de “l’image”. Je ne crois pas que ceci soit uniquement le cas dans le monde de la mode. Shakti Gawain dis une chose splendide: Il faut tout d’abord être qui nous sommes réellement, puis faire ce qu’il faut faire pour avoir ce que nous voulons. Donc on en revient à ton poste de hier (de 9 à 5) ou, comme expliquait Diane à Amanda, à propos de ces debuts…Elle ne savait pas, à la base, ce qu’elle voulait faire dans la vie, Diane, mais elle savait quelle femme qu’elle voulait être. Ce n’est pas toujours évident, cette mise en question, mais au bout du compte, cela en vaut largement la peine.

  • Merci Garance! très belle vidéo! (et la coiffure…chapeau!) Ça fait du bien d’avoir une vidéo calme et posée.

  • Dominika October, 24 2012, 5:39 / Reply

    It’s such an inspiration to see women like her who age gracefully and are fashionable at all stages of their life.

    Sometimes society can push these mistaken notions onto us that fashion can only be the pursuit of the lithe and the young, and that as we grow older it becomes frivolous to take too much interest in clothes.

    I’m 36, and was always a tomboy growing up. I hated shopping because my family never had much money, and the runways and bright store lights were just intimidating. I also thought it was shallow to care too much how you look.

    Now I’m finally getting into it, and making up for lost time. I’m finding my own style, and having fun trying out looks that may or may not involve a lot of money. I even recently bought my first pair of heels :)

    At my age, I could consider myself as getting into the game too late, or regret the years I “lost” by not caring (when I could have been having so much fun with dressing up.) Or I can look at women like Costanza and realize it’s not too late at all, and that I’ve got the best years of my life ahead of me.

    I may not have the same body as I did at 16, but I’ve got what can only come with age: confidence in myself, disregard for others’ opinions and a better sense of who I am :)

  • I discovered Constanza two years ago and It was a cadeau for me. I bought her lást book, even I dont speak portugués. Well, enjoy this marvellous woman

  • Bravo! I LOVE her – one of your most inspirational posts. xx

  • There are few women that I look after as inspiration… the definition of the two of you meeting is: classy meets cool.

  • Candid wisdom! Great job in being able to get her to talk about these things that all women can benefit from.

  • Wow. Pure class and intelligence. Costanza is the woman I would like to evolve into. Inspirational. Thank you Garance.

  • Je suis sous le choc. Cette vidéo m’a vraiment émue. J’ai du mal à exprimer ce que je ressens, c’est une des interviews les plus touchantes que tu as faites sur ce blog. J’ai seulement 18 ans (depuis Jeudi dernier -youhou-) et c’est vrai que j’ai le temps de penser à ce genre de choses, mais cette sorte de sérénité face à la vie, son rapport à elle-même est tellement inspirant et rassurant surtout dans le monde dans lequel on vit. Ses paroles m’ont vraiment réconfortées car je pense que ma génération (et pas seulement je suis sûre, mais je parle pour ma tranche d’âge) a beaucoup de pression concernant l’image, la perfection physique cette obsession de la beauté et on subit ça de plus en plus jeune. Je crois que ça fait depuis la primaire que je ne me suis pas sentie en paix avec moi-même ou tout du moins sans pression concernant mon apparence (tu sais lorsque tu te lèves le matin et que yoplahou tu sors dans la rue et que tu es simplement contente et que tu n’as même pas conscience des regards). Ça fait des années où je me suis pas réellement sentie bien, le jugement c’est une des choses les plus difficiles que l’on affronte au collège, au lycée et encore après. Les gens nous jugent alors durant ces années on apprend à se détester et après bonjour les dégâts. Cette vidéo fait d’ailleurs écho avec ton post sur la chirurgie esthétique qui m’a également interpellée. Mais comme je suis “jeune” (enfin au Brésil à ce qui parait à partir de 16 ans les filles se font refaire donc je suis peut-être déjà vieille aha), je n’ai pas osé poster, je crois que je n’ai pas encore d’avis là-dessus (bien que j’ai eu des complexes -quand j’y repense je me dis que j’étais folle de complexer sur mon nez parce que finalement je le trouve bien et que justement il ne ressemble pas aux autres et qu’il me donne “du caractère”- et que j’ai pensé à la chirurgie et pense encore parfois…) si ce n’est que justement le message que Costanza fait passer est vraiment rassurant pour une jeune-fille/femme (je sais plus vraiment depuis que j’ai dix-huit ans, je suis devenue une femme maintenant ? Encore une question difficile… Le moment où l’ont devient un femme…). Car personnellement je me sens un peu agressée parfois par cette société, ça parait fort comme mot, mais bon on nous dit d’être féminine et donc certaine sont prêtes à tout pour faire de la chirurgie, mais est-ce un bon message à faire passer aux générations de filles suivantes ? J’accorde une grande importance à ce que des femmes plus mures et plus expérimentées peuvent nous dire, je sais pas si ça semble ridicule, mais bon sinon je n’ai pas de repère et on a toujours besoin d’un modèle pour nous guider au début (comme notre mère, grand-mère, ça joue un rôle dans notre vie future je trouve) et bien sûr après on fait nos propres choix. Donc le message que je reçois c’est “Faites-vous charcuter pour rentrer dans ce moule de femme parfaite.” Après on essaie de s’assumer et de clamer sa féminité, mais pour une jeune-femme c’est difficile car dans la rue on se fait interpeller (pour être le dire de façon polie) par des mecs de façon irrespectueuse et du coup on se sent encore moins bien dans son corps. Parfois, j’ai envie de me mettre en robe par exemple (je regarde toutes ces femmes que tu prends en photos et qui m’inspire), ça parait tellement bête à faire et ben je ne vais pas oser à cause du regard des gens et aussi cette peur des regards désapprobateurs ou “pervers”. Donc ce que j’essaie de dire (super maladroitement) c’est que pour une jeune-fille/femme comme moi, cette vidéo me donne vraiment confiance car c’est une femme qui a un rapport bienveillant concernant son corps, elle a apprit à l’aimer tel qui l’est avec le temps qui passe et je trouve que c’est une preuve de maturité et de grandeur. Pour finir, j’ai également trouvé son commentaire sur le fait que les femmes sont en compétition malheureusement vrai et que donc ça aggrave encore plus le problème du regard des autres puisque j’ai l’impression que les femmes ne se soutiennent donc pas vraiment entre-elles.

