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Chapeau Bleu

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Chapeau Bleu

I have kind of a small head, so hats are… well, a big deal for me.

It can be hard to find one that fits well (not every head is one-size-fits-all, people!) and looks good. The one I’ve been wearing throughout winter for a couple of years now is so big that it flies off my head every time there’s a gust of wind (about every five minutes in New York winter!!)! But it does have a leather strap.

Unfortunately, I end up tying the leather strap so tightly under my chin that it looks far less chic and a lot more… farmer. And sadly, I don’t pull off farmer well.

So, I’ve been on the lookout for a new winter hat but this time I have another requirement (demanding, I know). I don’t want any old hat that fits, but one that stands out a little… maybe a hat in a striking color.

This blue hat might be nice.


What do you think? What hat are you coveting right now??

Hat by Topshop.


Add yours
  • I was just looking at their justs last week. I ended up buying their black one with a red and black ribbon. Wish I had now got this one too.

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  • I’m in love with hats, from panama’s to baseball!
    XOX, Gap.

  • When we were in NY my friend bought the black one, too but the quality of Topshop is so low. She got annoyed very hard by it just after three days. She should had invested a little more and bought the same hat just better from that original hat maker on Broadway.

  • From one small head to another, Neada… the search is on, lady! :) Have you checked out Metier? Like this one:
    Shop emerging fashions from around the world in one place!

  • Might be worthwhile investing in a custom made hat! We love Goorin Bros in Toronto, but I’m sure there are plenty in NYC. Beautiful blue colour on that one:)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • You should check BIG ARISTOTE (, they have amazing strong and rigid hats with a bold and unique design (recently worn by Jessica Alba), it’s a french brand & they just launched. Let us know how you like them!!

    Bises Néada,


  • Hahaha, I’ve got exactly the same problem – hats just fly off my head! And to make matters worse, I’ve noticed that in many stores they come in ‘medium’ size only – as if everybody had a head in the same size. I’m still looking for the perfect one, in my case dark grey, wide-brimmed one.

  • I have to say, that the most difficult item for me to find, buy and like is a hat. It is like the story of the three bears either the hat is too big, or the hat hugs my head and makes it look too small, I can never seem to find one that looks just right!!! Most of the time I won’t wear a hat. The closest I have come to finding anything at all is a fascinator but that doesn’t help you in the winter. Any suggestions?
    Accidental Icon

  • From one small head to another, the name is Stetson. This years wool felt crushable comes in great colors. Black, brown, forest green, sage green, grey, navy and more. Packable, waterproof, leather hat band and a Stetson! What more could want in a hat. Check out the web site.

  • As Erin points out, it would be worth investing in a custom made hat. I am a bespoke hat maker and I would be pleased to make a made-to-measure or a bespoke hat for you in which to feel sheltered and beautiful; a and high quality piece that, with a bit of care, would last more than a lifetime.

  • Hi Neada! I bought one 2 months ago and I love it, every time I wear it, someone comes to ask me where I found it! The brand is Janessa Leone, and I’m sure we are going to ear about her!

  • Beautiful colour. I thought it was MM make! I’ve never worn a hat in the winter, I’ve aways thought that one needs a certain attitude to pull it off. Actually, I think I will try it out this winter!
    Ana uk

  • That blue hat is very beautiful!


  • Qu’il est beau ce chapeau ! Je rêve d’un modèle semblable mais qui tire plus sur un joli bleu vert !

  • It really is a beautiful hat! Love them, too, but also adore berets that become a kind of uniform for me comes winter. x

  • J’en ai acheté un très beau bleu dans le même esprit, à larges bord et ruban gros grain chez Rene Dhery et il existe aussi en rouge ( 40 euros seulement!)

  • Ouh là là oui je n’ai que ça !! C’est mon accessoire préféré, le mien est un Maison Michel gris, mais ce bleu est superbe aussi ! En plus il vient de chez Topshop, merci pour la bonne nouvelle :)

  • I have that same stupid hat problem.. This blue one is stunning by the way.

