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It’s so complicated being a woman. You want to be strong, but of course, sometimes you want to be a bit fragile. You want to be feminine, but sometimes a little bit of a tomboy. You want to wear flowers, but above all, you definitely don’t want to be too Little House on the Prairie (I mean, I don’t know about you, but I really want to wear flower prints, I find them incredibly beautiful and so cool, especially since Kurt Cobain did it in the 90s, which were the years when I was a teenager, which doesn’t sound great on the year counter, but does give me grunge cred beyond compare, admit it.)(No?)(so hard to me a woman : you want to have experience and be a badass, but you also want to be twenty years old)

So yeah, we want to wear flower prints, but you also have to kind of rough them up a bit.

And I think that symbolizes exactly what makes life in fashion so complicated, but that’s also what I love about it, so here are three great ways to wear a flower print dress by Veronika, Vanille, and Brett.

brett heyman edie parker celine chloe street style garance dore

1/ Converse, maxi dress and coat-tossed-back-to-uncover-your-shoulder a.k.a. glunge (glamour-grunge?)(I’m sure I didn’t invent that word).

This is also very 90s — the coat-tossed-back-to-uncover-your-shoulder, it looks almost as effortless as wearing your jacket on your shoulders (that is to say, not at all) but it’s much better for showing off what you’re wearing underneath while also showing off what you’re wearing over it (ah, the agonies of fashion week and streetstyle), that’s what I have to say about the flower print dress. Yes, it does have an air of Valentino flower, with that delicate scent and exquisite sheerness, so to any of you who are brave enough, like Veronika, to let your Valentino dress drag on the ground, raise your hand high, ok?

But who cares: IT LOOKS AMAZING.

2/ Boots, clutch and big coat, aka roughing up those flowers like a pro.

It’s all in Brett’s oversize coat, who has the ideal floral print outfit for girls with a real job, for example (yeah, it exists, not everyone works in their sweats on the couch like me right now) or for girls who have a date but want to stay cool and send slightly mixed signals (very important, those slightly mixed signals). Simple and totally love it.

2/ Nikes, trousers, twelve sweaters underneath, oversize coat and sublime bag plus shirt-sleeves-longer-than-coat-sleeves a.k.a. grunge.

I love this look because our young stranger is so good at playing with colors. I also love it because it’s an everyday way to break up the flower print that you can easily pull off at home (ah the magic of grunge) and it’s super practical but feminine at the same time.


So there you go!!! It you’re ready to rough up those flowers a bit (poor flowers, they never did anything to you!) Here is  a smoking hot shopping list for you. In the meantime, I send you kisses.


florals nike chloe asia typek street style garance dore photo

Translated by Andrea Perdue

Look 1: Coat, Acne; Dress and bag, Alexander McQueen; Shoes, Converse / Look 2: Clutch, Edie Parker, Dress and shoes, Chloé; Coat, Céline / Look 3: Bag, Chloé; Shoes, Nike.


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