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A Brooklyn Native, LaTonya Yvette embodies the borough’s curiosity, vibrancy, and kindness. It’s where the stylist, writer, and mother lives, and where her passion for style, activism, family, womanhood (among other things) blooms. LaTonya is beautiful and smart, and everything she presents is reflective of that. We’re so happy to explore style and life with her today.

fashion style story latonya atelier dore

fashion style story latonya atelier dore

Yellow sweater, Eileen Fisher ; Pants, Vintage ; Boots, Brother Vellies ; Bag, Orla Kiely

Style Story / LaTonya Yvette

Describe your style in 3 words.
Eclectic, comfortable, changing

What’s most important when it comes to style: comfort, beauty, or innovation?

Most valued thing in your closet?
My grandmother’s vintage coats, which I hardly wear, but love so intensely.

Do you have a fashion muse?
My grandmother was definitely my muse. She’s still in so much of what I wear.

When you feel the most comfortable and happy – what are you wearing?
Lately, I’ve been feeling great in baggy mens pants and cool boots or a fitting dress and cool sneakers. I like contrasting looks.

fashion style story latonya atelier dore

fashion style story latonya atelier dore

Jumper, Vintage

Style Story / LaTonya Yvette

How did you New York upbringing influence your style and also career?
My aunts and uncle were always really into fashion-the latest sneakers and getting dressed for the day was more of a long ritual. Seeing how it was part of their souls and of most New Yorkers, kind of shaped me. You didn’t go out unless you looked good, and I grew up with that.

I think of style as a career I believe is a little of both nurture and nature. I really am just truly insanely happy in being creative with looks. I’m not really into watching what others do or how they do, I’m interested in the stories that make them them. And somehow, the stories that surrounded me have everything to do with who I am right now.

Did motherhood have an impact on these things?
Of course. Having my children see me actually enjoy myself in my skin and the things I wear, fuels me. But I think it’s really important for my daughter to see me love myself and love on myself in this unique way.

Describe your life in Brooklyn in a few words.
Busy, cultured, and loving.

fashion style story latonya atelier dore


Style Story / LaTonya Yvette

Turtleneck, Zara ; Vest, Grandmother’s Vintage ; Trousers, Ace & Jig


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  • Beautiful photos and words! Wish there was a photo of LaTonya’s grandmother’s coats.

  • Dear atelier,
    I ve noticed it a couple of times: it seems like you try to avoid the issue of racism.
    I remember vividly the interview with Stella Jean, where she served some so very interesting key words but the conversation did not go there any further.
    And here again. LaTonya talks about her influences – her family’s approach to style – and you leave at that. But style at its best is much more than putting on chique clothes, it is a projection of who we are (want to be) and who certainly not. So, especially when it comes to poc, please open up to one of the central problems in this world to the day. Thank you.

  • I disagree… this is a post about style… not race. Why would you burden this one individual to talk about race… when that’s clearly not the topic of discussion. Would you make this request from a white contributor… should they have to discuss their whiteness and white privilege and how it shapes their style???

    As a woman of color it is nice to see another POC represented… who can speak about style preferences and influences that are specific to her as a person… not just as a black person. And you never know… her grandmother could be white?!?!

  • I disagree. As a woman of color, my experience has been that it can, at times, be exhausting to constantly be forced to portray yourself and your accomplishments within the context of your race. There is something very irritating about having to always be the “Black Influencer” or the “Asian Writer” or what have you, when white people are allowed to talk about their professions and accomplishments without any qualifiers.

    If she chose not to bring it up, then it is not your conversation to demand.

  • Loving the vintage vibe to all of these pics! Oh and that yellow sweater is gorgeous!

    xx, Olivia

  • Fantastic. Eclectic looks. Beautiful woman.

  • Yes! More like this please! I feel lately that many of the features are, dare I say it…. skewing unrealistic, unobtainable and not relatable. But- This woman! Would ?? to see more of her story and her closet!

  • I agree with Kate!! So great to see a real (i.e sized and styled), beautiful black woman on the site. I too want more like this. Thanks!

  • Loved this! She is so so beautiful. There’s just something about her…

  • Qui a peint ce magnifique portrait ?

  • I love her style. She seems like someone I’d want to be friends with.

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira December, 7 2017, 2:37 / Reply


  • I appreciate these style stories . Style is such a personal thing and pictures tell the story so much better than words ! Great shots .
    Dress The Part

  • Sindie Noqayi December, 8 2017, 2:55 / Reply

    I am from South Africa and I have been following your blog for as long as I can remember, its like my best friend that I go to draw inspiration from every single day. I cant go a day without it, because you serve such unique content.

    I am commenting for the first time today because I am so happy to be represented more on Atelier Dore, as a POC. I know that probably the majority of your audience is non-POC, and it is understandable that more representation will be skewed that way.

    Really excited about your last two posts, it’s like you have been listening to the yearning for more I have been feeling. Thank you so much! It is so beautiful.

  • Hear hear Sindie! As a black South African woman who loves your blog, I would also love to see more style stories like this.

  • Like everyone else here, I loved the post. As a POC it is great to see a post like this.
    I love your work. I have followed your work regularly over the past 8 years and I love to see how it keeps evolving. I have you as an inspiration for my own work and I hope that you will keep on growing and evolving.

  • merci pour la story avec une belle femme noire.
    son intérieur à l’air très chouette, dommage qu’il n’y est pas plus de photos !

  • That painting of her is amazing!
    Awesome style :)

  • Beautiful. She’s one chic woman!

  • I’ve followed Latonya for a long time on IG and love her blog and all she shares and how she shares on social media. This is a great article and I’m so glad you featured her and I loved catching a glimpse of her beautiful home and learning about her influences. I love bloggers who truly inspire, and I like her style and unique way…She’s herselfz and she stands out as a blogger /artist/maker in a world where so many people are trying to be everything to everybody, that they’re nothing to no one.

  • I must echo Brizz’s observation. It was even more apparent in the Misty Copeland pardon my french interview. Misty was specific in her descriptions of the challenges she’s faced as black woman. She spoke of discrimation and the mentors that helped her survive but was politely (but repeatedly) dismissed. Beautiful website though. One of my favorites.

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