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Bangs. The boldest fringe option on the menu. I’ve been thinking, are they back?

It’s the fringe that really says, “Hey! I have a fringe and it’s here to stay”. Once you go for the blunt chop, there’s no pinning or tucking that can hide it. It’s a very serious commitment. And it feels like everywhere I look, people are making it – or at least thinking about it.

Brie’s had bangs most of her life, and is thinking about making the cut again. Emily has been there a few times.

I once had bangs. My boyfriend at the time loved this band called the Dum Dum Girls, an all-girl rock band. He thought they were all so cool with their fringes, especially one girl with (you guessed it!) bangs. So, the next time I went to the hairdresser I asked that she give me the same style. I think I even showed her a photo. She gently declined, explaining that I couldn’t have bangs because I have a small forehead.

Um, excuse me? Yeah. Not allowed. Small forehead. That’s what she said. According to her, not all foreheads are created equal – and mine was not destined for bangs. Ok, so she was the expert but I wanted to look like I was in a rock band, so I stubbornly demanded. It looked alright for about two minutes, followed by grating months of growing it out. It was an awkward time.

Garance is a little smarter than me. Her curly hair means she wouldn’t even contemplate a blunt fringe. Maybe it’s like dressing to suit your body – get a fringe to suit your forehead and your hair type?

And I suppose I should follow Garance’s lead but, every time I see someone with super cool bangs (like Brianna in this photo), I have an impulse to pull the scissors out again. It’s so bold, a trademark that us with non-fringe locks are missing out on. Almost an accessory unto itself, that gives you a real “look”.

Have you ever had bangs? Would you get them again? Do you think they’re making a comeback?


Add yours
  • I really like the hair with fringe!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Amazing hair color!
    XOX, Gap.

  • I know what you mean! I try it every time I go to my hairdresser and each and every time he politely declines, promising to “cut some shorter layers” on the front as it this was some sort of substitute. I trust him, sigh…In my fashion dreams I see myself rocking bangs, that double denim combo- unbuttoned shirt and high wasted flares. Looking French, chic and impossibly cool basically…

  • I love bangs! Unfortunately, it’s true they did not suit with every types of face. I have an small forehead and a round face and I’ve only had a bang once in my life. Since then, I swore not to have a bang ever again.

  • I’d love to have bangs but my super round face doesn’t allow it. I would also love a short bob but according to my hairdresser nop, that’s not for me either.
    My hairdresser forbids every single fun hair style! I know, I know, my round face is to blame , sigh!

  • Jennifer January, 22 2015, 9:23 / Reply

    I had bangs as a child, cute. But have said never never ever ever again.

    Then at the end of the Summer there was this layout in Porter Magazine. The model was stunning. Dark eyeliner, dark smokey eye, dark hair…and bangs. Sort of Tom Ford rock and roll. I loved it. I texted the picture to my stylist and very good friend and of course my Mom. They both replied YES!
    I was terrified as all this hair when falling to the floor, but honestly it’s amazing. The best haircut I have ever had. I love it and feel like a completely different person.
    And it looks so much better the next day, sort of French undone, lived in. I’m not sure I could go back now.

  • I am about 5cm from growing the bangs out… finalllly. I made the mistake of cutting bangs last summer trying to capture the Rashida Jones look. The dangers of the internet at midnight. (Note to self: Don’t do it)

  • I spend most of my time trying to convince my friends to cut bangs because I love them so much! I’ve had a few variations before, but because my hair is wavy, I’ve always had to use a flat iron to get them to look right and that is just a lot of work. But I’m ALWAYS flirting with the idea of cutting them again. I think they’re artsy and as your said, the give you a “look.” I have a very minimal and colorless fashion sense, and sometimes I think that a statement haircut would be just what I need. But I get cold feet b/c I love my wash and air dry hair routine.

    About the forehead: one of friends has a small forehead and she looks fantastic with bangs!

  • Je ressemble à un champignon avec une frange courte!

    Mais sur celles à qui ça va, c’est très chouette. :)

  • Caroline January, 22 2015, 9:38 / Reply

    Je me suis laissée tenter par la frange il y a deux ans, après une soirée de nouvel an déguisée où j’ai porté une perruque à frange rousse et que tout le monde me disait que ça m’allait super bien.
    Sauf que mes “vrais” cheveux sont trop fins et que mon front est trop grand. Donc je me suis retrouvée avec une frange filasse qui me collait au front en fin de journée. Tout ce que je déteste.
    Après deux ans, mes cheveux sont à nouveau longs et j’ai des photos (horribles) que je regarde lorsque l’idée de retenter la frange m’effleure pour m’en dissuader !!

