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Alright, guys, this is it: the last of my wedding posts—from here on out it’s going to be non-wedding related beauty stuffs, so I guess right now would be the perfect time for me to get two things off my chest about me and my wedding (and me in general)…  1. I just want to look and feel like myself on my wedding day (is that so wrong?), and 2. I’m a bit of a control freak (my fiancé likes to say I’m “particular”). I like my towels folded a certain way, I take pride in curating the sock drawer, and watching someone else do the dishes just about gives me a panic attack (you have to wash both sides of the plate!). All this means that planning a wedding is my ultimate nightmare (second only to that morning commute on the subway). 

A wedding is a runaway avalanche of a thousand and one moving parts that you find yourself running towards, laptop in hand, headfirst and against all better judgment. Even the smallest decision feels like it has really big consequences because it feels like so much of the day is a parade of aesthetics (Which plates to rent? What flowers to get? What songs to play?) The fact that the whole thing is photographed only ups the stakes. 
Everyone keeps telling me to just “let go” and “relaaaax” and that “there’s only so much you can do,” which, while I understand it, is like telling someone whose car is about to crash into a brick wall to get all “c’est la vie” about their impending disaster—not that I equate my wedding with disaster (yet). 
I was so caught up with trying to find the perfect dress and places for everyone to stay and fielding phone calls from my mom that I never even gave how I wanted to wear my hair a thought. The farthest I got was my foolproof plan to call in a favor to the universe and ask if it could please pull some strings and grant me the best hair day of my life. Other than that I was thinking of just pulling my hair back into a low something or other and sticking a flower in it. Boom.
So when my hairdresser and dear friend asked me “What are we going to do with your hair for your wedding?” I panicked. I had just assumed I’d be doing my hair. I wanted to do my own hair. I didn’t want to have another decision to make, another Pinterest board to create, another headache to have. Ditto that for makeup. Like a good control freak I know exactly how I like it. Not to mention that every time someone else has done my hair I’ve hated it and not felt like myself at all. No hairdresser can resist the temptation of heat styling, which means that anytime I’ve had my hair done it’s felt like some version of prom/beauty pageant hair—big and voluminous and teased and backcombed into an unrecognizable coif that wouldn’t budge if a tornado hit it (if you’re keeping count we’re at two natural disaster mentions so far). 
As for makeup, the only thing I plan on doing differently is trading in my Diorshow Blackout mascara for its waterproof version (I’m a crier. I tear up just thinking about tearing up). Other than that, I’ll be sticking to my usual beauty regimen: some sort of over-hyped, under-achieving eye cream, NARS radiant creamy concealer (the stuff miracles are made of), aforementioned mascara, MAC blotting powder, and a MAC matte bronze powder (no sparkles, thank you very much). I’ll probably add some blush and some sort of sheer lip color and call it a day. 
I’ve talked to a handful of friends of mine who’ve tied the knot and done their own hair and makeup, and they’ve been perfectly happy with the results. The reality is that, on that day, I’m going to be surrounded by people that love me and know me, and I just don’t feel the need to turn the whole thing into a beauty pageant. The idea of having someone else spend hours on my hair and makeup while I sit there and stress about what products they’re using, and wondering why the hell they’re teasing my hair on a day that’s already stressful, only to have me look in the mirror and hate it and then panic, and have to redo the whole thing in a hurry (which happened to a friend) seems like a waste of money and time. I’d rather put those dollars towards something I really care about. Like food liquor.
Did you change your look for your wedding? Were you happy you did or did you regret it?


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  • Amanda July, 8 2015, 9:23 / Reply

    Hi! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I just got married last year. I totally hear you on the “just relax and enjoy” advice. It literally impossible to do in the weeks before your wedding. I will say it was the best day of my life. The best advice I received was that everything that is meant to happen is going to happen – sort of it’s all written in the stars. Cheesy, but the day was created for you… So if it rains, it rains. It won’t ruin the beautiful moment in your life. For the record it didn’t rain. I guess that advice gave me a sense of peace in realizing I could only control so much. Relax and enjoy the day- it goes by in a flash. on to hair – I wanted to look like myself. I didn’t want to look back at pictures and be like who the hell is that?! I have long hair – which I always wear down. Everyone told me to wear it up… Outdoor wedding, wind, bah blah blah. I ended up wearing it down – did an old Hollywood type wave (with loads of oribe texture stuff) and parting it on the opposite side. I figured I could always throw it up on the dance floor. Forget what everyone else says and do what makes you feel COMFORTABLE. You always look radiant with confidence. Have the best day- it’s a very, very special one. Xx, A

  • Yay! No more wedding posts. :-)

    Congratulations and good luck!

