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Mia Rigden is one of those ladies who, after hanging out at her house for the morning, sends you on your way with a mason jar full of homemade granola. This isn’t just a hypothetical story. This is what happened after Tori and Pia hung out in Mia’s Brooklyn home one morning to shoot this style story. That afternoon I heard Tori crunch-crunch-chomping away on something next to me. I narrowed my eyes and made her share the goods with me (she was less than thrilled as she’s the girl who notoriously said, “that’s cute,” when looking at a photo of bread). The mason jar of granola didn’t last the day. No surprise there as Mia is founder of Rasa, a wellness community centered around an individualized approach to health. Keep your eye out this summer when Mia steps in to continue our new recipe series, The Essentials. In the meantime, behold this beauty!



Describe your style in 3 words.
Playful, laid back, a little sporty

What’s most important when it comes to style: comfort, beauty, or innovation?
Comfort. I don’t work in an office, so I normally wear a variation of the same thing every day. If I’m not in an Outdoor Voices kit, my uniform is jeans, a t-shirt, leather jacket and high top Vans. If you give me a good reason, however, I love to play dress up.

Most valued thing in your closet?
My grandmother’s daisy ring. I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember and one day she just gave it to me. My grandmother was the most amazing woman She became a dietician in the 1930s and was educated on all the health trends before they became trendy. She was so progressive and fun. I love wearing her ring. It reminds me of her.

Style Story / Mia Rigden

Do you have a fashion muse?
I have had a decade-long obsession with everything Sienna Miller wears.

Are there things you don’t wear?
I’m not into cleavage (for me, at least), so you probably won’t ever find me in something really low cut.

For a New Yorker, you have a strong Cali-girl vibe to your style. Where does this stem from?
I grew up in California— it’s in my blood! I love New York, but my heart is on the West Coast.



We talked about your unique home decor finds, like the lamps from Barcelona and the rugs from that little shop in Brooklyn. Can you share a few of those stories with our readers and how you’ve approached decorating your new Bushwick abode?

My husband is British, I’m from California and we lived in Asia for a few years, so we’ve been fortunate to travel a lot. Our favorite things in the house have a story from somewhere we’ve been or something close to our hearts. He’d argue that most of the ideas for the house came from him, but I’d say it was more collaborative. He does have a good eye though, I’ll give him that.

We always wanted a big space for entertaining with a kitchen that was the focal point of the house. The second we saw our current home, we knew that we belonged there. Decorating has been a long, but fun process. We started with two big Persian over-dye rugs that we found at Heirloom in Williamsburg. That place is a goldmine for rugs.

Our furniture is a mix of new and old, but mostly old. We go to Adaptations and Porter James in Greenpoint almost every weekend—we’ve found so much great stuff there, and they’ve even made a few custom pieces for us too.

My husband likes dark wood and I like light wood, so we were having a hard time finding a dining table we both liked. Our dining room is in the front of the house and we love dinner parties, so we wanted something that stood out. We were cruising Brooklyn Heights one weekend and spotted a gorgeous antique mirrored table at Holler and Squall – it was the perfect fit because it wasn’t wood. It has a few imperfections, but that makes me like it even more.



Style Story / Mia Rigden

I love your open-minded approach to being healthy and what that means. Does this type of mentality extend to your personal style?
For me, healthy living is all about what makes you feel good, and I’d like to think my personal style reflects that as well. Whether it be breakfast or shoes, I like to have fun and I don’t take myself too seriously. I think of my wardrobe as the ultimate expression of self-care. Maybe that’s just how I justify my shopping habits, but when I wear something I’m really feeling, it energizes my whole day.

Jeans, Levis; top, Caroline Constas.

Polka dot shirt, vintage; t-shirt, Creatures of Comfort; jacket, Acne; earrings, Aurelie Bidermann; shoes, Castañer.

Jumpsuit, Zimmerman; platforms, Stella McCartney.

Watch, Gucci; bracelets, Celine; bracelets, Jennifer Fisher; rings, Cartier wedding band; custom engagement ring; ring, Catbird.


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  • Simple and superb!

  • Dear Atelier,
    I feel like I am losing you.
    Is there such a thing as too much content? Maybe. Too many topics, too many different people portrayed…I don’t know how you say it in english but I feel like “vous vous dispersez”. I think that a site which is more focused feels more personal, and it also brings more engagement from your readers.
    Of course, this is just my personal opinion, and probably influenced by the fact that I am not a new reader but a decade long one.
    Anyway, despite the critique, these photos are beautiful, but I just feel that it misses something real/personal.

  • Cristina August, 25 2018, 1:23 / Reply

    Wow I don’t recognize this site. I came back after a while – at least a year of not visiting. I’m a big fan of Garance, an early follower of her blog and wanted to catch up, however she is nowhere to be found on her own site. I guess things change. Interesting mix of ladies and lovely photos- but something is missing. This is too curated for my taste. I agree with the previous comment from B. posted above (from May 2018), it doesn’t feel personal anymore. Oh well… Just a thought from an old friend.

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