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Rayon de Soleil

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It’s like I’m never, never, never going to find the ideal pair of sunglasses. But every time, I think I’ve found the pair (why are you always searching for the ideal, Garance, why? Couldn’t you be happy with a pair that’s just good?) and I’m ready to pay an arm and a leg for them (ok, not that much, actually, I’m extremely annoyed by super expensive glasses because I know, no matter how well they’re made, it can’t justify a $800 price tag)(unless they’re made of solid gold or they have their own Snapchat account…ok, fine, I’m exaggerating, but you see what I mean).

Every season, I think about it, and I wonder if I’m missing out on the pair of my life.

For example, I almost totally bypassed this sublime Dior pair, but the gods of fashion (in the form of the Dior press office) got me up to speed by offering them to me at the Dior Cruise. All the fashion editors had them on and everyone was over-instagramming them to make all the normal people, untouched by the grace of the Dior press office gods of fashion, jealous as hell (you’ll notice that I abstained from Instagramming – the perfection of my stay in Cannes was already perfectly unbearable, the famous glasses might have been one Dior too many).

So we were all parading around with Dior sunglasses of every color on our noses, and, even though I was wearing a pair myself, I managed to get jealous of the ones people around me were wearing, in different colors. Because deep down, like any spoiled, greedy editor I wanted them all, because I had FINALLY figured out that I was holding in my hands the sunglasses of the summer – cool, different, feminine, beautiful, light.

This realization was confirmed by my sister, Sacha, who, ever the stoic, even when she’s excited, threw me a laconic: “Can I have them? In Ajaccio, everyone’s tearing them out of each other’s hands.”
Obviously, like a good, thoughtful big sister, I kept them for myself.

celine sunglasses beach still-life garance dore photos

There are my Céline’s, which I totally bought pre-scratched (a.k.a., ladies and gentlemen, behold, the demo glasses from Barney’s)(and behind the computer screen, the dummy who bought them) because, at the time, I decreed that they were the ultimate pair – classic, feminine, light, perfect. I wasn’t wrong and, obviously, the fact that they’re impossible to find from Soho to 96th must have had a perverse effect on my quest for the ideal.

The truth is, they are sort of perfect, with their subtle cat eye and vintage look that I love. And the Céline insignia on the side is super discreet, thank you very much, I’ve had enough of being a walking advertisement.

oakley sunglasses beach still-life garance dore photos

And there are my Oakleys, of course, which I’ve always found to be outrageously timeless, since they remind me of my adolescence. Ideal glasses, maybe not, but I’m absolutely sure they’re must-haves. I would walk and advertise for Oakley anytime apparently, seeing the size of the crazy logo…

And, finally, these Versace’s, which are just for showing off. They’re perfect in the sense that they will get you noticed right away:

versace sunglasses beach still-life garance dore photos

“Look at that girl over there, does she think she’s at Fashion Week, or what?” (say the normal people)


“Look over there, it’s Garance Doré in enormous white sunglasses, that’s the only thing I can see. I don’t know if I love them or hate them.”

“Yeah, but at least they made you look, so whether you love them, or you love to hate them, the sunglasses still win.” (and that right there, ladies and gentlemen, was one second in the mind of a crazy fashion editor.)

Because sometimes, like on Tinder you just want to be noticed right away!!!

Anyway, you know me, idealist that I am, the actual truth is that I’ve already found the perfect pair of sunglasses – light, classic, perfect, timeless. And I’ve already told you about them here.

But the problem when you’ve found the ideal is that you get tired of perfection. That’s why it’s not such a bad idea to flirt a little with something new sometimes…!!!
(DON’T PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH, EVERYTHING’S GOING FINE IN MY LOVE LIFE, are you all fashion editors, or what???)

Translated by Andrea Perdue

1 / Sunglasses, Christian Dior; Bag, Baggu; Towel, Vilebrequin. 2 / Sunglasses, Céline; Towel, Vilebrequin; Book, Arthur Elgort’s Model Manual; Bag, Trade-Mark. 3 / Sunglasses, Versace; Bag, Mark Cross; Book, Chloe Sevigny; Towel, Missoni. 4 / Sunglasses, OAKLEY; Bag, Baggu; Book, Carlos’s Places; Towel, Missoni.


