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The Trend: Fur Accents

How I would wear it: For when it’s super cold, I like how a fur stole works as an extra layer on top of a big winter coat – and it doesn’t have to be real fur…

The best looks: From left to right; Thakoon, Jason Wu, J.Crew, Michael Kors, 3.1 Phillip Lim

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  • This works well in cold weather!

  • Very nice outfits! I love the third and fourth one! They are very sophisticated and elegant! Loving the pointed heel also!

    The Office Stylist

  • Love love! Only if it’s fake fur though.

    :] // ? ?

  • “and it doesn’t have to be real fur…”
    If it is fake WHY even bother? Fake Fur is not warm, and not beautiful.
    (and did you realize it is made from petroleum?)

  • I have found fake fur to be very warm actually, and it can look beautiful!
    Why bother? Because no animals were harmed for it!
    There are great looking alternatives to petroleum made fur too.
    But looking at the link behind your name it’s obvious why you’re dissing fake and advocating real.

  • If fake fur is good enough for Karl Lagerfeld to use, it is good enough for me. I do think good fake fur is incredibly warm, can be very beautiful, and wasn’t anally electrocuted to preserve its pelt (bonus!). “You cannot fake chic but you? can be chic and fake fur”- KL

  • Pas bien !!!! ça fait 7 ans que la fourrure est revenue… je trouve que les doudounes à capuche ajourées de poils ça commence à faire démodé.
    Chacun ses choix, c’est sûr, juste que je suis contre !

  • cool outfits!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • J’aime beaucoup le 2 ième et 4 ième look!


  • voilà, tu viens de perdre ma loyauté qui perdurait depuis des années envers ton blog… NON à la fourrure (et ce n’est pas parce que c’est “tendance” qu’on est obligé de trouver ça chouette).

  • I would have thought that we had moved beyond this by now. Those that wear real fur certainly have never been educated on the sickening means that the fur is derived; in my opinion someone that wears real fur is either ignorant or ugly of spirit. Shame on you.

  • Jane with the noisy terrier February, 19 2015, 7:47 / Reply

    There is no need for real fur anymore. (We’re no longer the Flintstones.) The fur industry is insidiously cruel. Wild animals deserve to live their lives in the wild, not on fur farms. Real fur looks best on it’s original owners. Applauding Karl Lagerfeld for advocating faux fur. I’m sick and tired of real fur advocates defending their choice by saying fake fur is made from petroleum. Well, guess those people don’t drive cars, ride on planes or use anything made of plastic.

  • I’m not 100% comfortable with the idea of wearing fur. I mean, it looks beautiful…but it looks even more beautiful on an animal haha! I do however, like the use of faux fur to create the same effect and add some interesting accents to an outfit!


  • authentic elegance begins in the mind. fur is sadly inelegant.

  • Beautiful fur!!! for all those who wont wear fur, buy your plastic shit (it takes several hundred years to break down one plastic bag) and keep your opinion to yourself. If you buy fur, check the origin. All fur from Scandinavia (Denmark) are produced humanely and in accordance with strict laws. My first mink coat is now 26 years old and still cool. I am all for quality fur…

  • Hey hey hey NOW….you are being JUST AS RUDE. How many plastic “things” do you carry around….pens or tooth brushes??? lol Your NO saint lady…and neither am I ;) YOU remind me of…..Cruella DeVil…..Cruella DeVil….. This vampire bat This inhuman beast She ought to be locked up And never released The world was such a happy place until Cruella, Cruella De Vil…. ;)

  • Wow, it’s not often that I’ve seen people being this rude here… o_O

  • There should be matching fake fur jackets fur mom and daughter. You can be twinkies together…but just a coat… more than that would be “strange”. ;) Kids love fake fur…teddy bears! They love animals and sometimes they go vegetraian because they get so shocked by how animals are treated in abusive homes, farms or laboratories. Kids love teddy bears too!!!! Loving animals togther no matter what age! =)

  • Que de petites vies innocentes sacrifiées sur l’autel de la futilité si ce sont de vraies fourrures !

  • Je suis étonnée que les défenseurs d’animaux ne s’offusque pas du tout quand il s’agis de la fausse fourrure et de l’utilisation des produits synthétiques qui pollue fortement notre environnement . Et pourtant c’est essentiel pour le vie et le bien être des animaux et des humains!

  • love fur (fake fur)
    and love your blog

  • C’est très politiquement incorrect, mais je suis ultra fan !!

  • I think it quiet sad that people still feel the need to ”shame” consumers of real fur. Most fur is produced in a very unethical way – like a lot of clothing these days. But fur itself is a very durable material and most fur garments last a lifetime and can be used by several generations. If you want the cake and to eat it as well, why don’t look at solutions that are more sustainable? For example, if I buy fur, I do it from Marita Huurinainen who only uses wild, finnish fur. A lot of animals in Scandinavia (where I live) are killed every year due to wild care regulations. Local hunters get their ”lot” by the government to kill off animals, and this is where the fur comes from. It’s both ecological and sustainable. Supporting fashion that comes out of wild care is not unethical for me.
    What I think is really weird – almost absurd – is that this is not the main way of producing fur anymore. Most countries do have some kind of wild life regulation, and yet Marita Huurinainen is the only producer of wild fur I know of. And it’s not a lot more expensive than products from fur farms. It’s a shame.

