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If you’ve met me lately, you also have certainly met my Valextra* bag, a sublime present that I can’t stop wearing.

I know. It’s white. When I decided to pick the color white**, I thought I would regret it and I have to admit we’ve gone through a lot, my bag and I.

But we are survivors and as you know, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so G + V = Eternal Love. But still:

Wine Stain Accident.

So one velvet evening, we were at the bar with my friend Delphine, talking about economics and philosophy as usual, and I had put my bag on the ground***.
When suddenly, I hear the noise of broken glass on the ground and there… Picture this action in slowmo please:

I raise my arms to the sky, put my glass of rosé on the bar and dive on the ground to rescue my bag even before checking out where was the noise coming from, which is an obvious sign of the inner paranoia my white bag creates in me.

Still slowmo. I shout internally (or not) and I see wine stains on my bag. Still slowmo, I catch the barmaid and ask her for tissues and water as if I was, I don’t know, on the LOST island? I clean my bag like there’s no tomorrow while trying to smile (I’d love to see the grin I was making) and say it’s ok to the poor girl who just broke her glass and feels terrible about it.

My bag is fine. My dignity? Meeeeeeh, who cares?

Red Lipstick Accident.

Because my bags always become this “ back room of shame” where I throw everything I need + my gums used paper + my metro tickets + my lipsticks + … Obviously what had to happen, happened. One day one of my red lipsticks opened in my bag.

I was looking for my phone to take someones number when suddenly I took my bloody hand out of my bag. Livid face of the person in front of me:

“Garance, are you okay?”

“Yes, why?”

Oh shit. As that person was like, someone important, I kept my psychopath reaction for later and laughed (I’d love to see the grin I was making) saying hihihi, ahah, it’s only red lipstick stay with me hehehhihi.

Of course, I then ran into a dark corner to clean my bag with my… Metro tickets.

It survived.

Black Jeans Accident.

I was so proud of my new Mango grunge jeans (trend alert!!!), that I had taken zero time to read the tag “This garment might contain dark.. blah blah” and I was walking on Rue St Honoré when I realized:

1/ My hands had a dark shade to them.
2/ If you turned it directly into the sun (yes of course, I turned my bag directly to the sun right in the middle of the Rue St Honoré !) there was a dark shade too.

Ouch. It was 11am and I was not supposed to go back to the hotel till night. I also had no time to go buy another pair of jeans.

So I discreetly raised my arm in a diagonal so that my bag would not rub on my jeans anymore and walked that way all day. Ah no, also sometimes, I just carried my bag like a baby. What!!! It stayed white!!!

All right my loves, this was a collection of anecdotes to remind you one thing:

We don’t own the objects. The objects own us.

Maybe that’s why we love them so much?


* I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Valextra, an Italian leather goods brand for more that’s almost 100 years old.
It’s still a family brand. They barely do any advertising and every bag is made by hand by an artisan in Italy, of course, with a respect for the product and every last detail that is reminiscent of a great French brand. Anyway, I’m not going to get out the violins or anything and go on and on about artisans with a tear in my eye… But still.

** Guys, I’m a woman. We like to pick our presents, while saying “surprise me!!!” and then we wonder why our partners are always stuck at presents time.

*** Ok, MAJOR subject: Where do you put your bag?!! I’ll do a post about it like, next week.


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  • oooh that so perfect for summer I think I need it in my life. It is gorgeous. My bag has it’s own spot on a shelf in my room. Never put my bag on the floor. No no no


  • I LOOOOVE white bags, but I’m uncapable of taking care of it! Fashion Blog contest, vote for The Deep BLue Cory —> Paris-New York Fashion Blog
    The Deep Blue Cory Fashion Blog
    The Deep Blue Cory Facebook Page
    Xoxo Cory

  • i don’t do white. your post lists a few of the reasons why not :)

  • I’ve heard of Valextra. I’ve seen their wallets in Barneys before. They have such beautiful things. The leather is just stunning!
    In terms of where I put my bag when I’m at a restaurant is a tricky one. I usually fling it over the back of my chair, but I have heard that many people have gotten their purses stolen like that. Drive by purse grabs and if you are leaning forward you probably won’t notice until it is too late and all of your belongings are gone. So sad!
    I try not to put any purse on the ground because of the exact reason you described above. But in NYC you are so cramped in your seat/table at restaurants or bars that there really is no good place to put anything. I don’t know if there is any good solution in NYC.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  • I have a white Jaeger London bag…. it signals the start of summer when I remove it from its snug dust bag! I always put it on a chair, never the floor…. saves all the ‘no, no, no, not my bag’ rants which makes me look like a bit of a nutter! I adore your new bag.x

  • FLAMME May, 22 2013, 9:21 / Reply

    Valextra, c’est juste sublime (et sublimement cher). Quand j’allais rejoindre un amoureux italien à Milan, je restais en extase devant leurs vitrines de la Via Manzoni et de Piazza San Babila !

