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Do you bodega? The first time I heard the word ‘bodega’ was actually in LA. A friend insisted on calling the junk food filled mini shops near our house in Echo Park a...

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camille charriere cozy days paris garance dore photos

So Cozy!

I’m not sure what I expected from Camille, but I feel as though she undermined and surpassed...

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just like honey molly kennedy pink sweater just like honey embroidery garance dore photo

Just Like Honey

There’s something extra sweet about something done by hand, like this new sweater that finally...

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the edit no 3 part 6 ana kras knit wit sweaters jewelry garance dore photos

EDIT No. 3 / Part 6: Knit Wit

Part 6 of our EDIT No. 3 is all about jewelry (and the smart knits to wear them with!). For Fall,...

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Soft Touch

Ever since I felt the tiniest hint of a fall breeze, my sweater obsession has gone into...

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martha violante reasons to wear red keith morrison nyfw street style garance dore photos

5 Reasons To Wear Red

Yesterday I moved to a new apartment (kind of a crazy thing to do in the middle of a snowstorm), and...

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sweater shedder kate moss garance dore photos

Sweater Shedder

I might lose my mind soon, if I can’t sort out this shedding situation.

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I love sweaters, sweatpants, anything that looks even remotely like fleece or wool, and makes people...

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Visiting Nili Lotan

I love Nili Lotan’s designs (her sweaters are crazy, so beautiful and soft!), and the other day...

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Soft Color

I really love light colors during the winter, and even more on a brunette like Sheila…

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