  • Fur lasts a lifetime – yes, I have worn my great aunt’s fur. But if it’s just a small trendy detail on a garment, will you really use that piece forever?

    About Scandinavian/Nordic fur: I am from Finland, and most of the fur produced for clothing here is fox or mink. These animals are not hunted, but farmed. There is a big hunting season, yes, but mainly for elk, which I don’t think is used for its fur.
    That said, I like to think that the animals are better treated in Finnish farms than in the Chinese ones, but does that mean they have a good life? probably not.

    (I do own a down jacket with a rim of Finnish fox… :( )

  • I think you have to read my comment again. I am not speaking about the specific geographic origin of an fur, but how it is produced. Either it is wild fur or it is produced from a farm. My point is that there are ways to buy new fur in a more ethical way than from fur farms. Or as someone below wisely commentated; “there are so many ways to be “green” and protect animal (and human) rights. It’s always a good idea to research your stuff before buying animal derived fashion”. I don’t use rims personally, so I can not answer whether one uses them for a lifetime. But when I use animalic products, I like them to be produced as sustainable as possible.

    I have a huge respect for people that live a vegan life. But frankly, I live above the polar circle. You can not live in that kind of environment without animalic products, the cold will take a feet or two. A vegan lifestyle is not possible everywhere, people should remember that that kind of lifestyle is a luxury in it self. You can live in an extreme environment, or in an environment where material resources are scarce. I don’t get the need to shame some who’s life conditions I know nothing about.

  • Avant d’en acheter, même si c’est très beau, se souvenir que fourrure = souffrance animale. Il n’existe pas de fourrure bio.

    Belle journée

  • C’est quand même dommage de voir que toutes ces marques qui ont de supers directeurs artistiques choisissent (?) de mettre les fourrures au même endroit : toutes portées sur les épaules…
    on attend aussi d’elles qu’elles proposent des manières différentes de porter la même chose;
    Plus les années passent et plus je trouve que les créateurs présentent des vêtements qui se ressemblent à part pour certains qui ont une identité forte (gaultier, valentino, chanel, alaïa..) cela devient compliqué d’attribuer le nom d’une marque à la seule vue d’un vêtement.
    Ces fourrures…sans parler du côté désastreux pour l’environnement est une tendance qui ne passera pas par moi.

  • I’m joining in this conversation because I find the underlying hypocrisy astounding! I do not advocate treating any living being inhumanely. But I do wonder if those who detest fur because of it ever consider how the animals used for the leather used to make their shoes, bags, clothes, or juicy steak were treated? Why stop at fur? Some of the comments do sound like politically correct first world BS! I

  • Agreed! I think it’s so hypocritical to look down on fur like it’s the only material used in fashion that causes animal suffering… Where do you think the leather of your shoes, bags, jackets comes from? (Let’s not even get into the way the meat we eat everyday is produced). Is an animal life less valuable when it’s a cow instead of a mink (cows used for leather are not the same that are used for milk/meat btw. Everything else goes to waste)? Fur is just the tip of the iceberg of animal rights.
    In short: there are so many ways to be “green” and protect animal (and human) rights. It’s always a good idea to research your stuff before buying animal derived fashion.

  • For me the only possible fur is fake. I absolutely refurese to buy any real fur. I have fabulous and very warm fake fur from Simone Rocha, Dries Van Noten and Scrimps. People always complement my fakes when I’m in town and I actually have to emphazise it’s beautiful fake.

  • Yes !! Et la rue est précurseur comme toujours ! J’aime aussi la fourrure colorée par petites touches !

  • There are several interesting comments here about fur. I will tell you what my position is. I do believe that a mink lasts a lifetime and I have one for 20 years and I intend to use it till the end of my life because I live in a country where the weather is dreadful in winter cold and humid (I always say: omly a persone who has never worn a real fur when it is cold is against fur, because really it’s a blessing to be protected by the warmth of a fur coat). If I lived in LA I’d not buy fur. But lately because of the pressure of all kinds of associations, I get mean comments when I wear my coat. But I think that only a vegan can criticize me and I aslo believe that in Europe, which tends to go more an more low class popular, what bothers most people is the chic/rich aspect of it.
    On the other hand I am pretty much against fur when it is for a trim or to make a bag out of it. Kill the animal to make it usefull ok, but for embellishment that’s useless. But don’t forget: bags are made of animals, shoes, leather clothes, lether sofas and car seats….Why just be against fur? Angora rabbits are skined alive when they could just be shaved, as I said previously about the Moncler jackets goose are skinned alive for the down jackets.
    So please all the people who are against fur: start reasoning logicaly and be against everything animal, including foie gras and lobsters and on and on….otherwise you are just a hypocrit.

  • Désolée Garance… Mais là trop, c’est trop! Je peux faire l’impasse sur une touche, un article, mais toute la page, NON.
    Non à la fourrure, non à sa promotion, non à l’hypocrisie des “gentils petits élevages qui respectent les lois et les animaux…” sérieusement la personne qui écrit ça le croit-elle vraiment?!
    Moi je suis vegan, et je n’ai pas envie de voir ça.
    Dommage, j’aimais bien ton blog et ta façon d’écrire, mais tes articles ont atteint les limites de ma tolérance.

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