    Merci Garance de nous avoir fait partager cela, tu nous pousses vraiment à nous interroger et ça m’apporte vraiment beaucoup. Désolé de ce pavé, c’est la première fois en 5 ans que j’écris autant, mais j’avais besoin de m’exprimer.
    Gros Bisous à toi et à NYC ma ville chérie où je rêve depuis gamine d’habiter.

  • What an amazing lady. Hope to be like her when I’m her age. So inspirational isn’t she!!

  • Glad you cleared that up! I was just about to ask if the cleaners are to blame. ;)

  • How lovely! She is so open and honest. No wonder her husband is still upset about their separation– she is fantastic.

  • Thank you for featuring such a beautiful, intelligent mature woman. I loved her honesty (and her lip color).

    & you always look cute, regardless!

  • Such a chic, elegant woman. Loved this interview!


  • She looks great! And she works out harder/longer/more consistent that I ever have! She is inspiring, on so many different levels!

  • Every age has its own beauty . I loved this conversation

  • She is incredible. So inspiring. I want to be just like her when I “grow up.”

  • Antoinette October, 24 2012, 10:30 / Reply

    Beautiful, refined,elegant. Garance, this interview was by far the most inspiring for me. Costanza = the definition of everything a woman should be…pure beauty,intelligence, everlasting elegance….most importantly …..integrity. Thank you Garance for sharing this interview, today I look in the mirror and tell myself to be strong and keep always my dignity and integrity ….so i can pass on these traits to my daughter….we need more women to aspire to like Costanza in this sometimes fake and sometimes ugly world we live in. I believe if more of us can learn from Costanza the world would be more beautiful…thank you again Garance for sharing you are truly an inspiration too

  • Wow lei è una donna straordinaria!

  • omg so in love with the woman

  • Wow, Garance. I love all your interviews and videos, but this is by far my favourite. She is so inspiring, honest, strong and insightful. She is content with herself and does not delude herself. My new role model! I hope I am as classy and cool as she is when I am 73!! :)

  • camoushka October, 25 2012, 5:25 / Reply

    Mais justement j’adore le fait que tes tenues apparaissent plusieurs fois dans tes vidéos !
    ce que j’aime dans la mode : c’est l’amour des objets
    ce que je n’aime pas : c’est le prêt à jeter et l’aspect trop consumériste,
    Alors non ne change pas tes tenues entre les itws ! tu me plait comme ça !

