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So here it is – my first podcast!!!

And I couldn’t be happier to open the series with Emily Mortimer and Dolly Wells. As I’ve shared, since discovering their HBO show I have been a bit obsessed with their sense of humor (which is often delightfully self-deprecating) – and they did not disappoint!

My idea for this podcast is to have authentic and open conversations with people who inspire me. Each week we’ll explore a theme that I hold close to my heart.

Let’s start today with friendship. Doll and Em have known each other forever, are both brits living in New York, and they even sort of married their creative lives… They have a lot to say about it!

The podcasts are about an hour long (that’s the wonderful thing about podcasts – we can take the time to really listen to what people have to say!) – and we’ll publish excerpts here too.


You can listen to Pardon My French here or download it on iTunes to take it with you anywhere you go. I hope you like it… Big kiss!


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garance dore podcast pardon my french photo

garance dore podcast pardon my french photo

Doll & Em cover the real topics… 


On never bitching (unless it’s to each other) 

Dolly: We talk to each other instead of bitching to somebody else.


On how to shut down the “what do you do?” question

Emily: I went to some party in the Hollywood Hills and I was wandering around on my own. I started talking to this guy at the bar and he asked: what do you do? But to me, because I’m English, it’s too mortifying to be at a Hollywood party and say I’m an actress… I couldn’t bare to say it! It was just such a cliché, so I said I’m an actress but not a very good one, and he just walked away.


On British politesse 

Emily: English people are known for being polite, and they are, but they don’t mean it – at all. (laughing)


On holding back the judgy face

Dolly: Then there’s an honesty about certain people who just tell you things and you’re like, WOAH. They’re telling you things about their lives and you’re just thinking: do not make any sort of judgy face.


On peeing in skiing costumes 

Emily: So our moms, without really knowing each other, went on a skiing holiday together to Austria, and we went too and that’s where we met. We basically just peed in our skiing costume every day. We would get enormous giggles.


On peeing in skiing costumes – some more 

Emily: She would just make me laugh, and then we would make each other laugh. There was one time where we both fell down during our ski school and went down the mountain on our bums and both peed at the same time because we were laughing so much. There was just a trail of yellow…


On laughing at each other

Dolly: Em would tell me what went wrong with her [relationships] and the same with me. And it was this feeling, of like, actually this is so much more fun – telling each other and laughing about how ludicrous we are.


On laughing at yourself

Dolly: If you can laugh at yourself, and learn to find yourself funny, it’s just so much better. Now if something happens to me that is just awful, what’s good is that I’m almost enjoying it while it’s happening – a tiny bit – because I can tell Em.


On the merits of sharing the worst, weirdest, and most screwed up stuff that goes on inside your head 

Emily: You can say the worst, weirdest, most screwed up stuff that goes on inside your head and you know the other person is not only going to forgive and understand you but they’ll love you a little bit more because you admitted to it.


On how irritating falling in love can be (when it isn’t you!) 

Dolly: Someone tries to tell you about the person they fall in love with and it’s just irritating. But there is something you can’t deny that’s exciting about talking to them and sharing things with them.


On being thoughtful wives 

Dolly: It makes the lives of our husbands so much easier. There’s somebody else – that they know you’re not going to run off with – who’s doing the heavy lifting.


garance dore podcast pardon my french photo

So there you go, you can subscribe here

Special thanks to Robert Bar Brooklyn

P.S. Pardon My French is sponsored by THE OUTNET, one of my favorite places to shop for my favorite designers at a fraction of the price. Super happy for their support, which makes this podcast possible. Have you heard about Iris & Ink? I think you’ll love it just as much as I do. Use code Pardonmyfrench20 for 20% off all Iris & Ink for 48 hours only! Enjoy!!


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  • I’m a huge fan of Emily Mortimer so I’ll definitely watch the show on hbo. I’m listening to the podcast right now, already love their Emily and Molly’s British accent (a change of our French accent), their sense of humor and obvious complicity. Long live Pardon my French!

  • aaa! i’ve watched the first two seasons! i think i’ll look the show up right now! :)

  • Love the girls love the English accent..
    Yael Guetta

  • Je ne connaissais pas le show mais je vais regarder pour sur!

  • Great post!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Merci pour ce podcast, c’est top !

  • Merci de me faire travailler mon anglais de manière si fun :)

  • omg so excited for this podcast

  • It’s a really interesting concept to have these podcasts — it definitely adds a dimension to your site.

    One suggestion is to look for a way to have clearer sound. Even on full volume with headphones, I can’t follow this conversation — granted, I’m hard of hearing, but can usually manage on full volume with headphones.

