white tee michele ouellet spencer ostrander garance dore photos

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By now it’s maybe become obvious that I’m really a blue jeans and t-shirt girl. Obsessive, even. When I was putting away winter clothes to make room for lighter summer pieces, it was the t-shirts that I had the hardest time parting ways with (and this was just to another higher, slightly out of reach closet!).

The white tee is so classic, there is really no wrong iteration of it. Maybe I’m biased but, in the warmer months, it also kind of becomes my go-to top – even when the humidity reaches new levels of BLEH, my trusty tees are there for me.


white tee michele ouellet spencer ostrander garance dore photos


The possibilities are endless, it’s the blank canvas of your whatthehelldoiwearwiththis dreams, ready to take on a classic look or be included in something with a bit of a different attitude. With this series we wanted to show you some of our favorite styles with the always irresistible Michele. They’re simple looks, and easy to have fun with!

white tee michele ouellet spencer ostrander garance dore photos

white tee michele ouellet spencer ostrander garance dore photos

white tee michele ouellet spencer ostrander garance dore photos

white tee michele ouellet spencer ostrander garance dore photos

white tee michele ouellet spencer ostrander garance dore photos

white tee michele ouellet spencer ostrander garance dore photos

white tee michele ouellet spencer ostrander garance dore photos

Photos: Spencer Ostrander


Look 1: The Polo / Tee, Lacoste polo; Shorts, Vintage; Hoop Earring, Sandy Leong.  Look 2 :  The Crewneck / Tee, Frame Denim; Jeans, Simon Miller; Flower Ring, Sandy Leong; Hoop Earring, Sandy Leong. Look 3:  The Muscle Tee / Tee, Simon Miller; Jean Jacket, Simon Miller; Skirt, Edun; Necklaces, Jennifer Alfano. Look 4 : The Henley / Tee, Theory; Skirt, Theory; Sandals, Gianvito Rossi; Earrings, Stella McCartney; Bracelet, Eddie Borgo. Look 5: The Logo Tee /  Tee, L’ecole des femmes; Pant, Lemaire; Shoe, Michael Kors; Scarf, Turnbull & Asser; Bracelet, Eddie Borgo.  Look 6 : The Net / Tee, J.Crew; Pants, Vintage Céline; Bracelet, Sandy Leong. Look 7: The Scoopneck Tee / Tee, Alexander Wang; Jacket, Theory; Pant, Nili Lotan; Sandals, Newbark.


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  • Couldn’t agree more! Here’s another one you can feel good about… http://thestandardtee.com

  • Raphaelle July, 23 2015, 9:23 / Reply

    Chouette article! Moi aussi j’ai du mal à me séparer de mes basiques!
    D’ailleurs une copine a fait un chouette article sur comment trouver des basiques qui nous correspondent: http://yellow-yellow.com/2015/07/22/pinterest-styliste-perso/

    J’ai beaucoup aimé! :)

  • Yes, but what about the quasi-instant yellow sweat stains ? I know, it isn’t very sexy, but the struggle is real !!

  • Kimberly July, 23 2015, 9:10

    Thank goodness someone said it. Next up: an article on how to NOT get yellow stains.

  • Don’t ever ever ever stick your whites in the dryer (or really any clothes apart from towels and bedding, as the heat causes a chemical reaction that cakes your deodorant and sweat into the fibers of the fabric, solidifying stains) and wash them at low temperature, either with vanish or spraying the stains individually. It takes some extra time, but definitely worth it.

  • Love the many renditions of the white t that were styled here. Something about white t or shirt and jeans is so so easy, chic and perfect. My self imposed style challenge of wearing jeans and white shirts or t’s has made me remember how incredibly comfortable and so like myself I feel when I wear them.

    Accidental Icon

  • It’s my favourite piece of wardrobe! Unfortunately, during summer I often stain them with raspberries or cherries (my to-go snacks in summer, they help me get hydrated too). I usually try to keep one extra tee in my office wardrobe.

    Beautiful editorial!

  • I believe that timeless style is all about keeping it simple with the basics. You can never go wrong with a white tee, jeans and a great pair of flats!

  • I try not to buy white tees anymore, because I will end up wearing them every single day!