  • Love this article! It’s exactly what I’m about … No frills, pouffs, or crazy amounts of tight hold hairspray…thank you for writing this…I am totally going to take your advice for my wedding day…

  • Kerstin July, 8 2015, 9:43 / Reply

    I understand the desire to want to look and feel like yourself. (I think most men prefer that, too.) I did my own hair: a low ponytail with some netting and ribbon falling off the back. I wasn’t thrilled with it, but it was the hellishly hot summer of 1988 and I just didn’t want to deal with frizzy hair. In hindsight, pulling it back resulted in a more classic look and was preferable to immortalizing an 80s perm in the photo album. Years later, Carolyn Bessette did essentially the same thing so I was just ahead of the curve. ;) A few years later my sister was getting married and I paid for a hairdresser to visit her room and do her hair. It was perfect: polished without being fussy. My sister is still grateful saying that she didn’t think it was worth the effort until she saw the photos later. How about splitting the difference: do your own makeup and have someone else do your hair. A little pampering goes a long way on the big day. Whatever you do, enjoy every moment and have fun!

  • I wanted to look like myself too, when I was first married 20 years ago. I was a performer, so it was especially important to me that this most personal event not feel like a performance to me: I needed to draw a line between my work life and my LIFE. Having someone do your hair and make-up for you is a performance.

    But I think generally that it is assumed that weddings will be a highly “curated” performance, and it just isn’t necessary. No one cares about that stuff–they just want to be with you on this day. And if they do care, you don’t really want them there. Have people there you love, work hard to make it what you want it to be without getting too crazy, and then the day of the wedding, GIVE IT UP. It will be what it will be, and that will be what is fabulous about it, and what you will remember. (Like the puppy dragging meat from the catering table all over the lawn with your best friend’s little girl chasing him. Best photos ever. )

    And, also, I am SO with you on the plate-washing thing….

  • Jolanda July, 8 2015, 9:52 / Reply

    I think your totaly right about this.

    My look on my wedding day is one of my biggest regrets of our day. I did the hair dresser, make up artist and all the shabang. And I hated every second of it. I looked like a clown. My make up was already sliding of my nose before we even made it to the city hall, and I had to run to the hair dresser the day after to get my temporary extensions out because I had no experience with those things what so ever and I did not know what to do. It was a horrible experience. And to make it all even better I got huge break outs from the cheap ass make up that the make up artist used on me. I did not feel very sexy on my honeymoon because of this.

    When I look at our pictures now I think, the gown (that I loved and picked myself) could have worked if I would have just stayed true to my natural short haired self. Whenever I see girls in ‘Say yes to the dress’ wearing cute hair assecoires in their short hair I still feel the regret. That is what I should have done. If I could have done it allover again I would wear the same dress, but I would definitely do my own make up. With the hair (I have not talent for hair therefore I love pixies and other short hair styles) I would have stayed much closer to my usual look.

    So be wise and don’t spend the world on hair and make up unless you want a very specific look you can’t create yourself. In that case, make sure to do a practice run before the wedding…

  • Je me marie civilement dans moins de deux mois, alors la panique et les interrogations capilaires sont d’actualité!
    Je ne pense pas changer de style et faire la coiffure moi-même aussi, juste une petite coupe et un soin. Je pense que la journée sera déjà assez stressante, donc je préfère jouer la carte du connu et maîtrisé pour le côté beauté :)


  • still haven’t been married — but I don’t picture myself changing my look so much. I want to look like my most classic self.

  • dottoressa July, 8 2015, 10:16 / Reply

    Congratulation! I wish you to have a wonderful,wonderful wedding!
    I did my own hair and make up,shining happiness and love all around!
    Pictures are gorgeus and I didn’t regret my decision,it was me!
    Lately I have found hairdresser I’m completelly pleased with,for the first time in my life, and she does my hair regulary(except in summer when my hair has a life of its own :-)),so…….

  • do what is going to make you feel happy and confident.

