A Street Style with Kenzie

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Kenzie has that sort of unattainable kind of cool that simultaneously makes you feel inspired and jealous. She’s a crazy talented singer with an awe-inspiring aesthetic (check her out on Instagram to get an idea). We met up with her in the streets of East London to hear more about her style and her music…


Describe your style in 3 words or phrases.

Thrown together, contrasting, playful.

What are you wearing in this image and how does it reflect your personal style?

I’m in a black slip dress from & Other Stories, my mother’s old evening coat, and a pair of chucks — I think it’s a weirdly accurate representation of my style. Slip dresses are so easy. I can put one on and instantly feel a bit more feminine or put together, especially when I’m pairing it with trainers. I also only really own about half of my wardrobe, the other half is an amalgamation of hand-me-downs and stolen clothing from friends/family/lovers.

Does your style relate creatively to your work as a musician at all?

Absolutely! For me, it’s all about creating a space or an environment for the right energy to get in, and that extends to what I’m wearing. When I’m writing or recording in the studio, comfort is my major concern. When I’m doing something more conceptual like a video or performance, it has to work with that narrative. I’m a very visual person, so it’s important that things expressed sonically have a visual counterpart that feels like an extension of the work.

How has your style evolved over time?

I’ve never felt especially restricted by trends or rules so it has been a pretty natural progression, but there’s definitely been a learning curve in finding my personal style in terms of what silhouettes and patterns/color schemes I like on myself. I’ve always leaned a little more on the less-structured side of things and I love boldly juxtaposing pieces in one outfit i.e. masculine and feminine, tailored fits with more baggy or ‘relaxed’ shapes etc.

How does London influence your style? Do you consider yourself to be a quintessential Londoner?

There is such a spectrum of individual style here in London so it feels like there is space for all sides of my personality. I can lean into certain looks depending on what character I feel like putting on. I was born in Boston and I have spent a lot of time in Los Angeles and Stockholm but I’ve lived in London longer than I have anywhere else. I consider myself a Londoner in some ways, although I realized over the winter that I really don’t have a wardrobe for this climate haha so I’ve had to learn how to layer.

What are some of your favorite brands at the moment?

I love Knorts, Gil Rodriguez, Supernaturae, and I recently fell in love with Georgia Hardinge.

What is most important to you: comfort, beauty or innovation?

Innovation is so important, but I think you can only pull off something more avant grade if there’s a confidence in the way it’s worn. For me, personally, comfort is everything. You can be wearing nothing special and transform it with an attitude. How wild.

You can find more information about Kenzie and her music here!

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