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Winter, you don’t scare me!!!

In honor of New York Fashion Week coming up, now that magazines are already starting to talk about spring fashion, and you can’t even find a good sweater in stores anymore (“It’s not the right season, miss, but we do have some great t-shirts if you’d like!!!”) I feel like talking to you about winter fashion, real winter fashion — what my friends and I have been wearing to try to survive since November already.

And it doesn’t look like we’re anywhere close to spring yet. No, no. Not in New York anyway.

Imagine New York for a moment. Average temperature — anywhere from 23 to 35 degrees Farenheit — just above freezing on a good day. There’s constant ice on the ground, and it keeps trying to melt, making the walkways super slippery and muddy.

And now imagine me — making my way through the crowd on Broadway, headed toward the Studio, with my pencil skirt, my Céline coat, my Manolos, hair blowing in the wind, all rosy cheeks and smoky eyes. You know — a day like any other.

But no — absolutely not. It’s so cold!!!

Let me explain the three stages of my winter style.

There are days when I try to dress with all aspects of winter in mind. I want to be chic, warm, comfortable, practical. But it’s like in everything: you can’t have it all. So it’s usually a complete failure.

Monday, for example, I realized when I was in the taxi that, in my pursuit of style and warmth, I’d ended up wearing a completely random outfit.
Ok, I have to say, I was running super late* and I had gotten dressed really really fast.
But I was wearing my blue Prada brogues with gray socks, flannel pants, a Gap puffer jacket UNDER my COS coat (it’s way too cold to wear only one coat)(and I’m not even talking about a thin puffer jacket like from Uniqlo. This was a super thick one)(+20 pounds), and of course, a striped beanie, TO TIE THE CATASTROPHE ALL TOGETHER.

Fortunately, I was just going to lunch with a friend. Unfortunately, we were sitting right across from Jake G y llenh a al. I prepared my friend for fashion shock by sending her this text:

garance dore text

But I don’t think she could have possibly anticipated this big of a disaster.

As for Jake, he was also wearing a beanie, but for some reason, on him it looked more like: “LA celebrity having lunch with his agent in New York” and on me it was like: “Lost girl with greasy hair having lunch with her therapist.”

But at least I actually tried that day.

There are also days of desperation where I look at my schedule, see that nothing really requires a specific outfit, and then out of pure winter exhaustion, I decide to forget about style altogether.

On those days, I bring out my VCGSJB outfit.
I wear a pair of Vans (so I don’t slip)
A huge Canada Goose parka (it’s really cold!!!)
A Sweater.
A pair of Jeans.
A Beanie (it’s really cold!!!)
And my makeup has been smeared for a long time already. The cold makes me cry!!!

As long as I’m outside, it’s fine.
I’m incognito, and even if I see someone I know from far away, I just keep walking straight ahead — especially since the Canada Goose parka is so common right now (everyone in New York has one) I figure I could actually be anyone.
I just have to cover up a little with my scarf and no one will even notice it’s me.
I would hate for anyone to think the VCGSJB is my main winter outfit, after all.

(And plus when I’m in winter mode, I’m like Larry David. I avoid the stop and chat.)(It’s so cold!!!)

Yesterday was a day like that. I was late again*, so I threw on my combat outfit, and this time I didn’t even have time to put on makeup, which, with this pasty weather, is kind of an insult to womankind, especially if you have short hair.

Not only are we as white as a pair of Common Projects — on top of it all, there’s no good lighting to save us. It’s so gray out!!!

So that’s why, if you see me running on Broadway, it’s just because — ok, I’m probably late, but most of all, I don’t want to run into anyone!!!

Ok, sure. There are days when I really do actually try, and with fashion week coming up, those kinds of days are unfortunately going to be coming one right after another.