  • liz from Paris July, 8 2015, 11:12 / Reply

    Hi Lisa,

    First of all congratulations for your upcoming marriage. All I can say is don’t change your look drastically for your wedding day!!! You’ll feel like it’s not you out there and yes hair is a big issue. A friend of mine went to a very expensive hairdresser for the big day, had highlights and all and came home didn’t recognize herself so redid her color at home… and put her hair up in a lovely chignon like she always does and looked fabulous. What you can do is have a test run a week or days before if you want to try a chignon or hair up in any way and you’ll be able to see how it will (should) come out on THE day,

    anyway loved reading your article and yes agree about the plates both sides!!

    have a lovely day

    liz from Paris

  • Anneso July, 8 2015, 11:31 / Reply

    I did my hair and make up on my own, with my sister and best friend, and it was great because it was me!
    Listen to you and do what makes you happy!

    best of luck and love

  • Je suis tellement d’accord avec ce post…
    Ne pas se sentir déguisée pour ce jour et se sentir à l’aise est essentiel, si l’on ne veut pas descendre de son nuage rose pendant cette journée. On s’évite pas mal d’inquiétude le jour J. J’ai appris à me faire un teint net et nude (quelques soins et une alimentation saine, ont beaucoup aidé), j’ai laissé mes cheveux libres, et VOILA.
    Et surtout le plus important : mon mari m’a reconnu et n’a pas eu envie de s’enfuir quand je me suis avancée vers lui …
    Je ne regrette rien, j’étais à l’aise et cela se voit sur les photos.

  • Ha! This made me totally look at my decision to do my own hair / make-up in a different light. I too am a bit “particular” and I did my own hair and make-up for our wedding. At the time, I told myself this was me being “laid-back and chill, just goin’ with the flow, by not hiring someone fancy”. In retrospect, you’re totally right, this was just the control freak in me not wanting to let go. I was super happy with it though, and we got married on the beach in Oregon, so it was a pretty casual wedding. I just did a low bun and natural make up. It worked! :)

  • Ghislaine July, 8 2015, 12:05 / Reply

    “;.. (Oui, je pleure comme une madeleine, je pleure déjà rien qu’à l’idée de pleurer)…” ahahah …
    J’aime bien ton style Lisa : drôle, nerveux et franc :)

  • yes, your man is marrying YOU, not a Pinterest board. Your hair should look how it does when you go on a date with him. Wedding look equates to first-date look.
    And it’s okay to be “particular”. You’re not a control freak, you’re DISCERNING. That’s just fine! And better than the maddening people who say they don’t know what they want.

  • Chantal July, 8 2015, 12:27 / Reply

    Ton probléme est celui de toutes (ou presque ) les mariées d’aujourd’hui, car le mariage est devenu une cérémonie tellement codifiée que cela met une pression énorme sur la future mariee ( et sa mère!).
    Dis toi que la perfection n’existe pas, mais que tu es en train d’organiser l’un des jours les plus marquants de ton existence, et il faut que tu en conserves le souvenir d’un grand moment de bonheur, et pas d’un defilé de mode ou du lancement d’une ligne de maquillage. En ce jour unique, une (petite) touche d’imperfection ne messied pas, une réussite trop parfaite ressemble à ces chignons trop cartonnés de laque des années 60. Tu n’es pas dans un film mais dans ta vraie vie.
    Alors , du calme, respire, prends le temps d’être heureuse, et je suis certaine, te connaissant un peu à travers ton blog depuis le début, que ton mariage sera un souvenir extraordinaire pour vous et pour tous ceux qui auront la joie de vous entourer.
    Tous mes voeux de bonheur, Garance!

  • Chantal July, 8 2015, 12:44

    En me relisant ( trop tard!), j’ai vu que j’ai écrit “Garance” ( l’habitude), au lieu de Lisa, qui aura corrigé bien sûr! Toutes mes excuses, donc et félicitations pour Lisa!!!

  • Clotilde July, 8 2015, 12:28 / Reply

    Do everything yourself. I went to a wedding recently and my pretty friend had her make up done by a “professional” and she more or less looked like a vampire, with some strange, purple/brown color on her eyelids, that looked really too much in the summer light.
    And please stop being stressed and a control freak, not only is it tiring for everyone including you, but it also causes all kinds of annoying things like a fat belly line when you are a bit older. If you want to stay beautiful, RE-LAX ! ;)

  • Hi Lisa

    I must say I read this post and laughed out loud the whole way though – in a good way!!
    I am an Interior Designer and a Virgo which equals perfectionist, and I agree about washing both sides of a plate!

