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Storm Tracker

So of course, not unlike most jaded New Yorkers, our preparation for Sandy had been pretty light, as we had judged that, as usual, they where totally overplaying it in the news…

We were laughing, imitating the news : “STOOOOOOORMTRACKER!!!!”

The only thing we’d done was of course, was go buy water and food, cause as long as we can watch a movie while chowing popcorn, uh, nothing can really be wrong.

And it almost worked, that sort of blind confidence that everything would go perfectly fine, and that by Tuesday we’d be up and running and back to our little fashion lives.

I can even say that when the blackout struck on Monday, right after a new gust of wind, we almost found that funny. We lit up candles, watched some “Curb Your Enthousiam” on what battery was remaining on my computer, then went snuggling in bed while listening to the storm shaking the city outside.

It’s in the morning that it started to feel eerie.

First, not a sound. No cars. Then, still no power.
Mmmmm, that’s ok: “Kids, I’ll make you a commando breakfast, it’s gonna be funny !”

Then no Internet. No phone.

No way to know what was happening in New York, nothing. What had happened during the night? Were my parents worrying like crazy? Should we go out to see what was happening? Was that dangerous? Did we have a flashlight to go down the very dark stairs? Was all of New York deep in obscurity?

After a few hours, tidying up, reading, playing board games, it really started to become scary. I decided to go out, to find a place where I could at least send a text to my parents, before my phone would die and I would be in a total technological black hole.

Outside, people where walking silently, with nothing to do. Kids where out of school. All stores where closed. Some deli had an electricity generator and people where glued to it to charge their phones. Trees where down, blocking the streets.

It was on 14th Street that my phone finally came back to life. After texting my mom (she only received my text today…) I could connect with Alex and Emily who where good, had phone AND power… And where crazy worried about what had happened to me.

After chatting, they told me they had posted my post in the morning (which must have reassured my mom) (first thing she does when she worries about me me is check my blog)(I know, I am a bad daughter), that my little world was fine, and that the world hadn’t stopped turning, except on my micro-island of downtown Manhattan.

I still didn’t get the lesson there is in all that, but I’ll find it.

And I am sending (from our Uptown camp where there is power and Internet, and where we met with Alex to try to work)(Em couldn’t join us, she’s pretty much stuck in Brooklyn) all my thoughts to those who are really deep in post-Sandy problems, because there are thousands.

If we can do anything to help, we’re here.


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  • Merci pour ce récit Garance et bon courage à tous ceux qui sont touchés par les catastrophes !

  • Bon courage! Et surtout: du calme!



  • C’est marrant parce que nous, nous sommes des français washingtoniens blasés et cyniques, jusqu’à dimanche soir, on a fait ceux qui n’y croient pas, ah là là, les médias, ah là là, le catastrophisme, ah là là, la fin du monde. Et puis lundi, on s’est dit qu’il fallait peut-être quelques miches de pain, quelques bidons d’eau et quelques piles pour les lampes. Et puis qu’il fallait peut-être dormir en bas pour éviter de se prendre un arbre sur la tête. Je comprends bien ton sentiment, pas envie de se faire entrainer dans la panique ambiante, mais la petite voix dans la tête qui dit quand même “et s’ils avaient raison et que j’ai tort”

  • Contente de savoir que tout va bien pour toi ! quand on voit les dégâts… c’est impressionnant !

  • stay safe everyone! happy halloween!

    check out my giveaway!


  • J’ai justement pensé à toi en voyant les infos. Je pense ne pas être la seule en disant qu’on te soutient de l’autre côté de l’Atlantique. Courage!! Bizous.

  • Woouw! We saw everything in the news and was really shocking! We are glad that everything´s ok!


  • Of course, we are all happy that you are OK.

    Hug a neighbor and thank our lucky stars it wasn’t worst than it already is.