It will be one big pile of mini-worries, such as:

• Wiping out on the ice (classic move when you’re wearing heels)
• Figuring out whether or not to wear a beanie
The annoying thing about beanies, as you know, is when you take them off. Your hair is flat or bipolar (I’m sure that’s why Jake kept his on at the restaurant on Monday) which only adds to the esthetic poetry of our tired winter faces. The other day, I went to the New York City Ballet, and I decided to keep my beanie on to avoid having hysterical hair, and I spent at least ten minutes asking myself if it was ok to do that — keep your beanie on at the ballet. No one else in the audience was wearing a hat or a beanie…
• Bringing along another pair of shoes that stick out of your bag, to avoid wiping out on the ice.
• That moment of solitude when you change your shoes (going from Louboutins to Vans) and you end up running into the exact person you were hoping to impress with your heels at the meeting you just left (that happens to me every other time, pretty much). If the person is nice, they’ll throw on their Canada Goose parka and pretend they never saw anything.
• The days when you decide the cold doesn’t scare you (everyone decides that at some point, but you’ll regret it every time) so you don’t wear enough layers and you end up totally frozen. Last time this happened, I thought my face was going to be frozen in place and that I’d be permanently botoxed by the cold. For two seconds, I even thought it didn’t seem like such a bad idea, hahaha.
• The surprising days when suddenly, it’s warmer than expected, and you’re dressed like you’re ready for the Arctic Tundra, so you end up sweating all day long.

And the list goes on — winter worries are infinite, and honestly, my winter blues probably comes down to one simple thing I finally understood:

In the winter, it’s impossible to be very well-dressed.
Well, at least not every day. There are miracle days, sure. That’s what we have Instagram for. But the rest of the time, you just do what you can, and wait for spring.

*Not to make excuses, but right now my life is one big series of delays. I’m finishing my book right now — I know, I’ve been saying that for two months, but it’s getting super intense, it’s the final stretch, the deadline is two weeks away, I’m having heated debates about the title, I’ve got 12345 illustrations to finish in the next ten days, and so on. Like I said, not trying to make excuses. But seriously, I’m late everywhere right now…

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • Et on en revient encore et toujours à la question du chauffeur. Non parce que clairement l’arrière de la voiture peut vitre devenir un dressing de secours qui permet d’éviter le look belle à Gstaad en plein dîner en ville…

  • Just imagine Montreal.. I really don’t know why I brought all my nice dresses, shirts, boots (you just destroy them one after another in the salty snow mix outside). Uniform here is rubber and duck boots + Canada Goose (here, too), for month and month now.. and I’m not even looking good in hats. If I ever had any style, it’s gone to winter vacation, if I ever had a slim silhouette, it’s see you again in april.. bisoux du grand froid, Sol

  • OMG Sol you are so right, I am desperately looking at my closet with all my bright colors but I only wear the same jeans, the same dressy sweat pants, with my rubber boots and my parka, really this winter makes us look like absolutely nothing. And what to do? Even the Vans trick doesn’t work here, because of the amount of snow/ice we have each day. Good luck running from someone you know because you can’t even run on the sidewalks. Plus everybody looks the same with their parka-rubber boots-I look like nothing-winter style.

  • Those who live in Montreal know, we can’t even wear Vans or any leather shoes! You need gore-tex/thinsulate/you-name-it lined boots – nothing chic. And Garance, you are sooo right about the days when you decide the cold doesn’t scare you so you don’t wear enough layers – that’s what happened to me yesterday. I decided to wear my wool coat instead of down parka and ended up frozen literally. I guess you need days like these to appreciate that same old puffy parka :)

  • Excellent !
    Tout pareil que vous, Garance : les cheveux bipolaires sous le bonnet????, le teint Common Projects sans make-up, les jours trop habillés façon multicouches où j’ai trop chaud et je ressemble à une éleveuse de canards dans sa basse cour, les jours pas assez vêtue où le froid me cisaille façon bûche glacée.
    Certes, je ne vis pas à NY mais on passe ici aussi de -4° le matin à 12° l’aprem !!!
    Une seule chose pas pareille, mais alors pas du tout : aucun risque que je me retrouve nez à nez avec le très joli Jake G !
    Enfin, pour ce qui est d’être perpétuellement en retard : ce n’est pas grave ! Vous savez où est votre priorité??! , le reste suivra ????…

  • Dainty & Chic February, 12 2015, 10:01 / Reply

    Love the post! I feel exactly like that most of winter time!

  • Lily Gianduia February, 12 2015, 10:04 / Reply

    Hahaha hilarant! J’habite en Suisse, et même si les hivers y sont moins trash qu’à New York, les jours où il fait bien froid je sors en tenue de ski, la loose stylistique absolue! m’en fous au moins j’ai chaud :-)

  • bavarian_blue February, 12 2015, 10:06 / Reply

    Hold on, it’s all about grim sense of humor! In munich actually freezing 3°Celsius but sunny over all.