  • I really like it but I would never cut my hair, too afraid of the result x

  • Yes, I had “bangs” (I’m not American!) once. I cut them myself. I was 10. I learnt the hard way that curly ringlet hair and a blunt fringe do not go together. The end….

  • avec les lissages brésiliens, plaques, produits lissants, c’est moins casse-gueule qu’à mon adolescence…
    Ah, Garance, soeur de misère, j’ai été moi aussi exclue de la secte des filles à franges pendant longtemps. J’ai tenté le coup en 5 ème mais mon bizzutage a été méchant, en gros ma frange de mouton (lissée au sèche cheveux avec une brosse plate, à sec, ce qui équivaut pour une fille vivant dans un environnement humide (nord) , au mieux à une erreur monumentale, au pire, à un suicide capillaire) disait “looool, je suis là pour vous amuser!” à toute la classe (même à la prof).
    Ensuite,” dark and lovely” a tenté de me convaincre que je pouvais rivaliser avec un petit poney si j’acceptais de me brûler les cheveux à l’acide…ça a été efficace: j’avais plus de frange…du tout…
    retenté la frange à l’université, première année, nirvana ayant remis le bonnet au goût du jour, ce qui m’a permis de plaquer la touffe honnie faisant office de frange sous 5 cm d’épaisseur de laine (bonnet king size). J’avais chaud en cours , mais j’ai pu rouler une pelle au plus beau mec de l’amphi…
    Ensuite, la frange à clip a tenté de m’aider, mais une séance de sport un peu brusque a fait voler celle-ci aux pieds d’un de mes adversaire..oh frange à clips, pire invention “tout-terrain” de l’univers, la plus grande honte de ma je te la dois…..
    Bref, vive le lissage brésilien, sanctifions les plaques lissantes, et que la paix soit sur frizz ease…

  • Love her hair color and cut..beautiful…but not easy for most of the faces…
    Yael Guetta

  • J’ai le même front que toi, et je n’ai jamais osé du coup, alors que j’adore les franges. Mais regarde Selma Blair avec sa frange (elle a un tout petit front sans frange), et franchement c’est magnifique sur elle !

  • Yes, I’ve had bangs. Yes, I would definitely get them again, maybe very soon. And I don’t if they’re having a comeback, I love them and when it comes to hair trends I don’t particularly follow them, but do whatever it flatters me.

  • I like that approach! Cut your hair to suit your face and style, I think. x

  • Hi Neada! I also have a small forehead but didn’t get your chance when I went to get a new haircut.. I looked horrible with a bang and I wish the hair styliste stopped me!!! Now I know small forehead = forget the bang :)

  • Hi Maude! So it is a real thing! I think that maybe I’ll be steering clear as well from now on. Maybe a side swept fringe again??

  • I’ve had a pixie cut for 10 years (like Mia Farrow pixie when short to Halle Berry crop when longer). A couple of months ago I started to let it grow, even though I’m a short hair girl. Why you ask? So I can have BANGS! I had a very severe bob (a la Louse Brooks) for many years, complete with blunt full bangs. It was a statement for sure. I’m ready to try bangs again…and if it doesn’t work out I’ll be back to my super short crop in a heartbeat.

  • I cut them blunt, blunt, blunt just over a year ago. They improved my look until humid Summer weather hit and I realized they were curly! They would puff up like 1980’s mall hair without a moments notice. Needless to say, I have been pinning them back since! They are about to tuck behind my ears – I can’t wait.

  • Good luck with growing them out – I know that’s the most painful part!

  • Stéphanie January, 22 2015, 10:33 / Reply

    Je ne peux juste pas vivre sans, peu importe les tendances!

  • I had a blunt bangs (can I say fringe even though I’m American? So much more chic) cut in 2011 and I’ll never go back. They are such a statement. I feel like I’m known for them now. They’ll be a great forehead-wrinkle hider when the wrinkles really start to come out! I completely agree with your hairstylist that they are not for everyone. Bangs are a huge commitment. Even though I don’t wash my hair every day, I must wash my bangs daily because they get more oily and are always unkempt when I wake in the morning. They must be trimmed every four weeks. But if you have the patience and I suppose the forehead (!) and hair-type for them, go for it!! You won’t regret it.

