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As you know I love Jessica’s style, but I have to confess that since I saw her in LA, she really inspired me to reconsider my wardrobe. And it’s changed my style and made me very happy. So I had to know more about Jessica’s elements of style…

You have a very specific style, tell us about your five essentials:

1. Men’s shirts

2. High-waisted jeans in black, white and blue

3. Pencil skirts

4. Minimal gold jewelry and my mother’s Cartier tank watch

5. Black and brown leather belts

My essentials are often menswear inspired and quite simple. I like timeless silhouettes and classic pieces. Black, navy, gray, white are the colours that dominate my wardrobe.

What is your signature?

That’s a tough question but probably a men’s shirt.

If you could only choose one, what would be your:

Jean: High waisted and skinny. And always hemmed just above the ankle bone. Acne’s Needle are a constant in my closet.
Heel: A classic black, pointy pump. Loving Celine’s low heels right now.
Flat: Again classic, black and pointy. I also love a mens slipper style. Two favorites right now are Jenni Kayne’s d’Orsay flats and Rochas suede slippers.
Shirt: A cotton poplin mens style button down. I’m wearing a lot of Equipment right now.
Bag: A simple flat folio or small clutch. I tend to not carry very much.
Lingerie: Little black or navy triangle bras are my fave and I love navy lace.
Lipstick: Rodin lip balm or a matte light pink lipstick like NARS Roman Holiday.
Foundation: I don’t wear foundation.
Mascara: Dr. Hauschka navy or black. I like it a little cakey.
Moisturizer: Terri Lawton’s stem cream.
Nail Polish: I rarely wear polish…maybe once a year. Usually I just keep my nails short and bare. I do love a great orange/red color though.
Fragrance: I don’t wear any fragrance.
Shampoo: John Masters Organics

Your blonde hair is awesome, how do you keep it up? What is something that everyone should know about being a blonde?

My colorist Mikael Padilla highlights my hair twice a year. He’s brilliant and comes to the house.

How do you stay fit?

Since having a baby almost two years ago, I haven’t done yoga which used to be my daily routine. Now I walk most mornings with my daughter, James. We do the two mile trail around the Silver Lake Reservoir in our Los Angeles neighborhood We also like to hike in Griffith Park.

How do you stay chic with a baby? Is that an okay question to ask…

I keep my closet well edited and only hang onto key pieces. That way when I go to get dressed there is less to choose from and I wear a uniform of sorts.

How do you dress for an LA premiere?

A dark navy Lanvin dress with a massive ruffle.

What is one item you add to your look go from day to night?

More mascara and some eyeliner.

What is one fashion myth you’d like to bust?

That fur is chic.

Tell us one guilty pleasure…

Buying expensive children’s clothing. Bonpoint is the ultimate guilty pleasure…especially since James grows out of it so quickly.

What is something that is totally surprising about your style?

I love sweat pants.

If you could go to dinner with any five people, who would you pick?

Alice Waters
Joan Didion
Deepak Chopra
Neil Young
Stella McCartney

What is one thing you want to do before the end of the world? According to the Mayan’s, it’s next week…

Visit Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya


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  • Elle est belle au natuel Jessica :) Tout simplement

  • Personnellement, je craque complètement pour sa chemise.

    PS. Merci pour l’interview, j’adore ça !

  • Le minimalisme semble s’imposer. Merci pour cet interview pour mieux comprendre comment l’adopter.

  • Pas de fond de teint, pas de vernis à ongle: my kind of girl! J’adore les filles naturelles et faussement classiques!

  • Elle est vraiment très belle. J’adore son style…simple mais efficace.

  • I love her style! And I so agree about the high waist. I just managed find the most wonderful high waist wide leg pants by Phillip Lim after years of searching. She a perfect example of less is more!

  • Martine April, 18 2013, 8:01

    Exactly. Deceptively simple.

  • C’est drôle, j’ai juste exactement les mêmes goûts que Jessica! Hormis le pantalon de jogging, cela dit… En tous cas moi je dis, vive le mix jean taille haute près du corps + chemise d’homme qui blouse un peu par-dessus. Si l’on ajoute une paire de fines chaussures plates ou bien d’escarpins tout simples, on obtient le genre de look effortless chic que j’adore :)

  • C’est pas “drôle” c’est juste la mode !