  • Jeanne Séguin February, 12 2015, 10:09 / Reply

    Ici à Montréal ça fait 2 mois qu’il fait en moyenne -15 à -25 degrés celcius. Je suis passée d’un État d’aliénation à un État de révolte. Et sur météomédia ils annoncent qu’on va encore avoir droit à ces températures pour les 2 prochaines semaines au moins. Grosse déprime…..

  • Thank you for this article! I feel exactly the same, I just can’t look fashionable and cute in the winter. I basically wear my own bodyweight in sweaters so I don’t freeze to death and I in general try to prevent going out of the house as much as possible. You will see me in spring again!

  • Ooo dear G. I’m sooo smiling reading this…
    yesterday I was full of clothes, but not so cold. and today, I was telling myself this is the end, no more a lot of clothes, and I was freezing in my skirt (a nice coldly one) and my ugly shoes (a pair not for winter but not for spring, just between seasons)…bad day and bad outfit, I’ll see tomorrow…
    and so happy to see Larry David!

  • I sort of disagree with you here. I believe that trainers, jeans, jumper and a coat can look stylish and classy and sexy and cute and everything else a girl wants to look like on a day to day basis. On this blog you’ve always talked about stylish basics, and nothing makes me think a girl is cooler than seeing her styling it out in a pair of trainers, jeans and a jumper. If you can pull that off and make it look chic, you can make anything work.

    I agree that the weather limits your wardrobe though, I miss my satin bomber jackets and bikers, but parkas and big woollen coats need their moments too!


  • I can identify with a lot of this, trying to survive my first East Coast winter after moving to New York from Seattle!

    I do want to call attention to a word you use, Garance. In your paragraph about going to the ballet, you referred to your hair as “bipolar.” Please choose another adjective. Bipolar is a illness that millions suffer from, and it comes across to me as offensive when it is used as a descriptor for your bad hair day.

    I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed your blog daily for over five years, and thoroughly appreciate your candid humor about a myriad of topics. Please take this as constructive feedback, as I would hate for you to lose readers over this honest mistake.

  • “PURE WINTER EXHAUSTION” !!!!!! Could you BE any more spot on?!?!?!??!?! You are my spirit animal rn. I’m from Minneapolis, and every day in this weather is a challenge. It can be so defeating!! Thanks for this post, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one struggling with many a mid-winter fashion faux-pas. :)

  • À quand la sortie de ton livre Garance? Excellent article en passant!

  • I can’t wait for your book !!

  • Completely agree, I always end up wearing the same thing again and cannot force myself to put on something really cool and fashionable, cause the weather just makes me lazy. But with the NYFW starting, I believe we all can find some inspiration. I just watched BCBGMAXAZRIA online and it was so cool, I included a link in my blog to watch NYWF shows- for all of you, so please go and check out what we could find inspirational to wear in this weather and let’s be more innovative about it :) Thank you Garance for such a nice post :)

  • So that’s why your posts have been so long recently – you’re on a deadline!

    I write long blog posts when I’m on deadline too :)

  • I have a Winter uniform that I wear from November to March: one of my super warm black trousers (I think the fabric is called fleece material), one of my black turtle necks (fleece material) and… that’s it. I throw over my black super warm coat (made by a company that makes the outerwear for the workers in Hamburg’s harbour), I put on my black snow boots, my black beanie, my black scarf… an well, I look like a cockroach but black makes you look thinner and it’s the most elegant color, no?
    Now your Winter outfits don’t seem so terrible, right?
    Good luck with the deadline!!!

  • Supertomate February, 12 2015, 10:54 / Reply

    Ici Montréal aussi. Ça fait 13 hivers que je me tape ici, je suis passée par toutes les phases de recherche de style mais depuis qq années, c’est fini, j’ai arrêté de tenter de lutter. Fait froid, y’a 15 cm de neige, aucun être humain ne peut se déplacer en escarpins et en manteau de laine Isabel Marant pour de vrai, même pour juste traverser les rues, qui sont pleines de neige marron, salée et collante, recouvrant les plaques de glace. Donc merde. On verra au printemps (dans 2 mois donc >_<)
    Le seul truc qui me sauve, c'est que le bonnet qui écrabouille les cheveux, ça ne me dérange pas, ils partent dans les sens anyway.