    I have just returned from my Wedding (June 20th).
    I am an Australian living in France and we had our wedding in Venice, Italy. We planned a four day party with 80 of our nearest and dearest and I must say it was a full time job for the entire year leading up. It was a dream come true and everything ran perfectly, thanks to the help of my incredible wedding planer and my OCD Nature.
    In terms of Hair and Makeup I felt the same. I did however have a makeup and hair artist for the day of the wedding, and I am really glad I did.
    I had a trial months before to make sure that I wouldn’t turn up to the wedding ‘over done’, however I think the morning and day of your wedding the less you have to think about and do the better. If you are like me you will have so much already on your mind about how the day will run that sitting back and relaxing (if you can call it that) for a an hour or two is the way to go! The key is finding someone who gets the type of bride you are and what you want to achieve!

    Best of Luck!


  • Bon point commun : interdit que quelqu’un d’autre que moi fasse la vaisselle dans mon appart :3
    Niveau coiffure de mariage, je déteste les boucles laquées ultra ringardes … un chignon comme celui-ci est très joli, simple et chic c’est ce qu’il faut ! v

  • Tu as bien raison de dépenser tes sous ailleurs que pour ta coiffure! Moi c’est une copine à moi qui l’a réalisée et c’était super joli et simple. J’avais pas l’impression d’avoir une pièce montée sur la tête!

  • Fais comme tu le sens, c’est la meilleure option! Si tu maitrises côté coiffure et que tu sais que tu seras satisfaite, en effet, t’embête pas faire des essais et investir du temps et de l’argent. Moi je sais que je suis un peu un quiche pour me faire des coiffures donc je ferai sûrement appel à mon coiffeur qui me connais.

  • Marine July, 8 2015, 2:08 / Reply

    Hi and congratulations !
    I just got married a few weeks ago, I had my hair done by a hair dresser (with many rehearsals before) and my make-up by a friend who had already done it for another friend (we also reaharsed several times).
    I have to admit rehearsals were essential but on the big day I knew I could totally trust them and relax.
    Also I really loved sharing this very personal pre-wedding moment with my friend, I recommend you consider it if a loved one has the needed skills ! Have fun ;)

  • Deeyarah July, 8 2015, 2:21 / Reply

    Hi Lisa,
    This is your monumental day, a life milestone, everything is a little bit more exaggerated than the everyday. Unless you are pretty pro at doing your hair and makeup I’d suggest you get it done professionally. I understand the beauty queen overly done with a million bobby pins and hairspray kind of hair, I also understand showing up looking like a MAC makeup artist’s makeup, artistically contoured but almost drag. I get it. I get it. BUT, it’s your wedding day so before the actual day head to a Sephora and try out one of the girls there, even at MAC. Have them do your makeup as naturally and toned down as you would love it. Tell them exactly what you want and what you don’t want. It’ll make the difference in your photographs and it’ll take the pressure of you perfecting your makeup on your day.

    PS – I’m totally for the Dior Blackout too. On second thought, that might be all you need :)

  • One thing I want to put out : I never never think about my wedding day really.

    Had I known it, I would have not stressed over all the things I did.

  • Berenice Arquier July, 8 2015, 2:56 / Reply

    Just had last week end and it was the most amazing day of my life. First of all be relax or try to be relax and be yourself. Had the most two amazing dresses, went to a local haidresser who I had rarely been she did an amazing blow dry very natural. My friend did the make up for me and did a professional one. Be yourself, natural and love would do the rest…

  • I totally feel your pain. I just got married in May and the whole process leading up to the wedding-while exciting- completely shot my nerves and more often than not I was overwhelmed with all the millions of decisions I had to make. We had an outdoor wedding on an organic farm and (one of my) biggest fears was not feeling- or looking- like myself. Long story short I wore a semi-fitted lace sheath dress, did my makeup myself, had my sister put waves in my long hair and wore a flower crown which instantly made my “normal hair” look a little special and bridal. It was a lovely day and making that part of the process “low-maintenance” was such a good decision.

  • Congratulations! I got married in April, and I read something years ago that helped me a lot that day. It said the most important thing about a wedding is to preserve the joy of the day. I’m also “particular” about a lot of things, so this helped me to let go of a lot of things that didn’t really matter.