  • Parfait pour commencer ma journee de travail, tu m’a bien fait rire! Tu es au top!

  • Je connais aussi, j’ai actuellement un sac blanc cassé.
    Et le bon truc: j’efface ses petites taches + les trainées de mon jeans qui décolore avec un coton imbibé de lait démaquillant. Et miracle, comme neuf (et le cuir est nourri en plus)!

  • So, there’s a moral to this story: always carry tissue…
    I keep my bag on the kitchen table at home and I cringe a little whenever I have to put it on the floor on a plane (the only time I’ll put it on the floor). When I’m out in a restaurant or bar, I do weird things like balance the strap on my knee to keep it off the floor! :)

  • I do the balancing thing as well! With longer straps I also balance it on my feet, with the strap around my knee… Looks stupid, but I you’re sitting at a table nobody will see. If there is room I place it on a chair. (Of course my bag deserves its own chair!!) Smaller bags I keep in my lap – sometimes also large bags, if there’s no other option. I’m paranoid… And the jean thing with colour rubbing has almost put me off anything but black shoulder bags. It’s so difficult to keep it clean.

  • White White White…!!! The fashion grail of the season… year!

    At home my big boxy bags that can stand alone marvel on a book shelf. The more compact, slouchy, clutches and such go in their protective bags and neatly placed in a wicker basket drawer that fits nicely into my square window book self.

    When taken out and at a restaurant, cafe, bar I try to:
    – look for a table/ bar hook to hang it
    – if not then can it hang over the corner of my chair?!
    – no! ok then can it sit behind me on the chair or beside me on the bench?!
    – still no… urgggghhh ok then the floor beside my feet (least favourable option)

    p.s. the bag is a beauty! x

  • It’s a beautiful bag ;)

  • Ahaha il n’y a pas de dignité lorsqu’il s’agit d’un sac à main!
    Surtout quand celui ci est magnifique!!!!

  • I have a white purse and I actually cannot believe that it’s still white – it’s sooo lovely though, so it’s worth the stain anxiety for sure.

    I get so paranoid about losing my bag when I’m out, so it’s usually stored somewhere so I can be touching it at all times – sometimes to the point where I’m almost sitting on it – weirdo I know! But safe.

  • Cristiana May, 22 2013, 9:44 / Reply

    Eons ago Valextra used to manufacture leather goods for Armani. I still remember my first really cool grown-up Armani/Valextra wallet …that ended up stained with olive oil.
    BTW, not long ago, I experienced a black jeans accident with my beautiful new Marni (cedro). I was able to fix it almost perfectly with some Weleda skin cleanser.

  • Moi pire : mon sac blanc est comme “boueux”. Mais sec. De la poussière, de la terre, je sais pas quoi mais il se salit. La dernière fois, avant de rejoindre un client, je l’ai nettoyé dans les toilettes du TGV. Que le devant parce que j’avais pas le temps de faire le derrière si je voulais pas rater mon arrêt.
    Du coup, j’ai peur de passer un coup d’éponge sur mon sac noir maintenant.

  • I love this white bag, it’s so nice!


  • Ah, too funny! But I hear ‘ya! I have only had one white bag in my life, and it was suede too, so you can imagine that it got dirty as soon as I took it out of the dust bag! Although leather wouldn’t be as bad…at least the ‘dirt’ shows up immediately so you can remedy it immediately!

    Where do I put my bag? Well, for my ‘ultra special’ bags I have a special bag holder that I hang off the edge of a table (or bar), it looks like a brass bangle (so it matches the chain on my Chanel reissue, haha), relatively discreet, keeps me from:

    a) sitting on my bag
    b) sitting with my bag on my lap like a pet
    c) crying when somebody steps on my bag


  • beautiful bag!!!! nothing says “summer” quite like a white bag. xoxo

  • Oui mais y a pas à dire, le sac blanc au printemps c’est la classe maximale !