  • I just ordered two from Goorin Brothers and love them. They have some great blues and will be my go to from now on. If you can get to the NYC stores you can try them on and find the best fit. Otherwise they have great customer service call or email them, they are so helpful.

  • So chic! I’m on my way to Topshop to get that beauty! Imagine it with camel/black coat (definitely with small lapels)… I guess with a strong piece like that hat (some sort of “statement”) we should really keep rest of outfit simple. Maybe we can see on the blog or somewhere how are you styling this Neada? Cause hats are tough to handle with for me, even though I love them.

  • DROUODE Bettina November, 28 2014, 10:05 / Reply

    HATS Galore at Nick Fouquet’s , Venice B. California.

  • NEADA ,

    Check the video!Nick is starring of course, but his adguys got it so right…..( plus Nick Fouquet has charms all his own…more than 5 Hollywood stars combined! Yep!)

  • I got a burgundy wide-brimmed hat, I love it x

  • I am also looking for a beautiful hat to wear this winter. I love the blue one on your post :)


    chapeau made in France et personnalisable à souhait pour des prix décents -> fonce!!
    (non je ne travaille pas chez eux mais j’ai trouvé ce site quand je cherchais des idées de cadeaux de Noël et j’ai trouvé ça génial!)

  • I bought my favorite hats at Goorin Brothers, chicago. One is mustard yellow , another one is tan with burgundy silk ribbon. Both are different in style and texture, but you can wear them easily during winter and fall. And trust me, I live in Chicago and I can relate to windy weather and cold winters.

  • Hats in the winter are everything! I completely feel you on the small head thing, though. I try to find hats that have a nice weight in my hands so that every little gust of wind doesn’t send it flying across the street, leaving me bewildered with hat hair…. I guess the wound is still fresh… Bu this blue hat is so perfect. It would look fabulous with any outfit.

  • Hello. Easy fix, buy a roll of millinery tape online. You just add a piece under the ribbon under the brim until your hat fits.
    Also, in Paris,
    Online or in their shop, custom make your summer or winter fedora. I had mine sent to Manhattan. If you go to the shop, the hat will be ready in less than 2 hours. Check it out!

  • J’adore les chapeaux, mais je ne sais pas pourquoi, j’ai un blocage, je n’ose pas en porter !

    xx CarolineJ

  • Stunning colour and fabric!!! Both make for an uber cool hat!


  • Bonjour Neada,

    J’adore les chapeaux. J’en ai toujours un sur la tête. J’en achète tout le temps. Bon d’accord, je suis complètement addict. Et je suis trés heureuse car le chapeau revient en force et pleins de marques se mettent à faire des chapeaux. Mais j’ai une petite tête aussi, comme toi, je fais du 54. Ce n’est donc pas évident d’en trouver, c’Est bien vrai. Je viens de recevoir mon chapeau de chez Chapoleone. Et j’en suis extrêmement contente. Je l’ai personnalisé en ligne, y’a un large choix de couleurs, dans ce que tu recherches, et surtout des petites tailles. Leur offre est géniale. Je te le recommande donc.

  • sarah b May, 14 2015, 5:27 / Reply

    Les plus beaux chapeaux du monde sont des Mademoiselle Slassi.
    La créatrice fait du sur mesure (plus de problèmes de taille) et elle peut vous créer le chapeau dont vous rêvez et qui vous ira. Son credo c’est la couleur! Il y a beaucoup de nouvelles marques de chapeaux en france depuis 2 ans mais elles sont sans personnalité et n’ont absolument rien apporté au monde du chapeau. Son site:
    Cordialement, Sarah B.

  • Jean Francois April, 9 2016, 9:01 / Reply

    Pas facile de trouver chaussure à son pied, ou chapeau À sa tête ! Je suis certes un homme mais je ne peux que te conseiller la boutique Chapeaushop : .

    Ma copine s´y met aussi, et elle a aussi une petite tête (a) : elle y trouve son bonheur (notamment pour l´été).


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