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In celebration of Mother’s Day, we thought it would be fun to feature a mother/ daughter duo who possess both a lot of style and a lot of love! Jessie Randall and her daughter, Clementine, immediately came to mind. Jessie is the Founder of Loeffler Randall, one of our favorite brands for chic, feminine, and COMFORTABLE shoes. And clearly, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. Eleven year old Clementine is a designer in her own right, having recently launched an adorable capsule collection for J.Crew! Their affection for each other is so sweet–we’re wishing the loveliest of days to our own mothers and to all the mothers out there!


Christina: Describe your style in 3 words or phrases.

Jessie: Comfortable. Understated. Hopefully, chic.

How does being a mom affect your sense of style?

Before I had kids, I used to spend hours shopping for vintage and planning my outfits. Now, I have so much less time so I’ve become more decisive and have a tighter range of items. I also need things that are comfortable for running around in, and that can work seamlessly for lots of different things–from school drop offs, to work meetings, to dinner with friends. I never want to feel too overdressed or underdressed. I like the mix!

What is your ideal outfit or uniform?

I love a pretty top, some nice, simple earrings and I basically live in the Riley jeans from A Golde. They have a high waist and a relaxed fit–I love them. I’ve never found jeans before that are so comfortable and flattering. I also have been living in our Loeffler Randall woven pieces lately, like our woven gingham bag. And when it’s chilly out, I am a sucker for a great coat.

I’ve always been someone who builds outfits around shoes, bags and coats. The rest of the items I keep more simple. My favorite clothing brands are Innika Choo, Warm, Apiece Apart, Matta, etc. (all brands designed by women I admire and call friends). I also have a collection of really amazing beach dresses. I wear them year round (I throw a Uniqlo turtleneck under them when it’s cold).

What’s one thing you would want to steal from Clementine’s closet?

Clem has such cool, distinctive style. Lately, we’ve been sharing a Brandy Melville sweatshirt. She just designed a little collab for J.Crew and I can almost fit into it. I wish it came in adult sizes. My mom is teeny tiny and was able to buy the jeans. I’m jealous!

Do you and Clementine ever dress alike? Does she influence your style?

Sometimes she humors me and we can dress alike. It makes me so happy. She is a big fan of LR and I always know that when she likes something in our line, it will be a hit. She’s always had an eye and incredible taste. Even as a toddler she would advise on my outfits. She’s amazing!

I just love her style. It’s definitely more sporty than mine. The other day I was wearing high waist jeans, a hooded sweatshirt and hoop earrings (basically all the things she loves) and I knew that she had become a big style influence on me.

What items of yours would you want to pass down to Clementine one day?

All my shoes. She can wear a size 5.5 women’s in my brand now. But more than that, I would love to pass my company down to her and her brothers someday. Wouldn’t that be a dream for them to continue on with the family biz?!? I could see Clem heading up the design. (Though if I’m honest, I don’t see the boys working at LR. I think Casper will be off on a humanitarian trip or working as a civil rights lawyer and Harry might be a famous comedian).

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Christina: Describe your style in 3 words or phrases.

Clementine: Unique, sporty + feminine, cute.

What is your favorite outfit to wear?

I love to wear the jeans I designed for J. Crew / Crewcuts because they are such a great fit with a high waist and wider leg. They are cool and comfortable. My mom loves the brand Innika Choo and she got this top for me that I love. It goes perfectly with my high waist jeans because its cropped. For my signature sporty element, I love my Loeffler Randall runners in leopard and stretch knit.

What is one thing that you wish you could steal from your mom’s closet?

Please! She steals from my closet! She took my leopard coat this winter. Haha! But if I could take something from her closet I would choose some of her high heel Pennys.

Do you and your mom ever dress alike? Does she influence your style?

Sometimes we match, like on vacation. We have matching bathing suits. It makes her so happy when we match, so I let her do it.

She kind of influences my style, but she’s more “girlie.” (I don’t want to label what is “girlie” or “feminine” though because I don’t like gender stereotypes or putting labels on people and things). My style is a mix of my dad’s style which is super sporty (he lives in sweatpants and Nike Technos) and my mom’s style (she loves anything with ruffles).


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  • I think Clementine might be the coolest girl ever! So cute.

    briana |

  • Naydeline May, 15 2019, 6:46 / Reply

    I absolutely adore this mother-daughter duo! Clementine is going to be an amazing designer one day if she keeps at it.

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