  • The only way to survive this cold cold winter is to go into hibernation like the marmot:)………or to accept the idea that NY winter isn’t like Paris winter…so in order to dress fashionably… we take a taxi everywhere…or we change our style for winter:)….
    Yael Guetta

  • I laughed until I cried! I spent the entire Autumn AND Winter looking for a perfect coat. Warm, but stylish. Elegant, but in a relaxed kind of way. Classic, but not too boring. It does not exist. At least not in my size, I suppose.

    I ended up wearing a parka on really bad days. And, when I had to dress up a little bit, I was wearing my beautiful, impractical, cool coat that I bought in Italy. In the part of Italy, where a snowfall is something that the papers write about for the following 6 months. It’s sooooo difficult to be stylish, when the elements are against you for 4-5 months a year. I wish I could wear that pencil skirt. With no tights (YUCK!). With heels. And a light coat hanging on my shoulders, over a featherweight cashmere sweater. With sunglasses, covering my perfectly made-up eyes. My hair ever so immaculate, because I wouldn’t need to wear a beanie. Or a hood over a beanie. And my hands wouldn’t be all chopped despite of tons of hand cream that I use in winter.

    Damn northern climate!

  • A ha! Garance we crossed paths in our neighborhood (le west village) last weekend, and I took notice of this outfit of yours! My first thought was “I love that woman’s look” and my second thought was “ah, it’s Garance. But I’m going to look away because I don’t want to bother her on a Sunday.” You looked great in Vans, skinny jeans and a CG coat. Well done on findings a perfect winter warrior outfit.

  • Lisa Walsh | Innerspace Interior Design LLC February, 12 2015, 11:08 / Reply

    OMG! I thought that I was the only one who wore two coats in NY during the winter!
    Here’s what I wore over/under my clothes when I was visiting Manhattan from San Francisco last week:
    A shearling coat (Over a wool coat) (Note that, in San Francisco, it has been too warm this winter to wear even one coat!)
    A cashmere scarf
    Cashmere lined leather gloves (Over Patagonia glove liners) (Usually worn cross country skiing)
    Patagonia long underwear (Also usually worn cross country skiing)
    Neoprene socks (More ski gear)
    Hunter boots (Still more ski gear)
    And, on the days that it sleeted/snowed, I also carried an umbrella!
    Tres chic, non?

  • This is my life right now how to look somewhat fashionable and not freeze. It’s been 30’s and windy and icy and calling for snow and temps in the single digits! My Jcrew coat is saving me right now because it is so warm but not bulky. And I also have your hat issues.
    This is a great post! Good luck at Fashion Week!

  • Garance, il faut un post sur la duckboot. Ce truc est un sauve la vie mais impossible à porter avec un minimum de style. Help!

  • Jane with the noisy terrier February, 12 2015, 11:47 / Reply

    Reading this just reminds me how happy and fortunate I am to spend winters on a sunny island off the South Carolina coast. (Think perfect autumn sweater weather about 90% of the time. Clear blue skies. Empty beach. No fashion folk.) The noisy terrier is happier as well, since going for a walk doesn’t mean wearing a coat plus four boots (Muttluks) to protect his feet from the de-icer on the ground. The guest room is waiting for you and airfares are around $200 now….

  • I love your blog because it sometimes shows the imperfection of “perfect women” as well as the fantasy that is the reason that women love fashion. I never look nice because I would rather sleep 5 more minutes that wake up early and compose myself but I do appreciate it when other people do.

  • love this! the stop and chat is so true — I hate doing that it gets so annoying

  • Yeah, I totally understand.
    I don’t know if it comforts you, but where I live, it can easily be 5 F or -13 F, or even colder in winter.
    Almost no sun and the winter basically lasts from November till end of March. But it can even include October and April. You never know.

    Forget about style! I have stylish coats but I hardly wear them. The only thing that keeps me warm is a long down puffer. With a hood!

    OK, this winter has been much better.

    Weather can really be a bummer when it comes to dressing. But what can you do. The short summers here are beautiful, though. Think about the white nights!

  • Wow, I’m so relieved! I thought I was the only person walking around New York in two coats —but I’m wearing a long down coat over a short down jacket! When will this insanity end?!!!!

  • J’adore cette pièce!

    and I can’t wait for the book to come out! i just hope it’s not another “How to be parisienne”? book/guide!

