For the Love of Lavender

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Our culture’s current year(s) long obsession over millennial pink is really wearing me down. There’s actually a restaurant around the corner from our studio that is ENTIRELY pink — like, plate to wall pink. It’s like walking into a millennial’s Instagram feed and feeling slightly nauseated by it. I mean we all realize millennial pink is just Pepto Bismol pink, yes? (Please say yes.)

I have been dying, DYING for a new color to come along and usurp millennial pink’s throne.

Currently, my money is on lavender. Why? Because, much like millennial pink, I keep asking the question, where the hell did it come from? Sure, it’s a color that’s existed as long as lavender has grown in the English Countryside, but since when did it inhabit our wardrobes so fully? And why am I so drawn it?

I think it’s because it looks great on every skin tone and plays so, so well with others like green, yellow….fine… even millennial pink.

We decided to express our love of lavender full tilt and show some monochromatic looks but like I said, it seriously plays well with others. Even if you must pair it with Pepto Bismol pink.

Something we also learned having these pieces, in the studio, lavender looks good against every skin color. There is not a person whose complexion won't brighten when donning this sweater.

If seeing the world through rose tinted glasses is the dream life, I can only image lavender tinted glasses would transport you to another world.

Remember that thing about lavender working with every skin tone? What better way to highlight that in a swimsuit?

Lavender also happens to be one of the most lady-like colors one could imagine. A demure heel and floaty skirt, and you are basically floating through life.

Sweater, Mansur Gavriel; Bag, ODP.
Sunglasses, Linda Farrow x Alessandra Rich; T-Shirt, Acne Studios.

Swimsuit, Eres.

Pumps, Tibi .


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  • Your blogs provied best woman shoping clothing. Thanks for a wonderful post

  • carol sherman May, 10 2018, 11:45 / Reply

    Finally. Someone else who likes lavender. I’ve been trying to incorporate lavender into my wardrobe for awhile now. I’m going to start with the L jean jacket. Love You

  • So into this! I agree with replacing the pepto pink. I’ve been all about the lavender eye makeup. It’s fresh and looks great on everyone(like you said)!

  • nicolini May, 10 2018, 12:59 / Reply

    pourquoi ne pas sourire..? c’est si triste de poser?

  • Je ne savais pas que le lavande donnait bonne mine, je vais peut être le reconsiderer ^^ Malheureusement pour moi, je n’accroche pas plus à cette teinte qu’au rose milennial :p


  • Darlings I could not agree more the millennial pink thing needs to be taken out. With great aplomb we see the horizon is it lavander, lilac , or mauve , who the f**k cares it’s not pink . Rarely before seen at the fashion forefront I love what you have shown of this trend ! Enjoy the lavander!
    Dress The Part

  • Jessica May, 13 2018, 4:30 / Reply

    The post includes two mentions of lavender looking great against all skin tones (I agree!) and yet, you only show it against a light complexion. Why emphasize this point and not show the color against varying skin complexion?

    I love y’all! Just something this dark-skinned girl wanted to point out. :)

  • Ana @champagnegirlsabouttown May, 14 2018, 4:01 / Reply

    Im fed up with millennial pink, too, especially in conjunction with deep green and splashes of yellow, which I seem to constantly see on fashionable Insta feeds. I’m not big on lavender so I put my money on white (again) :)

  • this is not really a Barbie pink… But a sick person pink, yes, indeed! :-)

  • sandra May, 24 2018, 12:43 / Reply

    Where is the dress in the top photo from please?

  • Veronica May, 24 2018, 1:04

    It’s from Mansur Gavriel

  • Marie-Louise Kelday August, 6 2018, 11:39 / Reply

    Have just discovered your blog! Love the style, the comments. Am a great fan of all shades of lavender. With pure white longish hair, (I am 68), lavender is perfect. Bonne journée!

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