    Much love,


  • des piles, et un transistor. si si, ça existe encore. et c’est bien le seul lien qui reste quand tout s’éteind… Foi de fille de radio, et de fille des îles ( cycloniques, les îles…)

  • Claudia Bustamante October, 31 2012, 11:59 / Reply

    Je suis très loin de New York,au sud de l’Amerique du Sud !Mais hier quand j’ai vu à la telé ce que
    se passait à New York,j’ai tout de suite écrit à mes amis de là bas et ouvert ton blog pour savoir si tu postais normalemant,et quand je tombe sur le post de “Zara”,je me suis dis :tiens aparament tout va bien….Bravo pour ton courage et discipline.Et toutes mes pensées aux newyorkais et autres victimes de
    Sandy dans son parcours.

  • Hi, Garance!
    I’m happy to know that you are OK! I’ve seen the news on tv and it was really bad and scary.
    Stay safe and have pacience because, I think, there is now a tremendous work to put everything ok.

  • This almost made me cry… stay safe people, the world is praying for you!

  • People died and homes were destroyed. You were very lucky indeed, to have only a technology black hole to worry about.

  • My thoughts are with the people suffering at the east coast! Bon courage xxx from Switzerland

  • MelissaCD October, 31 2012, 12:32 / Reply

    So happy you and your team are OK!!! If anyone can get through this it is New York and New Yorkers! Stay safe!! & cloudy days make for great picture taking light! :)

  • Garance, I was totally in the same state of mind at first. Granted I’d just finished a week of exams and papers so I didn’t really think it was possible for any act of nature to surpass that. And luckily nothing happened to me, but there was a lot of destruction elsewhere as photographed (and posted on fb) by my friends, who are ok. Like you at first I felt invulnerable, as if the storm would make an exception for my little bubble of life, but then–like you were saying–it became all too real. On a lighter note: I’m glad you’re ok and I love Curb Your Enthusiasm–Larry David is too funny :)

  • Glad you’re safe (^_^) and I love that your Mum checks your blog first x


  • Lorsque mardi matin j’ai vu les images j’étais vraiment surprise de réaliser l’ampleur de la tempête. Beaucoup de dégâts apparemment materiels et humains ;(
    Bon courage pour la suite.
    (Et 100% d’accord avec ton article Zara by the way !)


  • Marielena au Liban October, 31 2012, 12:53 / Reply

    En arabe on te dit, comme Dieu t’aime! quand tu sors indemne d’une situation pareille!! pardon pour la curiosité, mais qui sont les enfants??

  • Glad that everything is good, Garance! I also hope that everyone who live in the affected area are okay and that you can quickly get back to your normal activity.

    Love, Vibri


  • ravie de savoir que tout va bien Garance!
    une pensée à tout ceux pour qui ça va un peu moins bien…

  • I thought the same thing when I heard about sandy on the news! I didn’t think it would hit as bad as it did, especially in the city that never sleeps! Glad you’re ok and hearing from a lot of others that they are safe!


  • Bon courage pour la suite !!


  • i wouldnt say Em is trapped in brooklyn….more like you guys are trapped in manhattan…the majority of brooklyn did not loose power or cable during the storm. go brooklyn the best of all the 5 boroughs!

  • Good luck and quick return to normal life!



  • Une pensée et une prière pour les New yorkais victime de cette tornade mais également pour les haîtiens (Haîti a le plus grand nombre de pertes humaines).

    Je ne sais pas quelle leçon tu dois retenir de tous cela mais tu vas bien, c’est tout ce qui compte. Ah si…Ces évènements nous rappellent que nous sommes tout petits dans ce monde, un évènement pareil peu faire basculer toute une vie.

    Take care

  • princessglee October, 31 2012, 2:43 / Reply

    Great to hear you’re ok and I assume that means Scott as well. Stay safe.

  • Good luck out there!! Hope that everything will return back to normal soon! xx

  • My thoughts go out to you and everyone downtown, stay safe and keep calm.

  • Je suis à Montréal on a senti un poil votre tempête mais je ne sais pas si ce sont les médias qui ont aggravé la chose ou moi qui ne réalise rien, mais j’ai toujours cette sensation que rien ne peut arriver à New York, qu’elle sera toujours à l’abris (même après 9/11)

  • Sylvia S October, 31 2012, 4:20 / Reply

    Hi Garance,

    I am glad to know that you are safe. I am coming to NY. tomorrow!!!
    Me and some friends from Mexico are coming to Carnegie Hall to sing on November 3erd.
    We are singing the 8th Symphony of Mahler.