  • On the other hand , here in Brazil we are really suffering with the very , very hot days. Like 47C. It´s impossible. It feels like you are been baked in the oven, It’s pure hell. And know we are struggeling with shortage of water ! and energy! I spend my days and nights in the aircondition. I can’t wait for a more pleseant weather.

  • I didn’t think describing hair as “bipolar” was offensive. Bipolar doesn’t just refer to someone’s mental state- it also defines something that has two poles or extremities.

    Anyway, Winter Chic is a look all of it’s own. Ok, there aren’t too may variations, but it’s fun for a (short) time.

  • Tu as oublie de mentionner le moment ou tu rentres dans le mero et il fait une chaleur horrible et que tu dois enelver, bonnet, echarpe er gants…
    Mois j’ai un hiver no style et je m’en fous!
    J’essaye juste de garder mon bushing en place ;-)

  • sorry, I can’t read this, it’s about 0 degrees F outside. I’ll read about someplace warm!

  • I feel so cold right now! It is impossible to dress well when it’s this cold.

  • Also, all the heavy duty winter gear is so expensive, that I often only have one go-to option for the coldest, iciest days.

    My secrets to the Chicago winter are fleece lined tights and black, scoop neck silk base layer tops.

    I tried to find some nice wool skinny trousers, but JCrew is almost exclusively selling cropped pants. People are selling business suit style pants in full lengths, but all the more casual styles are cropped. What the hell?! I thought I was crazy, but based on all the people I see wearing cropped pants in 10 degree weather, I think it has affected other people as well.

  • Tu m’étonnes! Je viens de passer 10 jours à Minneapolis, avec mes élèves. Je leur avais dit qu’il fallait renoncer à l’élégance pour résister au froid, ce qu’ils ont bien compris, eux. J’ai voulu faire la maline avec mes chaussures à talon dans le sac, etc… d’un, je me suis gamelée avec mon gros sac sur le verglas, et de 2, j’ai quand même été brulée par le froid sur les cuisses. Tant pis pour la coquetterie, j’ai fini la semaine en boots à fourrure et doubles collants!

  • LOL I feel you Garance!
    Choisir entre chic et confort en hiver c’est THE enjeu. Et à chaque fois que je choisis le chic, je me retrouve malade, preuve qu’en hiver, on peut (rarement) être bien habillée et lutter contre le froid.
    M’enfin, problème de fashionista ;)

  • Your VCGSJB outfit sounds much more chic than the try-hard one, no matter what the weather is like.
    Plus, sneakers are fashionable anyway. You can get really warm ones and insert fleece insoles and you’re all set.

  • So funny, Garance! Thank you. You only forgot one winter tragedy … wherein one dresses appropriately for the weather outside (you know, nice sweater, maybe pants or a skirt and tights, boots), then you get to your meeting / lunch / whatever and find that the establishment caters to those wearing bicep-baring (as in, sleeveless) silk tops and pencil skirts (with no tights) and open-toes shoes … meaning, the dang heat is turned to 80 degrees inside the building. Agh! We will not win this war, Garance, but at least you make us laugh and remind us to stay real!

  • And it’s very impolite to wear a beanie to ballet, fashion statement or not! People are focusing on their art and not your hair, anyway!

  • Mais comment faisait Carrie B. ?

  • Quand il fait jusqu’à -5°, je trouve ça facilement gérable, avec une 2e veste sous un long manteau avec un haut col + un bonnet, et dessous encore un pull bompard avec un joli pantalon de couleur etc. Surtout des bottes qui n’ont pas peur de la neige et agrippe le sol. Ca reste des silhouettes qui peuvent vraiment bien donner je trouve. Par contre le froid Montréal, de -5 à -25°… Bye bye l’allure, vive doudouneland (gros en extérieur, mais surement très joli dessous !).
    L’important c’est ce qu’on porte sous le manteau non ?

  • I spent ten days in Montreal last spring (I mean the beginning of April when you had that crazy snowfall over the only non-working day I had over there:)) and that salty snow mixture you keep on your walkways totally ate up my shoes! I still cannot believe it. There were holes in my shoes afterwards. But now I know that no leather chic winter boots of mine will ever walk on Montreal walkways. Next time I am bringing wellies :)

  • I don’t recommend wellies — it can get far to slippery for those.

