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When I finally write that book that’s been sitting on my chest and in my heart for the past ten years, I already know what the dedication will be; “To the women.” I believe the most romantic relationships I’ll ever be involved in are with my female friends. The smallest of gestures from squeezing my hand and asking me to text them when I get home, to insisting on buying my five dollar coffee just because I’ve had a bad week, to showing up on my doorstep with a bottle of wine and cheese for no reason, to long dinners that have no end in sight because we have so much to tell the other despite seeing each other just the week prior.

My relationships with my girlfriends have lasted longer than any of my romantic dalliances, and they will continue to do so. No romantic relationship can replace the love and care these women have put into my life over the years and nothing is more romantic to me than someone simply showing up time and time again.

Moda Operandi Atelier Dore

Shereen’s look: Blue shirt, Ellery; Jeans, Jonathan Simkhai; Earrings, White/Space. Teuta’s look: Jacket, Khaite; T-Shirt, ATM; skirt, Isabel Marant.

And while the winter months may be cuffing season, spent hunkered down with a mate watching endless amounts of Netflix, I can’t wait for when spring has finally sprung and I can grab a girlfriend and get outside. Here are a couple things I’ve learned while getting dressed for those springtime meals and getaways shared with my closest girlfriends.

Light denim. I used to shy away from it and now I can’t get enough. It’s relaxed, romantic, and looks so damn good with spring florals. A light denim jacket is all I want to grab for a Saturday coffee date in the park. Or perhaps I’ll rent a car and drive up state with a girlfriend for the weekend. Just two people in an enclosed space hurling down the highway while passing a bag of sunflower seeds back and forth and belting Madonna? Sign me up! Top that picturesque scene off with some light denim and a white tee and you’ve got just enough of the relaxed hippy vibes our moms so effortlessly rocked in the 70s.

Moda Operandi Atelier Dore
Moda Operandi Atelier Dore

My girlfriends and I tend to steal a lot of one on one time after work on the weekdays. Sometimes weekends are just too busy to slip in that catch up. So a question I’m constantly pondering is, what the hell do I wear to work at 9am that will also be perfectly acceptable to drink a glass of rose with my girlfriend on a stoop in the West Village come 6pm? The answer? Floaty, flirty, frock like nothings. Those pieces that when you slip them on you immediately feel like skipping, even though you haven’t skipped since you were twelve. Throw a cashmere turtleneck over that spring dress to guard from the chill of nights so you extend that porch sit as late into the night as you’d like.

Moda Operandi Atelier Dore

Moda Operandi Atelier Dore

Atelier Dore Moda Operandi

Shereen’s look: Dress, Emilia Wickstead; Shoes, Yuul Yie; Bag, Mansur Gavriel. Teuta’s look: Sweater, Frame Denim; Skirt, Joseph; Sneakers, Common Projects; Necklaces, Roxanne Assoulin.

Unusual layers tend to intimidate me. Can I really wear a top over another top and not look like a five-year-old who just raided mom’s closet? You can. I can. We all can! The key? A muted palette with a pattern that pulls it all together. When’s the last time you went out with your girlfriends? Like, out out. Those are my favorite nights not only because I get to revel in the warmth of my ladies, but I force myself to push my fashion boundaries because no one appreciates my attempts at having fun with fashion more than my girlfriends. I mean, at the end of the day, we all know we dress for the women in our life, right?

This Friday I have a dinner date with two of my best friends from high school and you know damn right we will be raising our glasses and toasting, “to the women!” I can’t think of anything more romantic or modern than that.

Modern Romance
Moda Operandi Atelier Dore

Shereen’s look: Shirt, Rosie Assoulin; Skirt, Proenza Schouler; Bracelets, Roxanne Assoulin. Teuta’s look: Dress, Proenza Schouler; Jeans, Re/Done.


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  • SunnySide March, 8 2018, 10:21 / Reply

    PLEASE ne zappez à chaque fois le ou la photographe ! Ces photos sont splendides !

  • Veronica March, 8 2018, 12:39

    Hi SunnySide! Our photographer chooses not to be credited. Thank you! x

  • I love this so much, the photography is amazing! I want it all!

  • Vanessa March, 8 2018, 10:37 / Reply

    Oui à nos amitiés! Ça tombe bien, happy international women’s day!
    Teuta et Shereen sont tellement belles et ces photos sont sublimes!

  • Nice post. Just out of curiosity (and I’m sure I’m not the only one), whatever happened to Bree & Eric? You will most likely not comment on this here. I don’t know them personally, never met them, only know they used to be a big part of this website before G’s move to California. I thought they were doing so well although must say, the rest of you are doing great. Welcome.

  • Veronica March, 8 2018, 4:01

    Hi Debbie! Both Eric and Brie are now freelance so they would have the time and flexibility to pursue their own creative projects and expand their careers. xx

  • Amandine March, 8 2018, 10:09 / Reply

    Hi Veronica,

    My comment is regarding technical issues. All the links of this article do not work, impossible to see who is the partner of this article, neither the brands that the girls are wearing and “shop the story” doesn’t work. To bad, I love the last black and white shirt that Teuta wears.
    And, as I am commenting (for the first time uhuh!), Veronica I love your writing! Punchy and funny, same tone as Garance. I was missing this on the website so super glad that you are here. Cheers!

  • Veronica March, 9 2018, 8:53

    Hi Amandine! (and others experiencing problems with the links) It could be because you have an ad blocker on your computer. I would try to view the post from your phone and see if that corrects the issue. And thank you for the sweet words! I’m happy to be here as well. xo!

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira March, 9 2018, 2:28 / Reply

    Nice Words V , really !Reading this took me to some place nice in my head ! I’m no t sure where it is but…you Know what i mean ? Thank’s ! And it’s 6:43 am in Lisbon
    Bom fim de semana !

  • George March, 9 2018, 1:27 / Reply

    Great story! These photographs are BEAUTIFUL

  • Lisa Walker March, 9 2018, 5:39 / Reply

    ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS STORY. And so true! Nothing like girl friends. I have something I call Club House on occasional Friday nights and there are rules– come as you are after work, bring wine, and no boys allowed. Best nights ever.

  • just become fan of thee beautiful photographs.

  • I think there is a technical issue with the “SHOP THE STORY” link. This usually works and is not due to ad blockers. There are no images or links to the things featured in the story. I love that top and would love to know who makes it. Thank you!!

  • Veronica March, 11 2018, 12:04

    Hi Tina! It’s probably because you have an ad blocker on your computer. Try looking at the post from your phone and let me know if that works! xo

  • Estou voltando para as ruas.
    Obrigado por tudo.
    Beijinhos azuis
    Ps.: não se preocupe estamos felizes

  • Hi Veronica, Thanks for your reply. It still does not work for THIS POST ONLY when viewing from a computer. All your other posts always work except for this one so I think there is some glitch. Just FYI.

  • Veronica March, 14 2018, 10:36

    Apologies for this! We will work on getting it fixed. In the meantime, if you let me know which top you were referring to that you liked, I can send you the link. Thanks! xx V

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