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  • Katerina July, 9 2015, 9:47 / Reply

    Wonderful post! So funny! I understand you perfectly… although I personally always end up with the good old Ray-Bans. (my choice is quite limited as I have a round face and sensitive eyes; had to return wonderful Pradas just because the shades weren´t dark enough). Enjoy your sunglasses and enjoy summer! Looking forward to your book! Any book-tour in Spain??

  • Tu te souviens de la marque de la superbe paire de lunette que tu avais perdu (proche du modèle céline) ??? Elles étaient sublimes… (cf. le post THE MOST WANTED je crois, si ma mémoire est bonne…)

  • “Le rayon de soleil”, c’est la premiere photo. J’aime tout, les couleurs acidulees, les lunettes, le Sanpellegrino orangina.
    Je reste, pour ma part, fidele a mes RayBan depuis une vingtaine d’annees et ne m’en lasse pas. J’aimerais quand meme avoir les pliables pour pouvoir les glisser dans la pochette qui me tient lieu de sac depuis peu. :=)

  • As I was reading this post, I kept thinking black Ray Ban wayfarers. They are simply perfect. And, I see that you agree!

  • Camille July, 9 2015, 10:41 / Reply

    There are tons of sunglasses that I find totally beautiful. That’s not the problem. The problem is… my face. Ha!
    I have a thin face and a very thin nose bridge, and so, a lot of glasses just fit way too big on my face.

    Finding the perfect sunglasses for me was a long journey. After searching long and hard, I found THE pair a few years back: a Burberry pair (plastic frame [subtle Burberry dark tartan) and metal branches). They were made for my face! I love them. I wear them all the time and they are timeless.

    I got another pair Burberry pair this past Christmas (all camel-colored rim from the Trench collection). Love them.

    In any case, turns out I’m pretty faithful when it comes to my sunglasses. One or two pairs are enough for me. :)

  • Thanks for the inspiration! I sort of gave up on sunglasses but reading this gives me new hope :-)

    Love from Germany and a beautiful day to you,


  • moi j’ai une paire et une seule, parfaites: PERSOL et basta.

  • It’s hard to find a good pair for your face shape — that’s my problem!

  • Mon nouveau must, magnifiques, la monture écaille :–artisan_du_regard_anne_et_valentin–3-sur-15–2.jpg
    pas léger, pas frais, mais chic, classique et super indémodable !

  • michelle July, 9 2015, 11:32 / Reply

    not to add to your confusion but do check out forever 21 for sunglasses, they have tons of fun colors and trendy styles which do not break the bank so if they get scratched or lost it’s not the end of the world, i only mention because what is not to love about a cheap thrill once in a while?

  • Je cherche aussi désespérément la paire de lunette idéale et lorsque comme moi on porte des lunettes de vue on multiplie la quette par 2 !
    Puis avec toutes ces collections, ces lunettes sublimes sur des filles sublimes à qui elles vont parfaitement bien et bien sur que sur nous c’est juste catastrophique, merci la frustration ^^


  • I’ve been wearing my father’s old RayBans. Originals. So chic! Perfect for Paris or anywhere.


  • therese July, 9 2015, 12:40 / Reply

    Alas, I have to have prescriptions so I need to really love them before I invest that much time and money. I have gone the Warby Parker route. Not as stylish but they do have styles for all faces. I love the Diors. Very stylish and timeless. I had a pair of Oliver Peoples that were similar to the Diors years ago and I finally wore them out. It is nice to dream.

  • Amelie July, 9 2015, 12:50 / Reply

    You should try Dita Eyewear, Garance!

  • That’s me exactly…. I’m obsessed with finding the perfect pair of sunglasses. Right now I’m dreaming of Chanel (while wearing Dior)…. so crazy!

  • You can never have enough sunnies….just like shoes!!!! Love this post, soooo right on and funny! xxi

    adorn la femme

  • Every year I buy at least one to two new pairs (always at Marshall’s or T. J. MAXX). Really don’t care if they are the latest fashion. I wear what fits what I am wearing (vintage, tailored, feminine, etc.). Sometimes I wear what fits the countries I travel to (in Africa always my Rayban aviators). My fav pair were D&G (they went with just about everything) but I lost them last summer. My driving glasses are Silhouette because they are so light weight and they never leave my car. I never throw a pair away and wear several different styles each year.