    Get a pair of Sorels — clunky, yes. But warm, dry and most of them have treads that make it hard to slip. They also come in some funky colours that create the impression that you’re striving for a quirky look.

  • Tu m’as fait rire avec ton histoire de bonnet. Moi ça m’est déjà arrivé aussi de ne pas enlever mon bonnet pas peur de l’état de mes cheveux dessous et de ne pas arrêter de me demander si ça craignait pas trop que je le garde!
    Bref, l’hiver ce n’est pas trop la saison du glamour!
    Plus que quelques semaines à tenir si tout va bien!


  • haha this was one of the most entertaining reads I’ve had in a while. Thank You for the laughs, Fashion Week is going to be brutal- I’ll be freelancing backstage all weekend/ all day- luckily President’s day is going to let me come back to neutral (free day from work!!)
    Time to plan the all black outfits :)


  • I think I should just invest in coats for the 6 months of winter. Other clothes, so does not matter!

  • Excellent Post :D !!!
    En habitant à Montréal je ne peux que confirmer tous les points ! C’est mon premier hiver ici et…c’est trop dur ! Et surtout très très long !! Plus que 2 longs mois… en plus il neige tous les jours !!

    Le plus drôle c’est ces jours où tu as décidé d’être plus forte que le froid, que tu abandonnes tes chaussures de neige pour une paire de bottines, que pour une fois tu refuses de prendre gants, bonnet, écharpe… Très mauvaise idée ! Mais c’est bon pour le moral qui en marre de toute cette neige et ce froid !!

    Et est-ce qu’il faut prévoir la parka pour NY? j’arrive demain :(

  • Prends en une :) Ca caille vraiment et ils annoncent encore plus froid demain et après… ;)

  • Yes! I also had an epiphany when I moved to a milder climate that has no winter snow (**maybe** a dusting 1-3 days a year, melted by afternoon) and rarely drops below freezing that my winter blues are *in part* due to having to dress for winter. If it stays not so cold and no big snow storms I can live in wool/cashmere dresses + wool tights + wool socks + over the knee boots + chic wool insulated coats etc–never breaking out the parkas, always in dresses and skirts still, and almost never resorting to hats of any kind (I do a big loose beret style when I need to.) Once I realised this I also realised that I can never go back to true winter. Where I live it’s still cold and grey *but* the crocuses and snowdrops have already broken through the ground, the early evenings are light, and I have been able to wear skirts, dresses, and heels all winter! That takes the edge of my winter blues by half!

  • “permanently botoxed by the cold” – love it! that’s exactly how my face feels in Boston

  • Garance, you need Ear Bags! It’s a terrible name, but they are great for ladies with short hair in freezing weather. They keep my ears warm without flattening my short hair–SO GOOD!

  • Hihihihi !!!!! je me suis encore bien marrée avec ce post ! et toujours sympa l’illustration !
    Nous avons toutes un peu le même comportement les filles !

  • LOL!!! NYC and Toronto have similar whether in the summer, but I laugh at 23 Fahrenheit. It has been -13 Fahrenheit here in Toronto for the past 5 weeks, with snow, more snow, and ice. So being fashionable is well, for the most part is out of the question.
    Although when I get to the office I peel the layers off and take the ugly boots off, and there is something that resembles a “stylish” outfit, minus the messy hair from the BIG FUR hat I wear (you have too when you commute in Canada, otherwise you wouldn’t make it 3 blocks).
    In short, I too cannot wait for spring, and Garance, despite your opinion of yourself that day, I am sure you looked as great as ever. :)

  • I stopped reading when I saw J. Gellen-etc was your “free pass.” Really?? Not even in my top 100.

  • Patagonia down sweater is the only one that works for me as a layer, light beautiful, amazing comapny with ethics. Worth a try. It is a must have in the north pole that is Boston these days,

  • Gina Clark February, 12 2015, 9:22 / Reply

    Love this post! I am fashion challenged in the winter and struggle with all of these things (except for the beanie-I wear a coat with a HUGE hood on it so I don’t flatten my hair-fashion challenged and crazy hair would do me in for sure) Anyway, these last couple of days I have decided to step it up because I’m desperate to feel pretty and fem (which is hard when I’m walking around at work all day in black Timberland winter boots) and this guy at work says things to me like “you actually look kind of nice today” or “hey, that’s a nice outfit” like I should be happy he’s noticing my attempt to “dress up”. I am fashion challenged because it’s cold you moron not because I have no sense of style! Ugh. I feel better. I really needed to get that off my chest.