  • Neada – maaaaaaatte.. you’ve sold out. it’s a FRINGE. shame on you with Australia day coming as well… ;)

  • Haha! I’m calling myself an Ameristralian ;)
    Don’t worry – I’ll be celebrating Australia Day, too.

  • I thought fringe and bangs were the same thing? Only “bangs” is American word for British “fringe”?

    In any case – I LOVE a good fringe, though I have curly hair and have to straighten it to make it work… But when it works it’s oh so beautiful!

  • Hi Ania!
    Fringe is a general term, but bangs means a blunt fringe that cuts straight across the forehead (not side swept).
    My hair is wavy so it’s a little tricky with a fringe for me unless I straighten it, too.

  • I’ve been thinking about cutting them (yet again) for weeks now! This post might have finally put me over the edge…

  • Let us know if you do, Valerie!

  • Mariateresa January, 22 2015, 11:28 / Reply

    La frange c’est la jeunesse, ma frangette suffragette je souffre quando je ne la porte pas…mais avec l’age c’est plus difficile ou non? Oui, Je veux la frange encore et encore!

  • I spent the last year growing out my bangs. While I liked my hair all one length, more sophisticated, two days before I was to be photographed for a book, I had my stylist cut it shorter, with bangs. “I remember her!” Love it.

  • Il y a des salons de coiffure (notamment un à Paris, “Didact”) qui font des franges sur mesure, avec les propres cheveux de chaque cliente, et que l’on peut décider chaque jour de porter ou non, selon l’humer (la frange se clippe au reste des cheveux de façon invisible). La frange devient moins une décision drastique qu’un accessoire.

  • I think bags are great — I wanna get some

  • I only had them when I was really young, but I have been thinking about them again!

  • Catherine M. January, 22 2015, 11:43 / Reply

    I had bangs cut around late July/early August of 2014. They were fun for a minute, but it was a learning curve trying to figure out how to style them (because, of course, you can’t recreate what your stylist did at home). I got a lot of compliments on them, and everyone said they made me look much younger. However, I’ve been growing them out; it’s more about my lack of dedication to having them trimmed on a regular basis.
    I have enjoyed the extra volume they have provided for me when pulling my hair back, so I’m tempted to have my stylist just continue to trim them as a shorter layer in my hair, and I’ll continue to invest in a lot of hair spray. We’ll see…

  • My huge forehead and I LOVE bangs! I recently got bangs again, and I can’t see myself going back anytime soon. I see them as a subtle statement that luckily doesn’t require too much of my time in the mornings :)

  • La frange courte elle ne fonctionne que si tu es hyper lookée, elle n’accepte pas la nonchalance. La preuve avec ces lunettes de soleil qui tuent ! Et puis je ne suis pas sure de l’effet qu’elle produise sur les hommes … ça peut donner rapidement un air sévère ! J’ai les cheveux bouclées, donc la frange est super interdite me concernant… Bravo aux courageuses qui essaient ! Baci, Ali

  • À l’occasion de ces digressions capillaires, je me permets (je sens qu’on va me jeter des tomates à la figure mais tant pis…) de dire que je vous trouvais beaucoup plus mignonne, Garance, avec plus de longueur. Le court, c’est pepsy mais je trouve que ça épaissit un peu les traits (bon,sur moi en tout cas ça donnait cet effet la). Je vous trouvais tellement plus girly avec vos petits chignons….et puis l’idée que du clair ne vous irait pas, moi je suis sûre du contraire…
    Bon, en même temps, moi je dis ça et je suis une fausse blonde avec un carré long… Je ferais peut être mieux de me taire sur ce coup la…… Aie, une tomate!

  • They can be cool, but also hell to grow out :)

  • I love the kind of fringe Lou Doillon or Alexa Chung have. Very 70’s and very natural, their faces look gorgeous with them. I wish I could have a fringe like that but I have really thick hair, tho that didn’t stop me as a teenager but I had the time and the commitment to straighten them every single morning.

    But yeah, I think they are making a comeback, its kind of a ‘cool girl’ signature. Maybe I will give them a shot again.

  • mimi taylor January, 22 2015, 1:12 / Reply

    yes, I have bangs.
    They are my botox.