  • Jane with the noisy terrier May, 22 2013, 10:11 / Reply

    Apparently it’s bad luck luck to put your bag on the floor, as it means you’ll lose all your money! I try to put mine on a spare chair or worse case scenario, in my lap. I have one of those funny hooks that rests on the edge of the tabletop and counter balances your bag but I never remember to keep it with me. At home, my bags are stuffed to keep their shape, then lined up with dividers from The Container Store. My closet looks like a mini department store! Had the same problem in Spain last summer with an indigo shirt rubbing off on white pants, a white bag and –horror!– my hosts’ white patio cushions. Never could get all the blue off my bag.

  • I don’t know why all bars and restaurants don’t have hooks under the table to hang your bag. Quite frankly it pisses me off. If it’s a quiet/safe place, I hook it on my chair. If I’m desperate, I keep it in my lap and place the serviette over it.

  • C’est le vrai problème de tout ce qui est blanc, et encore plus pour un sac! Toutes ces anecdotes sont bien amusantes (pas sur le moment, mais après on en rigole), et prend bien soin de ton beau sac!

  • Jorien May, 22 2013, 10:19 / Reply

    Ahhh, the where-do-I-put-my-bag-problem! Love to see your blogpost about this one.

    In my case it depends on the bag actually (really bad, I know) but when it is one of my very very adored bags I keep it in my lap even through a 7 course dinner if I have to. My bag was stolen a few years ago and that will never happen to me again.

    With light colors I wouldn’t dare to place it on the ground, with darker colors it might work. But even though when someone walks by and steps on it my heart cringes a little, I really hate it. I know it is just a bag, but still a lot of a girls life is in there :)

    s on it or touches it I always feel a little accidentily gives your

  • Nice bag, it’s just that I don’t like carrying bags by hand and I don’t like it when the shoulder straps are not big enough to carry the bag hanging from my shoulder (coat included and ig sweater included)!

  • Comment dire… moi j’ai le même problème avec mes baskets blanche. Et je sais pas pourquoi je décide toujours de les mettre pour une grande occasion en premier (genre pour les baptiser…) et là la soirée part en vrille je danse tout ce que je peux et le lendemain catastrophe.
    J’espère que tes conseils ou poser son sac m’aideront.

  • ce sont les objets qu’on aime tant qui nous possède… à Garance la possédée ! :-)

  • lovely bag. Good luck that it will stay white!

  • Dynath May, 22 2013, 10:50 / Reply

    Ahah tu es trop drôle avec tes aventures de sac blanc… mais tu as réussi tout de même à me convaincre qu’un sac blanc c’est pas si pire que cela (à garder propre…) certainement mon prochain achat ou bien le sac transparent apercu au Zara

    Quelques leçons de sac que j’applique au quotidien (si ca peut t’aider)

    Ne jamais déposer son sac à terre, voici comment :
    Au toilette : Le mettre sur le crochet de la porte
    Au ciné : L’accrocher au bras de mon siège ou le garder sur soi
    En auto : Sur le siège passager… et s’il a quelqu’un le déposer sur le passager :)
    Au resto : Le garder sur soi
    Dans les cabines d’essayages : Sur le petit banc ou le crochet
    Dans les boites de nuit : Le laisser à la maison, ce n’est pas la place pour un sac, alors je traine seulement un porte-carte
    Si je dois me pencher pour une raison x ou j’ai les mains pleines, je le confie à quelqu’un.

    Bonne journée!

  • le truc du jean ça m’est arrivée et j’ai nické le sac blanc Chanel de ma copine qu’elle m’avait si gentiment prêtée pour mon wedding…en fait je l’ai mis toute la semaine;-)
    Ma solution miracle : un cout de teinture chez Gisele Lesege et ton sac blanc reviendra comme neuf!
    300€ quand même mais pour un sac à 3 000 ça valait le coup;-)

  • brenda May, 22 2013, 10:57 / Reply

    I dream about having a Valextra bag! What a quality!!

  • That bag looks really great and I have red lips too. Have a nice day.

  • therealblonde May, 22 2013, 11:16 / Reply

    How did you get the jeans stain out? Because that happens to a lot of my bags :-(

  • Rhondda Bosworth May, 22 2013, 11:18 / Reply

    I have a bag I’m devoted to, as well – fortunately it’s black.
    However, experience has taught me to never put any bag directly on the ground. It’s dirty.
    So put your bag – especially a white one!! – on a chair, table, hook, hand basin, sometimes even balance it on your shoes – but never on the floor.

  • Caroline May, 22 2013, 11:21 / Reply

    Choix audacieux !