  • Garance ton article est tellement drôle… Et vrai !
    Je suis à New York pour la 1ère fois de ma vie et comme c’était une surprise (j’étais censée être a Houston ou la température est moins polaire ou disons plus raisonnable), je me suis demandée comment faire partie des filles super bien habillées qu’on voit sur ton blog en talons aiguille, mini et chemise légère, compte tenu du froid et des couches à accumuler pour ne pas y succomber… Tu viens de m’enlever un énorme poids !
    J’aurais énormément voulu te croiser mais je me rends compte que finalement je ne t’aurais pas reconnu sous tes 15 couches… Et que le “stop & chat” n’aurait pas été aussi bienvenu qu’un jour d’été ! ;)

  • Winter in Chicago kills all my desire for style over warmth, so I’m so glad to see you talking about this! I’m always bundled up in so many layers that if I ever slip and fell, I’m convinced I would bounce when I hit the ground. I’ll settle for watching the cute style posts on Instagram and jealously waiting until spring over freezing.

  • Loving your posts about winter! Its amazing the way you face the cold!

  • Cold? Solutions: make lots of yummy soup, a shot of HOT run with spiced HOT wine… winter drink EVER to sip on, chill by the fire place (my grocery store has a fire place by the cashier!), winter sports ( skiing, snowboarding, sledding, cross country skiing, ice skateing, build a snowman?), sauna room at gym/spa….. that’s what keeps you SANE during winter. NOBODY has it as hard as the animals that live outside. 40% of the bird population dies every winter. Feed the birds with winter treats outside your door….WARMS the heart and body. Embrace/hug life, reality instead… =)

  • This is my favorite blogpost in a while, so funny and relatable. Me I am in my Sorels, EVERY damn day! There is snow everywhere, and otherwise I fall flat on my face. Spring, are you there yet?

  • Francesca February, 13 2015, 5:23 / Reply

    I can totally relate to your article, I crave for those spring days to make an appropriate entrance!

  • Love this post, really helps my French :)

    With love from London,
    Hayley x

  • C’est mille fois pire au Québec…-25 ce matin. Pour le look, on repassera!

  • Lol… I love this post! If you want to feel a bit better about your style right now though – try being pregnant with twins while it is 10 degrees out!!! (Like it is today). I am soooooo tired of my wardrobe. I am so tired of the snow because if I try to go outside, I literally might break my pelvis. Agggghhhhhh. But one recommendation for your poor freezing face – Weleda’s skin protection cream (Comes from the Calendula baby line) – Its a lovely balm texture – I and my kiddies use it and we love it. Smells nice too. Obviously makeup has to be a little more pared down – but I think its worth it for this month of arctic horror.

  • rorococoeugvic February, 13 2015, 1:09 / Reply

    Rooooh la la … ma peur se précise … je pars à Chicago dans une petite semaine … et j’angoisse …
    Je précise que je vis dans le Sud de la France … donc déjà Paris ou le ski, j’ai souvent du mal … alors là ?!
    J’ai pensé à plein de couches oui … mais j’arrive pas à réaliser … on peut marcher, disons agréablement dehors … ou il faut vite sauter de musées en grands magasins ?

  • Ok ok, les gens commencent à savoir. Nous autres, les canadiens… Les montréalais… Nous détenons la palme de l’hiver. Oui oui : on déguste sec. Et cette année est une terrible démonstration du merveilleux hiver canadien. Moi la j’arrive du sud de la France. 15ieme hiver canadien et ce matin: beau soleil, grosse réunion tres tôt, je suis à la bourre et dans un élan de joie ; je dis: tiens ça sent le printemps, je laisse mon parka au vestiaire et j’enfile mon nouveau manteau de printemps ( oui il attend depuis 1 mois dans le placard pour sa première sortie).
    Je sors. Il fait frette comme ils disent. Pas un peu. Il fait terriblement froid! J’ai jamais pu vérifier la température en chemin pour ma grosse réunion… Mon cell s’est déchargé instantanement dehors. Sinon j’aurai lu: -34 , moins 34 mais beau soleil; même que sur site météo, on pouvait lire: parfaite occasion pour sortie son manteau de printemps. Vive la mode.