  • Hi Neada, a little out of line, but could you tell me about the sweater in the photo? (or is it a dress?) For what I can see of it, it looks like I’d really like to check it out.. Thank you so much!! xxSol

  • Having bangs is a cool look for those that can pull it off. I like the model in the picture because she has very thick hair and she also some waves on the tips, it makes it a little more cool to my eyes at least.
    As for me, well, if I’m ever tempted again, I just need to give myself a dose of shock therapy by taking out my pics from when I was 12 and get horrified all over again. I think I have a double whammy, curly hair and a short forehead, so my bangs were cut a little long so as not to be too short and so my hair wouldn’t curl when wet around the root of my hair. Yeah well, in case anyone had any doubt, unless you are the ramones I don’t think bangs are meant to go beyond your eyebrows, at least not when your bangs are composed of a thick mass of curly hair that needs to be blow dried extensively every morning and barely allows you to see. I spent most of that time using hair clips to hold the hair back until it finally grew back. Definitely something to laugh and reminisce about today, but not to be repeated again!

  • I had never before considered fringe bangs until recently, but am now worried I have too small a forehead, haha. Can any semi-experts out there tell me if its stupid to have them too long/covering one’s eyebrows? I know there will be constant maintenance. How’s it look for round, full cheeks? And most importantly: long or short hair length? Thanks for the discussion, ladies :]

  • Definitely not stupid to have bangs on the long side and covering the eyebrows. My hair takes forever to grow so I actually sported the look for a while and didn’t have to bother grooming them for like a month. hehe

    I have round cheeks and I think I looked okay. :)

  • I have a short forehead, very round face with full cheeks, I’m past forty, and I just got bangs cut. I’ve had tons of compliments from all my friends. I’ve had them before and had tried to be more “grown up,” but spent the last year trying and failing to keep my hair out of my face without barrettes and headbands. My hair is very thick and fine, too heavy to put up in a bun, and it laughs at styling products intended to keep it in place. Now it is not just hanging from the part and looking very flat. I think some of the secret to a good bang is as much the hair as the face shape.

    Confession: I got the fringe cut at one of those bargain places that have the price out front in neon lights. The stylist was a sweet girl who had just moved to the big city from Kansas three weeks before. It is an objectively bad cut. However, a better stylist would probably wouldn’t have wanted to do it. Kansas cut what I wanted and I’m soon going to go to a proper haircutter to get a better version of the style.

  • That is my hairstyle and the funny thing is I have tried many times to change it by growing my fringe but doesn’t work.i love the way the fringe suits my face and even makes me feel younger.i’d wish I could have another look but It wouldn’t feel is true that a fringe is not for everyone.

  • I’m wearing very short bangs now. Honestly, cutting it one year ago was the smartest style decision I’ve ever made!) It makes my look more put-together and highlightes my cheekbones. I’m really happy with it))

    BarbarianMe Blog

  • Orangeufunny January, 22 2015, 2:10 / Reply

    I’m shocked to read ,”My hairstylist won’t let me..or my hairstylist forbids it” If I wanted something done and my hairstylist said that she wouldn’t do it, I would find another hairstylist. I can understand them trying to steer you away from a style but downright refusing to do it is another thing. I have a right to try something new (even if it turns out to be a mistake), It’s hair!. Part of life is living and learning and trying new things. There are a lot of things in this world that incite fear, one of which should not be bangs/fringe.

  • I know! I actually told her I would shave my hair all off if she didn’t give me the bangs!

  • Wahhhhh?!? Small forehead. That’s interesting excuse haha I recently got bangs and I also have a small forehead. I think its the matter of the length of the bangs and the style whether side bangs or full straight bangs. But I think anyone can pull of bangs. See for yourself. Check out my look here. :-)

  • janabanana January, 22 2015, 2:43 / Reply

    I’m with you, small forehead and dreams of a supercute bang. Here’s a question for any smart hair people out there: If we (the small forehead clique) had more of the hair brought forward into the bang, ie. starting from higher on the head, would that simulate a higher forehead?

  • I would love to know the answer to this question, too!

  • therealblonde January, 22 2015, 2:49 / Reply

    Forget about bangs, I’m intrigued by her pretty lip color – what is she wearing? NEED TO KNOW.

