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Ok, apart from those delightful pants (and the digital crispness of this photo taken by Asia), one might have a hard time deciphering what year this image of Ilkin was taken in.

And it’s not just the old Mercedes (hi dream car) that gives it a classic feel. It’s that Ilkin, a creative consultant and a recreational vintage collector, seamlessly weaves old with new.

A vintage Etro scarf from 1991 and her grandmother’s customized handmade in Turkey jewelry (a gift from Ilkin’s grandfather) neutralizes the aforementioned delightful statement pants from Rodebjer and printed Prada mules.

An outfit that doubles as a conversation starter is always a good thing in my book. And any future grandchildren of Ilkin would be lucky to inherit those pants.

Scarf, Vintage Etro ; Shirt, Xirena ; Pants, Rodebjer ; Mules, Prada ; Jewelry, Vintage


Ilkin Kurt is a Sydney based buyer and brand consultant for EAST43. Asia Typek is our friend and photographer who shoots street style galore (among other things).

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  • What a great look that exudes personal style.
    “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”
    Coco Chanel
    Dress The Part

  • Mercedes August, 21 2017, 12:42 / Reply

    Ay dios mio! I want to be twinning with the car so badly…

  • You’re too chic for words. Love it!!!

    Nicole /

  • Do we know the same Sydney? I don’t think we know the same Sydney. And I, my dear, know Sydney.

    This ain’t no street style, people. This is preposterously posed. Walk down any street in inner city Sydney and you’ll have people staring and not in a good way. Walk into the ‘burbs, and expect gangs of teenage girls to walk behind you, laughing uproariously.

    What has happened to this blog? It’s gone from touching and beautiful to completely mediocre and pretentious. What a disappointment that Garance put her name to this.

  • Natalie August, 25 2017, 9:48

    Wow, your Sydney sounds like a very different place from what I’ve heard elsewhere! But like any city, I’m sure there are positives and negatives. While we do schedule street styles to capture organic looks of women we love, “preposterously posed” is exaggerated and incorrect. Ilkin and Asia (who took this photo) are actually great friends, so I couldn’t have imagined a better set up! I’m sorry you don’t like our street styles or the the site overall, it sounds like. I’m also sorry you feel the need to tear down a team of women who work very hard to create content, while evolving, learning, challenging ourselves, and growing. Oh, we have some fun too. x

  • Emilie Flüge August, 26 2017, 9:48

    There is always someone who has never created nothing ready to criticize with really bad style to those who do.
    As Natalie mentioned, there must be a lot of work behind this blog. RESPECT! If you don’t like it, don’t read it! What is the point to it?

  • Graziela Oborn August, 26 2017, 4:41 / Reply

    This is truly beautiful and yes, very Sydney.
    One of the most interesting things about living in Sydney as a designer is the diversity of ethnicities and aesthetic you see everywhere you look.
    There is so much inspiration around, from the terraces around the inner city, that transport you to another era to the stunning beaches that make life in Sydney so energetic and exciting.
    I adore sitting in cafes, watching the women of our city get on with their busy lives and am always inspired by the way they are effortlessly put together (just like the beautiful woman in the picture).

    And btw… Well done to the incredible team that always bring exciting, current and most importantly, beautifully curated content to my inbox; never mind the haters ;) XXX

  • Kate Mitchell August, 27 2017, 8:23 / Reply

    Oh, I love this post! I have been to Sydney few times and have to say there are some really unique looks around there, just like this beautiful woman!

    How amazing that she wears her grandmother’s jewellery not to mention those shoes! I just had a look at her instagram and so stoked to see some inspiring posts. and glad actually she doesnt post much about fashion (apparently she is a buyer and stylist) . This shows me that this beautiful website covers different type of woman with different visions just like real life. Thanks to the great team behind! at the end all haters love what you do;)

  • Lucy Sanderson August, 28 2017, 12:26 / Reply

    I can’t believe to see this fab girl here! Good catch! I bump into her in Paris and NY all the time as I work as a buyer too! To me her style is expect the unexpected! Loved what she was wearing at the Tibi show last season! In cream silk suit, looked like from 70s, a modern version Bianca Jagger! I wish I could have her wardrobe ;) xxx

  • what a great look! I am a huge scarf collector and would die for that Etro! such a classic classy piece xx

  • Love love love those pants!! How did I miss this post!! you guys should post this on your instagram account. such a lovely shot. oh that car!!!!! thanks for bringing the best content, always inspiring! xx

  • Thank you for posting this!

    I am from Sydney but am currently living in Europe. This makes me miss home a little bit. I used to love sitting in cafe’s in Surry Hills and Paddington and watching the street style. There is so much diversity to the fashion in Sydney, and because of the mild climate, people can really experiment with crazy styles without having to worry about staying warm and dry (most of the time anyway!)

    I am now going to dedicate my time to finding some pants as cool as those for my next visit to Sydney!!

    Always a pleasure reading this website x

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