    Comeeee we have extra tickets if you need.
    Sylvia Sánchez
    Edison Hotel

  • Kimberly October, 31 2012, 4:21 / Reply

    Funny. I checked your blog all day to see if you guys were okay, like a mother hen! Grateful to know you are safe and well!

  • Je vis downtown Manhattan également et effectivement quand tout a sauté lundi soir, on a trouvé ça rigolo les bougies tout ça… mais depuis c’est la vraie galère… heureusement les amis uptown sont là ! Il y a une vraie solidarité !

  • Funny how we all think the same way: I have been checking both of your blogs to be sure all was well, telling myself, of course you were. Our big/small, virtual/real community coping.
    I too thought it was media hyperbole, until I spoke to my daughter in Toronto who had to hang on to street signs all the windy way home from the library on Monday night. If we weren’t affected we’re lucky.

  • Vivant en Floride, je suis “habituee” a ce genre de catastrophe mais pour les newyorkais c’est effectivement effrayant. Ceux qui souffrent le plus, sont les habitants des iles Caraibes car ils sont directement sous le passage des ouragans qui detruisent tout.

  • Merci pour ton temoignage! Comme ta mere, larticle sur Zara ma bien rassure -et fait rire notamment avec le zargraal x)-.
    Bon courage a tous ceux touches par Sandy!
    Bises, Lucile

  • Garance, glad to hear you are ok. I live uptown and so far we have internet and phone ( on and off phone) Email me, i would love for you and your team to use my internet !!!
    xx judi

  • Je suis contente que tout va bien. Très loin de New York; à Athènes (25 C), on a vu des photos vraiment choquantes à la télé J ai vu ton post sur Zara alors je me suis rassurée pour toi, tes collaboratrices ont eu une très bonne idée de le poster.

  • Great to hear that you are all well! :)

  • So Sad!!!
    Great to hear that everything is fine though!

    I’m posting accessories from Los Angeles on my blog which is inside my website!
    Take a look!


  • love the picture!!! this city is an amazing place!!


  • I understand why you underestimated what the effects would be, I was there for Irene. I have family in NYC and when I saw the devastation I was scared. However, my family are good and glad to hear again that you guys are. My thoughts and prayers to families that have lost loved ones and/or homes.

  • Glad to hear that you and your crew are safe. Hopefully, New York will return to it’s usual hustle and bustle soon! I’m sorry to hear that some people have been badly affected by the storm. It’s amazing how people work together and are willing to help others in and after a disaster. During bad times even strangers can be a friendly face.

  • Thank heaven you are all safe (and still have your wonderous sense of humour). Thinking of you all, here in Australia, with love.

  • annabella November, 1 2012, 5:23 / Reply

    So glad to know you made it Garance, Scott, Emily, Alex, Alyssa and families.

    That’s the deal with these things. Nothing, nothing, then POW! And if you’re really lucky and blessed and live through a disaster it does change you..and opens the heart on a whole different level.

    Years ago (way before net), After surviving a cat 5 hurricane…total destruction on a remote island, I a kind and heroic ABC reporter found me in a heap of shock, but ok, and being dear enough as soon as he was able, to get news of me to my Dad. And then another reporter called my Dad and then, Yup.. another called!

    When I finally was able to talk with my Dad who had fought in Pacific in WW2, I remember ‘getting’ on a whole different level……but really understood that I would never, ever truly understand… .. what, say a sailor/soldier might feel who never knew if there would be an ‘end’ to a war. I knew the hurricane would end, the destruction would ‘eventually” be cleaned up, I would heal. It was a wakeup call, one i could never grasp before my “experience” …of just how blessed I was.

    You are always so dear, Garance, I love your generous offer of help to anyone.

    And a great BIG shout out to your wonderful, relieved and rightfully proud Mom in Corsica!


  • Contente d’avoir de tes nouvelles, il y a un mois jour pour jour j’arrivai pour une petite semaine à New-York et je logeais à Downtown j’espère que mon hôte va bien aussi. Difficile d’immaginer ce qui s’est passé, en tout cas je pense bien à vous et au personnes qui ont subit la terrible Sandy.