  • just ask your hairstylist to snip deeper into the crown rather than cutting just the front layers along the hairline. plus kate moss had bangs and her forehead isn’t massive either. it’s more about tailoring the general idea to your specific needs/face- in my opinion :)

  • Alexandra January, 22 2015, 4:08 / Reply

    I LOVE fringe bangs and want them SO badly, but have very curly hair and will never be able to! It’s kind of sad knowing I can never have these bangs…

  • Excellent! Je viens de couper il y a deux mois. Chaque 4 ans pareil j’aime trop la frange j’ai un petit front…je coupe j’aime 1 semaine et je passe 4 ans à regretter et laisser pousser c’est une sorte de circuit de vie capillaire LOL

  • I have bangs since forever and even if my friends sometimes suggest me to “make a change” I wouldn’t give up on my hair style.
    I think bangs really look cool and make everybody look younger and fresher…isn’t Jane Birkin’s hair style the sexiest ever? :)

  • salvadori January, 22 2015, 5:07 / Reply

    Au moins 6 fois j’ai demandé a mes meilleures amies de m’interdire de me couper une frange…. “histoire de ressembler à Alexa Chung”
    Elles n’ont pas tenu ..ou du moins je suis passée outre leur interdit . Et bien entre les épis et mon ondulation c’est à chaque fois une catastrophe capillaire
    Dieu Merci Aujourd’hui même sans mes meilleures amies j’en suis convaincue ..une frange ne va qu’a une petite “frange” de notre société féminine :)

  • Ive been contemplating about getting a hair cut and getting some bangs , yours look great!

  • Haven’t had bangs in at least a decade and a half, but wouldn’t want them now because I’ve developed this sensitivity to my own hair on my (big) forehead, too itchy. I do like the look on my friends who have it and would recommend one of those faux hairpiece bangs models sometimes use. No commitment and you get your fringe.

  • I just finally grew out my side swept bangs in favor of a center part. It was a huge change! I’ve always wanted bangs like the photo in this article, but I too have a small forehead. It made me look 12 instead of sexy. Ah well, not for, but have to admit her photo makes me tempted to try again!

  • I got bangs about 2 years ago and I’ll never look back! They can be tough to maintain at times, and if you let them get even slightly greasy you look like a total dirtbag. However, as someone who wants to put on average 2-5 minutes on hair each day I’ve found that as long as my bangs are ok and there’s no rat’s nest situation, my hair looks (sort of) styled! They also save me so much time in the morning since they cover my patchy, awful brows!

  • I’ve always had blunt bangs, except for a few awkward middle school years, and I suspect I always will.

  • Ashleigh January, 23 2015, 2:36 / Reply

    I have a blunt fringe (with long, wavy brown hair) and I absolutely love it!

  • I’ve had bangs before. I wouldn’t get them again because I have been trying forever to grow them out.

    I feel like a different person when I have bangs. More artsy and ladylike. Without them, I feel more modern.

    I think some additional things to consider before taking the plunge is the shape of your head too. I’ve got an egghead(?) so a straight bang looks better on me than side bangs, which only serve to accentuate the longness of my face. Bangs were very difficult for me to style because my natural part is in the middle and it took a lot of effort to make them fan out to cover the width of my forehead. And then inevitably, they’d want to part center stage as usual (which looks great on Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller) but not for me.

  • I cut my see-through bang yesterday! Had blunt one when I was 9, and came up with the idea at 24. Hours of my spare time was spent on looking Charlotte Gainsbourg’s, Jane Birkin’s, Lou Doillon’s ,Carla Bruni’s, Jeanne Damas’s pics, eventually cut one by myself last year, it was a disaster! But this time I watched tutorial on YouTube, did everything really slow and carefully. Since I have face similar to Caroline de Maigret’s- square and big, fringe works for me! Curtain hiding my lines on forehead, my not perfect brows and it brings me “girly” vibe. I cut it by myself because I was afraid that hairdresser will do it too thick, old-fashioned or too short.

  • J’ai un très grand front et les sourcils hauts et clairs. Cela fait 15 ans que j’ai une frange, plus ou moins courte, en ce moment juste sous les sourcils, la longueur de mes (autres) cheveux varie, mais la frange reste là. Je l’aime bien raide alors comme mes cheveux sont souples et fins, je lui fais un lissage et elle reste impeccable. Ça habille mes yeux lorsqu’ils ne sont pas maquillés (rarement), ça me protège, ça rend sexy et rock’n roll. Je sais que je la porte pour la vie ! :)

  • Every time I see cool bangs I want them too. And every time I cut bangs, I come to regret it!

  • C’est marrant parce que j’ai une frange depuis plus de 8 ans et je rêve de m’en débarrasser. J’admire toutes ces filles sans franges, et puis y’a rien à faire, c’est pas facile d’entretien à la longue, surtout qu’on a des cheveux à tendance grasse, c’est gênant en été, y’a plein de coiffure sympa qu’on ne peut pas faire… Mais voilà, j’ai un grand front, et sans frange c’est pas top, je suis vraiment mieux avec. On est jamais contente ;-) c’est pareil que de vouloir des cheveux bouclés quand ils sont raides, ou inversement!