  • Je ne peux expliquer pourquoi je n’aime ni les chaussures, ni les sacs blancs !
    Par contre, le sac en photo est tout simplement magnifique de simplicite elegante.
    Quant a poser son sac par terre ? Jamais !

  • I don’t do white. I loooovve white, but I’m also in my senior year of mechanical engineering, and for the past 3+ years I’ve crammed pencils, pens, grungy erasers, food, soda bottles, etc. into my big BLACK marc by marc jacobs. I don’t even want to talk about what happens to my clothes.. I do however have a pale pink Chloe bag I keep nice for special occasions, but for most of them time it’s tucked away safely in its dust bag. :( Conclusion: school sucks.

  • Hi there, did you know vodka will remove dark liquid stains? I used to carry a light grey leather bag, and one night my server spilled red wine on it. I think I had murder in my eyes because he ran to the bar and returned with a shot of vodka, I thought was for me, but turned out to be for my bag. He blotted the vodka where the stain was, and 30 mins later, my bag was clean again.

    It also removes ink stains, and works on everything, jeans, carpets, etc. PLUS, VODKA is the easiest thing to find, so you never have to live in fear again.

  • Pour moi, plus de sac blanc ! J’ai un balenciaga blanc qui est devenu immonde…J’ai tout essayé le savon spécial cuir, le blanc dégeulasse que l’on mettait sur les tennis au temps de la préhistoire, l’éponge avec du cif javel !! (il faudrait que je le teigne) bref, je n’en veux plus.

  • Somehow, I always manage to acquire a new Valextra bag every time that I visit Milan… Usually, another pergamena (white) one! So, it seems that I’ve started a collection… And, that I am developing a reputation as a bag lady!

    I carry a handbag hook in my wallet, so I never have to worry about where to put my bag. My Delvaux handbag hook is the best 40 Euros that I ever spent!

  • Pfff magnifique ta photo Garance !
    (ça me fait flipper cette tendance du blanc, quand même… Moi qui n’aime porter que du noir l’été.)
    (oui je fais les choses à l’envers, je porte de la couleur en hiver – surtout sur mes ongles en fait – et l’été je suis en robe noire Petit Bateau H24 ! )


  • I try to put my bag on a chair if possible, but usually have it beside me in a booth, or with the strap over my knee. I look for the hooks, but seldom find one under the table, or under a bar counter. I have some of the bag hooks that hang on a table, but my daughter has commented that they look dorky, probably because my 90 year old Mom loves hers! I try to keep it off the floor mostly because of germs.
    I haven’t owned a white bag for a very long time because it seemed so “old Lady”, like when you brought out the white shoes and bag for summer, and had to put them away in September! But, this Valextra is beautiful. A funny story!

  • good photos!

  • Since I saw you with this bag…I fell in love with it, it’s so nice!!! I love the photo composition!Beautiful!

  • Helene Juana Rugiero May, 22 2013, 12:12 / Reply

    Ca me rappelle le jour ou, fraichement armée de mon tout nouveau et magnifique Vuitton, je me promenais “en ville”, comme on dit en France (je vis maintenant a L.A., ou y a pas de “en ville”…), quand une ENORME averse éclate…
    Mais pouring, la rain hein…
    Je me réfugie sous le auvent d’un cafe pour précautionneusement protéger mon Vuitton dans un des sachets de shopping que j’avais a la main, satisfaite du subterfuge…
    Jusqu’a ce que je croise le regard, qui disait clairement “pathétique” d’une des clientes du bar, a la vue de la-fille-la-moins-cool-du-monde-qui-a-peur-d-abimer-son-sac-de-nouvelle-riche…
    Mais bon, l’important, c’est que mon 1/2 salaire et moi, on soit rentres intacts a la maison, non?

  • asianfreak May, 22 2013, 12:34 / Reply

    Non mais franchement Garance, par terre… sérieusement?
    Ensuite les sacs à main de femmes sont les choses où l’on retrouve le plus de germes, de bactéries, plus que sur des cuvettes de chiottes d’un infâme PMU.

    je suis d’accord c’est un vrai problème, perso je n’aime pas les portes sacs qui détruisent les anses des sacs. Donc je me suis résignée à m’assoir juste au bord de la chaise, mon sac derrière moi.
    je sais mon sac dicte sa loi, mais mon Balenciaga et moi c’est vraiment l’amour éternel.


    PS: bravo pour le classement des femmes françaises les plus influentes.

  • Omg amazing. This is SO my life in a nutshell. Always trying to fix something that unexpectedly happened without people thinking I’m a complete weirdo, not that I really care, I just would rather it not be that obvious. Love the bag!