  • Magnifique en toute simplicité … c’est ce que l’on appelle une belle femme au naturel

  • J’adooooooore sont style, j’aimerais tellement avoir un placard épuré et être sûr de ce que je met chaque matin! Mais quand je fait un grand tri je culpabilise toujours quelques jours après et je recommence à accumuler bêtement! Chienne de vie!

  • J’adore son style, vraiment timeless.

  • I really love her fantastic style!!! she is so beautiful

  • Hum… Ca veut dire quoi “j’édite sans arrêt”?

  • Faire du tri régulièrement!

  • C’est drôle, ça ne m’a pas frappé comme je parle anglais, mais ça veut dire qu’elle révise sa garde-robe constamment, qu’elle ne garde que ce qui fonctionne pour elle.

  • Mais.. les seins.. on les case où dans une chemise d’homme?

  • She is really reat and so inspiring. Have a nice day.

  • Coco Chanel doit halluciner de lire de tels propos, pas de parfum pour une femme comme elle.

  • Je crois qu’il faut que je rajoute ;P

  • Voilà une belle leçon de style et de simplicité que je vais garder à l’esprit. Merci!

  • I love when women look so feminine and chic in menswear inspired looks. She has great style.


  • Agreed. I love the way well-tailored menswear can accentuate a woman’s form.

  • Super interview, avec des questions et des réponses simples, qui vont droit au but! On en apprend beaucoup sur son joli style!

  • Natural and classy. She has definitely a great sense of style!

  • That high-waisted jeand fixed perfectly to her!

  • Je suis bien d’accord avec elle quant aux chemises d’hommes et aux pantalons cigarette à taille haute: rien de mieux pour toutes les occasions, je ne retournerai pas aux tailles basses de si tôt. C’est drôle, j’ai une chemise identique, dont le coton est de bonne qualité et la coupe parfaite… sauf que la mienne vient de chez (hm hm) Joe Fresh!

  • J’adore son style! Très très inspirateur! Mais on a envie de voir plus de photos d’elle pour tout copier :)
    Merci beaucoup, Garance!

  • I love the simplicity and no-nonsense approach. I like the idea of not wearing the polish or fragrance. It says that you are enough by yourself and don’t need add-ons. And it’s an art to stay and look feminine while having such simple but elegant wardrobe. Just love it.

  • Garance, your posts on Jessica are my absolute favourites. I’d love to hear more about how she has inspired you in reconsidering your wardrobe and style! Thank you for your wonderful site!

  • That just goes to show how beauty is so simple and should be easily attainable….

  • Très heureuse de cet interwiew, j’adore son style, qui est aussi le mien concernant les jeans et chemises ;-)
    Si Jessica à un tuyau à nous filer pour les triangles marine en dentelle, je suis preneuse ! à part Eres, je ne trouve rien, Merci !

  • J’adore les jeans taille haute. tellement plus chic.


  • Normally I’m really drawn to minimalist wardrobes – I marvel in their simplicity and how everything manages to look so chic – yet effortless.

    But as I read through Jessica’s list of must haves, perhaps it seemed a bit too minimalist? I felt the urge to incorporate ‘fun’ elements – a little more colour or some additional accessories perhaps? I think that a great painted nail is a perfect addition to a minimalist wardrobe because it adds a pop of colour without being intrusive.


  • I love that she wears men’s shirts, they really are a cooler fit for women. Especially paired with pants.

  • Her style is just perfect…Simple and chic!

    Btw, I loved meeting you and Scott Schuman in Miami. You probably don’t remember me, but I was there for the book signing. (brazilian girl from Florianópolis).

    beijos :)

  • Such discipline to be so well edited…

  • As a London personal stylist I can only say that I love this timeless style!

    I hope you also will enjoy STYLE TIPS on HOW TO FIND THE PERFECT DRESS!

    Love the feel of your beautiful blog and I hope you will enjoy my Scandinavian style. I wish you all the best. Kristina

  • OH LALA !!! Mais j’adore sa chemise à mini pois !!!!!! Où l’a t elle achetée ?

    Oui en ce moment je suis obsédée par les pois… :D

  • Love her style, especially the high waisted jeans, simple, flattering and chic!

  • Ah ah je ris de moi-même, parmi les 5 personnes avec qui elle souhaiterait diner je n’en connais que deux (Deepak et Stella), le reste me sont TOTALEMENT inconnus! :))

  • That’s exactly how I want to dress in my next life (since the world is ending next week…) I just need not to be born with these hips. I’ve been quite a good person, so I hope I receive slender hips next time

  • She is my kind of woman.
    Simple, naturelle, belle et elegante.