  • I agree with you, I much prefer the video since I am more a visual person, but this is good too

  • Barbara March, 3 2016, 3:30 / Reply

    For me, this could have gone on for hours, really.
    Thank you.

  • Elitsa March, 3 2016, 3:41 / Reply

    I can’t get enough of this amazing British accent :) Great talk …

  • Podcasts! Wonderful! I just subscribed and am looking forward to many more.

    Thank you!.

  • Kathryn March, 3 2016, 5:12 / Reply

    I had the same feeling as a few of the others.. I really love the Pardon My French videos they were so engaging and easier to follow for me. I do really like the concept of the podcasts and listen to many throughout the day. I’m a fan of all you do so I know it will be great!

  • Love listening to this funny, interesting and meaningful conversation!

  • Please please please make it available on Stitcher so that I can listen to you on my way to work!

  • Oh Garance,

    You really struck a cord with me about the quality of friends in NYC and the differences of friendships you are accustom to from back home… I came to truly understand the difference between social friends and true *heart* friends that love and accept you for everything you are… friends you almost instantly connect with early on in the friendship. What I learned is that true friendship should not take work to make that deep connection/ bond. And after trying for to forge a deeper meaningful friendship with certain friends, I learned that they are my social friends and that is fine. As soon as I released myself from the pressure, expectations, heartbreak and insecurity I was feeling and putting onto myself, a new sense of confidence grew. … New York, it’s a city unto itself unique.


    xx- annika

  • Jessica March, 3 2016, 9:39 / Reply

    As an avid podcast listener, I have to say – I LOVE THIS. I am 54:17 in and I got out my laptop because I was loving this so much that I didn’t even want to wait until the end of the episode to express my joy. There is nothing I love better than a candid, thoughtful, truthful podcast. Really, really in to this.

  • What other similar podcast do you recommend?

  • There was a posting on podcasts in January. You might want to check out the suggestions there. Chun, in particular, had a whole pile.

  • Caroline March, 4 2016, 4:03 / Reply

    I listened to the podcast in the metro yesterday and this morning and must say I really liked it!
    The guests are great, as well. I hope the coming episodes will be this good.

  • I really enjoyed this, love the subjects discussed and the honesty! Still, I think it was a bit too long and confusing, I didn’t know who was saying what at one point. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea, but maybe it would be better if you transfomed it into interviews rather than natural discussions. I think this would’ve been great as a video – would’ve loved to see your smiling faces while listening!
    xx Ana

  • Hanyun March, 4 2016, 5:53 / Reply

    This podcast is wonderful Garance. It’s real and frank. So interesting to get to know indirectly these two fabulous actresses.

  • jessica March, 4 2016, 2:31 / Reply

    I absolutely loved this! Had me giggling to myself on my commute home! I had no problems hearing or following who was saying what – I’m surprised by the comments! I can’t wait for the next one :)

  • Loved it! Thanks for always finding such inspiring and creative women to introduce us to.

  • Tina Lou March, 5 2016, 7:51 / Reply

    Loved the post! It was recommended by Shannon Able through her podcast and she was spot on! I had a cup of tea and felt like I was sitting at the table with you! I loved the casual conversation style. Please continue and make it available for android phones, please! I tried to find it on the Google Play Store without luck! Encore please!

  • I had such a good time listening to this podcast! I am looking forward to the next one :)

    ( … j’ai ri à voix haute à plusieurs reprises quand il a été question de différences culturelles, et je me suis rappelé de moments à l’étranger où je me suis sentie “prise en flag d’être française”, pour ainsi dire, héhé )

    Long live Pardon my French!

  • I love Doll & Em and I love those girls SO I loved the podcast! The tidbits about London vs NYC were fascinating among many other things. AND, your business model is working because I just made a purchase on Outnet (which I didn’t know about until now) because I HAD to have Doll’s sweater. Showing pics of the podcast with links to clothes is freaking genius. So there you go! Good job! Will pass along podcast to friends. Love from Brooklyn, W

  • I really like “pardon my french” sessions, great!

  • Lauren March, 6 2016, 9:29 / Reply

    I loved this podcast, and I’m watching the show now!! Thank you for the recommendation — these women are amazing.

  • Thank you!!! I loved your podcast, can’t wait for more!

  • Laurence March, 13 2016, 9:53 / Reply

    I really enjoyed this podcast! I will probably bindge Doll and Em series in the coming days!

  • This episode doesn’t work for me. It keeps cutting off at 2 minutes and doesn’t work on my podcast app. I tried restarting and re-download but doesn’t work. Help!

  • Hi Ja,
    We are working on resolving this! We will let you know as soon as it’s fixed!

  • good good good ………………………………………………..good

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