  • I’m gladdened to hear you’re all safe. Same goes for the good folk at my image library hosts, PhotoShelter; they now have a water feature where their office should be. Like you chaps though, they’re getting on with life. Take care of yourselves, and good luck.

  • It’s amazing how one night or even one day of no power has made New Yorkers feel like the worst catastrophe has befallen America! A huge huge number of people of the world LIVE like this every single day..the lesson is awareness ( you have experienced their life for a fraction of time) and being grateful for even the one lightbulb that shines on your dark stairs..having a bed to sleep on while the storms thunders on by..realizing the privileges that we have that we consider to be our rights
    Having said that, it is also very sad that death has become so common in everyday life that 40 people losing their lives because of Sandy has no value and people in other parts of the world compare it so the thousands of daily deaths that happen due to tsunamis and terrorist attacks and other terrible events..
    I guess we should all try to do the best we can to conserve the environment and help those in need otherwise the coming generations will have many more and worse stormy days waiting for them

  • hi garance.
    i dont usually comment but yeah,you and scott were the first on my mind when i heard about the storm in new york.i dont even know you and will probably never meet you,but the internet and media is that powerful that i felt like i knew you and had to know how you were.so im glad you’re okay.

    i love your photos and videos.i love how you open up the fashion world and made it less intimidating.i love that you have the humility and courage to show us your fumbles,your highs and lows,the little things you love…

    well,till next time.


  • Ashley Monaghan November, 1 2012, 8:55 / Reply

    As a New Orleanian, I know all too well how you’re feeling. Stay safe. Try to find ways to entertain yourself. Try to get with friends and make an event of it. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

  • beautiful post

  • Je suis la seule à trouver ce post égocentrique et loin de toute réalité ?! Bien loin de tes posts habituels où je te trouve si humble.
    Des gens sont morts, des familles ont tout perdu à cause de cet ouragan et tu n’as pas l’air de t’en soucier ne serait-ce qu’une seconde..

  • Chloe, ce que je fais c’est te raconter mon expérience a moi, qui est aussi celle de milliers d’autres New Yorkais. Je suis parfaitement informée de ce qui se passe et c’est un vrai drame, mais ce que je raconte c’est ce que j’ai vécu, en tout honnêteté, et je pense souligner assez clairement le ridicule de ma situation face aux familles qui ont tout perdu.

    C’est facile de s’indigner et d’hurler à l’égocentrisme – je vous ai raconté cet événement comme je l’aurais fait à mes amis.

    Et oui, je souhaite que l’on puisse reconstruire au plus vite et j’envoie toutes les pensées à ceux qui ont perdu des êtres chers. Mais je ne pense pas que j’ai besoin d’hurler ça sur les toits.

  • Happy to hear Sandy did not affect you!! :)

    Check out my blog where I uploaded my first fashion magazine created by me: http://www.gemmamonclus.blogspot.com


  • Une énorme pensée pour ceux qui ont perdu des êtres chers. Bon courage pour ceux qui des dégats matériaux…. et merci de ne nous avoir raconté ton vécu Garance.

  • Hannah Barz November, 2 2012, 12:19 / Reply

    What can you do to help? Just keep posting!! I’m stuck in my NYU dorm and I’ve watched enough Netflix and read enough Neil Simon for a lifetime, so the occasional post brings some much needed light to my day! It’s funny, once all the stores close down all I want to do is go shopping.

  • ouf alors… keep calm , pensées pour vous …

  • Alors ce n’est qu’une impression que laisse ton article et c’est tant mieux! J’espère ne pas m’être fait mal comprendre; je ne te connais pas, bien sûr, mais je pense que tu es loin d’être égocentrique, c’est cet article qui m’a semblé l’être. (La nuance est faible, je te l’accorde. Disons que je le trouve “hors-sujet”, décalé par rapport à ce qui se passe.)

  • Aah je vois trop un livre paraître d’ici peu – ‘Powerless New York’ sur comment on survit dans le ‘néant technologique’. Allez, de rien, idée de bestseller, c’est cadeau ;)


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