  • This woman is completely amazing! Thanks Garance for the interview. We have some many things to learn from her…

  • merci garance pour cette belle interview .
    cette femme est sublime. elle est totalement dans notre époque avec aucune nostalgie d’avant.
    c’est ta meilleure interview;

  • A truly inspirational woman!

  • Love her candor. Wonderful.

  • I LOVE that she can speak honestly yet so gracefully and can still laugh at herself. She possesses that self awareness and confidence that all women should aspire to. What a lady! x

  • Cette dame a de grandes lunettes pour regard plein de joies et de tristesses. On pourrait l’écouter raconter sa vie indéfiniment ! Vivement la suite.

  • Andrea - Bresil October, 26 2012, 4:13 / Reply

    Je suis bresilienne et je peux dire que Costanza c´ est une super maniere de representer le glamour et la classe de la femme bresilienne aujourd´hui! Je suis ca fan!!!!!

  • Stephanie October, 29 2012, 9:50 / Reply

    She is wonderful. Thank you for sharing her with us!!

  • Elle m’inspire énormément.
    Son parcours, sa grâce, tout chez elle dit “saisissez la vie”, “faîtes fructifier votre potentiel”, “vibrez !”

    J’admire sa vivacité d’esprit.

  • kristina October, 30 2012, 6:48 / Reply

    Wow ! What an inspirational interview. She’s something !!!


  • J’adore l’idée de cette interview.

    Il en faudrait beaucoup plus partout des interviews comme cela. Cela nous rendrait plus fortes et plus authentiques.

    J’ai 39 et j’hésite énormément entre botox ou pas. Je crains de céder et pourtant, je trouve qu’un visage ridé est souvent très beau. J’au juste du mal a accepter mes rides entre les sourcils ;-)… Je pense qu’il s’agit plus de concurrence entre les filles que d’autre chose, Constanza a raison… Et ca c’est triste. Et le plus triste c’est que je contribuerais alimenter ce climat de concurrence si j’optais pour le botox.

    Donc, comment faire? Quelle est la solution? Comment sortir du piège et créer le changement de dynamique?

    Peut-être cela commence-t-il par arrêter de vanter la jeunesse (en fait pourquoi la jeunesse est-elle positive en soi?) et plutôt célébrer l’authenticité? Arrêter de dire “oh comme elle est belle pour son âge, on dirait jamais qu’elle a 50 ans, elle ne les fait pas du tout etc…” mais plutôt remarquer uen élégance qui souvent est absente à l’âge de 20ans et qui est le fruit d’un savoir faire patiemment acquis, un regard qui contient toutes les passions vécues et permettent de voir le monde avec une acuité sans pareil….

    Qu’elle est votre avis? A quand un blog sur le vieillissement? Un forum de discussion?

    Merci Garance d’ouvrir une porte ….

  • Thrilled that you spoke with her. I’ve been lurking for photos of her since I first saw her on The Sartorialist with her daughter. So chic and as a 50+ woman it is so nice to see photos of someone who looks great, stylish, but not a trend chaser. Even the Valentino shoes look appropriate to her. Every time I go shopping I remind myself of the simple beautiful clothing that she wears and how elegant it makes you look to keep it simple and add the fabulous accessories. Lovely exterior and now that I’ve listened to her the interior is just as striking!

  • C’est une femme vraiment inspirante!

    Théa Unknown

  • Constanza and Garance are amazing! Loved the interview, genuine with 2 women that know about the fashion business and can see how the trends evolve.
    Always good to watch good interviews!! =)

  • Maria Teresa Oliveira November, 8 2012, 8:44 / Reply

    she is magnificent!
    and you are awesome!


  • Bonjour Garance,

    Cette interview m’a inspirée une chronique, j’espère que vous ne m’en voudrez pas de l’avoir utilisée (même si je vous cite à n’en plus finir)

    Merci de partager ces moments avec nous, Costanza est vraiment une belle personne !

  • Congratulations on that video – this woman is an inspiration. Bravo!

  • geez!! this video should be a requirement at high schools and colleges.
    how inspiring to find a woman of a certain age at ease and bien dans sa peau.
    thank you for filming it

  • J’ai vraiment adoré cet entretien! Quel courage de quitter son mari simplement pour être mieux avec soi-même et avancer dans la vie sereinement. Chapeau!

  • Nicoleta March, 29 2013, 9:22 / Reply

    Quelle femme fantastique!

  • Thanks for sharing this inspiring and stylish talk! We are all about celebrating ageless beauty –

  • I really love this. I hope that when I am 73 I can be as confident as the beautiful Costanza. Love of oneself seems to be the most beautifying accessory.

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