  • le bonnet …horreur..
    .conseil : ne jamais laquer tes tifs avant de mettre un bonnet (oui je sais , la laque a officiellement disparu de la surface de la Terre en 92, mais tant qu’il y aura des vieux, il y a aura de la laque, merci mamie…)
    Nouvelle coupe, laque indispensable par vent puissance tornade,..l’hiver sera long, je me prépare à lutter pour que ma coupe soit stabilisée , au moins maintenue dans les limites de la décence (et de l’humour) …
    Au supermarché j’embarque la super elnett de l’oréal, la laque de Liliane B. aka la généreuse (et si ça marche pour maintenir en place son lobe frontal surnuméraire (oui, non, mais c’est quoi cette coupe multicéphale???) , bein, ça marchera pour moi (et ma frange rebelle).
    Le matin, en retard pour un covoiturage (c’est sympa, essayez, parfois vous pouvez même étendre vos jambes dans la voiture…), je laque à donf et hop bonnet, car vent de malade …
    sauf que quand j’ai voulu enlever mon bonnet dans la voiture bien chauffée, bein, il est resté collé à mes cheveux, et je sentais mes cheveux se barrer avec le bonnet,
    du coup j’ai fait mine de le remettre en place (par une sorte de mini déplacement latéral dudit bonnet) et j’ai scruté dans le regard des autres s’ils avaient remarqué un truc louche..ils n’y ont vu que du feu et ont pensé que j’étais une de ces filles accros au style qui gardent leur bonnet partout…j’ai eu chaud , doublement…
    du coup je l’ai gardé ce fichu bonnet…toute la journée…hiver: 1 , moi : 0

  • Bon je pense que tout a été dit sur Montréal. Il fait tellement froid qu’on en arrive à inventer des nouveaux jurons.
    Tous est dégueulasse : boots, voiture, mm la Canada Goose avec ce mélange de boue/neige/sel qui s’incruste partout.
    Parfois j’ai envie de baisser les bras mais dans un dernier sursaut stylistique je me dis ”non, il en va de ton moral”.
    Petite anecdote : hier soir au resto avec mon chéri je lui en ai quasiment voulu d’être venu avec ses bottes de tous les jours au lieu de mettre des bottes plus ”habillées” (oui ça existe, non?). Et moi j’ai fait toute une gymnastique pour rentrer dans le resto avec mes bottes, les changer pour des talons en daim noir à la louis XIV dans le vestibule du resto en 20 sec avant que quelqu’un ne rentre, puis a cacher le gros sacs de bottes dans mon manteau au vestiaire. Tout ça pourquoi ? Passer 2 heures assises au resto avec le plaisir de me sentir féminine et surtout plus forte que l’hiver. Pathétique !!!!

  • Love your writing!

  • “L’hiver, c’est impossible d’être très très bien habillée.” Rien n’est plus faux !
    Je bosse dehors, mais vraiment dehors, tous les jours, 365 jours par an (ben oui, vivre à la ferme c’est tellement “amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing” ! ;) Et ici on a les mêmes températures hivernales, et la même neige qu’à NY.

    On trouve des vêtements chauds ET seyants. Suffit de se fournir au bon endroit ;)

  • Garance j’ai la solution pour toi quand tu portes un bonnet et que tu ne veux pas avoir les cheveux en pagaille quand tu enlèves ton fameux bonnet… Tu me remercieras peut être un jour !

    En attendant ce produit miraculeux c’est le DUST IT OSIS + de SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL. Tu l’appliques un peu de poudre – invisible – à la racine et tes cheveux retrouveront hop comme par MAGIE immédiatement un semblant de volume. Hyper utile quand on porte un bonnet… ;)

    Alors le verdict ? On attend un nouvel article concernant ce super produit miraculeux… !

    Bon dimanche,

  • OMG I love the VCGSJB concept! Me to a tee, honestly. Those days when it’s ridiculously freezing, and you can’t even fathom how to make your warm clothes a fashion statement. Keeping it simple is the best thing to do in winter!

  • coquelicotte February, 18 2015, 1:18 / Reply

    voilà enfin des posts sur la galère de l’hiver pour s’habiller et ressembler à qqch!
    j’attends ça depuis novembre :))
    moi aussi je galère!!!!

  • Valentina February, 19 2015, 5:00 / Reply

    Love it

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