  • Voilà encore un post sur une fille sublime…qui ne porte pas de fond de teint…et moi qui commençais à peine à croire/comprendre que la perfection n’existait pas, qu’il fallait arrêter de courir après… TU PARLES! pffff

  • Jane with the noisy terrier December, 13 2012, 2:02 / Reply

    Bravo to Jessica for her “fur is unchic” stance–it always looks better on its original owner. I do agree with the commenter above that I’d love to see some random twist to all that well-edited austerity–a Dries jacket, a quirky shoe, a Schiaparelli pink lip?

  • Garance ! J’ai adoré cette interview tu pourrais nous faire ta version des “Si tu ne pouvais en choisir qu’un, quel serait ton:”, et tes “5 basiques” et les personnes avec qui tu aimerais diner (oui je sais ça fait beaucoup de demandes !).

    Jessica est juste resplendissante, et son style je l’aime d’amour !

    Bisous !

  • * Correction: “..le reste m’est totalement inconnu” (désolée, ce soir mon français ne ressemble pas à du français :/ )

  • Très intéressant cet article :)


  • I always really enjoy these kind of posts. I think that looking/shopping at the men’s department can be an interesting suggestion
    new outfit post

  • Liked the interview and her simple style. I have no idea if I/we should “know who she is” besides her first name. Anyone care to fill me in?!

  • I do love her simplicity. She makes me want to go buy some fresh white/patterned button-downs for my work wardrobe.

  • J’adore son style, naturel et élégant (et sa façon de penser, cf la fourrure). devrais-je dire naturel MAIS élégant ? c’est pas si évident en fait, quand je m’habille simplement j’ai pas l’impression d’être aussi élégante que ça… d’où le très grand soin à apporter au choix des vêtements : les coupes, les matières, les motifs, les couleurs… très belle leçon de style !

  • Thank you Garance for this interview. She is indeed really inspiring.
    I love her simplicity and I she just made me want to buy a new bright and crispy shirt.

  • i really love triangle bras but can’t seem to find any good ones. wish she could have recommended a good one =]
    and why oh why is fur not good?? sorry i am such a lover of fur stuff. faux or real haha

  • Hello Linda, I’m not Jessica but I do have good advice concerning triangle bras hehe. Calvin Klein makes good ones, but my favourite is from Cosabella. I have this one:
    and it’s the best I’ve had so far. I’m a 34A/32B and the smallest one fits perfectly. Hope this helps :)

  • Love the look. The link to the equipment shirt goes to a knit shirt…. I’d love to see where to find that brand.

  • I Love her style. She really is less is more. Completely my style. I really like her stance on the fur too.

  • Tomatefarcie December, 13 2012, 6:33 / Reply

    but what does she read

  • I think Jessicas style is clean classic chic but not boring. She has an edge with her bracelets and clumpy mascara. She’s a cool blonde. Think she’d like Garbe wear from L.A. – chic casual / active wear with a nice neutral color palette & clean design. Sold at

  • Perfect style ! Im a mom and it works great! I dont do nail polish… Never did! I agree on fur too…

  • I love her style, too bad I’m not blonde or white or tall :/
    But, on a totally unrelated note this trailer/video always makes me think of you and scott, its about bloggers who fall in love. But its so ridiculous !
    I dont know of its an ad or a movie

  • Jessica’s simple chicness is admirable. She has good taste and can definitely & luckily pull off the high-waisted pant look. She would probably like “Garbe” chic casual / active wear with beautiful neutral shades which you can find at

  • Bonjour,

    Les chemises d’homme sont faites pour les hommes – pas de place pour les seins…. c’est comme un smoking… essayer d’en porter un d’homme… et vous verrez vos fesses… Il faut tricher : utiliser des chemises “d’homme” coupées pour les femmes… si on a un corps de femme…

    Evidemment, sans forme, tout est possible….

    une petite critique pour le style de Jessica : elle ne donne pas l’impression que l’humour est sa qualité principale … un petit peu ennuyeux. Non ?

  • Salut Garance , ça te dit pas de nous parler un peu de tes changement dans ta garde robe ? et aussi de ce que tu aimerais faire avant la fin du monde ? ;)

  • I totally agree with her about fur, if it means that she’s against it for ethical reason. I like faux furs, anyway.