    Another thing I had read that helped, was to pick three things that are most important to you, and focus on those things so that you can relax a little with the rest. For me, I knew I wanted beautiful photos of my husband and I that I could frame, I wanted nice family pictures, and I didn’t really have a third thing. So, once the photos were done, I knew I could relax a little and just enjoy the day.

    I did my own makeup that day- no regrets at all. I had initially planned on having my makeup done, went in for a trial run, came out looking like a clown, and cancelled that appointment. Don’t try anything new that day- no new products, no new techniques. Also, I wish that I had planned for time alone to do my makeup. I ended up in a dressing room with people there (MOH, mom), and it was hard to concentrate. I was happy that I had a good routine down because it would have been really hard to do if I hadn’t.

    I hope you have a wonderful wedding!

  • Jennifer July, 8 2015, 4:39 / Reply

    Congratulations and plan your wedding as you want it. It is your wedding.

    I do fairly well with my hair and make up but for my wedding I had it done. Both my hair and make up were done by friends in the industry who has done both for me before. We talking about it looked at thousands of pictures and did one trial for each. I loved what they did and I looked like me in a great wedding verision.

    However if you think you can do it better then do it yourself but for your photos you need a little extra then you normally wear and do for brows. Even the lightest touch makes a difference.

    Good luck and enjoy!

  • Lavang July, 8 2015, 5:01 / Reply

    I am getting married in August (!) in San Francisco, and I plan to do my own makeup. My fiancé also refers to me as particular! My reasoning is that I know my face best, or at least I think I do. For instance, if I wear eyeshadow, it cannot be too contoured or else I feel uncomfortable. But I have been practicing putting individual lashes in from time to time to give myself a little oomph! However, I am having someone do my hair. Doing hair is not my strong suit, as I usually air dry it with some Surf spray and a braid which I let out. My strategy was to locate an awesome salon in SF and ask them who can do hair at my hotel. I am going for a dressier version of my hair, I suppose. I also decided not go for someone who marketed themselves as doing awesome ‘wedding hair.’ I have seen way too many done, pageanty styles that are not me. Congratulations and I totally understand your concerns!

  • Andrea July, 8 2015, 5:06 / Reply

    I got my hair and makeup done, and I wasn’t too happy with the result – it didn’t look natural, it wasn’t me. If I had the chance to go back I’ll do it myself. Another thing I was too stressed out about my body image so I ended up with two pimples on my cheeks two days before my wedding. So remember to be relax and enjoy the wedding prep!

  • I had my hair done because I wanted it up and am not skilled at updos. My dress was a Vera Wang full skirted dress so a more formal ‘do was appropriate. I did, however pay for a trial so I knew I would like it. My cousin did my makeup because she’s very good and my (now) husband always liked it when she did mine. I also wanted my makeup to be a bit heavier than normal for pictures. We tested it before the big day so I felt very comfortable. I think either way it will be great, I just recommend doing a trial if you have someone else do it. I love your blog. I know you will be a beautiful bride!

  • Serena July, 8 2015, 5:38 / Reply

    Funny, I just got home from my makeup consultation for my wedding. I thought I was going to do my own makeup as well (I usually do for all events, big and small), but I figured I would like to have one thing done by someone else that day. She also did a fantastic job. I have no idea what I’m doing with my hair, either! Best wishes!

  • I had my hair and makeup done for my wedding and I’ve never regretted that decision. I had one meeting prior to my wedding with the woman who did both my hair and makeup, showed her a picture of my dress, described how I wanted my hair to look (a loose, natural updo that would work well with and without my veil) and she tried a few things out until she had it the way I liked it. On my wedding day, she did my hair exactly the way we had planned and did my makeup the same way as my hair style: natural. I loved how I looked, I looked like myself, and my makeup and hair stayed in place much better than if I had tried to do them myself.

  • Carole July, 8 2015, 6:34 / Reply

    my niece married this past January…Jason Wu made her dresses….your dress dictates the hair.. If u r going to wear a veil….I am a hairdresser…after u get your dress try a few styles…If it’s a very formal wedding…book your hairstylist for the night … if u wear it up u might want to take it down if u change into another dress….once u start the fall into place …Congrats

  • carole July, 8 2015, 6:37 / Reply

    Have your makeup done professionally it makes a BIG difference for the photos….vey important…try a few makeup artists

  • Personally, I did my own makeup but let someone else handle my hair. Here’s why I went this route:

    1. Any time I have had someone else do my makeup, I didn’t look like myself at all. I’m also good at doing my own makeup, so I just did what I usually do when I go out for a nice date with my (now) husband, and it was perfect. It was my usual routine, but amped up a little bit.

