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Who knew an animal with such a ferocious reputation could be iconic….. on a polo shirt.

I remember when all I wanted was this light blue Lacoste polo for Christmas when I was, maybe 18 years old, and my brother got it for me! I kept it for nearly 10 years, finally deciding recently I no longer had use for such a top in my repertoire of tee shirts. Baby blue?! What am I en route to the country club to have a spritzer? 

And then, my friend Annabelle meets up the other weekend in a perfectly worn white Lacoste polo, white crop cigarette jeans, and brown penny loafers. I mean, the epitome of eternal cool. Not to mention she is of course, just the cutest (you know the there’sjustsomethingabouther type). But suddenly all I wanted was to have my polo back. 

Wasn’t it just my luck, J.Crew partnered with Lacoste for an exclusive set of polo shirts! Boom! And, just like that, I’m back in the polo-wearing, crocodile-loving game. I love when things work out like that, don’t you? 

White polo, Lacoste x J.Crew.


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  • I remember wanting a Ralph Lauren polo so badly when I was 13!

  • I have a couple in different colors – they never go out of style in my book!
    and, as you mentioned, they’re truly durable and “age well” which is rare with clothes these days…

  • I love my Lacoste polos, but will have to still visit the JCrew collab. Can’t beat a classic.

  • Hum j’avoue l’an dernier j’en voulais un aussi. J’en ai essayé plusieurs sans vraiment être convaincue. Un polo ça peut être très sympa, je vais encore y réfléchir :)

  • I have 3 Lacoste polo shirts: white (a classic!!), blue (another classic!!), fuchsia (not classic, but perfect for summer outfits). They are perfect for the office, with pants above all, but also with pencil skirts.
    And they are perfect by the sea as well, with a bikini and a pair of shorts.

  • Ce polo immaculé est très beau, mais je ne vois pas la différence entre celui-ci qui découle d’une collaboration et les originaux de Lacoste. SOrry ! :-(

  • I remember I was in love with polo t-shirts when I was in college, but not so much right now…I think they aren’t too comfortable when it’s too hot in the summer and I prefer something lighter instead.

    Besides, you need a special attitude and body-shape in order to look cool, not older than you actually are.

  • J’avais aussi une obsession pour les polos Lacoste il y a quelques années… J’en ai en plusieurs coloris. Je me suis un peu lassée, malgré que je continue à en porter deux chaque été dont un assez spécial, à motif, qui me rappelle les cigales de chez moi. Puis, quand je vois ton article, j’ai tout de suite envie d’en porter un. C’est dingue ! Aussi, je voulais savoir quelle est la particularité de cette nouvelle collab Lacoste ?

  • Love that look!

    Warm Regards,

  • Mattea May, 27 2015, 9:55 / Reply

    Ah, the Lacoste polo! My best friend actually convinced me to buy a perfect-fitting unworn consignment one recently. I tried it on for nostalgia’s sake and she exclaimed “It fits like a glove! You absolutely must get it!” Thanks for reminding me about this one- I think I’ll wear it today!

  • My first style icon was my best friend’s mom in 5th grade. My friend Whitney was different from the rest of us….she came from OLD money. Her mother wore Lacoste shirts, Lilly Pulitzer wrap skirts, espadrilles, coral lipstick, and a cigarette. I don’t know if she actually smoked the cigarette….it was more like an elegant accessory. I thought she was the most fascinating woman on earth….plus she made great peanut butter sandwiches. :)

  • Jane with the noisy terrier May, 27 2015, 11:02 / Reply

    My first (and probably only) time attending a Paris Fashion Week show, there was a terrible heat wave in early October and all the fashion folk were either 1.) sweltering in their A/W attire, sweat be damned, or 2.) frantically pawing through the sales racks at Zara looking for a semi-cool tee shirt to wear. And then there was Ines de la Fressange, my fashion idol in the flesh, wearing mustard yellow cropped jeans, an armful of brass bangle bracelets, and a thin black Lacoste polo with the buttons undone. Of course the sandals and black alligator bag by Roger Vivier didn’t hurt. But she was the coolest person there – literally and figuratively!

  • Arctic Monkeys – Knee Socks….all about the sky blue lacoste

  • You threw out a Lacoste polo shirt? I don’t even know what to say.

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