  • Honnêtement, je trouve que le jean taille haute est vraiment peu seyant.
    Et puis, en mode, j’aime m’amuser, alors sa garde robe est vraiment trop austère à mon goût, c’est du pur utilitaire.

  • That could have been me, bar the hair!

    I really feel my hair is defiantly standing between me and chic.

    Love to hear how she’s changed your wardrobe though Garance. Excellent post!


  • En cliquant sur les archives du blog qui concernent Jessica, on remarque une cohérence parfaite des textes et commentaires de Garance – professionnalisme et intégrité… bravo!

  • J’adhère complètement , ce style lui va comme un gant. En ce qui me concerne le taille haute skinny est in contournable , il va avec tout.

  • Marcia Silverstein December, 14 2012, 6:18 / Reply

    Her style is my style so of course I loved it. Very minimalist but timeless. I had been looking for the perfect jeans for my figure and finally found them in Acne’s Needle jeans. The fit is perfection. What I love about this look is that she is not a fashion victim as too many of the most “photographed people” are.
    It is why I love Emmanuelle Alt. Stick with what looks good on you not what “fashion” says you need. If Audrey Hepburn were with us this is the way she would dress.

  • Elle a un beau style mais un peu froide pour moi..Pas de parfum…
    Suis brune à cheveux longs style italienne, mince mais différemment.
    Je retiens les chemises d’homme et les jeans slim taille haute. J’en porte et c’est élégant et confortable.
    merci Garance pour les essentiels… toujours inspirant.
    Je reviens de Finlande, paradis de neige entre mer et forêt et je ne sais pas pourquoi, j’ai envie de lunettes de soleil Spektre, italiennes of course:-)

  • She looks amazing! I also which she had said where she gets her underwear from as I adore triangle bras too. Can you ask her please???? mxxxx

  • oulala trop classique pour moi! mais tres sympa

  • Nadamerica December, 14 2012, 8:20 / Reply

    Un véritable style, épuré, chic, et de l’intelligence – qui y contribue grandement: la remarque bienvenue sur la fourrure est particulièrement réjouissante, Thank you Jessica

  • J’adore son style, bon faut que je me trouve un slim taille haute.
    Vivement qu’on voit tes nouveaux looks Garance

  • I like how she found a style for her that she feels comfortable with.
    But I just feel like there’s something missing… it looks a bit dreary to me and I when I look at her I just feel the urge to add a bright scarf or something a bit more colourful, fun or dramatic.

    For me in any case, this uniform every single day would be utterly depressing in the cold, dark, rainy winter/autumn climate in Europe. I would at least add bright red lipstick!

    But – de gustibus et coloribus ;-)

  • Allons à l’ essentiel. On a trop tendance à s’ en éloigner.

  • Donnez-nous plus photos ici s’il vous plait Garance, she is who I want to dress like!
    merci xx

  • wow, i like her top five style essentials

  • I want to visit the giraffe manor tooooooo.

  • J’aime bien la manière dont elle porte les chemises pour hommes…elle est très élégante même si son style est très simple et naturel…je la considère un modèle à suivre…

  • She is the best, so stylish, so real. I also love how she decorated her house. And I love even more that she speaks out against fur, lately it seems like more people find it acceptable. Thanks for this!

  • Martine April, 22 2014, 3:09

    Its not so much that fur is acceptable, its just that it seems completely hypocritical to be against fur, which is an easy thing to give up, but still be about doing most things that make animals disappear from our planet. Simply having a family is probably a lot more detrimental to animals then buying fur. After all, its the disappearance of habitat that causes them the most harm. Compared to the millions of species of animals that have been genocided off from things as inevitable as human overpopulation, I can’t help but think it matters too little.

  • Bravo pour son point de vue contre la fourrure !

  • Martine April, 18 2013, 7:56 / Reply

    I am 100 percent in agreement. If I never see another low rise jean its too soon. I am now sworn to high rise everything!!!!!!!!!!!! Love how LONG my legs look with high rise jeans!!!!!!

  • martine April, 18 2013, 7:59 / Reply

    The reason it works is its showing off your shape, and not detracting from your beauty. So people see you, not your clothing, but its clever too, as the high rise enhances your figure a lot. So people think; Oh look crisp mens shirt! How simple; But its the high rise jean that does all the work.

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