    If you’re not confident with doing your own makeup, then definitely let someone else handle it – just make sure to have a trial run first…and take photos both indoors and outdoors so you know what it’ll look like on camera!

    2. In the past, I always did my own hair for formals and proms – and it NEVER turned out the way I wanted it to. On the day, I was always too stressed, nervous, or rushed for things to turn out right. That, and unlike my makeup, I’m not great at doing “formal” hair. So I hired someone to do my hair, and it turned out perfect. If you feel confident in doing your own hair (especially if you’re not doing anything too different), then do your own. Your wedding day is all about feeling your best, and if you don’t feel your best with 1,000 bobby pins in your teased-up hair, don’t do it!

    If possible, I suggest sneaking out to the salon to have your hair or makeup done – and go alone. I did, and it was the perfect excuse to get away from the wedding insanity for an hour or so, and was so much less stressful without everyone around trying to suggest what they think you should do. They also made sure I got a snack and a hand massage, which was heavenly after spending the day before trimming flowers and decorating hundreds of cupcakes!

    You won’t have many quiet moments to yourself that day, so take ones where you can!

  • Can I just say – you guys are KILLING IT with the images at the moment. Too beautiful.


  • Kristyn July, 8 2015, 8:01 / Reply

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I realized planning a low key wedding would be impossible for a variety of reasons, so I changed things up. I decided to get married at City Hall and immediately leave for the honeymoon. We had a rocking reception when we returned home. Super fun, low stress and money well spent.
    The reception is what people really remember. If you can manage it, do your own makeup and have a pro do your hair. Have a practice session to see if the look will suit you. Make sure you feel beautiful so you can relax and have fun dancing.

  • Harper July, 8 2015, 9:49 / Reply

    I did not have a casual wedding – I got married in a big beautiful stone church with lovely stained glass, all that sort of thing. But exactly like you, I wanted to look like me, not prom-y, so I had my sister do my hair. I would’ve done it myself but if I had it would’ve fallen apart halfway down the aisle. My sister put it into a simple low bun with a minimum of time and effort and it was elegant and perfect.

  • philline July, 9 2015, 12:50 / Reply

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I just got married this April. I did my own hair & makeup…I was pretty set on it. A lot of people told me to have it done professionally, but my mom did it herself on her wedding and looked natural & herself. Plus, I didn’t want someone fussing over me before the ceremony (you already have enough bridesmaids and mothers to do that), so I wanted to have a me time to help me relax before the whole thing began. I was quite happy with the result.

  • I did not change the way I looked on my wedding day and do not regret it at all! A whole new look might make you feel jittery or even more nervous – so I’d say just go with what makes you comfortable.

  • CATHERINE July, 9 2015, 2:42 / Reply

    I guess I was on edge, I felt a bit disguised and 17 years later, I remember almost nothing from my wedding!
    Check “a cup of Jo”, one of my favorite blogs, she has some posts about SIMPLE -yet beautiful weddings!

  • J’avais envie d’avoir un chignon tout décoiffé avec des petites mèches qui flottent autour de mon visage, donc je suis passée chez le coiffeur, mais sinon make up maison !

  • It’s really funny, I’ve been married last week and I was completely like you concerning the beauty part and the dress. I wanted to be me, not a fucking princess, just me. So for my dress I went to Laure de Sagazan, a fantastic designer in Paris, and I told to her team that I wanted something simple but with beautiful fabrics, that i wanted to move, and i wanted the dress to be midi and not very long. They did the most perfect dress to my opinion. As for the hair and makeup, working in fashion photography helped the process a little bit, I asked a good friend who is studio make up artist to help me for the D day. She knows me so well, it was just me but in better ;)
    The most important, is for you to have fun and to see the people around you have fun, at the end if the caterer put the napkin on the plate even if you showed him to put it on the side, it’s not that important and you’ll don’t even notice it… (but you’ll realize it the day after, true story…control freak)
    Have fun during your wedding it’s a beautiful day enjoy everyone and the love of your life looking so chic right next to you!!

  • I did my own makeup for the very same reasons. I will say to add eyeliner if you don’t normally wear or go little heavier if you do normally wear, so your eyes “pop” in photos.

