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Erik Melvin

As you may have already gathered by now, there’s a lot of California craving happening in the Studio these days. Erik and Brie’s recent trip to the Golden State has provided to be a source of serious inspiration. So when we began questioning what specifically we could be doing to channel our inner Angeleno (better work / life balance? More avocados?), we couldn’t overlook one of the most seemingly prominent aspects of Los Angleles lifestyle: hiking!

Hiking in LA is more than just a recreational activity. It’s become an integral part of living a healthy and fulfilling west coast lifestyle: You get fit, you socialize, and depending on who you’re with, you may be forced to charge like a beast up the mountain. Think of it as the brunch of exercise, everybody’s doing it in LA.

Let’s Take a Walk

And with a place like Griffith park in your backyard, why wouldn’t you? As one of the largest urban parks in North America, Griffith has over 50 miles of trails you can run, walk, and skip all over, right in the middle of LA.

Jumping on the hiking bandwagon proves to have many advantages, like switching up your regular workout regime, getting a big dose of vitamin D, and reminding you of how diverse the city can be. Not to mention that terrain and those inclines do some SERIOUS work on your glutes and core.

djuna bel drake burnette garance dore photo

djuna bel garance dore photo

djuna bel drake burnette garance dore photo

drake burnette garance dore photo

As for the cute hiking attire? That just seems like something that comes effortlessly from the seasoned mountain-goers. Though if you’re looking for a sartorial starting point, we noticed a casual common thread among the Griffith Park regulars: Nike’s, a pair of black (or any color, as long as they stretch!) leggings, a vintage tee over a sports bra, a baseball cap that may or may not have been bought in the boys department, and a light jacket to keep the wind at bay, stored around your waist when not in use.

In an attempt to learn the tricks of the hiking trade (and to kick start our post-winter East Coast fitness routine), we went to Griffith Park with Djuna and Drake on a perfectly sunny-but-cool late Saturday afternoon. We worked up a sweat, watched the sun start its descent on the west coast, and got a taste of the casually aerobic adventures that get Angelenos out of their houses.

If only Central Park was just a little more hilly…

djuna bel drake burnette garance dore photo
Let’s Take a Walk
Let’s Take a Walk

Djuna wears : Bodysuit, Live the Process ; Orange Windbreaker, Tory Sport ; L/S Top, The Elder Statesman; Sneakers, Nike

Drake wears : Leggings, Outdoor Voices ; Orange Jacket, Nike ; L/S White Top, The Elder Statesman ; Sneakers, Nike ; Leather Cap; the Leather Daddy


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  • mademoiselle mauve May, 11 2016, 9:10 / Reply

    canon. je ne pensais pas que les gens de LA marchaient :)

  • Andrea May, 11 2016, 9:59 / Reply

    Ecoutez les filles: Griffith Park,vous n’avez pas idée combien je me suis promenée là-bas avec mon chien tous les jours…jusqu’au jour où à la télé ils ont montré plusieurs fois des types qui faisaient du biking et se sont fait attaquer par des Moutain Lions et que moi même je suis tombée nez à nez avec un Coyotte. Depuis je n’y suis plus allée. N’oubliez pas: la nature y est sauvage. Pas de promenade avec des petits chiens qui ne sont pas en laisse: les aigles rôdent aussi…
    Willacre park me semble moins dangereux et en plus pour y aller on passe devant chez Giorgio (Clooney)
    Donc ne véhiculez pas des idées trop sugar coated, j’ai été trop heureuse de m’en être bien sortie avec ma naïveté et mon insouciance. Et puis croire que votre mode de vie est super sain, c’est aussi un peu idiot: LA est l’une des villes les plus polluées des USA donc ce que vous respirez n’est pas sain de toute façon…

  • Je ne m’en remets pas de ce commentaire ahaha

  • Adrienne May, 19 2016, 4:39

    simplement génial ><

  • Superbes ces photos! Les paysages sont magnifiques! <3

    Julie, Petite and So What?

  • Merci Julie!

  • erik, your pictures are always amazing! each post better than the previous one. bravo!

  • Thank you so much!! I really appreciate that :)

  • Guys, there are tons of beautiful, ass-kicking, rewarding hikes with beautiful views in Hudson Valley as well! Anthony’s Nose, Beacon Tower, Lake Minnewaska, Bonticou Crag, Wyanoke High Point (Manhattan views!), Cranberry lake preserve, Dunderberg Spiral Railway, Breakneck Ridge (crazy rock scramble) etc. Some closer than the other, but all gorgeous, especially during fall foliage.

  • Natalie May, 11 2016, 10:25

    Hi Pavla,

    Thank you for the recommendation! We’ll definitely have to explore these East Coast options! x Natalie

  • I always think of the beginning of “LA Story,” with Steve Martin and Sarah Jessica Parker. He visits his neighbor a couple of houses down the street…by car. It’s so close, he doesn’t turn on the engine, but just sticks a foot out the door and pushes his car down the street.
    Glad to hear hiking is big–it’s such a great sport. The scenery looks a bit like the south of France.

