Looking Back to Look Forward: Garance Doré

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Erik Melvin

One of our favorite things from the last 10 years has been getting to know you, our readers. You’ve taught us so much and have always pushed us to be better (yeah—you probably didn’t even realize it, but you’re our toughest critics!). We’ve always loved getting to know you, and for you to get to know us, so we thought to celebrate 10 years, we’d try something a little different with Pardon My French and take questions from you guys. On today’s episode, Garance and Emily are in the studio answering your most burning questions — thank you again to everyone who sent one in! We thought it could be nice to give you, our readers, the chance to have even more insight (as if we’re not already over-sharers) about what’s been happening with Garance and the Studio over the years.

We’ve pulled some of the most memorable quotes from the conversation below, but be sure to listen to the whole episode here or on iTunes!

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pmf ten years emily note garance dore photo

pmf ten years emily note garance dore photo

On finishing the book and getting to meet readers on the book tour…
We were questioning where we were going. The world of fashion blogging was becoming so detached and suddenly meeting with you guys coming to see us and telling me why my work was meaningful, it was so emotional and so great to put us back into perspective.

On relating to women who embrace their true selves…
I’ve always loved the messy ones. The disorganized ones, the funny ones. All the things that happened in my life were because I’m imperfect. I fucked up my studies because I didn’t know where I was going. I partied too much when I was young, but I met so many amazing people. I organized rock concerts. I went through so many phases in my life. All the stumbling moments, those accidents were what made me a richer person. And I love it in other people. I love imperfections and vulnerability.

On her favorite post, which is not fashion related…
It was a beautiful text that still today I read again and everything is there – my emotions and my creativity. As long as you’re giving meaning and emotions, there is nothing that is out of boundaries and we’ve kept that spirit since the beginning.

How she knows she is doing the things she loves…
I am sure I’m doing the things I really love anytime I feel my body vibrating. It’s really true! You feel it. I am not a good surfer, but it’s like being on a wave and you’re just in the moment and you feel that it’s right. You have moments like that like when you fall in love and you’d do anything for that person, or when you’re working on an illustration and nothing can take you away.

On having a place for creativity and the importance of being able to communicate…
I think the big picture is talking to other women and sharing everything I learn. Having always felt so in need of help and guidance and information [in the past], I always wish I am that person for women – my age and younger. I want to cultivate that and it’s also why I’m doing so much work on myself.

pmf ten years emily note garance dore photo

pmf ten years emily note garance dore photo

pmf ten years emily note garance dore photo

On taking things with much more intention and focus….
For any creative, it’s really a journey. Finding yourself. And you shouldn’t stop yourself from doing the things that excite you. I don’t regret diving into so many things, but now I am looking for more focus, and mastership. I want to become a master at the things I do and all these things need time.

On food, and testing yourself…
Test yourself and make that your school of life. Try to see how you feel when you eat certain foods. Drink milk and see how you feel later and tune into that and I think you’ll have all the answers. I would try meditation – it takes a long time to learn but it’s definitely life changing in terms of emotional knowledge of yourself.

On needing to love yourself…
“Loving yourself is much more than your image or your reflection in the mirror. I think that’s when you start that love story with yourself. You can’t love somebody you don’t know. You’ve got to know yourself. Start with small things and love will come slowly.

On the next ten years of Garance’s personal life…
There are a lot of things I want to do. The main thing is, I want to find my way back into my creativity. It is something I left on the side because I was busy. Cultivating an interior life – I want a home and a family and that’s something I haven’t been able to do because I was running around the world, but today I am ready.

On the future of the site…
More than ever, we want to be a different voice, a different place where people can feel at ease, where we make people feel good and interested, where we open new doors.


pmf ten years emily note garance dore photo

Looking Back to Look Forward: Garance Doré

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  • Garance, tu es superbe … ! Merci pour ces 10 années de lecture ;)

  • Hi love the responses. Have you done and office tour? interested to see why you chose to display certain things

  • Merci ! ?


  • C’est vrai que maintenant que vous le dites, je me rappelle du premier nom de ton blog !

  • What makes your blog different is that it approaches fashion as art, made by artists. It isn’t about acquisition or trends. It’s also your personal writing. While you tackle your insecurities, you really are exploring universal themes. You are Everywoman.
    I love that post about your grandmother. It made me cry the first time, and re-reading it, I cried again.

  • Congratulations Garance! What an amazing Pardon My French!

  • Congratulations on your 10 years!! Your blog is of the first I started following :)
    Check out my blog!

  • Another one! Can’t wait to listen!


  • This just makes me want to invite you over to my house for dinner so you can meet my family and they can get to know you as much as I do… and fall in love with you like I have! Thank you — for letting us be a part of your life and for being a part of mine!

  • Quel plaisir d’apercevoir Emily. On l’a un peu vu grandir ces dernières années. Elle est de plus en plus belle!

  • J’aimerais en savoir plus sur l’utilisation de la visualisation par Garance. J’en fais en ce moment et j’aimerais avoir ses conseils

  • Julia DuBay September, 29 2016, 2:54 / Reply

    I LOVED this episode of Pardon My French the most! Love the authenticity and going against striving for perfection. Bravo

  • I love this episode, Garance! So lovely to hear your perspective.

  • This episode was so inspiring. I’m in the process of a total life makeover right now (at 52) and virtually everything you said applied to what I’m going through in one way or the other. Your willingness to be vulnerable is what I love most about you and the blog. I haven’t been reading for ten years yet–I didn’t find you until a couple of years ago–but as long as you keep going, I’ll follow you around on your adventures and hopefully find the courage to have my own adventures. XOXO

  • Great post.

  • hola

  • Who makes the darling pink coffee mug you have on your desk in the photo? You list CB2 for another source, but it is not the same one you have in the picture. Adore it!! Thank you!

  • Loved this episode. So inspirational!

  • This is easily one of my favorites of the Pardon my French series! You are so inspirational. Also, I love your office and you hair!

  • Angelica October, 1 2016, 2:28 / Reply

    I love the bit about small talk and wanting to leave the conversation. It’s so wonderful to hear that I am not the only one like this. I always felt so weird and insecure about it.

  • Garance, d’où vient ton bracelet?
    Il est magnifique!

  • I have been following perhaps 7-8 years. You have truly been an inspiration and someone with whom I have paralleled in growth-around health, meditation, self care and awareness. You would probably dig ayurveda-a form of medicine and living from India. Having been in the wellness industry, rather then the fashion industry, for over a decade, hearing you express that your next book is around this topic is exciting to me. I look forward to hearing more as time unfolds. And certainly check out ayurveda-drop me a line if the team has questions :) big hugs.

  • I especially enjoy the authenticity (of guests as well) in each one of your podcasts.

  • j’adore les photos et la lumière…
    je suis assez d’accord avec cette idée de tester, que ce soit en nourriture mais aussi en activité, tester, essayer, voir si ça nous convient, il n’y a que comme ça qu’on peut savoir réellement.

  • My fav podcast so far! I started following your illustrations and slowly discovered so many different aspects of your creative life: photography, writing, styling- & personality: elegance, poise, humour, authenticity, kindness- that you became in one of my creative hero! Congrats for these amazing10 years, all the best for your new projects! ?
    PS. I would totally read your autobiography … maybe “A Girl like Me”?

  • Such a great podcast – honest, inspiring and kind. Thank you for creating these beautiful moments.

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