  • Haaa Haaa Haaaaa! Love this! Yes, our bags do own us don’t they? My bags? Well, they are like another person – we go to a restaurant – the bag goes on a chair! What? Yes, I ignore all of the crazy looks and own it. What can I say? Floors are dirty.

    And yes, things are just things! As much as I try to live my life unattached to material possessions – it does not mean that I should not take care of things that I own – right?

  • chantal May, 22 2013, 12:51 / Reply

    attention aussi au jeans indigo qui tâchent tout même un sac gris foncé!!

  • Valextra leather goods are very beautiful! So classic, never out of date! I also love the colors they have, your white bag is fantastic! Well….. I wanted a white bag since a while, but couldn’t decide which one….. and once in a while I thought, that it wouldn’t survive long enough…. you described all the accidents that can happen…. should I ?, should I not ? …. I might choose an other color now after your post….. noooooo! white bags are so beautiful! I will carry it like my baby! Yes I want a white bag! xxx

  • NEVER put your purse on the ground under ANY circumstance!! It not only brings bad luck-you know how they say monye ‘goes’ if you do that. However, aside from that…it will also get dirty, especially if it’s white.

    Next time, get a chair for it hahaha I always do that and I don’t care if I look crazy or not. My bag deserves a chair :)

    Brunette Letters Blog

  • Love your blog!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • …I’ll never buy a white handbag now. I’ll never buy white anything. No white pants, jackets, shoes, socks, couch, rug. Chic? Sure. For hazardous me? Never. Haha..

  • L'épingle May, 22 2013, 2:24 / Reply

    Tu prends le métro !!!!! Si, si, il y a un indice dans ton texte. Je t’aime pour ça.
    A la cantine de Vuitton, le personnel femelle (de bureau) a une technique particulière pour déposer son sac à terre. On en rit encore…

  • What a brilliant story and exactly this story is the reason I don’t buy a white bag! I’m already a big ball of stress from myself and I think a white bag is just a little too much for me. You won’t believe how fast I ruin my white clothes. Especially the ones with prints so I can’t wash them with bleach or anything. Besides of that I have two dogs. One of them is a Cocker Spaniël who loves to get very very dirty and the other one is a shepherd who’s one year old ,very very clumsy and likes to drool over me to let me know he loves me so much. But I know Valextra and love their well made bags! I don’t own one but I’m still on the search for that one perfect leather bag that can carry all of my stuff. My friends always ask me if I carry bricks around in my bag and to be honest, sometimes I think I do too! xx

  • I had a restaurant stain on my white leather/linen Tod’s bag from a waitress who accidentally brushed up against it. The local shoemaker was able to remove it. Short of using one of those decorative purse hooks (anyone?) we should all just stick to darker bags.

    Style, recipes, product reviews, health. Photography, quotes.

  • I have been contemplating a new white bag…and have a white Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that has…. an INK SPOT in it. I blotted as much of it out as I could, and the rest I used white shoe polish to cover. White bags are gorgeous but just attract dirt!

    The whole bag-on-floor issue…let’s get serious, you don’t always have the option of a hook underneath the bar (I love when bars do this!!!) and I’d rather have a dirty bag (that’s what anti-bac wipes are for) than a stolen bag (which is what you will have hanging it from the back of your chair).

    Hmm…I think I’ll go with the bold orange bag instead…

  • Jennifer May, 22 2013, 3:00 / Reply

    There are these great 1/2 dollar sized brass portable bag hooks on Amazon – $16.00. They spring apart – you can create your own bag hook anywhere! Also Huggies baby wipes are great for cleaning white bags – and tons of other fabric stains. :)

  • Le nettoyage du rouge à lèvre écrasé au ticket de métro… très fort !
    Merci pour ces conseils, on voit que tu es une pro de la mode !!

  • Gorgeous bag! Love Valextra, a timeless luxury and so exclusive – like a true luxury brand should be.

  • mais d’abord, TU NE POSES PAS TON SAC, TU LE SUSPENDS à Minou, by Alessi (et ça sera ravissant avec le sac blanc, en plus!!):

    à toujours avoir dans son sac, le Minou d’Alessi!!

  • et, finalement, ce qui compte c’est qu’il est super beau et que c’est ton sac blanc! :)
    Elle est trop cool la tendance blanc – pas facile mais ca vaut le coup!

  • Très beau, mais sur les autres, il ne resterait pas blanc plus de 5 min avec moi!

