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In New York, you see people dressed in all black everywhere – especially in winter. It’s like a uniform.

I try to avoid it because I love wearing color, but sometimes I see someone who makes an all black outfit look fun. The way Ale’s playful with textures and her cool, mirrored glasses are making me think that an all black look doesn’t have to feel so muted.

How do you wear head to toe black? Can it be just as fun as color?

Sunglasses, Illesteva; coat, Assembly New York; sweatshirt, Haal.


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  • OH! que oui!!! et sans mesure!!! et ce depuis l’adolescence! J’ai essayé la couleur mais non, pas pour moi!

  • I love black, too, especially in winter. It’s like this saying: “90 percent of my wardrobe are black, 10 percent are black-black.”

  • All in black but so colourful at the same time! On aime :)

  • Under the coat is that Isabel Marant sweater?

  • Yes! by wearing non-classcal shapes plus oversize or layering or unexpected insights.

  • Il y a quelques années je ne portais presque que du noir en hiver – mais là depuis deux ans, j’ai envie de couleurs chaudes toute l’année! Je trouve dommage de se limiter à une seule couleur, voir la vie en… couleurs quoi! :-) xxx

  • Jane with the noisy terrier February, 13 2015, 10:05 / Reply

    When I was younger and first living in Boston, I fell into the all black trap. As I’ve gotten older and my features have gotten softer (and shadows and fine lines have gotten deeper) I find black isn’t flattering near my face, as it absorbs light and I need to have more light on my face, not less. Black pants will always be a staple but if I’m going with a monochrome outfit, it’s more likely to be a light to medium gray, camel, or warm brown. In the summer, it’s beige-sandy shades of linen. Or all white. Nothing chicer in the world!

  • I changed to 100% to the same colours like you the last few years, for the same reasons too – so chic! and so much more fun than alway only black. Have a great week-end xxx

  • Moi, j ‘ aime trop le blanc!

  • I started to get away from so much black last year and have picked up more navy.
    I like black and white and black, red and white a lot too. But an all black outfit can be chic and easy especially with fun jewelry or a scarf. I like a great pant, simple top with a blazer.

  • Vivant à Paris, on porte forcément du all black tout le temps ! Mais j’avoue que j’en porte de moins en moins, c’est vite chiant à force !

  • I love head-to-toe black if it looks more beatnik than goth. While I like creative color and pattern choices, something about a slightly severe uniform of sorts appeals to me. I’d rock the look a lot more often, but my cat is white!

  • Would love a Beauty Minute from her!

  • Never let it be faded, different textures, interesting shapes (the opposite is true with bright colours or intense prints: classic shapes) beautiful jewellery and very bright lipstick

  • Well en hiver c’est souvent plus facile de se fondre dans le noir! Et puis le noir est si élégant…
    Souvent je vois des nanas tout en noir et je me dis “c’est tellement classe, je devrais en porter plus souvent” Et devine today je suis en… noir!!

    Bisous bisous Garance

  • Le jeu des matières fait que la tenue n’est pas monolithique et permet même de rester ludique! J’adore son manteau!

  • I definitely think you can have just as much fun with an all black ensemble. I love the way how even the most extravagant styles can look sophisticated and chic in black, and it is much easier to obtain an effortlessly elegant vibe when wearing monotone.

  • Nothing is better than an all black look! Love the mix of textures in this one.

  • Le total look noir peut être très joli et chic mais il faut avoir Super Bonne Mine!


  • Super stylish! Kinda Matrix looking!

  • Thats true. Everyone wears black. I love colors too, and I try to avoid wearing black.

  • J’adore le noir mais j’ajoute toujours une touche de couleur dans mon maquillage, vernis à ongles, accessoires…
    ps: j’aime sa coiffure

  • I personally think black is the best color for clothes. It looks cool and chic. Contrary, bright colors usually look more fun. But I think ‘cool’ is better than ‘fun’ in everyday life. just my opinion))

    BarbarianMe Blog

  • I think that in different period in life we need different colors..all this is influenced by the surrounding ..the culture the fashion and also our weight…so it is a changeable situation..i always loved color..especially when i lived in a sunny country ..than there was a black period …color and back to black…black is also an attitude..and texture makes it interesting…like on Ale…she is amazing!!
    Yael Guetta

  • Moi, je porte seulement les couleurs neutres. Ma couleur préfère c’est certainement le noir, je trouve que c’est un petit peu mystérieux et c’est facile combiner. Une autre raison pour ce choix semble, peut-être, un peu banale, mais c’est parce-que je ne veux pas regardez les photos en 10 ans et penser que j’ai vraiment fait des bêtises avec mes tenues.

  • it could be great combine black with different color shoes or attractive nail polish like neon colors.

  • All black is a year long uniform in Melbourne too – I love it! Head to black is like a blank canvas to play around with different shapes, textures etc, what’s more fun than that? xx

  • Black is way more fun than color. As in black-and-white photography, it’s the quality of the image or the person, the contrast, the light, that draws the furious. Color can be distracting. Black highlights the wearer.

  • J’ai toujours beaucoup aimé le noir mais depuis deux ans je mixte de plus en plus avec d’autres couleurs: le blanc, le crème et un peu de couleur avec des tops en soie. Je remarque que le noir me va finalement mieux l’été quand je suis bronzée. Le blanc l’hiver_c’est un peu à cause de toi_ est venu envahir petit à petit mon dressing.

  • Alors moi l’hiver c’est couleurs, couleur, couleur. Et même si j’adore prêter du noir, je ne peux pas m’empêcher de rajouter une touche de peps avec du rouge, du vert anis, du bleu klein……. Le total look noir, c’est pas pour moi. :-)

  • Cristiana February, 14 2015, 5:28 / Reply

    I love black so much… The way that I manage to brake the seriousness of the color is to risk one only bold or unexpected peace. I like the way it stands out.

  • Lesson de ce post : la texture est une couleur !

  • Anyone who is forced to slog through the slush in NYC knows that winter white (especially pants!) is often just a pipe dream for special occasions. That said, I adore wearing black; I agree that the trick is to choose a luxurious silhouette and materials.

  • all black…every day….simple…elegant…add red lip ????

  • Black is certainly my go to color for the winter – but I don’t wear it near as well as this! ;-)

  • Accessories and make up would be the key to making things more fun! Maybe it’ll even work with a dog of another colour :p

  • I love colour. Especially red, purple, cobalt, forest green and teal. That said I own 5 black dresses – but I always dress them with colourful necklaces or scarfs, and shoes. At the very least red lipstick! Never head to toe black.

  • Je crois que je fais rarement du total look noir. J’ai deux pulls noirs que j’adore, mais pas de pantalon ni de jupe de la même couleur, donc c’est gris foncé.

  • Camille March, 23 2015, 3:16 / Reply

    Pour moi l’hiver c’est : tout noir / tout blanc (ou crème)
    La base de l’essentiel de la quintessence de la couleur héhé
    Je me sens super bien en total look noir, et quand j’ai envie de gaité je switche sur le blanc :)

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