  • Hahaha, tu es trop subtile! Le piège! Jusqu’à la fin, j’ai pensé que tu nous refaisais la version jean idéal mais en version lunettes…et en mode “annonce de la rupture”, “je commence à me faire c**** avec Chris”… Ouf non.
    Ah la fourbe! Donc je suis très heureuse pour toi. Pour les lunettes, en vrai, je m’en fiche un peu, même royalement. De toutes façons je ne pense pas que des lunettes participent à ton bonheur. Alors qu’un jean, OUI!

  • Margareth July, 9 2015, 3:17 / Reply

    As a fashion-editor with super-power I would ban all Ray-Ban Aviator´s from the streets. Also denim shorts.

  • wow j’adore cet article les lunettes sont vraiment parfaites et les photos sont très belles et j’aime bien ton blog , tu est l’une de mes blogeusse préférer ,je suis aussi une bloggeuse et j’aimerais bien si tu viens voir mon blog et merci :*

  • Total sunnies envy! I love mine they are from Karen Walker.

  • J’adore cet article et je ne sais pas si je préfère ton humour ou toutes ces paires de lunettes plus belles les unes que les autres… love love love!
    xo, Christelle

  • J’en achète pas mal dans des styles assez différents (mais sans y laisser un bras non plus hein) mais je reviens toujours à mes basics : mes Ray-Ban adorées !

  • Je viens d’exploser de rire devant mon ordi, merci! Peu importe les années, ton style d’écriture est toujours aussi rafraîchissant!
    Pour moi les lunettes en été sont comme les manteaux en hiver, c’est ce qui nous permet de nous différencier, de laisser transparaitre sa personnalité (pfff la meuf qui veut faire genre elle est unique..)

  • Summer is here, nice and relaxing pictures ;)


  • carole July, 10 2015, 6:17 / Reply

    MUI MUI i have a2 pr of NU in black ….even when they r on top of my head i get compliments …..i let everyone try them on ….even a guy…..they suit me to perfection….je suis contains

  • Alexandra July, 10 2015, 10:08 / Reply

    Il y a tellement de marques et modèles et c’est tellement (finalement) si ridicule que j’ai préféré m’attacher à soutenir la production française et à acheter du made in france :
    Lafont / Anne & Valentin / Caroline Abham / Tarian. (4 paires de lunettes car des corrections multiples et des verres solaires)
    En France on passe notre temps à râler du chômage et de la mondialisation , chacun peut faire un effort pour soutenir la production locale , non ?????
    (et au moins la paire de lunettes mega chère on sait qu’elle l’est – chère- car vu le taux de charge et de tva >> ce n’est pas du 80% de marge sur la fabrication)

  • Kittycatbob July, 10 2015, 9:01 / Reply

    I have pretty bad eyesight and decided about five years ago to bite the bullet and buy a pair of prescription sunglasses. Since they were going to cost a lot and I planned to have them for a while, I wanted to find ones that wouldn’t go out of style. I selected the classic black Ray Ban Wayfarers; they have served me well. They go with everything I wear and all my hair incarnations. I think those along with aviators are the best choices if you could only pick one pair. They really are classics.

  • Yep, it is not easy to find THE sunglasses. The ones that are made just for me and they’ve been waiting for me to be bought, worn and loved until my kid steps or a similar disaster happens. Anyway, I love the Celine and Oakley sunglasses from your pictures. Actually, I love the Celine sunglasses. Love, love, love them. For now, I’ve been quite faithful to RayBans, but… Who knows what waits around the corner! PS I also happen to love, love, love Sanpellegrino aranciata! It’s a perfect 0% alcohol summer drink :)

  • Best sunglasses I’ve ever seen.

  • I found the most perfect cat eye sunglasses from Miu Miu. Not too pointy. Don’t look like a sexy cat girl Halloween costume prop. And I love them. Post them on Instagram. The whole thing.. BUT I have my eyes on those Dior. ????

  • béné July, 12 2015, 7:42 / Reply

    Tu es complètement tarée … J’adore :-D
    Moi mes favorites sont les Fly de Julbo (grandes, légères, sportives mais passent bien en ville, pas chères) et elles ne sont plus fabriquées. Désespoir …

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