  • Loving the white Valextra bag! So classy looking.
    Btw, its bad luck to put your bag on the ground. Plus it makes you bag dirty, so double whammy – not good. Beside, its too beautiful to put it down on the floor.

    Maybe that’s why your having some mishaps with your bag?

    You’re awesome!


  • Rovanio May, 22 2013, 4:21 / Reply

    I love this post, and oh yes, the stress with white lol as for where to put my bag, I often carry with me a portable bag hook. :)

  • superbe sac, je veux le même :)

  • Oh noo, now I can never have a white bag. I wanted to have one this summer. But I am so CLUMSY! How could I do that to my next white bag? It will hate me! I mean, I problably going to kill it!

  • très joli sac. Parfait pour une tenue élégante comme une plus décontracte.

  • I never put my bag on the floor. I was once in a boardroom meeting and was scolded by another woman for doing so. She said its bad luck to put your money on the ground because then that is where it will stay (symbolically). So anyway out of fear and paranoia and love for my money and my bags…I have never disrespected since! Love thy bag as you love thyself.

  • Mimioui May, 22 2013, 6:18 / Reply

    C’est drôle, Valérie Lemercier en a déjà parlé sur son tumblr il y a quasi un an

  • Patricia May, 22 2013, 6:32 / Reply

    All white things are “High Maintenance” !!!!! that’s why I rarely buy them cause I am lazy and hate stains at the same time….. but I do love the white shirts, dresses I own, they are always under special care, protection and inspection :)

  • Murielle May, 22 2013, 7:32 / Reply

    Il est magnifique ce sac, simple mais tellement chic.
    Par contre moi je n’achète plus de sac, si il n’y a pas aussi la possibilité de le porter en bandouillière.
    Car toujours devoir porter son sac à la main ou bras plié surtout pour faire les courses au supermarché, c’est la galère

  • gorgeous and dangerous! love the clean lines.

  • OMG I can totally relate! I have a white Longchamp which I protect with my life and Tide stain removing pen… but mine has a treated surface so I’m not sure if it can be used on uncoated leather. Please share some stain removing tips!

  • Garance, there’s this magic white sponge you can buy, when you dip a corner in water the sponge cleans and dissolves. It will keep your bag white!

  • I’m interested
    What is the name of this sponge ? where we can buy it?

  • It’s looks like white become a new trends this summer,. everything goes white,.. in this couple weeks’ :D

    Beny R.!/

  • The bag . . . I have been known to sit up super straight at a bar/restaurant, mainly because I am pinching my bag between my knees or ankles. If you cross your ankles its a little easier to hold the pose/purse and it does result in pretty perfect posture too ;)

  • Vivian May, 23 2013, 12:32 / Reply

    This post made me laugh and feel like less of a crazy person for my bag obsessions. I, too,avoid placing bags on the ground whenever possible. Thanks for brightening my day yet again with your charming anecdotes.:)

  • Never!!!! NEVER put your bag on the ground!! a) bad feng-sui alert > aka bankrupt! b) dirt, dog poo, anything that shoes import in a place.. and especially a restaurant/bar/whatever social place!

  • Effectivement, tout ce qui est blanc est beau ( sac, canapé, jean … ) mais j’ai tellement peur de le salir ( à vie ! ) que je n’ose même pas porter un tee shirt tout blanc ! :-) … Merci pour ton humour ( de bon mâtin pour moi ! ) en buvant mon petit café !

  • I put mine on a chair next to me, and if it bothers someone – i put it on the floor. but i have a a 20$ white tote bag ;)

  • Chere Garance,

    this white bag inevitably makes me think about Genevieve Dariaux A GUIDE TO ELEGANCE that I try to follow a la lettre… Madame describes a white bag as fine for the beach or summer resort only… Garance, thank you for this revolutionary fashion step into the white!

    Bises de Varsovie!

  • Oh noooo Garance, never put your bag on the floor! You should get a bag hook to put on the table and hang your bag . . . they have some cute ones on right now, or you can just get a basic one at an accessories shop!

  • Je ne pose JAMAIS mon sac par terre depuis que j’ai vu des articles terrifiants sur les bactéries qu’on ramasse. Mais ça n’empêche pas l’accident du verre de vin qui se renverse sur les genoux et donc le sac (si on l’a posé là). L’usage du lait démaquillant est efficace. Si le cuir est de bonne qualité, le sac peut passer en machine. Si si! Programme lavage main, le sac peut être mis dans un filet à linge, 20 degrés ou froid, lessive de type woolite plus un adjuvant antibactérien basse température et un bon long séchage à température naturelle (pas de sèche-linge). Ca peut dégriser/dénoircir un sac cracra que, de toutes façons, on n’utilise plus.
    Put your very dirty bag in a washingmachine (wool program or handwashing program, low temperature, the bag in an net for underwear) can work!