  • Lisa, you look wonderful, don’t even worry. You will never regret being and looking yourself at your wedding day or any other day! If you want to do something different try it out first before your wedding day. If you don’t want to take any risk, be the one your husband to be fell for! That is probably the best Lisa ever. And wear your big beautiful smile, can’t be difficult on a day like that, that is enough. Enjoy the moment and not how you look because you look good already, don’t need anything more or different to look good. Easy to say but it is. Congratulations and a lot of happiness (with or without make-up, hairdo, etc.)

  • My husband and I got married on the beach in Tavarua, Fiji. I brought a simple long white silk dress from J.Crew with white espadrilles, and my husband had on white pants and a white linen shirt with leather sandals. I did my hair and make up myself, which was just mascara and lipstick and my hair in a simple ponytail with a flower. The wedding was at sunset and we had a Fijian choir who sang and followed us as we walked slowly to the location of the ceremony on the beach. It was the MOST romantic moment and it was just over 10 years ago now. It was great that the wedding focused on us and our celebration and was not stressful at all. The rest of the trip was our honeymoon and we just surfed and hung out everyday. Although it would have been nice to have friends and family there, it was totally no stress because we didn’t have to worry about that kind of stuff. We couldn’t have had a nicer wedding and incredible memories!

  • Samantha July, 9 2015, 12:43 / Reply

    I got married 3 weeks ago. I had a low key wedding, standing ceremony, hors d’oevure reception, less than 100 people, but I still had my hair and makeup done professionally, and I loved them both. I felt like myself, glamorous and classic all at the same time. I went with a professional because I figured she would know how to make me look great in photos, and make my hair and makeup stand up to tears, heat and whatever the day brought. I was right–if you have a good stylist who understands your vision, there’s no reason they should make you look like someone else, these are professionals after all. Besides, I was so anxious and nauseous I don’t think I could have done my hair and makeup that day even if I had wanted to!

  • Pamela July, 10 2015, 6:10

    Samantha, this is the same reason I had my hair and makeup done as well (3 weeks ago too!). Pros know how to make it last, so that when I was doing karaoke at 2 am on my wedding night (ah…yea), I still looked good (sounded good? no). Same reason that you want everything to be right and photograph well should apply to yourself as well. I did a solid trial with the artist I used and we went back and forth and ended up on basically what I normally do, but with more base put on with an airbrusher machine thing. Everything else was the same. My hair is curly and she just made the curls more uniform, pinned em up and presto, bride.

    One other thing I think totally helped reduce the stress in the run up to my wedding was hiring a day-of coordinator. I planned the whole thing, but Maura made sure it went as I had planned. I didn’t talk to a single vendor the day of my wedding besides hair/makeup and photographer. If there were any problems at the party, I don’t know about them yet.

  • I use to work for a bridal magazine so I know it can be quite stressful. And I helped a few friends get married and I even cried from stress with one of them haha. But really it is one day then poof it is all over. But that said this hair style is gorgeous and congratulations!!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  • If it’s so much stress, why do you even want a ceremony? You just get your man and visit a registrator. I don’t get the all-american hype about marriage. It’s a day like any other. I’d only take the honeymoon (backpacking!) from all of it. To me it’s just a waste of time, nerves, and money. I’d rather invest in a longer trip.

  • I didn’t exactly change my look. I wanted my dress, my hair and my make-up be just a more dressy/fancy/elegant version of what I wear normally. But it was so difficult to achieve! Everyone wanted me to be more dressy, more made-up, more bridal than I could actually bear. So I ended up with having a simple chignon, with no flowers, no head pieces, no veil, quite a simple dress, make-up that didn’t make me feel like I am about to perform in a burlesque and beautiful, beautiful flowers of all shades of pink. But let me tell you – it was a battle to be myself :)

  • Garance,
    You are lovely. You have that Audrey Hepburn kind of natural beauty. I love the short hair, it frames your features nicely.
    You can do your own hair and makeup since your approach is simple and perfect. I did my own, and no regrets. I felt a makeup artist would lay it on thick and that’s not my style. I vote for getting a massage and a manicure, pedicure.
    Here’s a funny post on a mani/pedi.

  • Who can think about hair and makeup when you are making an eternal bond in the universe? The best version of you is the one that is relaxed and living in each thrilling moment as this special day unfolds. Enjoy and a huge congratulations to you and your man!

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