  • Michelle January, 23 2015, 6:57 / Reply

    Ah – I have had a fringe my entire life (I am 34 now!) and for the first time am growing it out – very painful! I am missing my fringe though, and wear a fringe well. I have a larger forehead and thick straight hair, so I can have a full fringe. Every time I see girls with a fringe I have hair envy. I am making myself grow my fringe out to see how it looks – but we will see how long it lasts before I give into the scissors again! xx

  • wow… She looks… fierce ! (I don’t know if I like it or know). Having a short short bang/fringe is a (fashion) statement to me. Like an accessory, like a big : F*$% off, I’m a woman with a f*^°% personality, I do whatever I want with my hair !

    I don’t it particularly flatter a face. It’s more a message that you tag on your forehead : “hey, I’m blunt, I know who I am so… Dontchaaa”

  • Je pense qu’il vaut mieux accepter que son visage ne se prête pas du tout à une frange, que de tenter quand même et être horrifiée pendant des mois. Cela dit, c’est vrai que ça peut être très joli, sur la photo, ça lui va tellement bien !

  • a bit off-topic.. Love how her sunglasses (brand?) are matching her haircolor.. just perfect. And how her lipcolor (is?), sweater and sunglasses combine together! X

  • Neada, like you I love bangs… on other people! Brianna’s bangs are definitely covetable.

    My forehead is big enough for sure, but my hair is fine and wavy, which means my bangs always look scraggly and flip to the side. This is particularly annoying now that some “fine lines” are appearing, and I can’t camouflage them with bangs!

  • I have had bangs all of my life. I have a forehead that a jet plane could land on and a long narrow face so the bangs help to give the illusion of a shorter face. I never realized that there aren’t a lot of women with bangs until this article. Very eye opening. :-)

  • Since one week I have bangs, and I am very happy with my bangs :) It looks fab on me (happy me :)) and no regret at all. It looks more edgy and I get a lot of compliments. I think I will keep them.

  • I’ve had bangs for pretty much all my life (except a very strange moment in middle school). Having extremely straight hair and a huge forehead, that was kind of the obvious hairstyle to adopt. Brianna looks stunning, by the way.

  • Went to the hairdressers yesterday and – voilá! – bangs! I haven’t had them since I was 10 but undergoing a growing-my-hair-for-two-weddings-in-the-summer meets dire-need-of-a-change processes it seemed like a good option! And I’m liking it! Bangs have a certain je ne sais quoi, everyone complemented me and my new look and at a party I got everything but a proposal from an interesting guy — so for now I’ll keep them! ;)

  • I love bangs on her. But it really depends on your hairtype, if it suits to you or not. I personally have curly hair, if it rains – it looks wild curly and not fun :)

    blog lfe

  • I had bangs when I was younger and would love them again! I have relaxed Hispanic hair though and I know it would be a lot to maintain. Not to mention when I wear my hair wavy, they’re not going to look right and I hate when someone has very curly hair and has blown out bangs! So 80’s in an awful way! So I have my back up with clip in bangs. I get the look without the commitment!

  • So, Neada, what did you decide to do? Bangs or no bangs?
    I am a member of the short forehead club too and fell in love with this photo. I have thick wavy shoulder length hair and am dying for a change. This is a repeated pattern in my life. I go from very long to this length and then either bob it or cut bangs. My current hairdresser says bangs would not suit my tiny thin face. Maybe I can try again with this style bang. Feeling like I want something edgy. Are you going to advise me to do it or hold back????

  • I know, these bangs look unreal. I just don’t think I pull them off quite as well, so I’ve decided to hold off on the bangs! For now, anyway…
    The other day, I found some old photos from when I had a fringe and decided that I don’t have the time right now for the upkeep. I have a small forehead, but I also have a wave in my hair that means extra maintenance when I have a more styled haircut. My thinking is to always embrace change – hair grows out anyway! But it’s also important to consider what is manageable in your life right now, and how it might fit with your current style. Let me know what you decide!!

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This or That / Blush vs. Bronzer

This or That: The Beanie

This or That: The Beanie

This or That: Nails

This or That: Nails

This or That

This or That

This Or That

This Or That

Silja Danielsen Photo

This Or That: Low Knot or Top Knot