  • Depuis que qqn m’a raconté que si je posais mon sac par terre je perdrais toujours de l’argent, je fais toute sorte de postures ridicules afin de ne pas le poser là. J’aurais préféré ne pas savoir ou au fait non parce que finalement je crois (entre nous) que ça marche…Voilà, je vous lance ma parano!

  • Oh Garance, you always hook me onto something; white pair of jeans, cool sneakers, beauty products, and now white bag! :)


  • Je t’avoue, tout ce qui est blanc j’ai du mal et les sacs encore plus ! Mais alors celui là, aucun soucis. Il est parfait :)


  • Pierre-Baptiste May, 23 2013, 5:29 / Reply

    Garance, il ne faut jamais au grand jamais poser son sac sur le sol ! D’après ma mère ça fait partir l’argent et personne ne veut voir son argent partir …

  • Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec toi: les objets nous possèdent!!! Combien de fois, je ne me rends pas malade parce que j’ai fait une tache sur mon jeans blanc!!! ..(dont des taches de sauce tomate qui ne partent pas…booouuuuu). Plus fort, récemment, je pensais avoir perdu (et oui, cmt est-ce possible!!!) ma chemise chambray de JCrew que j’adooooooorrrrreeee… impossible de remettre la main dessus pendant plusieurs mois. Au bout du compte je me dis que je l’ai perdue lors d’un voyage (mais pas plus convaincue que cela). Je me dis “ok! je vais racheter un chemise en jeans (pas chambray) chez JCrew, cela me consolera et au cas où je retrouve la première, je n’aurai pas deux fois la même”….Je commande donc ma chemise en jeans, je la reçois et.. bof.. je l’aime bien, mais sans plus! Ce n’est pas ma chemise Chambray quoi, je ne peux pas la porter de la même façon.. Donc, après mûre réflexion, je me décide à racheter la chemise chambray à l’identique de la première. Là, je la reçois, trop contente, je l’adore, comme la première, je la mets tout le temps. Finalement, le WE dernier, j’ai retrouvé ma première chemise, cachèe dans la garde robe de mon mari, sur un ceintre, en-dessous d’une de ses chemise….Je n’ai rien osé lui dire, je n’ai sais pas trop comment je lui aurais expliqué que maintenant j’ai 3 chemises qui se ressemblent très fortement…
    Ma chemise Chambray me hante et j’aime ça!! (mais apparemment, je n’assume peut-être pas complètement!) :-)

  • Il est très beau, mais n’étant pas Bree Van de Kamp, il ne tiendrait pas une journée avec moi!

  • As-tu remarqué très chère Garance que tu faisais parti du classement de SLATE des femmes françaises les plus influentes??
    C’est fou haha mais c’est TROP coule!!

  • It was very difficult for me to go on once I read you placed your bag on the FLOOR! Seriously?! Because I’m a germ phobe and superstitious (bad luck to place handbag on floor) I NEVER do it. It doesn’t mean that my bags escape disasters and remain pristine, no such luck. I am the queen of hooking the strap over my knee (works best while sitting at a bar) (at table in restaurant the bag needs to then sit on the top of my shoe) it’s not comfortable and I’m sure if anyone noticed they’d think I was, well, a very nervous tourist, Ha!
    PS 2nd worse place for handbag is to hang it on the back of your chair!

  • ohh Garance, i love your posts ,you make me laugh so much !! don´t stop doing ,please!! Muack.xxxxx

  • A woman wearing a white bag/jeans/dress/shirt/anything/ is like an elephant in a porcelain shop… a disaster waiting to happen :)…

  • Géraldine May, 23 2013, 10:38 / Reply

    Moi, j’ai trouvé un compromis pour le blanc, que ce soit un sac ou des chaussures, je les choisis en cuir vernis

  • garance! you need to get one of these portable bag hooks!!

  • Mireille May, 23 2013, 12:35 / Reply

    Il est magnifique ce sac,…j’ai vu le prix aussi , il coûte un bras mais splendide!!!
    Oh Garance, j’ai vu Elisa Nalin à la vente presse Carven aujourd’hui à Paris…
    suis trop crevée pour commenter…mais ce post m’a fait bien rire!!!!

