A Street Style with Clémentine Desseaux

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“I love simple and comfortable style with a quirky touch. These are my favorite jeans from Mango. I tried them on for an editorial and bought them the next day. I love them, super spring-y. On top I am wearing a CurveIRL striped shirt. I shot their new collection for them last autumn and this was my absolute fave piece! I wear it all the time and it costs less then $40! My jacket is from Reformation. I love their concept and was upset that I could never find anything in my size. So I got in touch with them and asked them for a selection of pieces I would be able to fit. They sent me a few and I fell in love with this oversized blazer. The scarf is such a French touch I love it, my mum use to wear lots of those when I was young. This scarf is from Mango. I bought it for a shoot I was styling and decided not to return it :) I got my shoes for $9 at Zara (on sale!) for my Tulum trip! Perfect, easy, chic piece.

Growing up, comfort in my outfits became my first priority! If I am not comfy in it, I won’t wear it! No more hurting my feet or sucking my belly in for fashion! I found that being confident isn’t about how hot you look or the tags on your clothes but mostly about how well you’re feeling in your own skin and your own clothes. Style is second. Not fashion, style. Which is very different and every French woman I know will get what I mean. Style is a vibe, an overall message you’re giving through what you’re wearing, something that doesn’t need to be shown or explained by tags or words, it just is (in this case, Cool Casual French girl passing by). You can’t buy style.”

– Clémentine Desseaux as told to Atelier Doré


Clémentine has all of our hearts in the Atelier, not only because she brought delicious French pastries along to our shoot, but because she’s the definition of a woman who empowers other women as exhibited by her charity, the All Woman Project.

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  • Bravo! She is beautiful, and her project is lovely! Thanks for getting in with the discussion of inclusion that is so current right now! Please more normal, relatable but still awesome people on the podcasts too! Its nice when you showcase not just the super duper wealthy, but a wide range. They are out there!

  • Yeay! Different kind of body types, go curves! Bravo

  • She has great style and scarves are everything, I’ve been pondering them a lot lately on Prima Darling. Nice to see a variety of body types too.

  • On ne le dira jamais assez : se sentir bien dans sa peau est primordial.
    “Le style ne s’achete pas”.

  • Zaza von Geneva March, 20 2018, 11:23 / Reply

    Enfin une fille qui n’est pas maigrichonne! Ca fait plaisir à voir et en plus j’adore son style ! Continuez comme ça !!

  • She carries it off well. Like her style!


  • J’aime beaucoup son style, des détails qui font toute la différence sans en faire trop.
    Et surtout, j’apprécie tellement mais tellement de voir enfin d’autres types de morphologies!

    Ce serait vraiment bien de montrer sur votre site des morphologies différentes. Les femmes peuvent être stylées quelles que soient leurs taille ou poids!

  • Great job with the diversity in your pieces. Extra brownie points for not labeling people. I hope that one day soon pieces like this will be the norm, that we will see on the screen the same thing we see on the streets and it won’t be a big deal. Bravo!

  • I really love this, but unfortunately, it stuck out to me like a sore thumb because most of the women you photograph are small. It would be great to see more women who aren’t a size 2 featured in posts.

  • Juli Frankel March, 21 2018, 7:26

    Here! Here! I agree and I sorely miss the original street photography that featured women of every size AND every age. What is chic really isn’t limited to size 2/4/6.

  • Marie Saadi March, 23 2018, 8:19 / Reply

    THANK YOU! I am a dedicated reader and I have told myself that the women you celebrate are all super thin and found no diversity, even though you seem to want to make a difference, so thank you for giving us someone different from the usual. La difference crée l’ivresse! :-)

  • Thank you for having someone a different shape to the body shape you normally always have. I think you could do this a lot more.

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