  • Emmanuelle May, 11 2016, 11:35 / Reply

    C’est bien la marche, mais la marche nordique c’est encore mieux ! J’en fait depuis presque 2 ans et j’ai retrouvé la forme, moi qui n’était pas du sportive. Je ne peux plus m’en passer, au moins pendant 2h00 une fois par semaine. L’important, c’est la régularité. Ensuite, vous verrez les bénéfices : poids, allure, souffle, cardio,… Essayez, vous verrez !

  • Je confirme! Marche Nordique plusieurs fois par semaine pour moi dans la forêt de Rambouillet. J’ai perdu 9 kgs sans régime, passé du 42 au 38 et retrouvé ma silhouette d’avant. Je ne peux plus m’en passer…

  • Really beautiful and very inspiring! I feel like going jogging right now! :)


  • Celina May, 11 2016, 1:34 / Reply

    You guys are doing our fair city justice.

  • Why thank you! :)

  • Walking in the nature is always an amazing moment and not only in LA…i just hope that people remember to look around and not only on their i Phones…the last few days i don’t know why ..but it looks to me like people don’t look and don’t see anything anymore they are walking with their heads in their I Phones…a kind of a new disease
    With Love
    Yael Guetta


  • therese May, 11 2016, 1:44 / Reply

    You are getting the hang of our fair city. Amazing photos Eric. The top shot looking towards downtown is even more spectacular on a moonlight hike. We have so many wonderful places to hike that are so easy to access. So much better than working out in a gym.

  • Thank you Therese!! :)

  • jessica May, 11 2016, 2:33 / Reply

    I love the picture of the girls climbing the tree! It reminds me of when I was a kid and used to climb the mango tree in front of my house and would sit there eating a mango I had just grabbed from it:)

  • J’adore la rando! Je n’en ai jamais fait à Griffith Park, mais dès que j’ai l’occas je prend le RER et je vais marcher avec des amis dans la forêt de Fontainebleau ou dans la forêt de Rambouillet!


  • Ces photos me donnent envie d’aller me promener au parc a 10 mn de chez moi, mais la Floride etant plate, il n’y a nulle pente, ni cote et c’est dommage mais il faut faire avec ce que l’on a.
    J’aime beaucoup la photo de la route sinueuse a travers la montagne.

  • This looks like such fun! I love going adventuring with my girl friends – it’s so important to make time for that.
    Likely By Sea

  • Hello! I have read your recent posts with interest. I like the idea of moving / not moving. I, for one, took forever to move from…………. Mumbai to Singapore…Singapore to NYC…NYC to London… and perhaps am contemplating another move…or (dare I say) think about putting my roots down?

    All of this aside…this hiking post cracks me up because you compared it to the NYC brunch. What a perfect analogy!

    It made me decide: I take NYC. I love it and own it.

    What about you? Have you guys decided whether to move the studio to LA?

  • Caroline May, 11 2016, 10:01 / Reply

    I lived in LA as a teenager in the 90s and you could not walk! I remember being followed by private security cars in my neighbourhood because my behaviour was so suspicious… Plus, the city is incredibly polluted. And needing to drive to then walk… Let’s not overdo LA.

  • Hiking always sounds good in theory, however, the practice of it not so much haha. I would prefer something high intensity I think.
    I really love the images in this article! xx

  • Thank you Melissa!

  • I know it is a style-oriented blog, but Nike Free are not a perfect choice for trail running / hiking. Particularly if worn sock-less ;) They are great for exploring the city, though.

  • Clotilde May, 13 2016, 1:11

    If the trails are not too “technical” (I mean no aggressive stones and rocks), Nike Free are perfectly fine. I ran a 80 km trail race in the forests around Paris (it’s called Ecotrail) with Nike Free 3.0, twice.

  • Great post!


  • Anolivia May, 12 2016, 7:42 / Reply

    Erik, I LOVE your photos, seriously amazing shots :) Bravo !

  • Thank you so much!!

  • It is a very good habit , beautiful pictures , natural , great views

    Bajki Majki

  • I absolutely love hiking, I think I’ll do it on daily basis from now on. I have went hiking around noon today despite this depressing rain we have here. Hiking can be very liberating! It is like two in one, it inspires us and it makes us work out. There are few things that can clear one’s mind as a good walk. It doesn’t have to take a whole day, sometimes an hour is enough.

    You girls look fantastic in these sporty outfits….and the photographs are exceptional…like from some fashion editorial.

  • Great shooting.
    Love long walks in the sea side of Attica near Athens, especially these day which the weather is good but the sun is not too hot yet!


  • Ca donne envie de marcher mais quand on pas la chance d’avoir un terrain de marche comme Griffith Park on a du mal à se motiver! Tout ça donne envie de prendre un aller simple pour LA et de s’installer définitivement! Peut -être un jour qui sait. Ces photos sont superbes

  • Superbes images d’une ville palpitante… J’adore..

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