  • Je veux un sac blanc ! je veux un sac blanc! comment ça ? découragée ? moi ? JAMAIS !!!

  • hehe yep, white bag is an “incident magnet”…. :)

  • Ou poser son sac?
    Mais voyons Garance, tu ne connais pas le crochet nomade pour sac????
    Imagine la scène: rendez vous dans un café chic et branché avec les copines.. Tu arrives, tu bizoutes les copines et avant de t asseoir tu sors de ton magnifique sac blanc un petit crochet en métal que tu accroches sur le bord de la table. Tu y installes ton toujours magnifique sac blanc..
    La classe! Quel geste élégant!!!
    Comment ça : ” no way”!
    Pas cool Garance!!
    Bon ok je déconne! C le pire truc qu on ait pu inventer le crochet nomade pour sac.

  • Cette marque a l’air top, j’adore la forme de ton sac et le cuir a l’air sublime!
    J’ai beaucoup aimé cet article encore une fois, tu racontes et conseilles ce que chaque fille vit au quotidien :

  • J’ai toujours une accroche sac dans mon sac, car je n’aime pas le laisser par terre.

  • Everything is out to plague our favorite white accessories! :P

  • Daniella May, 23 2013, 10:29 / Reply

    I am also crazy about my bags… I have a pink bag that sometimes I bring to the gym, and when I don´t have a machine with a place to hang it on I train with the bag on top!! I don´t care if I look funny, but worst is to have to put it on the floor and make it dirty : )

  • Hi Garance,

    Great story – a white bag is always a challenge! And the question where you put your bag is very interesting – I think it’s actually a matter of cultural differences between nations. While traveling abroad I noticed that people do put their bags on the ground, while here in Bulgaria it’s a no, no. It’s even associated with a funny superstition – that putting your bag on the ground will bring you bad luck connected with a lack of money in the future or something… So I usually put my bag behind me on my chair or hang it on the back of the chair. Do you never do that? I can’t wait for your post about that next week :)

    Have a great weekend!

  • A great purchase, I reckon! I know what you mean though, white asks for disaster! haha but it’s so sleek and statement, that it’s worth the risk!

  • “on était au bar en train de parler d’économie et de politique comme d’habitude, ” hihihihi !! Genre !

  • Le sac blanc Garance bien sûr c’est joli (le vôtre aussi!). J’en avais parlé l’année dernière sur mon blog.

    Jamais eu le moindre accident mais à la longue ce qui guette votre sac c’est le jaunissement. En ce moment je constate que tout ce qui est blanc finit par jaunir.

  • already in the same time I posted my black bag )

  • Catherine May, 25 2013, 12:39 / Reply

    Le crochet n’est pas cool, mais le sac cracra, c’est pire…donc c’est vite choisi: si je le lâche, c’est sur un crochet, ni par terre ni derrière moi! JAMAIS!

  • Le sac est magnifique. Je suis vraiment jalouse !

  • Beautiful bag! I love the white– so fresh and elegant!
    I don’t put my bag on the floor. I usually put it on my chair, if possible. If not, I will try to put it on an empty chair if there is one. If my bag isn’t too big, I will put it on my lap.

  • Oh Garance, I do love reading your funny musings! I also love that bag.
    Katie xx

  • Nora Ormoshegyi June, 11 2013, 4:16 / Reply

    Hey Garance! I do hope you will see my comment, as a very talented designer from Hungary created a chair that can be the ultimate solution for every woman. Check the video:

    :) Isn’t it super fantastic?!

  • Mais voyons Garance, tu ne connais pas le crochet nomade pour sac????
    Imagine la scène: rendez vous dans un café chic et branché avec les copines.. Tu arrives, tu bizoutes les copines et avant de t asseoir tu sors de ton magnifique sac blanc un petit crochet en métal que tu accroches sur le bord de la table. Tu y installes ton toujours magnifique sac blanc..
    La classe! Quel geste élégant!!!

  • Le tourisme est mon projet préféré qui peut rassembler mon sac parcouru de nombreux endroits qui n’aspirent pas à elle?

  • Beautiful bag! I love the white– so fresh and elegant!
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    Plz visit Plz visit:- designer wear supplier in surat

  • Travel is medicine to improve people’s minds.
    So most people travel. We need a lot of things to do when traveling.
    But if it is raining when you travel, you need a garden that will not spoil your waterproof.
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    Visit our site to find out how and if you will not interrupt your travel.

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