  • This is one of the most beautiful editorials I’ve seen. I love suspenders, and I think they can look good on young and old alike. Love the white t-shirts but agree that they can be challenging. Anita

    Look For The Woman

  • bavarian_blue July, 23 2015, 10:44 / Reply

    Very inspiring!!! I Personally would choose the first one and for a more formal look the last one.

  • A white t-shirt is ” the blank canvas” –> So well said Brie.
    The sandals and skirt in the look 4 are killing it twice .
    And the photoshoot in general is bright and fresh. You gave me smile, thank you :)



  • Thank you for this, Brie. I do have two white tees that are favorites but I can’t rock them quite as well as your models. That said, here’s my chance to share my tale of woe regarding my two favorite white shirts, one cotton, the other linen, that I have been wearing all summer. Both have 3/4 length sleeves and are airy so they provide coverage from the sun yet still keep me cool. Kind of irreplaceable.

    Except now I have to replace them. I washed a very old, plaid wool bathrobe one evening on gentle and forgot I had left it in the washing machine. The next morning, after doing a load of whites that included the aforementioned blouses plus some white linen sheets and pillow cases, you can imagine when I opened the washer to behold a load of whites that was now a dingy pink. Quelle horreur!

    It is dye, old, old dye and I’ve tried everything and its Just Not Coming Out. Sigh…. so the old, beloved shirts have the wrong kind of patina (remember what Garance said about that yesterday?)

    Off to console myself with my two oldish white tees. And, yes, about that wool bathrobe? Of course, it is fine.

  • I totally agree, a white tee is the perfect item!

    – Kaitlyn | http://www.TheCrownFox.com

  • Nothing better than a white t shirt, although it is very hard to find. It would seem very easy, but the fit and texture is the most important thing!

  • I always feel like a cool female version of James Dean when I wear a plain white t….love your styled ones on today’s post! xo


    adorn la femme

  • we seem to missing look 3, what is that shirt and skirt???

  • What New Yorker can truly pull off all-white in the deep cesspit of city summer, except the one with a private driver? The rest of us must remember to never sit down on the 6 train… ;)

    So so so thrilled to see a look featuring L’ecole des femmes – Laura is the $#!t.

  • I absolutely love the black boots with straps. We did you get them from??

  • J’ai aussi eu du mal à me “séparer” de mes tshirts d’hiver… mais je n’ai aucun haut blanc dans ma garde robe, que de la couleur vive ou du noir. Mon blanc, c’est un jaune froid ou un vert.

  • Literally dying, what an amazing post you did G! So much love!

  • Hi Brie, perhaps I misunderstood, but why do you put away your t-shirts for summer? Do you consider them winter clothes? I wear my t-shirts in every season, but then again, I don’t live in NY :)

  • love all things you sharing, thanks very much!

  • Francesca July, 24 2015, 3:41 / Reply

    Totally love all the outfits you showcased, starting from a simple, white tee!

  • Nice and funny pictures ;)


  • Bon, le tee shirt blanc est globalement mon grand amour, j’en porte 99% du temps. Si il est bien coupé et dans un joli tissu, il peut faire super élégant tout en restant très cool. C’est le summum du “je suis naturellement stylée” à mes yeux!

  • Hannah July, 24 2015, 8:04 / Reply

    Gorgeous looks! Are you sure the long sleeve t-shirt in the skirt look is Theory? Can’t find it online anywhere – really need it!

  • c’est vrai qu’avoir un t-shirt blanc sous la main, ça peut éviter un certain nombre de prise de tête le matin !

    xo CarolineJ

  • You didn’t identify the shoes in Look 2, 3, and 6. Please let us know who makes them!

  • J’aime beaucoup cette série photo :)

  • Martine July, 27 2015, 4:43 / Reply

    Looks amazing tucked into high waisted jeans with the white oxfords. Very nice with the leather skirt too…the rest of the looks are bait clunky. I definitely don’t see the pants with the flower border as working to advantage. The bottom look makes her legs look short. The skirt and white t is my favorite. I’ll try that, I think.

  • Wow!! I love suspenders!! The skirt and white t is my favorite!! :)

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