Going Up The Country

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Going Up The Country

The idea of a simple life isn’t always so simple to practice.

That’s why we admire Laura’s dedication to her farm, Westwind Orchard so much. Her and her husband, Fabio, make the best honey and chocolate. In the warmer months, anyone can stop by and order a pizza made using the produce they grow on their land, too. It’s a labor of love and an eye-opening way of thinking about what we eat — they’re food is so fresh and sustainable, something rare to find today.

And this video shows you a little more of their farm, as Laura and Fabio talk to you about their approach to the simple life.

Would you trade it all in for something simpler? The city for the country?



Add yours
  • bavarian_blue April, 14 2015, 2:22 / Reply

    Thanks a lot for sharing this. Admire their work and love their lifestyle!

  • This is called a great lifestyle!
    XOX, Gap.

  • J’aurais sans doute du mal! J’aime ma vie citadine, mais j’ai la chance de vivre dans une ville agréable, avec pas mal de parcs (Strasbourg), même si parfois j’aime bien partir dans la campagne ou juste pour une promenade en forêt!



  • I love living in the country, but of course it’s not easy.
    It all depends on where the money would come from.
    I’m not a city person at all.

  • I recently moved from downtown Toronto to a farm in Tuscany just outside of Florence. The fattoria makes beautiful wine, olive oil and cheese. It’s an incredible thing to connect with nature on a deeper level and simplify the ways you consume. Loved the video of Laura and Fabio – the dinner scene was like everyday here in Italy. Breaking away from the visual and sonic noise of the city has created a blank slate for inspiration and creation.

    I still love my weekends in Firenze though- especially the Italian men and their inherent desire for perfectly tailored outfits. It’s the best of both worlds (think dt kid who summers on fire island.)
    Thanks for sharing!

  • How did you do that? :) Would love to know more about your job! :)

  • I love going to the country such a nice change


  • Highly recommend anyone read John Seymour’s books. He LIVED the earth & the seasons, with the utmost passion. VERY humble gentleman. Just a disclaimer. If you are ill/handicapped/senior citizen…..think about this lifestyle FULLY in detail, before you decide to move/live in the countryside. The next neighbor, hospital, doctor, ETC. could be miles/hours away. In an emergency, this is troubling. Make sure to do your research if you want to do something like that. I recommend people go on farm/nature vacations. Great for children too!! You may possibly learn to make cheese, milk/feed animals, ride/drive a tractor, grow food, chop wood, ride horses. It will help you better understand what it takes to live a country type of life. Great post!

  • oui !
    c’est exactement comme cela que je construis ma vie depuis mon retour de Tour du monde, dans une magnifique campagne pas trop loin de Paris
    j’ai même lancé mon blog cette semaine sur cette thématique de la néo-ruralité (avec beaucoup de slowdesign et d’upcycling dedans)
    feel free to join me on Misc (misc.see-the-world.net)

  • I would move to the country right now if I only could. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. I mean, changing the attitude, the lifestyle – I’m ready for that. Unfortunately, it also requires substantial resources, but I’m slowly getting there, I think.

    I admire Laura so much, because she seems to have the ability to take that ease and effortless approach back to the city.

  • My kind of people!

  • I’ve spent enough time in the country/suburbs and am so ready for the city! Nothing is permanent!

    Warm Regards,

  • Such an amazing and simple life. Thanks Garance for this video…it reminds me of my childhood. Every summer as children my sister and I used to go and visit my grandmother who lives in the country. It were the best summer holidays I could ever dream of. Full of sun, wind, different tastes, climbing on trees and walking among nature. I miss it.

  • can’t watch the video!

  • Je ne crois pas qu’ils aient tout quitté ; je me demande par contre comment ils partagent leur emploi du temps: montent-ils le weekend seule,ent? Le soir? C’est quand même à 2 h de route de NYC … Mais puisque tu poses la question, j’aimerais beaucoup vivre ainsi, mon job dans les arts en semaine , le rythme effrénée de la ville (que j’ai besoin pour vivre , je suis une citadine née ) mais un rythme plus lent le weekend, plus de ce qu’on mange, plus près de la nature, j’aspire à une vie comme la leur qui semble comme un parfait équilibre !

  • Ça me tente, je l’admets… Mais je ne sais pas si je pourrais survivre en étant trop loin de la ville ! À la fois, comparé à NYC, Washington est un village… Je suis très tentée aussi par l’idée d’aller vivre en Corse (!), en Grèce ou en Sicile, dans un village au bord de la mer. J’ai surtout besoin d’être proche de la mer.

  • Sophie, Please contact me.

  • i did trade it all in for something simpler–although it was more like finally reaching a dream i’ve had all my life-
    i raise goats and sheep for butter and cheese, and bees, fruits, nuts, and veggies on my farm.
    i am also an artist.

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